Gunnar Sandelin: “Integration Policies Have Severely Failed in Sweden”


Gunnar Sandelin is a Swedish journalist and author who has been persecuted for his dissident views on mass immigration. Last fall he was given the Sappho Award by the Danish Free Press Society (Trykkefrihedsselskabet) in Copenhagen. The following video features Mr. Sandelin’s remarks, plus the slide show he gave after he was presented with the award.

Many thanks to Kronans Martell (Ullis News) for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes and RAIR Foundation for the subtitling:

For a related article referring to the same immigration information used in the slide show, see the translated report from the Swedish blog Det Goda Samhället, “Report on immigration and crime”.

Video transcript:

00:01 Thank you dear friends for the warm welcome.
00:05 It truly touches my heart and energizes me to continue.
00:11 This prize is not awarded every day, nor am I praised like this often.
00:20 You have to fight against many headwinds in Sweden.
00:24 Many, including myself, had to go through them.
00:30 There are many in my circle of dissidents who have paid very high prices,
00:36 such as divorce, a ban on meeting with grandchildren.
00:44 We have discussed in Sweden labelling ourselves as “dissidents”.
00:50 Because it’s a very pretentious title —
00:53 taking into consideration the DDR and the Soviet Union.
00:56 In the beginning, I was against it, but the more time passes,
01:01 I see that we actually deserve the title!
01:04 When our right to work is confiscated,
01:09 and our closest people give up on us,
01:12 [our views] become like going around spreading a disease of “social infection”.
01:16 It’s quite similar to the Middle Ages [tradition], when very sick patients
01:22 were going around ringing bells to warn others to avoid contact.
01:26 I can say that we have “dissent” in Sweden, and it’s a sign of failure —
01:31 since we have had a long and beautiful democratic tradition.
01:37 Allow me to briefly introduce myself: I’m basically a social worker.
01:44 I have worked a lot with socially vulnerable people and immigrants.
01:51 So I feel that I have been engaging with this issue from the very beginning.
01:55 I worked also as a journalist for eight or nine years with Sweden Television (SVT).
02:01 I was also a news reporter for the major news programs Aktuellt and Raport.
02:05 I appeared on programs about society.
02:08 I also worked as football reporter in Germany for one year.
02:14 When my child was born I became press secretary of Children’s Rights in Society Foundation (BRIS),
02:23 which is Sweden’s largest children’s rights organization, along with Save the Children.
02:29 This is my career background. When I wrote my first op-ed piece
02:33 in the Dagens Nyheter Newspaper in 2008,
02:36 I lost my job. Even as a freelance.
02:42 I can claim that I received a governmental profession ban.
02:47 I was press secretary of the state agency Statistic Sweden (SCB),
02:54 but when the boss read my articles, I was asked to quit and get out of there.
03:01 Afterwards, I wrote three books with the ethnology professor Karl-Olof Arnsberg.
03:07 One of them was entitled “Immigration and the cover-up”.
03:10 I was partially able to survive financially thanks to these books.
03:16 I am currently retired. But I can claim that I retired when I was 65 years old.
03:25 I want to show you a number of presentation slides
03:30 which clearly show the current situation in Sweden.
03:34 The last time I was here, I presented only a few of these slides.
03:40 Back then I talked for just 15 to 20 minutes, but this time I will speak for twice as long.
03:46 So please be patient if you have seen some of the slides previously.
03:50 Some chapters are new, including the chapter concerning:
03:53 “The relationship between Sweden and Denmark.”
03:57 And my view on Swedish society and “the Historical Age” we are living in.
04:03 The title of this presentation is: “Mass-Migration and its consequences.”
04:10 Allow me to start by showing you the number of residency permits
04:14 granted annually in Sweden on average.
04:17 As you can see, during 1980s, it was 20,000.
04:21 This is the total figure.
04:24 It includes refugees, asylum seekers, chain immigrants,
04:27 and non-European labour force immigrants etc.
04:30 But it increased sixfold during the 2010s.
04:35 This is the figure during the current period, despite Corona. That is 120,000!
04:43 The figures were even a lot higher during some years.
04:47 Sweden is in a division of its own among the Nordic countries,
04:52 and if calculated per capita, it stands out in the entire Western World.
04:55 By comparison, there isn’t any other country
04:58 which takes as many immigrants and grants them residency permits.
05:01 As mentioned, this is the total figure.
