Do you Love to Hate?

Our Israeli correspondent MC sends this essay on the dire excesses of contemporary public policy, including the “vaccine” situation in Israel, which suffers from one of the worst cases of the Coronamadness.

Do you Love to Hate?

by MC

Any private view that deviates from the approved ‘liberal’ meme is now labelled as hate. I hate Islam, for example; I do, I do.

They send these missiles over and they explode near me and my family, but although the firing of missiles at civilians is a war crime, it is an acceptable war crime because Islam is a religion of peace and lurve. Isn’t it?

I have to say it is because to point to the world-domination aspects of Islam is ‘Islamophobia’ and Islamophobia is a ‘hate’ crime.

In 1941, in operation Barbarossa, the Nazi armies swept across the Russian Steppes, raping, looting and burning as they went. Liberals (modern day Nazis) would have those peasants whose livelihood had just gone up in flames smile and accept their fate for the greater good. A freezing winter of starvation and death is not an excuse for ‘hate crimes’; to be a hate crime, the action must fall into a violation with very narrowly defined victim and perpetrator groups.

To criticize Islam is a hate crime, full stop. To criticize Judaism is less black and white. To criticize and demean Israel, the only Jewish State, is to be encouraged.

If you come to Israel you will find that the majority of people are of Mediterranean appearance, with very dark Ethiopians, and very light Russians, but to liberals Israel, and all Jews, are white supremacists, no matter what their skin colour. Since most Jews in the USA are Ashkenazi Jews of European extraction, then Jews in Israel must therefore be ‘white’ and ‘supremacist’ (living in the ‘holy land’ as ‘occupiers’ claiming to be the ‘chosen race’, regardless of their origins).

Everybody knows that God in his wheelchair, just before he died, anointed all liberals to carry on his works of lurve, compassion and coercion. After all, it is ‘right’ and ‘just’ to make people conform for the benefit of all of us. Forcible conversion is a major part of the socialist creed.

For a Liberal, there are two ways of doing things; the Liberal way and the wrong way. To do things the wrong way violates Liberal principle and is thus implied criticism; a hate crime because ‘liberalism’ is one of the defined victim/perpetrator groups.

We no longer debate issues; we just manoeuvre our opponents into the treacherous quicksand of mudslinging. Any dialogue can be reduced to a monologue by just a few well-placed liberal epithets invoking ‘racist’, Nazi, Fascist, hate and conspiracy theory.

Recently we have seen quite a few so called ‘conspiracy theories’ prove to be accurate. When somebody puts two and two together and gets four, when they were supposed to get five, if we then yell “CONSPIRACY THEORY” for all we are worth we can make it all go away.

The so-called conspiracy theory was once the domain of the loony left, but has morphed over the last few decades into a weapon to suppress logical speculations. Here is some logical speculation:

  • China released the COVID-19 virus at the Armed Forces Games in Wuhan in October 2019.
  • Releasing a dangerous bioweapon of mass destruction is justification for war.
  • In December 2019 General Milley was worried that President Trump might declare war on China, so he took steps to acquire the power of the Commander-in-Chief for himself.
  • Milley tells his counterpart in China that he will give them a heads-up if the POTUS decides that China has committed an act of war.

If we put these points together we can logically draw the following conclusions:

1.   The President of the time (President Trump), if he knew about the WMD release, had every right to declare war on China for releasing a WMD.
2.   General Milley is an unelected advisor to the POTUS and not part of the military chain of command.
3.   General Milley obviously KNEW of the WMD release (if it happened).
4.   He either kept the information from the President or he colluded with China to render the President’s lawful decision irrelevant (should the President find out prematurely).
5.   Thus General Milley is a conspirator and traitor…

There are some embedded assumptions here, the main one being did China release WMD at the Armed Forces Games? This article from March 2020 is interesting…

China was engaged in damage limitation and projecting blame on the USA, a well-known Communist tactic. So who knows what really happened? I suspect General Milley does.

It is easy to dismiss the above as a ‘conspiracy theory’ but it does explain the otherwise unnerving actions, treasons and self-interest of General Milley.

I am not a Trump worshipper, but he did a remarkable job in his four-year term. A big failure was that Hillary Clinton was not prosecuted, or at least put on trial for her obvious lapses of security. Unfortunately, this Trump failure only confirmed the ‘too-big-to-fail’ culture also applies to the rule of law. Some being more equal than others is a prime facet of tyranny, and President Trump failed to deal with it.

