Homo-Hate in Non-Homogeneous Amsterdam

For many years it has been well-known that the bulk of hateful speech and behavior towards homosexuals in Western Europe comes from culture-enrichers. When homosexual couples get beat up on the street, the perpetrators are almost always immigrants, typically Muslim ones. Yet this is something the migrant-lovers of the left-wing parties have always denied. Their story has been that intolerant right-wingers are responsible for all the homo-hate.

All that has now changed, at least in Amsterdam. A new official report has forced the lefties to acknowledge that most violence against gays is committed by culture-enrichers. Many thanks to Gary Fouse for translating this article from De Dagelijkse Standaard:

Green-Left alderman Groot Wassink orders an investigation into homo-hate: “The Amsterdam homo-hater is often an immigrant”

by Bart Reijmerink
July 20, 2021

Victims of homo-discrimination in Amsterdam state that the perpetrators often have a non-Dutch background. Those are the findings contained in the report, “Action Investigation Anti-Discrimination LHBTIQ+”, which was created by the Green-Left alderman Groot Wassink. Of all people, a Green-Left member now has to reluctantly recognize that homo-hate in Amsterdam often comes from a “non-Dutch background” zone.

The party that always would rather sweep the defective and problematic integration of certain population groups under the rug now has to recognize that most homo-hate in Amsterdam comes from immigrants. A striking fact: The publication date of this report is February 1, according to De Telegraaf, but the report is only now being made public. Perhaps the Green-Left had to process the result of the investigation.

The Amsterdam JA21 party member Annabel Nanninga could only sneer at Green-Left and other parties who have ignored this problem for years: “From this report, it emerges crystal-clear what Green-Left and the other council parties have stubbornly looked away from for decades: Homo-hate commonly comes from Moroccan boys.”

Amsterdam has finally become a victim of its own political correctness; an overwhelming majority of the Amsterdam city council for years was completely left and ruled the city for decades. Meanwhile, the violence against the LGBTI community only grew, and for years you could not state the facts without being made out to be a racist. But with the findings of this report, even the Green-Left has to recognize that the violence in large part comes from certain groups.

The translator notes that there is also a similar report out of Rotterdam.

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  1. The problem is not integration, or not enough surveillance of mosques, or intelligence failure, or niqab, . . .

    The problem is : when weed and darnel that grow among crops. If you don’t kill them, uproot them then they will certainly kill the crops.

    What if the owner of the field — traitor, and godless — sows his own lands deliberately with darnel and bane to decimate his own crops. ?

    deliberately deliberately deliberately yes deliberately

  2. What would the “relative risk” be when the total percentage of the enriching part of the overall population is taken into account?

  3. It looks like the west end of Europe has succeeded in divvying up the goodies to suit
    the lefty’s sick agenda. Making sacrifices to the gods from the roofs of tall buildings and advancing supplies of virgins without mental illness and social cash and other other benefits of the Kafir lifestyle being compromised. Muslim raids on Europe in years past captured an estimated one and half million slaves. That was eventually turned around until now. If we don’t fight back we deserve to go down in flames. The scruffy old unwashed smelly albino Boris and his crew in London are almost impossible to believe. How do does such an unqualified piece of work get so far in? Rant.

  4. Dare-I venture into some amateur- freudianism when morroccan boys and homo hate are concerned? Could it be an over- compensation of the fact that those boys do not get near a woman unless being able to afford a marriage or a prostitute, both of which can surpass pecuniar means. Is it a disorder of that kind which brings adult men to go to bars where haschisch is smoked and young boys dance to arouse the audience? I was once in the sixties drafted by locals into such kind of place in Tangiers, Morocco ( back in the day a stronghold of mainly anglosaxon homosexuals that haunted cafés and beach bars aggressively hooking up.).
    After the show, they took us to a whorehouse where the offer and setting was so appalling that no carnal want was aroused.

    • Every muslim country I have ever been too had a massive problem with little boys being molested by older muslims, without exception, it is beyond disgusting and horrific. It is why I have such a visceral hatred(amongst many other reasons) of all things muslim, because it is religiously condoned by their pedophile false so called profit.

  5. I dont wish anybody anything bad.
    Payback is a (very nasty term for a woman)

    Does anybody remember The Twilight Zone?
    There was once a movie where a 150% nazi was sent back in time to 1942. To a Ghetto. The SS wanted to see his papers, thought this to be a joke and he ended up in a cattle car.

    What would be the equivalent to todays leftwing Refugees welcome No borders etc people?

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