05:04 The question is: Why it has become like this? You may recognize Pierre Schori.
05:09 He was Deputy Foreign Minister in 1997. He stated the following in the parliament:
05:17 “Racism and xenophobia should be criminalized and must be hunted down.
05:22 Any sort of objections directed at, for example,
05:25 immigrants or immigration policy shouldn’t be found in a democracy.”
05:29 What he says, basically, is that it’s a crime to criticize immigration policies.
05:35 This mentality is the basis of why Sweden looks as it is today.
05:43 We have an intense and repressive climate of dialogue in Sweden,
05:46 which differentiates us dramatically from, for example, Denmark.
05:49 There are alternate voices [here in DK], but in Sweden everybody is running in the same direction —
05:54 and if you were to dare to stand against this ‘edict’, it would turn out badly for you.
05:57 I, personally, and many others are living examples.
06:01 This is how it looked like last year.
06:04 Sweden granted as many residency permits as al the other Nordic countries put together.
06:10 It all boils down to volumes, and how many we are taking into Sweden.
06:15 For a long time Sweden has received twice or three times
06:19 as many as all the other Nordic countries combined.
06:24 When I say “received”, I mean people who are granted residency permits,
06:28 not asylum seekers (whose asylum applications are being processed).
06:35 This figure doesn’t include labour workers coming from within the EU.
06:40 They are mostly asylum immigrants and chain immigrants.
06:47 This is 2020; we have given 61,216 residency permits just as of August.
06:53 This indicates that despite Corona era we have not
06:59 restrained the number of asylum seekers as our leading politicians claim.
07:05 It’s all the same, but it looks different on the surface.
07:10 It’s less asylum immigration but more chain immigrants —
07:15 and more of non-European labour worker immigration.
07:22 They usually allege that, “The Swedish health sector
07:25 needs more manpower. This is why we need this.”
07:28 But when I researched it, I found out that only 0.8%
07:32 of all labour immigrants are employed in the health sector.
07:36 So all of this is a chain of myths entangled with other myths.
07:39 Politicians allege that 30% of those Sweden receives are highly-educated immigrants
07:42 with at least three years of college education.
07:46 But, in fact it is between 5% and 10%.
07:50 This is all false information disseminated to the population by the media.
07:55 The Swedish media are explicitly the state’s messenger,
07:59 and blare out its message on their trumpets.
08:03 This is what the immigration policy looks like.
08:06 You recognize our prime minister, Stefan Löfven, who said before the elections:
08:09 “Our restrictive asylum policy will remain low and steady.”
08:12 At a matter of fact, it was neither “restrictive” nor “steady.”
08:16 After the election, Justice Minster Morgan Johansson, after
08:20 “surrendering” to the Environment Green Party —
08:23 which is a small extremist party and has controlled immigration policy since 2011 —
08:29 He said: “We will now take more chain immigrants and difficult cases.”
08:33 This is very contemptuous of the Swedish people, because in actuality two-thirds of Swedes voted
08:41 for a more restrictive immigration policy.
08:45 But we got just the opposite when the government signed the January Accord (JÖK).
08:50 It’s extremely difficult for many of us to make sense of and understand
08:55 how a tiny party such as the Green Party, which barely has enough mandates to be in the parliament,
08:58 can dictate and govern Swedish immigration policies for a decade.
09:03 This is like ridiculing the voters!
09:08 We can see here as well that Sweden is in a division all its own.
09:13 This figure shows the number of asylum seekers and quota UN refugees.
09:20 Sweden has received twice as many as all the other Nordic countries put together.
09:32 It’s actually more than twice, it’s almost 2.1 times more.
09:37 So we didn’t have any “restrictive” refugee policies. It’s absolutely a complete hoax!
09:44 You can see the difference yourselves!
09:48 I personally can see what the streets look like. I immediately sensed the difference
09:52 when I arrived in Copenhagen. It is a completely different scene.
09:55 Downtown Stockholm looks pretty much like the Middle East and North Africa.
09:59 The change is happening very quickly!
10:02 The authorities are shutting down retirement homes and senior citizens’ residential centers
10:07 in order to replace them with immigrants.
10:10 This is a ‘lively attitude’ all over the place!
10:15 When you scroll back in time, you can see here that Sweden received —
10:20 even during this period of the Balkan Wars of 1990 to 1994 —
10:24 three times as many as the other Nordic countries combined.