There is some vanity in President Trump. He is still boasting about ‘warp speed’ when it is obvious that he was either played by Big Pharma, or was part of the scamdemic itself. Warp Speed was really about logistics of getting an already developed experimental vaccine needles into arms in high numbers. When was the President told that Covid is no more dangerous than influenza? It may be that his Deep State advisors kept that from him as well.

When I first wrote about the possibility that Covid-19 was a mass elimination event, I had hoped I was wrong, but a few months down the line events still seem to point that way. We have a lot of fatal ‘breakthrough’ cases that are making the government spinning top wobble. Could ‘Delta’ just be ADE beginning to kick in?

This video just about says it al for those of us here in Auschwitz Block 10 (Mengele’s HQ) Israel. I know we are better off than some, but somehow ‘Never Again’ has just lost some of its poignancy for me.

Loving one’s enemies is unique to Judeo-Christianity. All the warlord cultures hate their enemies and will use any means to defeat them. Yahushua ended up being tortured to death by the Herodian crowd of pseudo-Jews and their Roman masters. Is our Government obsessed with the exact same hatred? Judeo-Christianity is about listening to your enemies as they put their side of the argument, instead of punishing and killing them.

Our governments seem to have forgotten this, as they ready their ausweis protocols, their stop-and-interrogate protocols, and their exclusion protocols. Hamas may send over their nasty explosive rockets, but the Government has now become a much more toxic and dangerous enemy, with many servants willing to execute their own people. “The government is with us; kill the unvaxxed.”

Why the reversion to the barbaric? Why shout “never again” and then open once more the doors of murderous tyranny? Is a positive bank balance worth risking the wrath of Yahovah?

Is it because of corrupt deals, as in New South Wales, Australia? Cui bono?

Some of my relatives who did not survive WW2 lived in Lithuania where the local populace turned against the Jewish community there, egged on and supported by the Sicherheitsdienst des Reichsführers-SS

German (green) passport extended by the SD in Norway, March 1945

In hindsight, the Lithuanian Jews who got sent to the gulags were the lucky ones — they were much more likely to survive World War II than those they left behind. In June 1941, Hitler launched a surprise attack on the Soviet Union, overrunning the Baltics in a few weeks. As documented by eyewitness testimony, photographs, and Nazi records, the Christian majority welcomed the Germans as liberators and right-wing paramilitary groups began massacring their Jewish neighbours before German rule had even been firmly established. Over the next three years of German occupation, around 200,000 Jews, more than 95 percent of Lithuania’s Jewish population, were murdered—a more complete destruction than befell any other European country. In an of inversion of Denmark, the nation where massive local resistance to the Nazi occupiers saved the lives of most Danish Jews, in Lithuania, zealous local collaboration ensured near-complete extermination. One of the only ways for a Jew to survive the Holocaust in Lithuania — the deadliest place on a deadly continent — was the way Yitzhak Arad did: as a partisan fighting the Nazis and their collaborators in the forests.

The subject of the article above is about how modern day Lithuania is criminalizing those Jews who fled the Nazis in order to fight with the communist-backed partisans. One man’s war criminal is another man’s anti-fascist…

When they finally come for me, to put me in an anti-vax concentration camp, would I be justified in running to the Judean Hills to join a resistance movement like King David of old? (see 1 Samuel)

It seems ironic that I should emigrate to Israel from the UK due to instances of anti-Semitism, only to find the same sort of thing here — politicians off their rockers (or taking bribes). Our minister of the Interior and Minister of Health were caught discussing the irrelevance of health issues to the insistence on green passports:

Ahead of a weekly Cabinet meeting, Horowitz turned to Interior Minister Ayelet Shaked noting that “there is no medical or epidemiological justification for the Covid passport [green pass], it is only intended to pressure the unvaccinated to vaccinate.” He was unaware Channel 12 News was recording behind him.

Vanity, Vanity, Vanity, all is vanity, said King Solomon in Proverbs. Vanity is the propensity to lie in order to enhance one’s image.

Israel is supposedly a democracy, but with limitations. One of those is the stranglehold of the media on COVID propaganda. Few in the country read outside of the controlled ‘news’, so politicians are almost unaccountable.

I have just been thrown out of the local government office because I do not have a Covid-19 ‘ausweis’. I therefore cannot sort out a $250 overcharge for water. Just what is the difference between a Covid ‘ausweis’ and Hitler’s Nuremburg laws which made a particular group of people non-citizen as a prelude to a mass extermination?

