Twerking Our Way to Cultural Annihilation

I must admit that the video below was very difficult for me to watch; it took me almost a week to see it all, watching thirty seconds or a minute here and there. It was excruciating, because the topic is so appalling and disheartening. It made me glad that I home-schooled my son until he was twelve, and that he never attended public school. Mind you, when the future Baron was young, the schools were nowhere near as bad as they are now. And it seems that British schools have descended even further into the behavioral sink than American ones have.

The video excerpt features Tommy Robinson, who was one of the featured speakers at the launch of a new organization called Hearts of Oak. The group was founded by Alan Craig (whom long-time readers will remember as the leader of organized opposition against the London Mega-Mosque), Lord Pearson, Peter McIlvenna, Carl Benjamin (a.k.a. Sargon of Akkad), and numerous others.

The group is taking a principled stance in the Culture Wars, in particular against the devastation wrought by the “Trans” lobby in British primary schools. Be warned: the video excerpts included in Tommy’s presentation are not for the faint-hearted.

Tommy has taken the unusual tack of aligning himself with the parents of Muslim schoolchildren in Birmingham. These parents opposed the mandatory exposure of their children to trans indoctrination. Like Tommy, when the news stories about the controversy first appeared in the news feed, I found myself agreeing with them: “They’re right. Their kids shouldn’t be forced to participate in this filth.”

So this is a “strange bedfellows” moment for Tommy Robinson.

Many thanks to Vlad Tepes for editing and uploading this video:

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  1. I don’t find his alliance with muslim parents over this issue to be too unusual/remarkable. In this case he is speaking as a parent who is appalled at the disgusting trash schools are trying to force upon children. Besides, if it can drive a wedge between muslims and leftists then so much the better. The reverse is also true in that the appalling treatment of women by muslims should be a natural point of agreement between feminists and conservatives, and a wedge between muslims and leftists.

    One takes allies where one can find them. Even Churchill, a notorious anti- communist remarked after the Nazis invaded the Soviet Union “If Hitler invaded hell I would make at least a favourable reference to the devil in the House of Commons.”

  2. I don’t think is wrong what Tommy is doing. Pressure on education system coming from different groups on this specific subject is good.

  3. I can’t thank you enough for posting what I consider to be a heartwarming story about Tommy Robinson’s latest heroic efforts to save Western civilization. GoV is one of the few blogs that has consistently supported Tommy through thick and thin and I commend you for that as well as your other magnificent work.

    As Tommy and others have so rightly assessed the transgender movement is, in some ways, as bad or worse than Sharia law and way more insidious because of the vast power that the transgenders have been given, all out of proportion to their number which is estimated at less than 1% of the US population.

    I don’t know how it is in the UK, but where I live in suburban NY, the state schools do not teach or endorse Sharia but they wholeheartedly embrace and include the most perverse transgender dogma in the curriculum from kindergarten through high school.

    Just last month at our local library, the billboard proudly proclaimed our first ever “Drag Queen Story Hour” which is just what the name says it is and probably where Tommy’s video came from as these events are now held all over. Just ten years ago such an X rated performance would have been unthinkable in a small Christian community like ours, but today it is all the rage among the wokerati as Mark Steyn calls them.

    The parents are so brainwashed that they go along with it and G-d help the unwitting mom or dad who dares to voice a concern on local social media as the Fb mob will quickly descend upon them and tear them to pieces.

    I have experienced this myself when I ran for local office last year and I dared to post on social media, a comment on the latest deviant curriculum that was being touted in our school district. Part of what I wrote said simply that many people used to feel that such things were perverted and that parents should be able to opt out of the program.

    For that one remark, I ended up having hundreds of people attack me on FB including threats made to me and my family via email and private message as well as strangers confronting me at my place of business! Interesting enough, I was contacted privately by almost as many people who thanked me for speaking out.

    In all my years of political activism for conservative causes, I have never seen anything like the way the politicians and the media are promoting this bunch of weirdo degenerates and pedophiles who, not so many years ago, were considered to be at least beyond the pale or even in some cases, the scum of the earth. Tommy is so right to support the Muslim parents who seem to be the only people who have the courage to stand up to the mob of transgender ANTIFA thugs. Politics does indeed make strange bedfellows.

    • Please understand that all this “woke” stuff is not about equality, it is about dominance. Black identity movements want to be dominant. The alphabet soup groups want to dominate. Muslims want to dominate. They hide under the guise of victimhood, and speak of a desire for equality, but they are wolves in sheep’s clothing. They are not asking for equality, they are asking for preferential treatment.

      A horrible trend was started when we gave in to “affirmative action”. Is this not blatant racism against other groups, demanded in the name of equality? How “equal” is it if I am denied a spot at a University I am perfectly qualified for, in favor of a preferential group member who is less qualified? Once this was actually accepted by the general public, racism was now public policy again. No justice, no peace, indeed. There is no justice to be found in preferential treatment, only equal treatment.