10:29 So this appears to be a “good” old Swedish tradition.
10:33 We have always wanted to be a humanitarian superpower.
10:39 I don’t think that the expression “humanitarian superpower” was used during the 1990s.
10:44 But I think that Sweden has striven for it since
10:48 Dag Hammarskjöld was UN General Secretary during the 1960s.
10:53 Let me present another two “dear” characters.
10:57 The first is the chief of the Swedish Migration Agency during the 21st century.
11:00 If you remember that Pierre Schori said,
11:03 “Criticizing immigration policies should be criminalized,”
11:06 that was on a political level.
11:09 But now we are down to the agency level. This is what Dan Eliasson, who later on became
11:13 Chief of Police, said: “I will never be disappointed about a falsely-issued residency permit.”
11:19 This is a blatant encouragement of malpractice!
11:23 How could we have any chance of controlling migration policies
11:29 if the chief of the Swedish Migration Agency says such a thing?
11:33 Anders Danielsson became known because it was said of him,
11:36 “Leave Anders alone and let him take care of the refugee crisis.”
11:39 He said, “It’s not a question of which migrants we want, but which migrants we can get!”
11:45 Just as if Sweden is a huge bankrupt asset
11:49 that should be happy to get every single uneducated person coming from the Third World.
11:55 This is a completely unrealistic understanding of people’s reality,
11:58 the way normal people’s lives look, and how it hurts the population.
12:06 How to classify this? “Serious breach of trust procedures”, maybe.
12:11 I think this is very disturbing!
12:14 The last statement was taken down from the Migration Agency’s website.
12:20 This is how it looked on the Migration Agency’s computers.
12:23 This is not a “comic strip”; this is in fact what the main desktop wallpaper
12:28 of the Migration Agency’s employees looked like.
12:32 I am not sure if it is still the case, but it was definitely like this before.
12:36 At first I thought it might be a joke, but it wasn’t!
12:39 “Everybody wants to come to Sweden”, “Continuous enhancements”, “Respect human beings”,
12:44 “An open Sweden which safeguards the possibilities for global immigration.”
12:49 This is indeed a governmental agency that runs asylum propaganda.
12:55 They don’t care about processing asylum cases impartially, formally or objectively!
13:04 This is an ideological block which runs an agency and lets asylum seekers loose into Sweden.
13:16 If you want to understand “How did Sweden get here?”
13:23 you need to understand Swedish journalists.
13:26 Swedish journalists propagate and pass along government policies.
13:33 And, they lean markedly to the Left, as you can see.
13:39 56% of Swedish journalists vote for the Left Party —
13:43 previously known as the Left Party — the Communists (V),
13:47 Center Party (C) and Environment Green Party (MP).
13:50 All of these parties advocate for open borders.
13:53 If you include the Social Democrats, the equation becomes:
13:56 8 out of 10 Swedish journalists vote for red-green parties.
14:01 This figure dates back to 2019. The major survey report was done in 2011,
14:06 and it showed, even back then, that the majority of journalists
14:11 who worked in Public Service
14:15 voted for the Green Party. I reiterate that: more than 50%!
14:18 This is what the Swedish media looks like.
14:21 It portrays [Sweden Democrats Party leader] Jimmie Åkesson as a cockroach;
14:24 this was when he said, “The Muslim population is a potential threat.”
14:31 This is how Östersund’s Newspaper depicted him.
14:38 The general public tone may be very different from the way it sounds in Denmark —
14:44 I was surprised when I read this.
14:47 I don’t know what you think of her, but she said in this article:
14:54 “Non-Western Muslim immigration to Denmark has caused
14:59 more damage to the country than benefit.”
15:03 And, “Dangerous criminal immigrants must be deported!”
15:06 There is absolutely nobody who would say such a thing in Sweden —
15:10 apart from the few when people recently began to talk about “tribal crimes.”
15:16 This is what Sweden usually looks like:
15:19 “Sweden has been a stronghold of whiteness.”
15:22 “We should be ashamed of being white!” This was written by the Somali activist for Expo,
15:26 which is an organization of ‘informants.’
15:30 I think the editors are making a mistake by publishing such posts.
15:39 They want us, all of us, to feel that we have been trading in slaves
15:43 and committing crimes against humanity;
15:47 and we should redeem our sins!
15:50 And we should be ashamed of being Swedes and ashamed of being white.
15:53 But we’re Swedes and we’re white! This is striking for real!
