The Islamization of Textbooks in Romanian Secondary Schools

It is often said in this space that Central and Eastern Europe — the former East Bloc nations kept in captivity behind the Iron Curtain until 1990 — escaped the madness of Politically Correct Multiculturalism that has infested Western Europe and is now in the process of destroying it. This is generally true, but that doesn’t mean that large sums of money (think: George Soros) aren’t being put into propagandizing the East in an effort to make it just like the West.

The following account by our Romanian correspondent cxt examines the Islamization of Romania via its schoolchildren. The latest textbooks are now promoting Islam to Romanian fifth-graders in the public schools.

History Textbooks Promoting Islam

by cxt

The new history textbooks, that all Romanian fifth-grade children should begin studying this school year were published recently. All seven history textbooks just barely mention Christianity, giving it only a page under the Roman Empire chapter, but dedicate an entire chapter to promoting Islamic civilization. Before translating the news article that made this observation, let’s look at a few examples of Islamic propaganda in public schools from other countries as well.

This article from 2008 talks about ten history textbooks used in USA public schools that blatantly promote Islam. The report that studied these history textbooks notes: “When … Muslims groups attack Christian peoples, kill them, and take their lands, the process is referred to as ‘building’ an empire. Christian attempts to restore those lands are labeled as ‘violent attacks’ or ‘massacres.’” Also, “While Christian belligerence is magnified, Islamic inequality, subjugation, and enslavement get the airbrush.” One such textbook, World History, which was being used by 50% of 9th graders in Florida, contains 36 pages dedicated to Islam and three paragraphs dedicated to Christianity.

The US Department of Education is also funding an Islamic indoctrination program for public schools for grades 5-12, called ‘Access Islam’ (details here and here).

In Spain, courses on Islam are available in public schools for Muslim children between the ages of 3 and 18 The government has agreed to allow local Muslim organizations to draft the course syllabi, choose the textbooks, and even determine who will teach the classes.

For more examples of Islamic indoctrination in public schools in Europe and USA, readers should check out this site.

Questions arise regarding why Islam is aggressively promoted in public schools in non-Muslim countries, and the long-term effects of Islamic propaganda in schools.

Translated excerpts from the news portal

Textbooks Loaded With “Political Correctness”

Fifth-Grade Students Will Learn Five Times More About Islam Than About Christianity

The textbooks reviewed by EVZ are developed according to the guidelines given by the Minister of Education. The new school curriculum was developed in the spirit of “Political Correctness”.

Due to the delay in printing the fifth-grade textbooks, we have just now had the opportunity to browse them, not in paper form, but in digital form. We immediately found some surprises that deserve explanations from those who decide what our children should learn.

Seven alternatives

On the website of the Ministry of National Education there are no fewer than seven choices of history textbooks for the fifth grade in which “Christianity” is treated as the poor and ugly relative of the Roman Empire, and “Islam” enjoys a chapter of its own.

All this madness comes from the new school curriculum for secondary schools, approved by Minister’s Order #3393 of 28.02.2017, published in the Official Gazette no. 164bis / 07.03.2017.

So, what is the new curriculum for fifth-grade history textbooks? Regarding our topic, in the “Roman World” chapter, “Christianity” is the last case study, after “The city and the public monuments (the forum, the aqueducts, the thermae etc.)”, “Colosseum and gladiators”, “Pompeii”, “The Roman Army” and “The Roman Gods. Temples”. As a result, the textbooks allocate barely a page to Christianity, with only one exception where we found two pages.

However, there is a separate chapter on “Islamic Civilization”, where students are expected to learn “The Advent of Islam; the Muslim faith; the military and cultural expansion of Islam”. The textbooks approved by the Ministry of National Education, yes, so called “National”, allocate between four and seven pages to Islam.

The seven textbooks were approved by Order of the Minister of National Education no. 4864 of 06.09.2017 following the evaluation, and in accordance with the school curriculum approved by Government Ordinance no.3393 of 28.02.2017.

“The focus is on diversity and on its acceptance and valorization”

An explanation for favoring Islam ahead of Christianity is found in the curriculum, where it is stated that “In the gymnasium cycle (the history class) has to stimulate the adoption of multiculturalism and multiple perspectives,” but also “the formation of intellectual mechanisms that will prevent the emergence of stereotypes, combat discrimination and xenophobia.” All good and beautiful, we said, that is, our experts have made an ideological manual, according to what progressives call and cultivate: “Political Correctness”. Reading the guidelines further, it became clear that we were not wrong: “At the level of the attitudinal-value elements, the emphasis is on diversity (cultural, social, political, gender etc.) and on its positive acceptance and valorization. Diversity defines the contemporary world, and understanding, acceptance and valorization of differences are fundamental to the acquisition of social and communication skills, with a significant role in the later evolution of the students. Some of the proposed content directly responds to this area of interest by addressing controversial and sensitive themes, issues related to cultural and/or religious diversity.”


