A Summer of Madness

Ten years ago I walked this street; my dreams were riding tall.
Tonight I would be thankful, Lord, for any dreams at all.

— Robert Hunter, from “Mission in the Rain”

Tomorrow is the tenth anniversary of the terrorist attack in Norway. On July 22, 2011, a man named Anders Behring Breivik detonated a truck bomb in central Oslo next to government headquarters, killing eight people. While police and emergency services were dealing with the aftermath, Mr. Breivik drove to the island of Utøya, where a summer camp for Socialist Youth was being held. There he methodically shot and killed sixty-nine teenagers with a high-powered rifle. When police finally arrived at the island, he calmly surrendered.

Anders Behring Breivik was a neo-Nazi, but that fact did not emerge until several years later, when he wrote a letter to multiple media outlets and admitted that his declared affiliation with the Counterjihad movement had been a strategic misdirection, to spare his Aryan nationalist comrades from persecution. That part of his letter to the media was widely ignored, and was never publicly reported by any major outlet. To this day he is widely identified as an anti-Islam ideologue.

Before he committed his atrocities, Mr. Breivik had arranged the media distribution of his manifesto, or as he preferred to call it, “the compendium”. It was a lengthy, rambling treatise. It contained some of his own writing, but most of it consisted of extensive quotes from various English-language writers, the most prominent of which were Fjordman and Robert Spencer of Jihad Watch.

Those writers and others mentioned in the manifesto became the focus of a media frenzy beginning the following morning. Progressive pundits applied their usual pseudo-syllogism to the Utøya massacre:

1.   Breivik admired Fjordman.
2.   Breivik massacred innocent people.
3.   Therefore Fjordman was at least partially responsible for the atrocity. Q.E.D.

As I mentioned above, the Butcher of Utøya did not really look up to Fjordman; his admiration was a feint. So even the pseudo-syllogism was wrong. But none of that mattered; any information to the contrary was ignored by the left-wing media. Fjordman became an object of universal loathing. In Norway he was Public Enemy #1, in some ways eclipsing Breivik himself.

Up until that time Fjordman had only published his essays under a pseudonym. Beginning on the morning of July 23, the press and internet sleuths began an intensive effort to unmask him. It was only a matter of time before his real identity was uncovered, so after retaining counsel and making himself known to police, he outed himself via an interview with the tabloid VG. After that he fled the country and went into hiding.

And it’s a good thing he did: there were calls for him to be arrested and tried as Mr. Breivik’s accomplice, despite the fact that the two had never met, and Fjordman had never advocated violence in any form. But Norwegian public opinion did not bother itself with such trivial matters as facts and the truth. The slaughter on Utøya required a scapegoat, and Fjordman was chosen for the role.

He lived outside of Norway for a number of years, and only returned when the risk of arrest had diminished. However, he was unable to find work. Any prospective employer who was aware of who he was would refuse to hire him, and if he somehow found a job, even a menial one, he would be discharged as soon as his employer became aware of his identity. Now, ten years after the attack, he is living outside the country again, since he is unemployable in his homeland.

And, regardless of Mr. Breivik’s admission that his admiration for Fjordman was a ruse, Fjordman is still widely known as “Breivik’s mentor”.

*   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *

I won’t go into the Breivik affair in great detail, since this is primarily a reminiscence about the effect the atrocity had on Gates of Vienna and the Counterjihad in general. To learn more, check out the archives for the period from July 22, 2011 to ca. November 2011. Or look up the relevant items in the Fjordman Files. The trial of Anders Behring Breivik sucked up a lot of our blogging oxygen in the spring of 2012; see Circus Breivik for a relevant sample.

Because Gates of Vienna was the main venue for Fjordman’s writings, and was mentioned repeatedly in the killer’s manifesto, this site was put under the media’s klieg lights beginning the day after the massacre. We were thrust into a prominence we had never seen before (or since). It was a hideous kind of fame that I would never have asked for — they say there’s no such thing as bad publicity, but my experience in the summer of 2011 makes me vehemently disagree.

In the first few weeks we received hundreds (maybe thousands) of emails. Some of them were simply requests for information, but they were mostly hate mail, sometimes in Norwegian and Swedish. Various media outlets wanted to contact Fjordman, and I dutifully passed the messages on to him, but he didn’t respond to any of them.

