All the Little Animals

The following report from Germany concerns the increasing visibility and mainstreaming of “Furries”, also known as “Otherkin”. I first learned of these strange creatures about six or seven years ago. Back then they were a fringe phenomenon, but nowadays they’ve become quite mainstream — along with polyamory, incest, bestiality, and (eventually) pedophilia. Once you start normalizing perversions and psychosis, there’s no limit to what must be tolerated.

Many thanks to MissPiggy for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes and RAIR Foundation for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

00:00   There are many facets to child abuse, including physical and mental abuse.
00:05   The most horrifying of these violations show up visibly.
00:10   However, the emotional scars reveal themselves eventually with time.
00:14   Undoubtedly, the media— and politically-driven Marxist and globalist
00:19   gender and “woke” madness could be included in this category.
00:24   Especially when the youngest in society are being targeted.
00:28   It’s not enough for the agitators to make children and adolescents
00:33   doubt their own biological sex, now this ideology has them questioning
00:41   whether or not they are human. Encouraging them to see themselves as animals.
00:45   Recently, a 14-year-old revealed the following: “I never felt comfortable in my body as human.
00:51   Today I have two characters, a tiger-wolf and a stallion.”
00:56   This sort of talk is another variety of re-educational hostility towards the human body.
01:02   This madness is called “Furry”. Furry suggests creatures with fur, like cats.
01:10   This subculture began back in the 1970s and 1980s in the U.S.
01:16   By the mid-’90s, Furries founded themselves in Europe and have blossomed up until today.
01:23   In Melbourne, Australia a very intelligent 8th grader
01:28   no longer identifies as human, but as a cat.
01:33   Accordingly, she’s able to participate at school non-verbally, meaning without using human speech,
01:40   just like four-legged animals do. According to a report in the Herald Sun,
01:44   the teachers tolerate this completely absurd and mentally ill behavior.
01:49   Ultimately, they say, “this is about the adolescent’s mental health”.
01:55   Besides that, they respect the well-being of their students.
02:00   Furries clean themselves, like their animal counterparts, by licking the backs of their hands.
02:06   They also move bent over, using their arms while walking.
02:10   In the Courier Mail, we can read that children who feel like cats or foxes are permitted
02:16   to walk around on all fours and even cut holes in the school uniforms
02:20   so they can wear animal tails.
02:24   However, it’s not just in Australia where
02:27   this dangerous radical leftist “woke” idiocy is spreading.
02:30   In the U.S. this is also happening. A school in Michigan is considering providing
02:37   litter boxes for Furries in the classroom. Animals do their business on the floor.
02:44   The decision was made after a “Furry” pooped on the floor after being denied the right to do so.
02:48   In the wake of the development of the emerging gender fluidity, even psychologists
02:53   now speak of a disturbing phenomenon. Especially concerning is the astounding following the “Woke”
03:00   movement creates. Kirralie Smith is the founder of the Australian organization Binary.
03:07   She is fighting against the elimination of biological sex, and she thinks the “Furries” need help.
03:14   They don’t need a confirmation of their fantasy, and she finds it unfathomable that adults,
03:19   whether they are parents or school employees,
03:22   would endorse this kind of mental disorder in a child.
03:26   Ralph Babet, a senator from the United Australia Party, recognizes this as
03:31   a “symptom showing that the woke-radical left can run rampant in society unchecked.”
03:39   This phenomenon is also know as “Otherkin”.
03:43   “Otherkin” believe that they were born in the wrong bodies and they are actually animals.
03:48   This the exact same pattern used by so-called trans-sexuality,
03:54   in which people claim that they were born with the wrong sex.
03:58   Once these sort of concepts become acceptable to society,
04:03   the logical consequence will be that there is nothing that can’t be dreamed up.
04:08   How could anyone dispute it? Why couldn’t a human be an animal,
04:13   if a man can also be a woman?
04:18   An AUF 1 Production —We’re independent thanks to your support! Thank-you for your help.

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  1. Very concerning. So indicativeve of our social malaise. A ” fuzzy” convention is held at a nearby hotel. Very sad creatures. I think there must be better ways to help them.

  2. Let’s continue with another feature from this Austrian news site,
    Admittedly in German, which is easy to get over, given the subject and who is being interviewed.


    Prof. Sucharit Bhakdi findet klare Worte: „Die Welt steht vor dem Untergang“ 16.6.2022

    Prof. Sucharit Bhakdi finds clear words:
    “The world is on the brink of destruc tion”.

    In her current program Elsa AUF1, Elsa Mittmannsgruber talks to a fighter of the first hour against the Covid madness, whose name is on everyone’s lips.

    Hardly anyone got past Prof. Sucharit Bhakdi, hardly anyone left him cold. His critics were incandescent with rage, his supporters celebrated him as a hero.

    And they still do. The renowned specialist in microbiology and infectious diseases epidemiology and former director of the Institute of Medical Microbiology and Hygiene at Johannes Gutenberg University in Mainz has not been quiet at all.

    Currently, he has to defend himself against accusations of incitement of the people and anti-Semitism and still fights with all his strength, among others with the association MWGFD (Mediziner und Wissenschaftler für Gesundheit, Freiheit und Demokratie, e.V.) for the education of the people, especially about mRNA vaccinations. Elsa Mittmannsgruber looks back with Prof. Bhakdi on the past years and talks about urgent questions of the present.

    Likewise, they venture a look into the near future. Bhakdi is certain:

    “It’s one second to twelve. The world is on the brink of doom.”


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