The Narrative is Crumbling

The video below is an excellent compilation of various Corona- and vax-related clips. I’ve already watched most of the videos excerpted here, but it’s chilling to see them all together like this. Many thanks to Vlad Tepes for uploading this video:

The video was produced by the sponsors of today’s Nationwide Rally for Freedom in Adelaide. I didn’t learn about the event until late last night, right about the time it was getting underway, so I couldn’t publicize it ahead of time.

It’s the wee hours of Sunday morning now in Adelaide. I haven’t heard any news yet about how it went. Our Aussie readers are invited to check in here when they wake up and leave reports and links to the day’s events in the comments.

15 thoughts on “The Narrative is Crumbling

  1. So-called Democratic countries are lying so much in such an amount incessantly that when they say something even in our interests we don’t believe them we can’t believe them because of their past sore experience they are liars dishonest and dishonorable. Through immigration refugees empty words like culturalism multiculturalism poor refugees are ruining our lives just that they can get votes

  2. Thanks for covering this, Baron! This was nationwide, in all the State capitals of Australia, plus regional and rural areas mobilised people to visit their elected represenratives’ office. I haven’t seen the resl numbers yet but they were of course talked down by the ms
    In Perth, WA, we had about 5000 people marching and hearing speeches. Channel 7 News were there and were heckled mercilessly, haven’t watched the local news yet, but video from Melbourne was alarming: Mounted police and rubber bullets fired on the crowds, which included children!

  3. Daniel Andrews and his blind followers in Victoria are now addicted to lockdown. I see them at work enjoying the drama of another lockdown and telling parents don’t bring your children to childcare. Instead of just “following orders” they are revelling in it. NSW is vaccinating to get out of lockdowns by October and then it will be clearer what a post pandemic country looks like, but Victoria is enjoying the self flagellation so doesn’t want to stop even when everyone vaccinated. I hope that when NSW is enjoying their new freedom and tourism etc come back that Victoria finally realises they have made a mistake, but they love Dan Andrews.

    • Don’t expect the vaccine to set us free. Complying with the demands of a bully only gets more demands. Only by resisting can we be free.
      When (if) the mere mention of lockdowns or passports is career suicide for a politician, only then will we be free again.

    • [Based on your comment, I have reason to doubt how well-informed you are].
      Do you not know that 90% of those hospitalised have been “fully vaxxed”?
      Havent you read any of the excellent articles on this site Baron has posted?
      You need to stop watching the MSM and do some research. If your focus in on the vax then you aren’t even in the game. You have absolutely no idea what is going on, or alternatively you are from the other side.
      Misinformation is exactly based on the premises you just posted.
      Look up Dr Ryan Cole and his presentation at the white coat summit.
      Then come back and enlighten us with your post vax world.

  4. As I write this it is early afternoon on Sunday in Sydney. It is hard to find footage of the protests, especiallyf or Sydney. The impression that I am getting is the rallies were even larger than last time, and the police even more ‘enthusiastic’ in their supression tactics. What little MSM coverage I have seen is, as expected, all negative. I have yet to see any accusation of ‘boofheads’ by the police minister, or crocodile tears of ‘heart-breakage’ from the premier. But I imagine they are coming.
    It is apparant that the tide is going in our favour. But expect our glorious leaders to remain defiant up to the very end.

    • “But expect our glorious leaders to remain defiant up to the very end.” They must, or else risk public humiliation that will result in an end of their ‘careers’.

      • Goodness. Another one!
        They must do AS THEIR MASTERS BID. Their masters are not you or I.
        Public humiliation counts for nothing with these people. If it did, they wouldn’t be calling this garbage a pandemic when 99.3% of people recover.
        The humiliation is yours in repeating, accepting and allowing their fraudulent misrepresentations.
        This is the problem. Many Australians are [vulgar intensifier] scared of making the move to the right. They still want to dabble in weakness.

    • As big as these rallies were, and the one I saw was huge, unless they happen continuously, shutting everything down that’s not already shut and forcing the hand of the tyrants, nothing will change. Taking a week’s breather gives the left the time to go door to door to intimidate and arrest protest participants.

      The system must be overwhelmed Cloward-Piven style. This is what the left does. Every day they pound away.

  5. .
    Good old Dr. Sucharit Bhakdi, Teuchland –
    one of the first general critical wax opponents –
    here effectively censored in April 2021.
    He has been adamantly against from the
    very beginning.
    Search for him elsewhere online.

  6. Fine and dandy and all good. I hope our Aussie brothers and sisters understand that their communist overlords are not going to abandon their positions except at the point of the bayonet. Communists do not yield except to force.

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    The video is again unavailable.

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    The globally recognized Prof. Dr. med. Sucharit Bhakdi, specialist in microbiology and infection epidemiology, explained the effects of the novel vaccinations on a scientific basis in a 20-minute video published on August 3, 2021.

    It shows how the immune system reacts to the experimental so-called “vaccination”, how the results of new studies collapse the basis for the COVID vaccination and why the second vaccination dose has an even higher potential for side effects. Such scientific explanations are simply deleted by YouTube without naming specific reasons or the possibility of defending yourself against them.

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    • An excellent video.
      Bitchute is where you will find many of these videos but not all.

      What we need is a Dr Ryan Cole update on the examination of tissues post vax at monthly intervals to see the advance or retardation of clotting, broken cell structures and so on.

      What is interesting is how few lawyers in Oz will take a case against the govt for the vax. What is also interesting is that the cases that have proceeded were obviously going to fail. I wonder how any self respecting lawyer could allow these cases to move forward.

  8. We’re in an extermination program. The decision has been made.

    The only thing that can be done is to [intemperate recommendation redacted] who is involved at any level of the program.

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