The number of comments at Gates of Vienna (which was still on blogspot at the time) rose into the hundreds for each post, many of them from obvious trolls and provocateurs employed by one or another state intelligence service. They soon became unmanageable, so we reluctantly closed the blog to comments for a couple of months. When we reactivated them, we made them subject to moderation, and they’ve been that way ever since. It’s frustrating and annoying for commenters to have to wait to see their contributions appear, but otherwise Dymphna and I would have been unable to cope with all the trolls and provocateurs.

By the beginning of the week following the attack, media outlets started contacting me. They somehow managed to obtain my phone number, and I received calls from newspapers in Norway and the UK. Needless to say, I declined to say anything to them.

During our fifteen minutes of lurid fame we were mentioned in The New York Times and The Washington Post, among other illustrious publications. The following report from the NYT told its readers that Anders Behring Breivik had commented on Gates of Vienna several times:

What they said was quite true. Fortunately, I had already been alerted to the fact by a European contact, who told me the pseudonym that had been used by Mr. Breivik, so I was able to track down all his comments. Some people urged me to delete them, but that’s not the way we do business here at Gates of Vienna. First of all, nothing ever disappears completely from the Internet; it can always be found in the Wayback Machine or other web archives. But more importantly, I don’t believe in hiding the truth, whether it makes me look bad or not. So I collected all of the Butcher’s comments and reposted them.

Other things published by major media outlets, particularly the British tabloids, were not as accurate. The Washington Post published my name and something about me that was completely, factually false. I sent them an email demanding that they retract and correct their error, but I knew that nothing would happen. All I could do was post about what they did and ridicule them. If I had been a famous movie actress or best-selling novelist who could afford to retain high-powered lawyers, I might have had more success. But the WaPo knows it has nothing to fear from minnows like me.

Other papers, especially the tabloids, published even more ludicrous falsehoods about Gates of Vienna — who we were associated with, where we got our funding, etc., etc. And they asserted various bogus things about other people in the Counterjihad whom I knew personally — so-and-so is funded by the Koch Brothers, or the Mossad, or whatever. Just absolute nonsense.

That summer taught me not to believe ANYTHING that I read in the media unless it is corroborated by multiple independent sources and has a breadcrumb trail that leads back to verifiable facts. Which doesn’t leave much. Reading media news reports has become a form of entertainment for me, like reading mystery novels or watching The Simpsons.

The general effect on the Counterjihad was catastrophic. A lot of sites, especially those in Europe, closed down for good. A number of Counterjihad activists I knew personally soiled their breeches and fled the field at the first whiff of grapeshot. I must admit that I became exasperated with them — I said, “You knew how serious this work was when you got into it. What did you think we were doing, playing tiddlywinks??”

However, in retrospect, I’ve had to acknowledge that they did what they had to do. Unlike me, most of them had day jobs. They stood to lose a lot if they were exposed. Some of them had families to support. I can’t judge them. They dropped out of sight, and I haven’t heard from them since.

A few people urged me to shut down Gates of Vienna. But my Scots blood comes to the fore at such times, and my natural response is defiance. I said, “F**K THAT S**T!” [emphasis in the original] and soldiered on. It was a rough time, and I didn’t get much sleep for the first couple of months. But we weathered the storm.

On the whole, however, it was a major setback from which the Counterjihad never fully recovered. The resistance to Islamization has never returned to the level of July 21, 2011. Freedom of speech has been eroded even further, and sharia is now de facto in force in much of the West.

Dymphna and I always thought that Anders Behring Breivik’s machinations had been guided and assisted by a certain three-letter agency with the assistance of Norwegian intelligence. His “compendium” was obviously in large part not his own work, and his selection of “mentors” was exquisitely chosen to do maximum damage to those who opposed Islamization, at the exact time when Secretary of State Hillary Clinton was in the thick of collaborating with the Muslim Brotherhood in what eventually became known as the “Istanbul Process”. Resistance to Islam was a thorn in her side, and Anders Behring Breivik helped remove it.

I don’t think mass slaughter was part of the plan, however — the Norwegians would never have co-operated with such an operation. I think the intention was to let Mr. Breivik put together his scheme, and then roll it up at the last moment before it was executed. There would have been a prominent arrest, followed by maximum media publicity for his manifesto.