16:00 Sweden still has a long road ahead, and we’ll see if the current situation changes.
16:04 I’ll come back to this a bit later.
16:08 This is a screenshot of Sweden’s biggest news program, called Aktuellt. This is how it looked.
16:14 They were continuously showing this headline during the news program,
16:17 after an series of intense gang shootings, clan fights,
16:21 and conflicts between criminal groups and clans.
16:24 The headline reads: “The gangs protect the residents.”
16:28 The news program includes them in the news reporting
16:34 by interviewing gang and clan leaders. Who, for their part, claimed:
16:39 “We solve problems and issues which the police are incapable of solving.”
16:42 And then they interviewed a chief of police who said:
16:45 “If they want, they can go for it and can have it as they wish.”
16:49 This is immoral! I think there is absolutely no backbone in Swedish journalism
16:57 and unfortunately, not even enough within the Swedish police — definitely not the Chief of Police.
17:06 Stefan Löfven’s journey wasn’t easy!
17:09 He just found out that mass-migration and failing integration have something in common.
17:16 He thinks: “That is crystal clear!”
17:19 He found this out just a few days ago!
17:22 It rapidly clicked in his brain, because during the refugee crisis of 2015,
17:28 he said: “In my Europe, we build no walls!”
17:33 When gang shootings and enormous violent crimes erupted, he said:
17:39 “I didn’t see that coming!” But now it became “crystal clear!”
17:49 This is the population change in Sweden during the 21st century.
17:57 People of foreign origin have increased by almost 1.5 million.
18:02 People of Swedish origin decreased by almost 25,000.
18:08 “Foreign-origin” people are those who are born abroad
18:12 and both of whose parents are of foreign-origin.
18:15 So, half of them have one Swedish-born parent and one foreign-born parent.
18:21 This is data for Sweden’s civil population register. It indicates a substantial demographic change.
18:28 These data show permanent residents of Sweden;
18:33 They doesn’t include the temporary residents.
18:36 This is the permanent population!
18:39 If you break the data down into smaller categories, this is what emerges:
18:45 Foreign-born people have increased by more than one million.
18:50 Swedish-born people with two foreign-born parents increased by more than 300,000.
18:55 And [ethnic] Swedes, both of whose parents are Swedish-born, have decreased by almost 150,000.
19:05 This is a country which is changing in its foundation!
19:09 People usually say: “Demographics are irreversible and can’t be changed.”
19:16 When we see what is going on, it looks like it is incredibly difficult to do something about it.
19:20 The difference between these figures and the [Danish] figures is certainly substantial!
19:28 This is net migration, which means subtracting immigration (moving to Sweden)
19:32 From emigration (leaving Sweden) at the beginning of 21st century.
19:35 Let’s see which countries are in play here: Syria +177,000, followed by Iraq. Polish immigrants
19:42 are labour-mobility immigrants from within the EU, so that can’t be considered the same.
19:46 Followed by Somalia, Afghanistan and Eritrea.
19:50 At the very bottom, we see Sweden.
19:53 The majority of people who are leaving Sweden are Swedish-born ethnic Swedes.
19:59 Most of people who are emigrating from Sweden are Swedes,
20:03 and most of those who are immigrating to Sweden are Syrians.
20:07 Is this a lot of facts and figures?
20:11 When I was preparing this, I thought I should skip some of these,
20:16 but I think it’s very important to be informed.
20:23 In Sweden, we have in total: 242,000 Syrians,
20:29 110,000 Somalis, 71,000 Afghanis, 225,000 Iraqis.
20:36 This is an approximate number.
20:40 This is the net migration determined by the researcher Kyosti Tarvainen at a university in 2018.
20:49 This is the net migration rate (to Nordic countries), which means subtracting immigration
20:52 from emigration. You can see here, again, that Sweden is in a league of its own.
20:58 Sweden has twice as many as all of the Nordic countries combined.
21:04 He predicted that ethnic Swedes will become a minority in 2065,
21:09 and Muslims will be the majority in 2100.
21:14 We of course don’t know for sure.
21:17 But if the trend continues consistently as it is right now, that will become a reality.
21:21 He made an approximate calculation.
21:26 It’s illegal to register people’s religion in Sweden.
21:30 I think 15% Muslim immigrants to Denmark seems to be a small percentage;
21:34 I’m just showing his figures. These aren’t my own figures.