The Covid-19 ‘ausweis’ violates Basic Law and all sorts of other treaties and conventions, yet most people are convinced that the unvaxed are responsible for breakthrough Covid, and that this justifies a Nazi-style exclusion. Obviously the ‘safe and effective’ vaccine is neither safe nor effective when the unvaxed walk into the room. Are the public so scared and irrational that they cannot work this out for themselves, or is it that, like the Lithuanians, they need a weak minority group on which they can focus their hatred?

The Nazis are back, and people are flocking to support them. Because the names have changed, and the focus has changed, they do not recognise or associate that their actions of hatred are exactly what happened in 1930s Germany. Germans were told that Jews were a threat to their health; now here in Israel they are being told that the unvaxed are a threat to health. Need anything more be said?

As an afterword, consider the article here:

Story at-a-glance

  • A recent report details a SARS-CoV-2 Delta outbreak in an Israeli hospital where 238 out of 248 (96%) of the exposed patients and staff had been fully vaccinated with Pfizer’s mRNA vaccine
  • Of the 238 fully vaccinated individuals, 39 (16%) were infected, as were three of the 10 unvaccinated individuals who got exposed
  • While all of the sickened staff recovered, five infected patients died and nine turned into severe or critical cases. All of the dead and severe/critical cases were fully vaccinated. Two unvaccinated patients that got infected only had mild illness
  • This outbreak tells us that the COVID shots cannot create herd immunity. It also suggests vaccinated people may be more prone to serious and lethal infection than the unvaccinated
  • Of 41,552 hospitalized patients in the U.S., 73% of the unvaccinated, 71% of the partially vaccinated and 72% of the fully vaccinated received a diagnosis of COVID-like illness (CLI) between January 1, 2021, and June 22, 2021

MC lives in the southern Israeli city of Sderot. For his previous essays, see the MC Archives.

26 thoughts on “Do you Love to Hate?

  1. Being an unwashed heathen, of adequate intelligence to grok fullness of my ignorance, militantly agnostic and analog; I feel no such Judaeo-Christian compulsion with respect to any coronazi.
    If these monstrous chuds are not extirpated root and branch, they will come at us again and again, like some alien parasite cliche, until they succeed, and kill all of us.
    Simply, it is impossible for Marxists to live and let live without metastasizing into a vicious, bloated, mindless, ravenous cancer.
    The covidiocy will end. Cries of ‘muh job’ and ‘I din know’ and ‘feed muh family’ will be heard yet again from the coronazi’s. Their collaborators and informers will go unpunished, and they will do it again.
    The solution; final, if you will…Rope is good. Piano wire better.

    • Lol, coronazi… and covidiocy.

      I’ll have to remember those. Yes, the conditions have been made ideal for both to thrive and grow uncontrolled.

    • For some traitors rope and piano wire are too good.

      I would love to see Traitor Milley tried for treason, and after conviction, drawn and quartered. Although I would settle for a basket around the head with a couple of starving rats placed inside; preferably after his family members were culturally enriched to death by the Afghani orcs he inflicted upon this country.

      Yes, coronazis don’t deserve Christian mercy, forgiveness, or understanding. When the worm finally turns they need to be dealt with without mercy and with extreme prejudice so that future generations never again entertain the same thoughts that these traitors did.

    • There’s a old – pre-christianity – Celtic Proverb that goes something like this;

      “An Enemy forgiven is an Enemy that will have to be fought over and over and over again.”

      • The reason why we are in this mess is because we did not destroy our enemies and let them flourish only to be far more bloodier and horrific the next time around. In the end, there is only Victor and vanquished, and how we get there is just a small mater of semantics.

    • If you can make the Enemy do your bidding, is he still your Enemy?

      Sun Tzu said: “In the practical art of war, the best thing of all is to take the enemy’s country whole and intact; to shatter and destroy it is not so good.”

      This is Christianity in a nutshell: We are not fighting against flesh and blood, but against evil in high places. High places like the brain of your “enemy”.

      • I don’t think we are fighting though. So far all we have done is surrender. Better start dominating in the homeland again.

        • It is hard to fight when you are under heavy frontal attack by an enemy that has superior numbers and has full spectrum dominance, in an age of apostate, politically correct church, that is neither hot nor cold…

          Nevertheless, the Enemy has a big tactical problem: He is suffering from a strong delusion, which is probably according to the will of God himself: In order to “reveal the men of Sin”.