However, just before the plans matured, Wikileaks released a damaging series of documents showing some of the things [agency name redacted] had been up to in Europe, which forced them to shut down their presence in the American embassy in Oslo and withdraw Mr. Breivik’s handlers. The Butcher of Utøya was then let off his leash, and the rest is history.

Whether mass slaughter was intended or not, the plan was a great success. The Counterjihad was hobbled, the spread of sharia proceeded apace, and the Obama administration became a servant of the Muslim Brotherhood. And the Biden administration is, in effect, Obama’s third term.

*   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *

Before I close these remarks, I’d like to address an appalling issue that has emerged surrounding the mass murder committed by Anders Behring Breivik. When it first came up it was very distressing, but I’ve had ten years to get used to it. Now it’s just something that I have to endure whenever the topic is broached on this site.

In those early days I was shocked by the number of people who supported Mr. Breivik and considered him a hero for what he did. And I’m not talking about the neo-Nazis and Aryan supremacists, but more mainstream people who oppose mass immigration and hate socialism. Every time I post something about the Butcher of Utøya they pop up again and express their admiration for him.

I’m not going to tolerate such comments, and will delete them when they appear. You might as well spare yourself the effort. If you want, you can visit Storm Front and similar sites and make your remarks there, where you’ll get a sympathetic reception and find a lot of people who agree with you.

I’m familiar with the arguments that people make to justify their opinion: Mr. Breivik was targeting future socialists, who would otherwise have grown up and entered politics and invited even more of the Third World into Norway. But that’s a specious line of reasoning, in my opinion. The mass slaughter only hardened public opinion against those who oppose mass immigration, and made it even more difficult to restrain such immigration. Killing all those kids inspired no sympathy for the Aryan cause; it had the opposite effect.

But that’s just the practical, utilitarian argument against it.

Mr. Breivik’s strategy was a recapitulation of one of the major trends of the 20th century: the mass extermination of entire classes of people. For him it was Young Socialists. For Hitler it was Jews, gypsies, communists, homosexuals, and the feeble-minded. For Stalin it was counter-revolutionaries, “wreckers”, the bourgeoisie, kulaks, and Ukrainians. For Pol Pot it was the intellectuals. For the Hutus it was the Tutsis. For Muslims it was Jews, Christians, Hindus, and other infidels.

What all the architects of those atrocities have in common is that they considered it morally justifiable, and even laudable, to engage in the mass slaughter of people based on their membership in a particular class — a race, a social class, an occupation, a nationality, etc. Individuals meant nothing. Those who engineered the massacres were not required to determine whether their victims were guilty of any crimes, or even subscribed to a particular ideology. They were members of a class, and for that reason they deserved to die. Men, women, children, invalids, the elderly and enfeebled — all had to go.

That is a pernicious mindset, and I’ll have none of it. It was the bane of the 20th century, and we’ve no business extending it into the 21st.

I know the counter-arguments — we’re in a war, and war sometimes requires us to do horrible things, etc., etc. If we want to win, we have to grit our teeth and do what is necessary.

Well, if that’s what it takes to win, then I don’t want to win. I’ll go down to defeat rather than jump into that particular boxcar to hell.

28 thoughts on “A Summer of Madness

  1. Wow, Baron, just WOW! You are so intelligent and literate that you make perfect sense to me.

    I do not know what the Muslims are up to these days. I don’t know if they have given up their dream to convert or kill all non-Muslims.

    I just wish mankind would grow up enough to learn to live and let live.k

    As always, I wish you the best in both health and your very important work of educating people on what Islam is and does. It’s amazing how ignorant the majority of people are in this area.

    Keep up the good work!!


  2. So, from your last sentence, I take it you don’t subscribe to Patton’s quote that no dumb bastard ever won a war by dying for his country (now read religion, whether Christian, Jew, Hindu or spaghetti collander)–but by making the opposing dumb bastard die for his country (now read islam). Luckily, we oldtimers won’t have to make that decision, but it’s coming, it’s coming.

  3. Concern is raised with the 20th Century trend of mass extermination. Is the possibility of mass death from the COVID inoculations a continuation of this tradition? If this slaughter is actually in progress, what would be the class of people to be eliminated? Is it all of humanity this time?

    • That’s a good question. So far the vax seems to be selecting against compliant drones, and in favor of intelligent people who think for themselves (and thus don’t get the vax). That seems like the opposite result of what the PTB would want. So maybe there’s some other explanation.