21:37 The majority of people who immigrated to Sweden are Muslims and come from Islamic countries.
21:45 According to his calculation, the figure includes people
21:48 who are certainly Muslims. He is a very sharp person.
21:51 But you still have to take these numbers with a grain of salt.
21:55 You should consider them to be an approximate depiction of what reality looks like.
21:59 This is a famous paper put out
22:04 by the American Pew Global Research in 2017.
22:10 A medium scenario of what the situation would look like if immigration continues its current trend.
22:15 Sweden will become Europe’s most Muslim-populated country,
22:19 where more than 20% of the population will be Muslim.
22:24 Denmark will be approximately 12%.
22:29 This is in the event everything continues unaltered and consistently.
22:32 According to Pew Global Research, there are 800,000 Muslims in Sweden.
22:37 As I mentioned, it’s difficult to know the exact accurate number.
22:41 There is a small margin [of inaccuracy] here, but
22:46 it presents a close approximation of what reality looks like.
22:49 This is the Swedish Youth Soccer League.
22:52 When they score a goal they bow down towards Mecca.
22:57 The more you go down through the age groups, the more it becomes like this.
23:02 I have heard that the Danish National Football team
23:06 made the Black Lives Matter salute just before the beginning of a match.
23:10 The Swedish women’s national football team did it!
23:13 In the English Premier league, the judge, lineman, and players made the hand gesture.
23:19 They salute an organization which aims to dismantle the Western Civilization.
23:25 As a football fan, my heart is broken, and I have a heavy heart!
23:35 This is what the total Swedish population looks like,
23:39 including both foreign— and Swedish-born people.
23:44 The outer light green glow indicates that
23:49 almost 30% of Sweden’s population are foreign-born;
23:52 that includes foreign-born and Swedish-born people with two foreign-born parents,
23:58 and half of them have one Swedish-born and one foreign-born parent.
24:05 I, and my statistics, believe that these figures are fair.
24:09 This is an appropriate time to mention and to express gratitude
24:13 to my colleague at Affes Statistik-blogg;
24:17 without him I would never have been able to obtain these diagrams.
24:21 Now, let’s give him a nice hand.
24:31 Thanks, he’ll appreciate that! If we go down through the age groups,
24:35 the percentage of foreign-born will increase.
24:38 This graph shows men between 15 and 44 years old.
24:41 The reason why this age group is relevant
24:45 is that they’re the age group most likely to commit crimes in Sweden.
24:48 This group commits most of the crimes. Not everybody in this group, for sure,
24:52 but this is the group which commits the most crimes.
24:56 We see that almost 60% are Swedish-born.
25:02 When adding the other color, 36.5% are foreign-born-
25:09 and Swedish-born are almost two-thirds.
25:12 The more you go down through the age categories, the more foreign-born people.
25:19 This says something about where we’re going and what the future will look like.
25:25 This is how ‘unaccompanied refugee children’ looked during the Second World War.
25:29 70,000 Finnish children came to Sweden; the oldest was 14 years old.
25:34 4,000 of them were sent on to Denmark.
25:37 This is how “unaccompanied refugee children” look today!
25:42 This is a screenshot from Sweden’s biggest newspaper, Svenska Dagbladet.
25:46 The title reads: “Attacking unaccompanied children generates worry and fear.”
25:51 I wonder if they don’t really understand what they’re writing!
25:54 Or, they do understand, but they want to send a coded message to their readers.
25:59 Everybody can see these are almost all 30-year-old men.
26:08 Stefan Löfven thinks this is magnificent!
26:12 This is an image of him standing with “unaccompanied children.”
26:15 This is also a classic image of him which went viral.
26:20 This is real! He said: “These are unaccompanied.”
26:24 He took this picture at “a residence center for unaccompanied children.”
26:28 Someone commented on this, and said: “Who are the biggest children in this image?”
26:38 Let’s continue with the statistics.
26:41 Foreign-born men between 15 and 44 years old.
26:46 The pie chart on the left is from 1970; the diagram on the right is from 2019.
26:54 In 1970, foreign-born men in that age group were almost 10%, and in 2019
27:03 it has increased to 30%. You can see the difference.
27:07 The Nordic Countries category has been replaced with the Africa/Asia category.
27:13 “Asia” means basically the Middle East.
27:16 In 1970, men from Africa/Asia were 3.7%;
27:21 it has now increased to 62.5% as of 2019.
