Money Has Its Favorites

The following article is a suitable follow-up to last night’s story about war profiteers. It’s a reminder that making money off endless wars is just one form of corruption among many others. The EU in particular seems to have been deliberately designed to enable massive corruption of all types behind an opaque protective screen.

Many thanks to Hellequin GB for translating this article from Uncut News:

The Rockefeller and Bill Gates foundations on the sponsorship list of EU decision-makers

Many of the more than 12,000 lobbyists who approach the EU institutions are sponsored by the Rockefeller and Bill Gates foundations, which provide enormous sums of money. As a rule, lobbyists officially try to influence the political decisions of EU heads of government in the interests of their own organizations. The European Court of Auditors has warned in a special report that lobbying without transparency mechanisms can lead to undue influence, unfair competition and even corruption.

Lobbying in the European Parliament and the European Commission consumes hundreds of millions of euros and more every year. More than 12,000 non-governmental organizations and companies are trying to influence the policies of EU decision-makers. In its special report “EU Transparency Register — Useful but limited information on lobbying activities”, the European Court of Auditors warns that lobbying activities without transparency mechanisms can lead to undue influence, unfair competition or even corruption.

“Registered organizations can self-identify which category they belong to and this determines what financial reporting requirements apply. There is therefore a risk that registered entities funded by third parties may not disclose certain financial information, including their sources of funding, by declaring that they represent their own or the collective interests of their members. Significant limitations have also been identified in the information provided on the public transparency register website. Some important data are missing, such as data on individual meetings with members of the European Parliament or historical data on newly registered organizations. Furthermore, the website does not provide aggregated data on lobbyists and their activities in an interactive form,” says the European Court of Auditors report.

Big names behind the lobbyists

Pandemic Action Network, a non-governmental organization based in the USA, joined forces on the 18th of June, registered as a lobbyist with the European Union in 2020 and met with representatives of the European Commission in 2020 to specifically prepare EU legislative proposals or measures as part of the Covid-19 response and reconstruction plans as well as the EU vaccination strategy.

The 2022 financial report names the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation with almost €2.3 million, the Rockefeller Foundation with €715,000 and the pharmaceutical companies Merck and Johnson & Johnson as donors. The Rockefeller Foundation registered as a lobbyist in the EU Transparency Register in May 2023 and states that it works with the European Commission to combat poverty and promote a green future and has a lobbying budget of €294 million. The US-based International Aids Vaccine Initiative Inc., which officially registered as a lobbyist in March 2021, claims to be a non-profit scientific research organization developing vaccines and antibodies against HIV, tuberculosis and emerging infectious diseases (including Covid-19).

The organization has received EU grants of €2.45 million in 2022 and €3.5 million in 2023. In 2022, the organization also received €21 million from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and €73 million from the US government.

Missing information

The European Court of Auditors found that about a third of those who classified themselves as “non-governmental organizations, platforms, networks and similar bodies” (1207 out of 3529) said they represented their own or the collective interests of their members and therefore lacked information about the financial support and funding received.

For entities registered before 2021, we found no evidence that the Secretariat systematically verified NGOs’ bona fides on the interests represented, for which various financial information is required. In addition, the information on stakeholder meetings only refers to meetings with Commissioners and Commission Directors-General; There is no information on meetings of stakeholders with Council officials, Members of the European Parliament or Parliament staff.

Romanian text

Afterword from the translator:

Lobbying for private companies should be considered a crime against humanity and consequently treated as such, in my humble opinion.

The decisions made on behalf of these entities need to be declared null and void and everyone that made those decisions and had received money for these decisions should be placed on trial and everything they and their family owns should be confiscated along with the assets of these companies, private or otherwise.

But I’m not holding my breath that something like this might be implemented, since as long as people in positions of power can be easily corrupted it will continue to the detriment of us all.

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  1. The elites like Gates fund the military industrial complex that help depopulate the world. All under the cover of “charitable contributions “ such as feeding the poor, clean water and controlling climate change. This smaller population will be their engineered “brave new world “.

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