To Ride the Bus You Must Wear the Corona Hijab

Our Hungarian correspondent László sends this report on his determined efforts to test the limits of the COVID-19 regimen, seeing how far he can push back before he encounters official obstruction.

A Report From Budapest: Covid-19 Tyranny is Getting Worse

I am fed up, but will not give up

by László

I just want to let off steam, and let you know how things are going mad here in Budapest, too. Softly mad, but mad. Some right-wing news outlets that have their own private comment section have started censoring C19 truth like crazy. We used to have freedom of speech in those comment walls… Soon no freedom of speech will be left. And the stupid, relentless official C19 propaganda is the same here as everywhere else in the world.

However, the police are probably not as tough as in other Western countries. There was a smaller lockdown demo here in Budapest today (300 people) and the cops did not beat anyone, and nobody was arrested. But the officers were arguing with the demonstrators in a totalitarian way, such as: “This is not the way to protest.” It would be funny if it were not so serious. Here is a video of the demo.

I met cops during a night curfew in a suburb some weeks ago — they pulled over in their car and asked me what I was doing there in the street (I was walking for sport), but they did not fine me or take me to jail. They asked my name, and said, “OK, take care, it is late.” The streets were empty; no people. I was walking alone near a park.

Today I refused to wear the Corona Hijab on a public bus. The driver publicly threatened that he would not start the vehicle till I masked up. I answered him (and everyone) loudly: “There is no pandemic whatsoever; wake up, everyone.” Then I told the driver that “OK, I will put it on; you can start.” So he started the engine. He answered on the loudspeaker (so that everybody could hear it): “OK, but this is the law.” (to wear a mask) Thus he revealed he also knew that this whole Covid thing was only a scam. When the bus started off from the stop, I again took off the mask, so that everyone including the driver could see my unmasked face. We were on the road in heavy traffic in the city between bus stops, so he could not just stop and throw me out.

Soon, as I was looking out of the window with my maskless face, watching the night city lights passing by, the driver spied my trick in the mirror and told me (on the loudspeaker again) that I had to “get off the bus when we reach the next stop” because I had no mask on. I responded loudly, “OK, of course, no problem”. Then, just before we reached the next stop I put on the mask again theatrically. So that he could not expel me, and had to start the bus again, because I was legal again. But when we were driving between two stops again, I took off the hijab again. I played this game a couple of times, until the bus reached my destination.

Then I walked by the driver’s compartment and told him that this would not do. He answered that he had to do this, because the bus is full of cameras, and “Who will pay my fine? And I will not be able to feed my children.” I told him that there will come much bigger problems for all of us than his feeding his children if we all do not rebel. And then I got off the bus where I originally planned to. There were about ten people on the bus. Everybody was looking down all the way, all of them properly “hijabed”, and nobody tried to communicate with me in any way during the conflict. They avoided the hassle, and even eye contact.

I must emphasize that I did not behave rudely or in an impolite way at all in the conflict — I acted firmly, but I was not aggressive. (If, in theory, cops had come and beat me or shot me, I am not sure if anyone of these passengers would have batted an eyelid.) I was officially a criminal, or at least an outcast.

It is interesting, though, that there are a lot of homeless people who travel around on the heated vehicles of public transport in Budapest. They are maskless. They do not even buy a ticket, but nobody harasses them or throws them off the buses. So somehow it is all about the submission of the middle class. People intuitively know that it is a collective game, they feel it is all about showing submission, and they play accordingly.

I have tested the system of the New Normal a couple of other times at other places to see how people react who are in critical positions for the maintenance of the New Order. And it is not nice. Some shopkeepers get very arrogant if you are not wearing the Corona Hijab. And in some grocery stores they actually refused to sell me food till I put the mask on. But the system is not unbreakable: some people may give up if you push hard enough. I mean, in some cases when I insisted with enough zeal that I would not wear it no matter what, and threatened THEM (who denied service to me in the absence of the mask) that I would call their boss, the police, or take them to court, they became a bit softer, and they served me food the get rid of me, even when my nose was not covered (blimey!)…

So my conclusion is that we have a soft tyranny here in Hungary, but I am afraid it will lead to the same (Greatly Reset) tyranny as the tougher ones in Canada or Germany. My tests showed that it takes a lot of mental energy, informed determination, boldness and adrenaline to deliberately break the system in planned conflicts even in such trivial cases such as in shops or on a bus.

So at this moment it seems that the C19 tyranny will remain in place and will tighten further until we all become enslaved, because it is impossible to permanently break the system alone, or organize the resistance. And for the majority who are not willing to give up their comforts and fight a bit, it is not a big deal yet — so we are walking into the trap as a society, step by step deeper.