          “And for this cause God shall send them strong delusion, that they should believe a lie: That they all might be damned who believed not the truth, but had pleasure in unrighteousness.” 2 Thessalonians 2:11

          Climate change lies, LGBTQ+ lies, Communist Utopia lies, “religion of peace” lies…

          …all those lies will come crashing down on their own, we just have to reveal them, and that is what we do, that is our fight, IMHO, so I believe we actually are fighting. Some more than others, Baron here has built a fortress, I am just a little spying bird, but I would like to think that when the Truth will be revealed to the masses (which always happens after strong delusions) – we are all going to be on the right side of history.

  2. Interesting and well written.

    On the conclusion: 41.5K is a pretty good sample size, although as noted, those with CLI will be a subset of that data. None the less it appears the vaccine did nothing to lower the percentage of vaccinated people who got the illness

  3. I meant, at 72% vs. 71 and 73%, is that it appears it did nothing to keep them from being hospitalized when they get the illness.

  4. I just read the Mercola article that was referenced and realized the 41,552 was the subset, which wasn’t clear to me from reading the “Story at a glance”:

    “The researchers identified a total of 103,199 hospitalizations between January 1, 2021, and June 22, 2021. Of those, 41,552 met the study criteria for inclusion (the real number is actually 41,159, as there’s a mathematical error6). Included patients were 50 or older, and had “COVID-like illness” (CLI), defined as COVID symptoms and a positive PCR test.”

    (Too bad there was no way to edit my comment, argg!)

  5. I am just a simple Bohemian, but if were I an Israelite, I would be terrified of the consequences of worshipping “works of our hands” and still keeping the name of Israel, the servant of God.

    Makes me wonder though, since Israel is the top country of the World when it comes to these medical experiments, whether all these worldly “israelites”, “israelites” who trust in the works of their hands more than they think about their “servant of God” station, whether they might be set up by the Heavens for something real? Something that will clense the name of Israel from those who “don’t serve God”?

    This coming winter seems to be very interesting time.

  6. What is increasingly apparent is that this is Satan’s hour. Satan used Islamic doctrine to target the Jews, as Ya-Shua was born of them in direct fulfillment of prophecy, and Christians, those who had rejected this world and Satan’s way of living for self. Both Jew and Christian could rightly be regarded as enemies of Satan’s usurped rule of this planet that YAH had created.
    So what does someone do to an enemy? He/She silences and/or eliminates the enemy so as to put them out of his/her misery. Thus it has been for the past 100+ years. FDR sought to rid this country of the Jew because he didn’t trust them and turned back a boatload of them and thereby gained access to Saudi Arabian oil. FDR also told the Christians to mind their own business, and Truman wasn’t much better. Islam was allowed into this country by the Supreme Court even though it called for the slaughter of Christians and Jews (the People of the Book) unless they bowed the knee to Allah’s (God’s) prophet. John Adams and Thomas Jefferson had sanctioned Islam forbidding it from our shores as they went after the pirates whose Islam allowed brigandry.
    We are now seeing the final act as those who pursue self to the exclusion of all else have joined the latter-day brigands and moneyed elite in an all out war against any and all who would invoke and otherwise support YAH and Yah-Shua and the Word they have proclaimed, with Satan’s full spiritual background support.
    The proof of this is as Isaiah had warned, “Woe to those who call bitter sweet…” or in this case hate as love and love as hate. Those who hate and are allowed to kill those who have not bowed the knee to Allah and his prophet are called peaceable, and those who love the Lord God and their neighbor as themselves are called haters. Those who reject an inoculation of a substance that has been shown to be harmful are outcast as threats to society while those who manufacture the ‘vaccines’ have breached their “Duty of due Care” yet they are celebrated with any and all voices of opposition removed from the internet without the manufacturers ever being required to give answer. Yah-Shua said that Satan was a liar, thief, and murderer from the beginning. So… given Satan’s described character and what is presently occurring, it should be fairly obvious who is asserting his ‘authority’ usurped as it is. Batten down the hatches mateys, we be in for quite a blow.