Students taught how to pray to Allah

Regarding Islamic civilization, students learn how to pray, also that the “Islamic science and culture” (not even Arab, but directly Islamic) has decisively influenced European civilization. Here’s what the student is encouraged to remember in one of the textbooks:

  • In the 7th century AD, Islam appeared in the Arabian Peninsula, a new monotheistic religion, preached by the Prophet Mohammed.
  • In the Middle Ages, the Arabs conquered vast territories in Asia and North Africa, and occupied the Iberian Peninsula in Europe.
  • Islamic science and culture influenced medieval European civilization.

And in another (textbook), it is said from the very beginning: “In this book, you will learn: How Islam has appeared and spread, which are the holy places of Islam, what made the Islamic civilization remarkable, how Muslims pray.”


Only the fifth-grade curricula have changed this year

The (new) school curricula for the fifth grade apply starting with the 2017-2018 school year. Other (new) curricula will be applied as follows:

  • school curricula for the 6th grade: starting with the 2018-2019 school year;
  • school curricula for the 7th grade: starting 2019-2020;
  • school curricula for the 8th grade: starting 2020-2021


Authors can expand the curriculum

It is worth mentioning that the textbooks ultimately derive from the curriculum that imposes certain learning content. Practically, the content needs to be expanded in the book so that children learn everything mentioned in the curriculum. Starting from this idea, each textbook publisher follows the curriculum, but may also have a margin of creativity, according to each group of (textbook) authors.

29 thoughts on “The Islamization of Textbooks in Romanian Secondary Schools

  1. My wife says at her school in Poland, in a history lesson the teacher asked the class why Columbus sailed West to try to get to India. And then proceeded to explain, that this must have been because of the fall of Constantinople in 1453. It would be a great pity if Eastern Euro school courses were to undergo the same PC makeover as Western ones… but Eastern Euros are an argumentative bunch, and will raise the roof wherever they sniff propaganda… so there is still hope.

    • There is hope indeed. Daniel Gheorghe, a Romanian MP who is a proud Christian and has spoken against immigration, has taken note of the situation and has promised to draft a law that would require education to respect national values and not be contaminated by political ideologies.

  2. Islam is a stupid “religion”-total invention. Mithraism is probably the most sophisticated. Christianity is heavily influenced by Platonism and Mithraism but its ideals hold water as proven by its success. Jesus never threatened anybody with beheading, nor made ludicrous claims like MHMD. Islam is a thief or “Cuckoo in the Abrahamic nest”…

    After studying science and western philosophy for a lifetime-e specially Kant- I am now expected and demanded to “submit” to obvious patent rubbish on the say so of a desert fakir? A stupid religion for literal primitive people.

    • You wasted your time on Western Philosophy and similar meaningless abstractions. Reading, learning, practicing Buddhism and other Eastern and Asian religious teachings and teachers would have been time well spent.

      When you start to think in concrete metaphors, analogies and parallels like the Chinese do, you will get somewhere.

    • Parents are vulnerable to having their children “removed” – thus, they are in many ways in the worst position to resist. Grandparents, extended kin networks, offer support for parents.

      We had the freedom to homeschool our son and so we did. Not everyone has that opportunity and have no choice but to leave the formation of their kids to strangers for most of the day. The most they can do is ameliorate some of the damage of government-run schools.

    • You’re right about that — the median age of our readership is probably about 55.

      One of the things that’s so frustrating about being in this position is that we can do so little to have any direct effect on stopping the cultural debasement and Islamization in the schools. Except, of course, for those of us who are raising their grandchildren.

      On a personal level, the future Baron is fortunate that he was home-schooled until he was twelve, and then sent to private high schools, and thus kept away from the worst of the indoctrination. It really hurt us financially, especially the first couple of years, when we were still poor, but boy, was it worth it! He is now a well-educated and well-informed young man. He can write well, evaluate information logically, and think for himself.

      It can be a real sacrifice to keep children out of the public schools, but I strongly recommend it. Home-schooling is best, particularly at the primary-school level.

      • Well, I’m staggered, at both your responses.

        If not the parents then who? I can imagine the response if I told my grandchildren’s head teacher I didn’t like what they were being taught in Religious Studies…”And what’s it got to do with you?”

        Perhaps it’s different in the US (I assume “removed” means “suspended”). As I remember from my schooldays in Britain, Jewish children were excused morning service and RK lessons which were solely Christian, and they would spend the time in the library. No big deal at all.Would complaining to the school result in serious consequences? I had thought things were worse over this side of the Atlantic.

