Danish Days

Steen has posted an excellent selection of photos of Fjordman taken during the latter’s exile in Denmark.

Now that Fjordman has given permission for photos of him to be published, I dug through my image archives to see what I could find. I have a fair number of photos taken between 2007 and 2013, the last time I was in Europe. It fills me with a kind of nostalgic melancholy to look at them, since I know I’ll never see Denmark again, given that that I won’t be getting the “vaccination”. Even if I could somehow hop a catamaran to cross the Atlantic like Greta Thunberg, the Danish immigration authorities would still want to see my vaccine passport before they’d let me in.

A lot of the photos in my archive can’t be posted, because they contain other people who have yet to go public, and I don’t feel like trying to pixelate all of them out. However, I picked out a small selection to post here.

Steen took this photo of Fjordman and me in Copenhagen after one of our Counterjihad meetings in 2009:

Not all the photos are from Denmark. This one of Fjordman with Tommy Robinson was taken at an event in London in 2011:

Fjordman and Tommy Robinson, 2011

You can see Elisabeth Sabaditsch-Wolff in the left background.

As he mentioned in his post on Thursday, Fjordman spent some time in the USA in the spring of 2012 during the trial of Anders Behring Breivik. While he was here, he went to several wine tastings:

Fjordman at a wine tasting, 2012

In the process of digging through various folders, I came across a couple of screen shots of the letter that Anders Behring Breivik wrote and sent to major media outlets in the fall of 2013:

Breivik’s letter, 2013

This illustrates what I wrote on Wednesday about Mr. Breivik’s successful effort to scam the media and fool them into chasing after Fjordman and the Counterjihad. And they were only too eager to be fooled, of course, since his misdirection fit right into the Narrative. That’s why they never abandoned it, even when he wrote them and explained what he’d done. It’s their story, and they’re sticking to it.

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  1. This is inhuman for prosecution you went thru..
    But at least you and Tommy are alive..
    You have first hand experience what we in Poland day by day going thru even worst ,last 200 hundred yers from the hands of Germans and Russians..Welcome to the Club than..
    What did not kill you will make you stronger..
    My offer for you was sincere and serious..Regards..

    • Amazing. Do you physically feel the suffering of your Polish ancestors? Was it transmitted through DNA? Or was the right to suffering betrayed in the will?

      Now it is fashionable to pick out old historical sores. One Semitic people are very fond of doing this. But I’m afraid you will lose to them in professional misery. Reparations, all that …
      “Picking up old sores” is unproductive. We must watch what is happening here and now. And here and now nothing good is happening. Fjordman encouraged his fellow citizens to think and act proactively while the problem could be resolved. But nobody wants to listen to the voice of reason.
      If you look at this situation conspiratorially, when Europe (and the whole world) is again brought to a big slaughter (Hi Kurt Vonnegut), then yes, Fjordman had to be stigmatized and slandered.

      • ..” Amazing. Do you physically feel the suffering of your Polish ancestors? “..
        12 of December 1981 at night being 22 years old as a Solidarity Movement local activist i was forcibly ” taken” by 3 undercover Communist Security agents serving and acting on behalf Russian KGB and Russian Evil Empire ..
        Driven in unknown direction at night in military car i fought for my life.I manage to seriously inured 2 of this man .
        During that fight i lost some of my tooth,broken ribs,nose and my head was badly injure..Blood was all over inside the car..In some moment i lost consciousness..When i come to life i was in peach dark place laying on what appear te be a cool used for furnace..
        Blood was pouring from me everywhere..
        I ” wake up” it was a hospital…
        Later on medical report i find My scull was broken,jaw in 3 places ,4 ribs and 14 tooth.. No need to count smaller injury..
        It was secret military Prison Hospital for victims of enemies of State to get them fix for further interrogation..
        After 4 weeks i was taken to ” Custody Camps” ( Obozy internowania) where i spend 1 year..
        Once a week we where taken out to be bitten bu Communist Milicja call ZOMO ( mostly violent criminals-prisoners dress in uniforms)
        Beating was known as a ” sciezki zdrowia” ( Health paths )..https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=StJcsK17U34
        This Russian tradition negan in 19 century in Russia and was known as ” praszczeta “..
        4 members of my family was murder by Germans ( 2 in Auschwitz ) Brother of my father was murdered after war 1949 by Soviet Russians ..in Poland..
        When i hear German or Russian language ( i speak both very well )
        i become violent..Most of the people i know feel the same about Germans and Russians..
        We pass this ” fillings” to our children and grandchildren..
        They will pass to theirs offspring..
        Unbroken chain since 12 century..Generation after generation..
        Until want be Germany and Russia..
        In our historical ” fillings” we Slavic people are not different than Jewish people..
        Germans and Russian in 1000 years annihilated and erase from History 8 major Ethnic Nation..
        Who know that Prussian where not Germans but Balts ? and so on..