      • It doesn’t necessarily have to be the opposite of what the elites want. If the intent is to kill most of us then anything that gets most of us to willingly take an injection of a substance that facilitates killing us with a minimum of effort is a good result. That there might remain a substantial number of individuals who happen to be deeply suspicious, well-armed, and motivated to use those arms is problematic, but it’s still a lot fewer individuals left to deal with, and after a year or so almost all of them can be expected to be dead from other diseases, starvation, violence with other survivors, etc so a minimum effort of cleanup will be needed to neutralize those remnants. In the meantime the elites will fly away to their survival bunkers in New Zealand to await the conclusion of the Great Cull.

      • “Smartest Man in America”, Chris Langan Breaks Down Global Elite’s Vaccine Sterilization Agenda:

        “Comment: “I’ve been wondering if there was a nefarious motivation behind the V@x. If I were a sociopathic oligarch and thought mankind needed to be reduced massively to protect the earth, would I use the vax to cause a mass die off, or would I cause mass sterilization? While either approach would cause huge turmoil, the mass sterilization might cause the least disruption.”

        Response: First, according to the usual definition of “vaccine”, the current injections are not “vaccines.” They are just another strain of dangerous technology that the parasitic overclass is funding and using for the purpose of global domination and control.

        A mass human die-off would be traumatic and threaten the status quo. If the human population crashes and the economy follows suit, the elite will have nothing, no innate superiority or adaptivity, that might protect them and conduce to their survival. Hence, they prefer mass sterilization and a slower (but still rapid) population decline.

        Obviously, the parasitic overclass is worried that its environment is being destroyed by human overpopulation. Unfortunately, it’s right about that – whereas the Earth and its resources are finite, population growth is exponential. But there are at least three major problems with their approach.

        (1) Instead of addressing population control the right way, by upgrading the population through education and genetic hygiene, appealing to what is best in the human species, and convincing it to control its own reproductive behavior for its own good and that of the Earth, they prefer to lie and sneak around behind everyone else’s back, conning and threatening us into “vaccination” on false pretenses. Hence, their conspicuous neglect of Logos. Instead of upgrading humankind, they are degrading it, relying on a combination of public ignorance, misplaced trust, and dead-end ideas and ideologies like atheism, materialism, communism, multiculturalism and forced ethnic “diversification”, tyrannical “global governance” to snooker humanity into compliance.

        (2) While the global elite desperately want total control of the planet including its human population, they are neither intelligent nor morally good enough to deserve it, and have no idea how to properly use it to the advantage of the human species and the planet as a whole.

        (3) This is reflected in the fact that their control agenda is limited to quantity control and totally excludes quality control. They assume that all the true genetic wealth of mankind resides in themselves despite their conspicuous lack of merit (genius, moral rectitude). Subscribing to an outworn idea called “Social Darwinism”, they simply assume that everyone else, no matter how much better and how much smarter one may be, is inferior and expendable and should be either culled or sterilized, or downbred, deracinated, and melted into a vast mocha-colored slave race for elite convenience.

        In short, by virtue of stuffing their pockets and pushing everyone else around, the elite consider themselves a “Master Race”, a kind of global livestock breeding association to which the rest of the species is nothing but a herd of docile cattle to be bred for servility and barely enough intelligence to follow orders. This has been clearly and irrefutably documented by, e.g., the “White genocide” agenda described a century ago by R.N. Coudenhove-Kalergi, originally funded by the Rothschilds, Warburgs, and other international banksters and now pursued as international policy throughout the Western World.

        It’s easy to see where this leads, and it’s nowhere good. Personally, I’m willing if necessary to do severe physical harm to anyone attempting to force one of these injections on me, and the same should be true of any other decent self-respecting person.

        Q: “Why would the Global Plantation Owners want to kill off or reduce the fertility of their most subservient, obedient subjects?”

        A: You may not quite understand. Resisting the “vaccine” helps the elite identify you as someone who is better killed and therefore eligible for “lead vaccination.” [winky face emoji]

        Besides, they think they can force everyone to take the “vaccine”, so it’s moot. Take it now, and you may be eligible for zombification and enslavement as a chemical cyborg; don’t take it, and you’re ripe for culling, no “vaccine” required. Any “worthwhile” slaves who die immediately are acceptable collateral damage; besides, every death serves the depopulation agenda. (Never assume these control addicts haven’t calculated every move they make for its “heads we win, tails you lose” value. Even when they don’t know their [tushes] from their elbows, which is quite often, this is their primary policy criterion.)