        How will teachers ever have their PC bubble pricked if parents don’t do it? Can you imagine the scene in the staff room one Monday morning…”One of my parents said some terrible things about Islam the other day. Naturally I called him a racist bigot”….”Well, the same happened to me, three parents in my class. And you know what, I googled a few things and some of it appears to be true”…”oh yes, did you know he was a child-rapist?” etc. (I can dream can’t I?)

        And home schooling…that’s the nuclear option isn’t it? You might have converted your school principal if you’d stuck around (see above about dreams) 🙂

        • I think you misunderstood what I was saying. My point is that someone my age, unless he is raising his grandchildren, does not have the opportunity to affect what goes on in the schools, except to vote for members of the school board. We geezers only get a limited input into the educational process.

          As for home schooling being the nuclear option, and converting the principal — that has no relevance to our own situation. I taught the future Baron to read when he was four, and he immediately became an avid reader. By the time he turned six, he was reading at roughly a fifth- or sixth-grade level. He was so far ahead of his age-mates that he either would have been agonizingly bored at his grade level, or pushed into a class with kids far older than he was, which did not seem to us to be a good idea. Better to continue his education at home, where he would get taught what he could handle as soon as he was ready, and never have to encounter gender-equity training or whatever they call that nonsense. He learned about the Crusades, Christopher Columbus, and the Civil War without any ideological taint. I don’t know that that would ever have been possible in a public school.

        • Not a fan of homeschooling as it prevents the child from socializing with his peers – let’s be honest, it’s different to be classmates and to just hang out in the afternoon. I was ahead of my class too, but I enjoyed not having to have to pay as much attention and loved to be around the other kids. Granted I was lucky and at elementary school in the time where our education system wasn’t influenced by any propaganda.

          I do agree though that parents have to get involved and so far they are getting involved in all the wrong ways. Making drama out of their children being punished for misbehaving at school and such. Some parents are boicotting the religion education though, but too few to make an impact, unfortunately.

          Either way, rather than dealing with one school at a time, parents should put their attention to the ministry and have the changes trickle down from there.

          • Oh, yes, I’ve noticed how well our public school children are “socialized”…

            I heard this argument over and over again back when I was homeschooling the future Baron. It was erroneous then, and it’s erroneous now.

            Our child was in play groups, later Cub Scouts (later Boy Scouts) and church Sunday School. We made sure to involve him in a wide variety of social activities. We also took part in events organized by local home-schooling networks, where the kids are brought together for organized games, the production of plays, making music, etc.

            These were valuable forms of socialization, much closer to the early type of school education, before schools became gigantic, oppressive day-care and behavior-modification warehouses where parents send their kids to be raised by low-IQ apparatchiks with “education” degrees.

            At home-school events children are supervised and encouraged closely by groups of parents who have an active and immediate interest in the pedagogy of their children. As a result, the kids are not just better-educated but better-behaved, with more fully-rounded characters. The future Baron grew into an exceptionally well-mannered adult, not just because we taught him his manners, but because he interacted with other kids who were brought up the same way.

            “Socialized”, my [redacted].

          • Accompanied by the future Baron, I once visited a store that sold educational supplies. As we shopped, the proprietor came over and asked me if I homeschooled our son. I replied to her question and before I could ask why she’d asked, she said, “I thought so. I can tell the homeschoolers. They’re focused and much better behaved”.

            Kids need lots of adult attention. I found that true also if they had to do tedious things – e.g., practice scales every day. If I sat in the room with a book, my presence allowed him to carry the tedium much more easily.

            OTOH, the chance to hang out with other kids in the woods around our house – without adult interference – was perfectly safe here as we lived far from the civilized city. Having been raised in a rural area, we were sure he’d head to the exciting city when he grew up. But he moved to an even smaller place…

          • Having called home schooling the “nuclear option” I must admit it is one I would have liked to take forty years ago but it wasn’t possible for us.

            Remembering my schooldays, the only thing I heard about Islam was an aside from my RK teacher who told us it was a special case among religions, not because of the jihad – that was years in the future – but because of the fatalism, apathy and poor governance it produced.

            I know it’s easy to say “If I was…” about anything, but if I was a parent I would be scanning what my kids brought home about Islam with a view to taking it to the school. What if enough knowledgeable parents challenged the teachers to defend their textbooks? We would soon find that they wouldn’t be able to and we could at least cause them some discomfort, and perhaps have some more concrete effect.

            My heart sinks at the sheep like products of the comprehensive schools I sometimes come across. One mother I know speaks out about Islam and how our right to free speech has been eroded. Her kids dutifully say “You can’t say that” and merely try to get her to tone it down for her own safety. I wonder how long it will be before kids are actually denouncing their parents for thought crimes and being held up as examples to be followed by the police who have started trawling mosques for incidents of Islamophobia.