        • Oh, that’s it. Do you want me to feel guilty? But you see, I have such a type of consciousness that I do not believe in the collective responsibility of the people and genetic memory. I only believe in the personal responsibility of each individual person. Attacks on me, as a representative of the Russians, are useless. You don’t have to waste your ardor and your time on me.
          All this collective responsibility seems to me to be a side effect of the Abrahamic religions. The Bible says a lot about this: that people … this people …
          By the way, I have a low opinion of the Slavs. Best of all, they are able to crawl on the floor, bowing before the Semitic god, imposed on them by fire and sword
          But Czechs seem to be an exception – they say there are many independently-minded atheists among them. Probably because they had Yaroslav Hasek. (Read this excellent chapter from Švejk on regimental priests).

          Yes. So further hype about this topic is pointless.

          • After your few recent confessions all is clear..
            You are an Russian Soviet Agent Provocateur here..i have no doubt..i never did..Your Soviet mentality is obvious..
            Question remain why Ned allowing you to spell your Soviet poison on his site ?

          • ,,,”Do you want me to feel guilty? :
            I do not care what’s your ” feelings”. are
            For me and Poles like me ,you are Soviet Russian sub-spicy .
            I wish you can show me your ” sarcasm” in face to face meeting ..But you will not..
            Because you Soviet Russian like your German commie-fascist are cowards..
            Shooting innocent people in the back from distance .raping women ,smashing young children scull on the walls..this is your ” manhood”..

        • In the course of the conversation. I guess I was too harsh. You pushed out your “Polishness” so much that it was difficult to resist and not pry.
          I have no questions for other nations. I am younger than you, but I found a time when we were brainwashed with propaganda in the USSR. These war films are about concentration camps and Germans with shepherd dogs. I even dreamed terrible dreams on this topic. But I managed to leave that in the past. I am sorry that I did not know that the Germans are basically a kind people, otherwise they would not have created such a wonderful breed as my schnauzers. Despite the fact that half of my ancestors were in the occupation. The time was like that.

          I have no questions for other ethnic groups, except those who are infected with Islam or who are trying to enslave me in any way. But our Russian government has succeeded best of all in this.
          I live in an almost mono-ethnic Russian region. Once upon a time, Finno-Ugric tribes lived here, but they were either ousted or exterminated or assimilated by the ancestors of my husband. Do I feel guilty for this? No. It’s not my problem.

          I gravitate towards neo-Platonism. Therefore, I have a special, slightly antique perception of reality. Something like a traveler.
          So reproaches that I am Soviet communism are meaningless. Although I am grateful to the USSR for the absence of religious propaganda. This made it possible to think with an open mind.
          Some of my former classmates made a choice and became Orthodox. There is even one nun.

        • They do have Midol and bourbon to help you with your issues dear. As Half Prussian, what does that have to do with your issues?

          • Elena, That would be for deal little Maria, sorry for the confusion. Your contribution from Russian language blogs and newspaper is quite enlightening, Danke.

  2. Baron, I think if you pay some money to the Hells Angels or some other group, you will be able to enter the country without a hassle.
    Or are you even to hot for them?

    • You may be right about that. But I’d still have to get on the plane to get there.

      • You could always don blackface and claim to be a Somali “yout” looking to claim asylum. Likely they would even give you some walking around money during your stay as well as put you up in a youth hostel while they processed your asylum claim.

        • You are misstaken – that is not the case
          in Denmark today.
          There the social denocrats have sobered up!

          What you describe is today’s Swedish reception ,
          that is even better, of highly qualified enrichers and
          new woters who are ment to replace the
          incompetent and no-good indigenous Swedes.

      • I thought you wanted to take a scenic trip across the Atlantic with a catamaran? (Sorry, joke…)

        Then pay the US branch of the Hells Angels and they contact the Copenhagen branch of the Hells Angels and even if you are mentioned in the database as a very bad boy, this will be overlooked like “We allowed him into the country two months ago? Are you sure? Sorry inspector, I think to remember that the screen was covered by a piece of paper. Never saw the NON-ENTRY sign. And by the way, he is already back in the USA – since two weeks if I am correct, so why worry?”

  3. Danish Days



    I feel like recognizing Christianshavn,
    a small canal harbor in the northwestern outer part of Amager.

    My dog Uno and I were there in 1997, we spent the night,
    we had sailed over from Lomma in Sweden in my then boat –
    which later in 2003, like most things in Sweden, got stolen.

    We were many times on a sailing trip to Copenhagen, but we
    then spent the night in a small and primitive port
    on the west side of the big and bird-rich island Saltholm,
    just outside off or opposite Copenhagen.

    • Yes, I think that might have been Christianshavn, but to be certain I’d have to ask Steen. Back in 2009 I took a boat tour of the harbor, and that was one of the photos I took.

    • Speaking of heavy stealing in Sweden, which has been accelerating
      for decades, it was announced yesterday that in the past year, bicycles worth SEK ½ billion had been stolen – and ½ a per cent of that was cleared up by the police.

      Even then, that is only some 100,000+ bicycles;
      how many cars were not set on fire by dissatisfied

      Insurance premiums are skyrocketing – as are petrol prices – soon ordinary people will not be able to afford a car.

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