        Remember, the elite $uppose themselve$ to be the genetic creme-de-la-creme, and assume that everyone else is genetically inferior garbage and thus ultimately susceptible to their mind-control techniques. This is a mass-scale operation in which human error makes it impossible to efficiently select for “quality”, whether quality is defined on objective merit, or serviceability to the parasitic overclass.

        In the elite worldview, only the elite are “elite”. Everyone else is [offal] and therefore expendable.” (Infowars via C.L. Facebook)

    • We have heard before that a criminal is the product of the society: The way he is mistreated.

      ISIS warriors actually represent real islam. ISIS members have the same vision as the muslim jihadis of the past 1345 years, who by blood and sword, deceit and plots perseverance and relentless cruelty, massacres nonmuslims of 57 countries and colonized them. Without applying in practice the utmost cruelty mentioned in their BOOK of peace and compassion, as “dishonorable rulers ” want us to believe, they would have never conquered those lands. That ruthlessness is taught to them by the soab allah.

      Why not obey allah, who shows them how to get jizya, 13-year old girls, rape girls and kill them and then send them to mental institute because they dare not put them in prison.

      Breivic was the product of all the ills of the west, stupidity, dishonor, lies, confusion, hatred of the subjects by rulers, inaction after jihadi massacres, afraid of muslims, appease them in every way, indulge them, appoint them in high ranks to help the “party” stay in power or come to power.

      The west does not know how to rule. They forgot. They need someone to dictate to them how even at the expense of losing the nation, as it is happening.

      He did that because he could not stand the recklessness of the rulers. Though what he did was wrong of course. Horrible.

      He killed 77. But the dishonorable will kill the whole nations, in due course. Vision. Extrapolation from present situations. NOt difficult to discern.

      What he said in his manifesto are coming true by day, by hour.

      Truth is bitter. Why very few people realize the looming danger.

      allah has put them in a coma.

      A French minister said a few years ago that they all knew – during their meetings – – where the deadly danger was coming from but dare not mention the name.

      We care about trifles not serious things.

  4. It is our Judeo-Christian heritage that has got us this far, and now that the heritage is being trashed, so to is the concept of hope, faith and love as the root of our culture and we return once more to hate based culture.

    Followerers of the Way walk forwerd loving their neighbours and their enemies, for others, the ends justify the means. Sometimes we have to fight; it only takes one bully to make war, it takes two to make peace.

    To put God first, to trust and rely on Him and His Knowledge of Good and Evil is what made us great nations, putting our trust in Adam’s godship and his knowledge of good and evil (it is not the same, it is warped by the serpent) and we become a slave culture.

    So called W’hite Supremacy’ is actually bible based Christian Supremacy with the emphasis on ‘the bible’ not the ‘white’. Communism is not ‘progressive’ it is just another form of warlord ‘hate based’ slave culture just as was common millenias ago – Just how many slaves died bulding the White Sea Canal? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/White_Sea%E2%80%93Baltic_Canal Probably more than were ever shipped to the USA in chains.

    I could have been one of those Utoya teenagers, with my ILP heritage it might have been me!

    • You got it MC. In the Book of Revelation the Apostle John is shown the last days and the final beast, Rome version 2. The beast is astride a sea of troubled waters and has a woman riding on its back (Europa and Zeus anyone?). The beast ends up having the woman for lunch and then going off to conquer some more. The beast arose out of the troubled ‘sea of humanity’ only to rule over it as only a beast would do.
      If we look at things the way that YAH sees them, with appearance determined by what people say and do and their attitudes that drive them, then the beast could very well be the global corporate hegemony that is always hungry for more and will use any means as the animal it is to get what it wants when it wants it.
      In this light the use of Anders Behring Breivik was the perfect foil to make certain that multiculturalism spawned by the Muslim immigrants would be regarded as something that would evoke sympathy for the less fortunate rather than the planned societal takeover that it in fact was. The planned coup was about as ruthless and amoral as could be imagined, but if profit and company growth are all that are important to you then any morality is the province of the weak competitor that deserves to be replaced by the stronger and more profit-minded company that is dedicated to providing increased dividends to its spoiled shareholders.
      Ten Years After (apologies to the fine band of the same name) we have version two in the form of a plandemic whose ‘vaccine’ was reputedly developed in advance of the release of the virus. Of course, what the vaccine does to the blood corpuscles from the photos I have seen suggests a slow and painful death. All this to make the planet after their own image and complete the evolutionary process by the culling of the dysgenic hordes.
      No thanks, the beast is on its well-paved highway to hell just as YAH knew in advance. What gives me comfort about prophecy is that not only does YAH know us well enough to know what we will do without loving Him first, but also that He has authority over His creation so that the end He knows will happen will also be the end that occurs as His authority is of the same scope as His knowledge. Thus, I can rest easy in Him knowing His love for me has found a home in my heart through His Son, my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.
      G’night MC, and YAH bless you and yours