            Here is a website set up by the EU intended to give young people the right attitudes:
            Thank God we’ll be leaving soon.

  3. Socialist Muslim politician Amir El-Shamy from Austria during an election campaign: “Culture doesn`t shape Islam. Islam shapes the culture.”

  4. I am expecting Romanians to be sold into, their government is corrupt and they already sold the country.All that was created in the communism times like industry and the good thisks( because believe it or not they where some good thinks) are destroyed,the lands are bought by foreigners and the forests are pillaged.
    It is a disaster .So I am not surprised they are brainwashed and bend to the Muslim.

    • My fellows countryman, you should know that in the last 700 years we had only corrupt rulers who were selling the country on a yearly basis, usually to the (Muslim) Ottomans, and yet we didn’t go Islamic, despite being caught in a Muslim pincher formed by Turks and Tatars.
      By the way, that textbook highlighted something interesting: that part was approaching political systems, not religions and, while affixing Christianity to the Greek-Roman system, it had to state that Islam is rather a political system than a religion. However, as our native Turko-Tatar minority is extremely well integrated and respected, I must stress that they don’t deserve to be painted with the same brush as those imbeciles who blow themselves up for 72 clones of Mutti Merkel and a mountain of pilaf. You know that as well as I do.

      • Yes I know what you are saying.But I am desperate and I feel very clearly that we will not be part of the 4 Balkan states that stand clearly against the muslim invasion.
        No, we must wishy whasy ourselves again, turning to the left and then to the right and then to the left again how the wind blows.This is what we did all the time in history.
        Our geographical position is bad and we are surrounded by enemies ;but what the heck??? again?
        Lets stand once for a clear position and be proud.

    • What industry? Ceaucescu ruined the country’s economy with his palace for decades to come. Perhaps the soldiers taking care of him back then should’ve taken control and leave it that way. However, you lot are a tough bunch, I don’t see Romania going down anytime soon!

  5. This is true for Czechia as well. Our children have to learn faith now, which basically means familiarizing themselves with different kinds of religions – you guessed which one is the cause of that. After decades of no mandatory…in fact, I’m not sure our schools ever had religion as a mandatory subject, Christian schools aside…

    • I guess it was mandatory to learn Catholic faith, during the re-catholisation of our Heretic Kingdom. It eased up in the enlightement era.

  6. I first came to Romania in 2002, and I’m in Romania now, and I can tell you how it is!

    “Romanians are asleep at the wheel”, and the iceberg is fast approaching them.

    Turks are flooding into Romania, and stealing lots of Romanian women,
    Istanbul is just 5 hour bus ride from constanta, turks flood in here,nto look for essy sex, find wives, many romanian women have disappeared, taken to turkey, married, converted to islam, and these women are never seen sgain ever!!!

    Passports confiscated, and turned into chattel sex slaves for turkish muslims.

    Moxt Romanians believe islam is peaceful, and that they live in peace with Romanians, and this is fine, nothing to worry about here!

    Romania has been infiltrated and is being sold out for £ by ro political traitors.


  7. This is outragious! can’t even imagine how bad islam hurt Romania in the past. until recently the children learned in the history classes the truth about the tyrant islam and how the satanic empire of ottomans subdued the eastern European Christian nations… And now some useful idiots which are at odds with the entire Romanian history, except the dark ages of communist era, are trying big time to fake our history. I cannot understand why children parents do not protest against this filthy scum of the current pseudo-communist government by banning their own children to attend the history classes?!.

    • because they are thinking how to put food on the table and pay the taxes… and because they are cowards, a bunch of cowards like french, english,belgians ,spaniards etc

    • As I understand from the article (I didn’t translate it in full), the curriculum was developed during the Ciolos technocrat government and they wanted to make it even more radical (no surprise there), but in the end this is what came out. However, the final version of the curriculum was approved by the previous socialist minister in February and the teacher organizations had time until then to voice their concerns. The textbooks have to follow the curriculum in order to be approved by the Ed. Minister and they’ve only recently become available, so most parents probably haven’t seen a textbook yet (even though their children should be already studying them), let alone look at the contents. If anybody is to blame, it’s the groups that should have been involved in the public debate around the curriculum.

      • The so called “technocrat guverment” of former romanian PM was actualy a trojan horse used by the globalist establishment to penetrate the romanian society with its unique goal of reshaping people’s mentality, their culture and religion who is the christian faith. What is the best weapon at hands of a criminal mind who wants to destroy Europe culture and its religion?! Who if not islam ideology opposes violently the christianity?

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