27:24 In 1970, the “Nordic Countries” group was almost 58%, and now it’s 3.5%.
27:29 You should also understand that the second pie chart includes
27:33 three times as many people as the first pie chart.
27:37 Do you comprehend this?
27:40 This shows very substantial demographic changes for men
27:44 in the “crime-active age-group”.
27:48 I’m not saying all of them are criminals; of course not.
27:52 But this is an indicative measure of whether or not society is becoming dangerous.
27:57 Crime rates in these Middle Eastern and African countries are very high.
28:02 I’ll show you in a moment.
28:06 This is how it looked in 1970.
28:09 My colleagues worked for about ten years to process these data.
28:14 This is an animated chart.
28:18 The light blue shows countries that have a low crime rate,
28:23 orange is average, and red is high.
28:28 I think some of the orange rates should have been red,
28:31 but we were being very conservatives with these.
28:35 Do you understand what the numbers and colors resemble?
28:38 Let’s see now how Sweden has changed.
28:42 I think this is the most useful tool my colleague has ever made.
28:48 I’ll give you a moment.
29:11 Watch Finland.
29:14 Syria will climb the chart dramatically during the 21st century.
29:33 This is how Sweden has changed during this period of time.
29:46 This is how it ends!
29:50 This is how it began!
29:54 This is a completely different country!
29:57 I am shocked when I see these figures!
30:01 Swedish voters certainly didn’t have a chance to vote for such a thing.
30:06 The media don’t mention that the entire Swedish ethnicity is changing.
30:14 People in Sweden always say: “You should have the correct values,”
30:18 and “All human beings are equal.”
30:22 But human beings have never been equal.
30:26 Nobody thinks that Stalin and Hitler are equal with their own children.
30:30 This is how the country has changed; we haven’t had any discussion about it.
30:35 This undermines the democratic process in Sweden.
30:43 We see here how the percentage of foreign-born in the Swedish counties has changed.
30:49 This shows men in the 15 to 44 age group.
30:52 The red color indicates a percentage higher than 50%.
30:56 You can see for yourselves the largest 25 counties in Sweden.
30:59 You can read the percentages.
31:03 In 2002, this group was 33% in Stockholm; now it’s 45%.
31:09 In 2002, the proportion was 40% in Malmö, but it’s 57% in 2019.
31:15 Even in the smaller counties such as Västerås, it was 28% in 2002; in 2019 it has increased to 41%.
31:22 This is a tremendous change during a very short period.
31:28 Here you can see foreign-born men in the “crime-active age group”
31:34 are consistently increasing, and Swedish are consistently decreasing.
31:42 Södertälje +68,2%, Botkyrka +72,7%.
31:51 I’ll let this sink in for a few seconds!
32:04 This is regarding what I mentioned earlier that “the country of origin is important”.
32:09 According to the Swedish National Council for Crime Prevention (BRÅ) —
32:12 which we usually call Council for Crime Denial —
32:15 conducted research in 2005.
32:18 They were forced to do a new investigation, which will be published next year.
32:22 They intentionally change the variables to make it
32:25 impossible to compare these investigation sheets.
32:28 You see here that Africa and the Middle East are over-represented in crime statistics.
32:39 A fourth of the suspects are Africans.
32:43 This percentage includes both men and woman.
32:48 If this percentage were solely for men, it would have been even higher.
32:56 “Over-representation” means how many percent in that specific group
33:01 are suspected offenders in relation to other groups.
33:05 So this does not indicate actual numbers,
33:08 but how often crimes are committed within specific groups.
33:11 You can see [on the first line], 430% of offenders suspected of crimes.
33:18 Compare that with 4% of East Asia, which includes Korea, China and Japan.
33:23 There is a big difference between different cultures and various groups.
33:29 The government has published these percentages, but they aren’t highlighted anywhere;
33:34 they are nowhere to be found in the Swedish media.
33:37 Country of origin and geographical areas aren’t mentioned at all.
33:42 I write for this website,
33:45 I think this is absolutely one of Sweden’s best websites.
33:51 It accurately shows the state of Mother Svea and the reality in our beloved nation.
33:57 I strongly recommend this website.
34:01 Patrik Engellau runs the website; he is a retired businessman
34:04 who has many intellectual and logical ideas.
34:08 As mentioned, I also write there sometimes.
34:12 The website recently conducted an investigation using BRős raw materials,
34:19 They did so because it has been very long since the council did anything about it.