  7. MC, What is it with you Brits saying the Germans raped and pillaged their way across Russia? It didn’t bloody happen, in fact the Germans court martialed and shot their rapist unlike the allies, especially the Moroccan, Sudanese and Russians did in fact rape and pillage their way to Berlin and in Italy where those allied troops from North Africa raped everything they saw.
    As for your jews in the Baltic states, those very same jews(not all) welcomed the Soviets when they invaded those states, and you wonder why the locals turned on them?
    Your comparison to the bloody naxi’s is wrong, the more accurate comparison is the GD Soviets and the fact that Israel is copying the Soviet model and not the naxi one should give you pause, though I do agree with much of your article. If you are going to be bloody accurate? Quit using the naxi model for it doesn’t exist, just as the bloody naxi’s are dead and gone, and so is their philosophy, but the communist model does exist and is flourishing.

      • Anyone who uses wiki for reference cannot be taken seriously. The graduate level nonsense is just that, bloody nonsense. I will take first person accounts over propaganda any day of the week and twice on Sunday. The German Wehrmacht as a matter of policy court martialed and shot their rapist, that is the the bloody fact. In fact, there was more instances of rape from the so called allies than from the bloody Germans and their allies. You bloody Brits are the cause of where we are today by playing the Great Game and here we are. The damn Brits even sided with the arabs over the Israeli’s for Christ’s sake!

  8. “Author Ursula Schele estimates that up to ten million women in the Soviet Union may have been raped by the Wehrmacht, and one in ten might have become pregnant as a result.[33] According to a study by Alex J. Kay and David Stahel, the majority of Wehrmacht soldiers deployed to the Soviet Union participated in committing war crimes.

    The ‘rules’ in the West were different to those in the East, see the Barbarossa decree:-

    “German soldiers who commit crimes against humanity, the USSR and prisoners of war are to be exempted from criminal responsibility, even if they commit acts punishable according to German law.”

    Or this fascinating graduate thesis on the differences between Nazi behaviour in France and Russia.,%20Ian%20B.%202016.pdf

    • Wrong! The only so called war crimes the Wehrmacht so called committed on a scale is shooting the Soviet Political commissars, which was good policy by the way. Anyone who uses that propaganda arm called wiki cannot be taken seriously, even the damn founder of wiki himself says to disregard it.
      When taken as a whole and the results we see today, the wrong side won. Letting the communist take over our institutions has shown this to be true. In War, there is only Victors and Vanquished, the rest is semantics.

      • Here, we see national socialism rehabilitated.
        Won’t wash. Though I do feel too much stew is made from one oyster.
        Adolph and Stalin were two sides of the same marxist coin.
        Put two marxists in a room, and war follows, it’s what chimps do.
        Fact of the matter, it’s a damned war. Most of the time, Mars runs berserk. Nazi’s, Russians, White and Black Niggers of all sorts, and every slope in the IJA/kuomintang/peoples volunteers, and yugos/chechens/sandniggers…ALL OF THEM rape and burn and pillage and kill its called war, and the Geneva protocols do not mean crap.
        War crimes are virtue signals of the winners. Atrocities writ large are required to win. It’s not something I worry about at the tactical level. If I have to incinerate fat little marxists fat little children to beat soviets, or moolies, or commies back in the day, or to take out the coronazi’s of today, I will laugh and set the heater for slow fry with out remorse or mercy.
        It’s a war. Fight to win, or KYS, and get the fark out of my way.

        • Kojo, national socialism is dead and long gone and I am not defending it, just stating unpleasant facts. So called atrocities are nothing more than semantics, in the end, there is only Victors and vanquished. Man is war and always has been and always will be.

  9. From Kay and Stahel mentioned above:-

    “As a result of more recent research car-
    ried out by Regina Mühlhäuser, however, we now have a much clearer
    idea of the nature and extent of acts of sexual violence committed by
    German soldiers in the Soviet Union.19 Sexual violence against Soviet
    women was no rarity. In some occupied localities, all the women were
    raped by German soldiers. In several cases, entire units participated in
    extreme acts of sexual violence.20 The command of the German Ninth
    Army noted in early August 1941 the distinct increase in ‘plundering’,
    ‘rape etc.’, even in the combat zone.”

    • Ole Regina Muhlhauser and the rest of the revisionist are died in the wool marxist who forgives the Soviets everything and blames the Germans for everything, so her Soviet propaganda should be taken with a truckload of salt. The Germans and their allies did NOT conduct mass scale rape as the bloody Soviets did, that is the cold hard fact.
      Yes very few jews survived in the Baltic’s because they openly sided with the communists and you wonder why the locals Purged them? Really?

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