    • Hi MC, can you please explain what does this mean?:

      “So called W’hite Supremacy’ is actually bible based Christian Supremacy with the emphasis on ‘the bible’ not the ‘white’”.

      • Western culture evolved when the bible began to be read by the common man, the printing press and increasing literacy lead to an overwealming superiority in Northern Europe overflowing into North America.

        That this civilisation happened in a ‘White’ skin colour area is irrelevant, it was the bible based culture which promoted a civilization based on love not hate.

        There is a choice between promoting ‘love’ speech which encourages the greater good, or of punishing ‘hate speech’ to the detriment of all. When the bibles remain closed we forget to “love our neighbours as ourselves.”

  5. All those who took the butcher’s statements about members of the counter-jihad (CJ) at face value, steadfastly refuse or just completely ignore the butcher’s later statements, specifically that he only named such voices to mis-direct and that he was in fact, a neo-nazi.
    (Of course to an average leftist such distinctions are irrelevent as anyone who disagrees with their utopian, multikulti haverings is a racist/fascist and quite probably a neo-nazi.
    To borrow from Obi-Wan Kenobi – ‘only the progressive deals in absolutes!’)

    It seems logical that if many were prepared to believe Brevik’s original stated motivations, they must also then accept his later disavowals.
    Of course many did not, revealing bias and ulterior motives and if they dismiss his later disavowals with ‘of course he’d say that now’ then the same applies: if one dismisses his later statements then one must also treat his earlier statements with the same skepticism.
    As part of wider politico-cultural currents, the quasi-religious nature of progressivism becomes clearer, it appears to be far more a belief in often contradictory and counter-factual notions than based on any logic or rational thought and indeed progressive ideas often fall apart when exposed to sunlight.
    Which unfortunately can make appeals to a progressive’s logic a somewhat forlorn hope – (the current trans debate provides much evidence of this, I say debate but disagree and one is immediately labeled ‘phobic’).

    When reflecting on where the CJ might have been more effective (isn’t hindsight sharp!) in some ways it might have been more productive to go at it sideways, perhaps by way of ‘equality’; women’s and gay rights for example – no, no wait a minute!

    Paul Weston once replied to a comment (no doubt partially tongue-in-cheek but not entirely), that he wished to undermine ‘Muslim privilege’.
    To put it another way, use leftist tools that subvert and undermine against themselves.
    One can already see ‘intersectional’ fault-lines and flash-points over women’s and gay-rights (freedom of expression is obviously more contentious subject) in European schools.
    All a bit too ‘clever’ and convoluted I imagine, however going forward it’s arguably better to be for something (positive) than against something (negative) – however that doesn’t necessarily mean mutual exclusivity.
    For example supporting women’s rights, by default orthodox Islam is challenged.
    Members of the Iranian regime (and many others if not quite as boldly) were very clear in their opposition and stated, women’s rights are a deliberate ploy by the West to undermine Islam.

    One other direction which unfortunately the butcher has dreadfully corrupted and tainted (and which makes the Baron’s musings about three-letter agency involvement seem rather more weighty) is that instead of focusing on Islam, (not least because orthodox Islam has been around for ages and regardless of individual motivations, the direction of travel for the devout is pretty clearly laid out in doctrine and evidenced both in historical and contemporary events) – instead one should focus on leftist anti-Western elements within the West.
    As such orthodox Islam is not the problem, it is leftist apologism, obfusctaion and downright lies about it (also supposed Conservatives just wilting and saying nothing) and not least, neo-blasphemy hate-speech laws that slot all too neatly into the Sharia idea of hurt feelings that are arguably the far bigger problems.
    To take this idea further could mean challenging Western multikultists and self-declared progressives but as I said Brevik’s murderous actions make that a very perilous position to take directly (to be crystal clear I mean by completely non-violent means, as no doubt much of this site’s traffic passes through some agency digital drag-net, however that said I don’t advocate peaceful means out of fear I actually mean it).
    Taking all this in consideration then perhaps a more sideways approach is the way to go.