34:25 The last report was in 2005. They have invested many and massive resources to carry this out.
34:30 As you see, when you compare all of these columns,
34:34 it becomes obvious for the first time that:
34:37 Foreign-born and Sweden-born people who have two foreign-born parents
34:44 are over-represented in crime statistics.
34:47 They are not only over-represented but are also the large majority.
34:54 There is another thing you can see for the first time:
34:59 Second-generation immigrants, which include Swedish-born with one or two foreign-born parents,
35:08 are more likely to commit crimes [than the first-generation].
35:13 This is a measuring tool to evaluate integration. If the second-generation immigrants
35:17 include more criminals, this is an indictment of failed integration.
35:21 Integration policies have severely failed in Sweden.
35:28 In total, most crime suspects are of foreign background,
35:33 and the biggest group is the second-generation immigrants.
35:36 This is completely unprecedented!
35:39 Generally speaking, the majority of suspects in all of Sweden are people of foreign-background.
35:46 And the second-generation immigrants are over-represented.
35:52 This is a very disturbing ongoing situation!
35:58 Our politicians claim that all of this is because of socio-economic factors.
36:05 This is Jerzy Sarnecki, who was spokesman for the National Council for Crime Prevention (BRÅ).
36:10 I would like to mention something from the time
36:13 when I was working for Sweden Television, 32 years ago.
36:16 I interviewed him back then, and he said:
36:19 “We certainly have to investigate the ethnic background of criminals.
36:22 It’s very important data, and the public deserves to know.”
36:26 And now he says: “Increased immigration doesn’t affect crime statistics.”
36:30 He reaffirms whatever the government alleges.
36:33 And this second man is our Justice Minister, who said:
36:37 “If socio-economic factors are eliminated,
36:40 there would be no difference [between Swedes and immigrants].”
36:43 They are just like running mates!
36:47 They are trying now to adjust their statements after the Deputy Police Chief
36:56 Said: “There are 40 organized tribal networks in Sweden.”
37:00 Suddenly, they have started to agree with Stefan Löfven.
37:03 You can clearly observe the ongoing process. They are like three drunk men walking home from a bar.
37:09 We can see what happens, step by step.
37:16 We’re now coming to a sensitive subject.
37:19 I would like to start by saying that, unfortunately, women in Sweden are a threat to our survival —
37:27 in particular, young women! I’m sorry to say this! —
37:31 but these are the people who stand around
37:34 With hand-to-heart gestures and run “refugees welcome” campaigns.
37:37 They appear to be everywhere and stand in the forefront
37:42 of all intersectional pride parades that criticize Western men.
37:49 We see here how girls between 18-29 years old vote.
37:55 The majority are leftists!
37:58 Half of them vote for the Left Communist Party (V), Green Party (MP) and Center Party (C).
38:03 All three parties advocate for open borders.
38:06 If you were to add the Social Democrats (S) to the equation,
38:11 it becomes two-thirds of girls in that age group who vote Left.
38:14 This is disturbing!
38:18 This is how men vote, in the same age group.
38:23 It’s exactly the opposite.
38:26 The majority are conservatives, question immigration policies
38:31 and require more restrictive approaches.
38:35 It’s quite feminine for women to think according to their feelings,
38:38 advocating for “pink flowers and open your hearts” policies, and care less about analyzing
38:42 the subsequent consequences. I could talk about this subject for a long time,
38:45 but I take no chances. This is sorrowful!
38:49 Sometimes you reach undesired conclusions.
38:54 I’d like to talk about the “Swedish Age” in the current civilizational period.
39:00 This is John Bagot Glubb. He was a Pasha and chief of the Arab Legion between 1939 and 1956.
39:07 He studied and investigated traits among eleven empires, their rise and fall
39:13 Beginning from the seventh century BC.
39:16 He found common traits among them,
39:20 the way they developed and blossomed —
39:25 and the way they withered and died.
39:29 Since I feel it’s little bit fateful, I want to briefly talk about this.
39:34 The first period is the Age of the Pioneers.
39:37 It’s an age of poverty. Followed by the Age of Conquests
39:41 and the affirmation of masculine traits such as courage, bravery, physical power.
39:46 Also, patriotism and the establishment of a monopoly on power abroad.
39:50 The following is the Age of Commerce.
39:53 It started when trade flowed, constructing a welfare system.
39:57 The masculine traits are still praised in this age.