      A lot of the issues Muslim culture has with the west are perfectly normal, when what we are asked to accept from the woke crowd is not even biologically functional. Why should the dysfunctional be considered normal? Why should it be celebrated? We now accept (nay, we celebrate) gay marriage as a legal norm. Such societies cannot survive, when they celebrate the dysfunctional over the functional.

      They have now convinced women that they should imitate men, and deny to themselves the one thing that only they can provide a society, something that is absolutely necessary if the society is to survive. Women have rejected their own biological purpose of reproduction, in favor of having a career, money, personal freedom, etc. Europe cannot survive if reproduction rates aren’t drastically changed. Demographics is their destiny.

      If this offends some women or gay person reading this, then I think you need to understand how destructive your passions have become to the culture, and why Islam can never accept any sort of subjective morality of this type. It’s the end of the religion if they do.

      The identity groups opened a Pandora’s box with affirmative action, and there is no closing it, because there is nothing that objectively defines the moral from the immoral in their atheism (only feelings and outrage). Positives can come out of Pandora’s box, but a heck of a lot more demons come out as well. When people say they want change, they should always ask, and think deeply about what they are changing to.

      • I just have to say that Affirmative Action was the greatest hoax against White taxpayers in America.

    • Seneca-

      You are not wrong.

      There are 100s of billions of dollars of homosexual and liberal wealth that are funding the trans movement.

      These things aren’t just happening. People are paying (ill-gotten) money to make them happen.

      • Raspail- in my NY town and county, wealthy liberal/Commie Democrats who run the bureaucracies and public sector unions like NYSUT (NYS United Teachers) are the ones who are pushing the extreme transgender agenda in the schools and libraries.

        Here is a link to there most popular subversion that is now playing in schools and libraries across the Country. Not so long ago this kind of performance would have been relegated to basement bars in NYC.

        Make no mistatke These are big hairy men dressed in outrageous costumes who are getting their jollies by publicly fondling little children under the guise of reading them “stories.”

        This is an abomination and any parent who allows their children to participate is guilty of gross child abuse in my estimation.

  4. Tommy is right of course to support the Muslim parents who object to the indoctrination of their children with the trans dogma. His allying with Muslims on this issue will confound those who reflexively smear him with the Islamophobe label. Their confusion must be massive as they view the shifting boundaries of what once were clearly defined friends and enemies. Perhaps now these leftists will be forced to confront issues and not identities.

    I’ve been reading Douglas Murray’s new book, The Madness of Crowds, and just yesterday came across his description of Jazz Jennings, who was born a boy in 2000 but has now “transformed” into a girl via surgery and stars in a popular YouTube series. This must be the “Jazz” Tommy mentions whose story is being presented to British children. Not sure how I never heard of this person before. Perhaps it’s because I learned to tune-out when the trans issue raised its head. Those days are now gone. Tuning out is no longer an option, apparently.

    Why is the left so intent on pushing the trans agenda on us all, especially upon our children? Do the roots go back to the self-hatred taught in Western society? It could be that this learned hatred is directed at the immediately previous generations, one’s parents and grandparents. A good way of rejecting them and their values would be to transform (there’s that word again) their fundamental understanding of biological sex. Once a clear-cut issue, subject to the laws of science, it has now been portrayed as an anything-goes individual choice.

    The potential for damage here is enormous, both to those personally involved and to our Western culture.

  5. I always ask myself what the root cause of these dysfunctional and perverted movements are. As Tommy mentioned at the end, the philosophical root is cultural Marxism. Cultural Marxism, it should be recalled, is the assumption that Western culture is evil and should be destroyed.

    The push to mainstream trans-gender consciousness in children is an attempt to demolish the identification of children with a safe, well-defined cultural and traditional identity. Children are not allowed to be safe, or to even firmly identify with their sexual roles and their roles in the family. Once such a child becomes an adult, why would they vote to conserve their culture or volunteer for a military designed to defend the culture and nation? As it turns out, Muslim culture is very well adapted to foster a Muslim sense of community and nationhood, which is one reason why small Muslim electorates have such outsize influence in Western societies.

    One question is why do Muslims not act as a group to squash the trans-gender attack on their children’s sense of belonging? My guess is that the Muslim parents affected are those most likely to have adapted to the British culture. The really fervent Muslim parents would have their children in a Muslim school. Paradoxically, the Muslim parents least connected to the Muslim sense of identity and superiority would be least likely to have the power to counter the Birmingham school board.

    But, what causes the susceptibility to the cultural Marxist philosophy? I take a reductionist view, so I focus on the theory of the spiteful mutant propounded by Michael Woodley of Minie and his friend and colleague Ed Dutton.

    The spiteful mutant theory holds that there is a constant mutation rate among all animals, humans included, and that since 84% of the genetic material of a human concerns the brain, mutations are very likely to affect cognitive functioning, including not only intelligence, but other factors of personality affecting the survival of a group. Once natural selection stops, due to technological and medical advances making it possible for even the most damaged individuals to survive and reproduce, the number of significantly maladaptive mutated genes is likely to explode. These genes can be spiteful mutations, which interfere with not only the functioning of the individual, but also cause disruption in the functioning of the community. In other words, a dysfunctional individual in a complex society can bring about a huge amount of damage.