I do not think it is Viktor Orbán who is really imposing this Chinese madness on us. He is even shielding us from it in a couple of ways (no daytime lockdowns, no police brutality, and the economy is protected and boosted). But the SYSTEM is the same.

Some people think the Orbán government may not withstand this C19 war, and will lose the 2022 election, because people are getting fed up, and blame him, unfortunately. This would be a tragedy and the demise of the Hungarian nation, because it would mean immediate Islamic invasion.

This is the way things are in Eastern Covidistan of Eurabia. I am fed up, but will not give up. The worst is yet to come, I am afraid — but it is not the virus I am afraid of. Our old, good world is gone and I am really sad about it. I am actually mourning it.


12 thoughts on “To Ride the Bus You Must Wear the Corona Hijab

  1. There is still beauty in the world. But when I am amongst people, I can no longer recognize it.

  2. My wife is a Nurse,works right in the middle of it.People dying everyday there.IE. Cardiff,S. Wales. I agree that the rules are oppressive,and many millions have this china flu,over 500,000 people have died.There is a pandemic,wether large or small,its world wide. 14 worder.

    • Your wife being a nurse, just does as she’s told and doesn’t know the first thing about viruses and virus testing. I know more than a fair bit. Your wife doesn’t notice maybe that old people die, it’s called old age followed by death, nobody survives old age. They are just passing off the deaths of old people with respiratory complaints (and even other diseases) as covid dead, thanks to fraudulent testing of which most every nurse wouldn’t have a clue, along with doctors. There is no evidence of increases in deaths from all illnesses and pertinently increases in deaths among the over 65s in any country in the world. Hence no pandemic. Amazingly there has been a big decline in ordinary flu/pneumonia, in the USA, Canada, Europe, UK. Either you get it or you don’t.

    • You’re right!

      It IS dangerous.

      Why, over here in the USSA, we had a guy killed by a motorcycle accident last month…

      …and the magic flu!

    • But the numbers are fudged. I dont believe a word I am told…..figure it out for yourself. Freedom starts between your ears.

    • David- I don’t understand what your point is. Nobody is denying that there is a covid virus or that it can be deadly to certain vulnerable people. Just like any other disease including regular flu, pneumonia, cancer, heart disease, you name it.

      However- the oppressive “rules” as you call them have nothing to do with Chi Com Covid and everything to do with CONTROL of the people.

      As President Trump said just a year ago- the cure cannot be worse than the illness. And that is precisely what has happened worldwide.

      There is no solace to be taken from virtue signaling by wearing the muzzle of submission. It is just a sign that you will be willing to line up for the boxcars and the concentration camps. Just like the Jew Badges.

  3. Thanks to the Fake President, Chi Com Joe Demento, it is now a Federal crime to not wear the Muzzle Mask of submission (aka Jew Badge) on public transport.

    I live in the Covid Compliant Gulag of Killer Cuomo’s NY and knew from day one that the muzzles were the key, the very essence of the Control they wanted.

    We all know that the masks do nothing to stop the Chinese virus and actually are breeding ground for germs.

    Furthermore, you still have to wear them even if you get the vaccine. How the hell does that work?

    My prediction- the muzzles are here to stay. Forever.

    • Being vaccinated doesn’t prevent you from passing on the virus if you’re an asymptomatic carrier.

      I was on a bus here in London a few days ago, and three cops got on to check masks- first time I’ve seen this since March. Enfrcement, whether or not you agree with it, is very patchy; I see transport police stopping maskless people on major rail station concourses, which are open to the air, but never on trains and tubes, which are enclosed.

      • Research has totally debunked the myth of the asymptomatic carrier.

        If you don’t have symptoms, you are most likely not spreading the virus.

        Gestapo like enforcement is not about health. It is about control and fines.

        Our world is unrecognizable from what it was last year. Remember freedom?

    • Run Seneca, GTFO of NY like I did. You will not regret it.
      I agree and disagree. The masks will be around, but not forever.
      There is a great disturbance brewing. Give it time.

      • Joe- I wish that we were able to leave New York, but given our circumstances, it is not possible at this time.

        We live in a rural suburb about 50 miles north of Manhattan in a county that voted for our President Trump.

        We do talk about it a lot because so many of our dear friends and relatives have moved to Florida, Georgia, Texas and the Free States.

        It may get to the point that we have no choice.

        • …it’s already at that point, brother. praying for you and yours; that sometime soon He helps you find your way west, to the remnants of America.

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