40:00 “Lying is cowardice.” Widespread corruption. The pursuit of wealth increases. Greediness rises.
40:07 The following age is the Welfare Age. This is Sweden after the Second World War.
40:12 In the current age, courage and bravery are not as important anymore.
40:15 Money is more important than courage: “Cash is king.”
40:18 The nation becomes defensive and bureaucratic. Moral superiority!
40:22 As I mentioned earlier: “[Sweden is] the humanitarian superpower.”
40:25 And: “Fighting is immoral.” The loss of a sense of duty.
40:29 I’m not evaluating these ages. I’m merely presenting facts,
40:34 and not assessing whether this is good or bad.
40:37 The Age of Intellect: Luxuries and culture are the most important.
40:41 Universities spread, words become more important than deeds.
40:45 This is clearly obvious in Sweden, where everybody
40:48 fights verbally but nothing happens.
40:52 Then, the Age of Decadence, this is where Sweden currently is.
40:58 This age is all about selfishness. Maximizing life’s pleasures and living in the present.
41:03 Liberal and non-fecund sexual moralities.
41:08 Cultural icons and superstars become the new celebrities.
41:12 As is said: “When lute and electrical guitars turn up, the civilization is in bad shape.”
41:18 This is not pleasant to hear but,
41:21 he might be right regarding this. Women take over the forefront of public life and society.
41:26 This means increased empathy toward foreign groups
41:29 and allowing an influx of foreigners into society.
41:32 Increased philanthropy.
41:35 Increased political hatred and tensions.
41:38 The elites live in their own bubbles, or in a sort of “isolated aquarium.”
41:41 I don’t think, however, that he’s right about everything, but this is very interesting.
41:46 This is catastrophic. Because I see clearly
41:49 that Sweden is currently in this age — the Age of Decadence.
41:53 This is what Swedish kindergartens look like.
41:57 Trans-sexual activists visit and lecture about “norm-creative”
42:03 by embedding them as children’s stories.
42:07 In Skåne alone 3,000 children were “lectured.”
42:10 We should certainly respect sexual minorities; that is one thing.
42:14 But taking the lead and dominating is another thing.
42:17 And that’s the reality of Sweden.
42:20 This also indicates the disappearance of nuclear families,
42:24 which produce children, which, in its turn, leads to the society’s survival.
42:29 Finally, If you are interested in knowing more about the situation in Sweden,
42:34 I recommend that you order this book.
42:37 Twelve dissidents wrote this book, including myself
42:40 and Jan Sjunnesson, who is sitting in the audience. We wrote about
42:44 what we have suffered. Our testimonies are written here.
42:48 The book was written three years ago.
42:55 I recommend that you read this book if you want to know
42:59 what exactly happens to dissidents in Sweden.
43:02 I want to finish off by shedding light on the relationship between Denmark and Sweden.
43:06 This is how the Swedish media have described Denmark for many years.
43:10 The title reads: “Danish society is saturated with Islamophobia.”
43:13 “Danes are terribly afraid of Muslims.”
43:17 They have spat on Denmark all the time.
43:21 But lately, when tribal networks appeared, and the state showed an incapacity in handling them,
43:26 news reports have changed to something like this: “It’s past time for Sweden
43:29 to become like Denmark.” All of a sudden, Denmark
43:32 becomes an example to emulate. This is a very sensational author [Moderate Party leader]
43:36 who wrote this in one of Sweden’s largest newspapers, Expressen,
43:39 which portrays the situation as you see it.
43:43 I think Swedish media will reconsider Denmark.
43:47 I think of Mikael Jalving; he is unfortunately not here today.
43:51 I was on his show, Voice of Denmark (Danmarks Röst), in 2014.
43:55 It was broadcast on Radio 24 Syv.
43:58 This radio station doesn’t exist anymore, if I understand it correctly;
44:01 it’s currently part of Danish public broadcasting.
44:05 Mikael’s program corresponded to the American “Radio Free Europe”
44:10 during the WWII… —Cold War
44:15 …which was broadcast through the Iron Curtain.
44:20 The Swedes could listen to this program,
44:24 a program which they weren’t allowed to listen to
44:27 on their own public broadcasting radio stations.
44:30 It was a very good initiative. I have always had Denmark as a leading example in my heart.
44:35 I’m very glad to be here today and to be able talk to you.
44:38 I hope you have found this presentation informative. Thank you very much for listening.

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