    Taking ‘equality’ and applying it ‘equally’ means if not challenging religious orthodoxies head on (just as elements of Christianity have been deliberately undermined by leftists) but standing for something which inadvertantly puts Islamic orthodoxies in stark relief and forces leftists to either stand by their stated convictions or reveal themselves to be empty, fair-weather virtue-signallers who stand for nothing and indeed actively protect and/or apologise for ideologies and institutions that are directly opposed to everything leftists say they uphold.
    Simply put – forcing the left to eat it itself.

    I’m just thinking out loud dear GoV readers, any ideas where we go from here?

    from one rebellious son of Scotland to another Baron, I salute your integrity and defiance in the face of some quite extraordinary pressure (to say the least).

      • ‘proactive better than reactive’
        I agree, the reactive (and pathetically weak) nature of various European governments to violent jihad long after the fact, amongst much else, is proof of that.

        thanks for wading through the word-flood above, I usually edit for brevity but I’d had way too much coffee!

        • Well my friend, that European is slow to anger but, when it finally reaches critical mass, all bloody hell is going to be cut lose. As for coffee? A day without coffee is a day without sunshine.

  6. Baron,

    I plead with you to make this post a ‘sticky’ for a few days, at least. I’m sure there are numerous other readers who joined Gates of Vienna AFTER the ‘great firestorm’ of 2011, and don’t know the background details.

    Since it was a rather important milestone in the evolution of G of V, it is most educational. It may also lead more people to the Fjordman Archive here – which is a treasure trove.

    Great post, sir. Thank you.

    • Thank you, Frank. In this particular case, I don’t want to make the post sticky, because Fjordman will be along in a while to make some remarks, and I don’t want to upstage him.

      • Dear Baron,
        I doubt you got to the end of my other coffee-fueled comment on this thread (I wouldn’t blame you!) so I’d just like to reiterate my admiration for your and Dymphna’s indefatigability in the face of some quite extraordinary provocations (which is not to belittle Fjordman’s experiences, which were, I’m sure you’d agree, of an intensity few experience).

        Secondly when Dymphna passed, I didn’t express my condolonces at the time and would like to do so now.
        To me and I have no doubt many others, Dymphna gave this website a unique flavour – make a reasonably lucid comment and one would receive a near instant reply, which would be unfailingly erudite and informed, I even received on rare occasions a “BINGO!”, which while praise indeed, all contributed to make the experience of commenting at GoV feel that one was being listened to and responded to in real-time, adding to the general vibe of welcoming reasonable debate on an personal level and making the comment section here utl far less of an echo chamber than one finds on many other sites.
        Her prescence and insight is greatly missed.
        Sincerely I.

        • Oh, yes, I read all the way to the end of your comment. Thank you for your kind words, especially those about Dymphna. I miss her sorely every day.

          I sometimes wonder how she would see the ghastly events that are going on today. Her PTSD would be triggered daily by the outrages that are now being perpetrated.

          When I look back, it’s astonishing how much things have changed in the two years since she died.

          • You’re very welcome Baron.

            Yes indeed the changes in the last couple of years have been extraordinary – the ease with which almost entire populations, of various nations, voluntarily agreed to have their civil liberties suspended was and still is hugely disturbing.
            Not least like so many other ‘temporary’ measures introduced by goverments over the years have a tendency to become permanent.

        • Dymphna presence brought a balance in opinion between Western vs CEE World and mentality..
          Now GOV suporting only one-sided ,anglo-saxon, Teutonic narration of Reality and History..
          Ned doesn’t understand and doesn’t sympathize with CEE people and society..
          No word ,info or commentary at this site on New Yalta Betrayal ( Nord Stream 2 ) sign by Soviet Russia-Germany USA. 2 days ago…German,Russian,American interest..over principles and Justice like in Munich,Trianon,Yalta violated..
          USA can’t be trusted..and never been fair Deal broker..
          After all American money given to Hitler led to 2 World War and Auschwitz..

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