A Behind-the-Scenes Glimpse of the NWO

Our Hungarian correspondent László examines two recent Hungarian news items with respect to their relevance to the rapidly emerging New World Order.

A Behind-the-Scenes Glimpse of the NWO

by László

First data point:

S&P affirms Hungary’s rating at ‘BBB/A-2’, maintains stable outlook

Considering the effective vaccination rollout and ongoing fiscal stimulus, we expect [Hungary’s] real GDP to grow by 6.1% in 2021 and 5.3% in 2022,” the ratings agency said in a statement.

My take on it:

Good dog gets reward for taking the jab and not barking!

This piece of news reveals some correlations in the background. The quick ‘reopening’ of Hungary after a fast and ‘effective’ mass injection campaign (half of the population got injected within a short period) has assured some competitive economic and political advantage for the country over the slower nations. The New Order of graciously giving back former positions and rights as ‘privileges’, that have been taken away by force, deception and extortion, works on the level of countries, groups and individuals.

This is the global financial and political machinery of blackmailing into mass jabbing and obedience in general. The countries, like every other entity, can “freely choose” between starvation and destabilization on the one hand, and submitting to the NWO’s “vaxx programme” on the other. The national governments have become puppets, because there has been a stealthy Corona-coup d’état in the nation states while we were sleeping. (Although most of them had been puppets well before Plandemic.) The World Government is already in place and is ruling over the nations. No wonder the NWO and the World Government have already been openly declared in Australia and in the Pacific region. (When I pointed this out in a comment a year ago, the comment disappeared in less than a minute from an allegedly conservative Hungarian news site that claims to fight for freedom of speech.) Such declarations are yet to come elsewhere too, I guess, as the New Normal consolidates. What we perceive as “national governments” are only a Potemkin Village of the old world that TPTB maintain to avoid the shock and awakening.

Probably this piece of news can be regarded as an example of what the Corbett Report meant by “the smokescreen of the vaxx programme” that diverts attention from the economic and political takeover that is taking place.

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Second data point:

Head of Hungarian Central Bank Heralds Global Crash — Gets the Intel from a top Globalist

The President of Hungarian National Bank, György Matolcsi, is mostly just reiterating the ideas he read at Project Syndicate, a site that has published 112 articles authored by George Soros. (Therefore I am not going to translate Mr. Matolcsi’s article.)

Beyond the Soros trademark, Mr. Matolcsi surely has further good reasons to listen to the recent insider prediction by Nouriel Roubini, a.k.a. “Dr. Doom”, who is infamous for “predicting” the 2008 crash. Since Ruoubini literally shares the stage with Mr. Soros, we can safely presume that his “analysis” is in reality a script, a plan, a scenario when he predicts the coming crash:

Years of ultra-loose fiscal and monetary policies have put the global economy on track for a slow-motion train wreck in the coming years. When the crash comes, the stagflation of the 1970s will be combined with the spiraling debt crises of the post-2008 era, leaving major central banks in an impossible position.

For Ruoubini it is not really a question IF the crash comes, he says WHEN the crash comes. This overly confident wording is revealing when someone is allegedly predicting the future, which is normally a very difficult task with lots of probabilities.

From a political perspective, one of the most important sentences in Ruoubini’s recent “prediction” is this (highlights are mine):

Making matters worse, central banks have effectively lost their independence, because they have been given little choice but to monetize massive fiscal deficits to forestall a debt crisis. With both public and private debts having soared, they are in a debt trap.

The above sentence explains a lot of intentions and moves on the political scenery, concerning the lost independence of the nation states.

The Head of the Hungarian Central Bank, in his “response” to the Project Syndicate piece, admits being in the debt trap and asserts:

“The Minsky moment will indeed come when all economic actors suddenly become distrustful of unsustainably high public and private debt.” (György Matolcsi)

Again, this is not a prediction, this is a plan — as Ruoubini ‘forebodes’ the future darkened by “increasingly frequent cyber-attacks”, (parallel with the recent simulation of the coming ‘Cyber Plandemic’, named Cyber Poligon):

More broadly, the Sino-American decoupling threatens to fragment the global economy at a time when climate change and the COVID-19 pandemic are pushing national governments toward deeper self-reliance. Add to this the impact on production of increasingly frequent cyber-attacks on critical infrastructure and the social and political backlash against inequality, and the recipe for macroeconomic disruption is complete.

So the agenda is clear; “they” just have to finish the job.

Please read the whole article at Project Syndicate and be prepared for what is coming.

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