    It’s pretty obvious that transgendered individuals not only are damaged, but aggressively seek to damage society around them. As Tommy Robinson mentions, he has no objection to transgenders walking down the street, but is against their aggressive push to demolish the traditional view of the family generally taught to children.

    Traditional Islam has effective way of isolating and nullifying individuals disruptive to the Muslim culture and religious community. My prediction would be that the transgender advocates would not get to perform in a Muslim neighborhood of new Muslim migrants, and likely would not even try. The enforcement mechanisms of Islam would still be functional.

    And by the way, I don’t want traditional British western society demolished by either the trans-gender mutants, nor by the Muslim representatives of an aggressive invader social order. But, the problem is real and has deep roots.

    • Ronald B; re end of natural selection due to medical and technological advances.

      I have long felt this is a serious problem for humanity in general and our society in particular. How to deal with the passing on of inferior genes from individuals who in times past would have perished before reaching the age of reproduction due to medical problems, inability due to low mental ability to get employment which would support a family or allow access to females through traditional patterns of courtship etc. There is a dysgenic incentive in many western countries towards reproduction among the least fit and most irresponsible through government subsidization of those who are unwilling or unable to work but have no problem having child after child at taxpayer expense.

      I feel what is needed are new frontiers to sort the gene pool and weed out through accident and self sorting those who are dumb, in poor health, lack a drive to explore and take risks, or are too comfortable to choose to pass on their genetic inheritance in order to seek pleasure and hedonism. It is a shame that eugenics was adopted and perverted by the Nazis and therefore has been forever stained through such association. We use selective breeding and culling of inferior genetic lines in almost every area of agriculture and animal husbandry to the advantage of mankind. Heinlein touches upon this in several of his novels through the “Howard Families Foundation” but the topic is still taboo even though almost every other taboo and variety of perversion is tolerated or even promoted in this day and age.

      • It’s a tough one; not only Nazis were enthusiasts for eugenics back in the ’30s; socialists, including G B Shaw, were also in favour, but some were horrified at the singling out of Jews (whose contribution to human progress has been out of proportion to their numbers) rather than the generality of people who made little or no contribution.

        I’m not supporting you (or Heinlein, much as I enjoy his writing) on the broader issue: your “new frontier” seems to me too harsh; innocent children are not responsible for their parents’ fecundity, and would be among the first to suffer if benefits were reduced.

      • I’ll post more later, but I want to make something clear about my position. I got into an argument with Stefan Molyneux on eugenics. Stefan claimed that eugenics involved government-mandated and government enforced selective breeding. My claim, backed up by the dictionary definition that Molyneux cited, is that eugenics is the planned manipulation of a population or group through selective breeding, but emphatically is not defined by government coercion. In other words, governments can coerce eugenics, just like government can coerce vaccinations, but eugenics includes voluntary selective breeding.

        To be clear, I totally and unequivocally oppose any selective breeding efforts, pressures, or coercion enforced by the government. It would be a first-class disaster in all respects.

  6. I would encourage readers to visit JR Nyquists blog site for this one article he wrote about how communism infiltrated the west and encouraged sexual perversity as a tactic—he mentions it briefly in the beginning of the article and then goes on to other related topics.

    Another article I would recommend details The Frankfurt School which was one infiltration vehicle

    We rightful should be disgusted and dismayed about the nihlism that is taking over the west, but we rightfully need to understand how and why it got here. Christian revival is the only real solution to where the west is at. Without God in our culture, i expect totalitarian ideologies such as communism and islam to completely take over the rotten depravity of the west. Its going to be a rough ride ahead!

  7. I think this is the best speech I have heard Tommy give. The ideas flowed naturally, with no sign of shrillness, nor was there was any wasted effort, he came straight to the point, and delivered a powerful message to all those receptive to it. Importantly, I think he is building bridges to a community that probably regards him with considerable uneasiness.

    Could Tommy have a possible future as an elected official?

    • I think you’re absolutely correct about the quality of Tommy’s speech.

      As to Tommy building bridges, I can’t help thinking it’s trying to bring together a contradiction. The Muslim theology/political theory is to take over the governance of whatever society they’re in, and enforce sharia law. So, traditional English working together with practicing Muslims to defeat the attack on children’s sense of identity by transgenders can only set the stage for a conflict afterwards. And who is going to win that second conflict?

      Are the Muslims willing to get behind a proposition that the Muslims already here are citizens, but they support a ban on further immigration of Muslims or anyone else? That would be a pretty solid basis for a functional coalition.

    • After reading you will see I am not 100% certain of my recollection here, but I think even though he got mocked after his loss in running for MEP, he had the largest independent vote in the election or independent vote ever but was not sufficient to win anything. I can’t recall if it had to do with the first past the poll election system.

  8. When I see things like the pictures in the article, I tend to imagine them when they were 10 at Christmas, and wonder who knew. Anyway that led me to the thought of the next Norman Rockwell copycat style of painting. Something like in the picture of the article but everyone is 10-16. Suggestions for titles, Rome marches to Donkey Island?

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