The COVID Comment Wars

On Monday I posted a report by our Hungarian correspondent László about his pushback against the Coronamadness in Budapest. A comment on that post prompted him to send this follow-up.

He notes: “I saw a comment on GoV by a ‘DAVIDK’, that made me write this study that aims to expose the deception of this comment and its kind. After writing and posting about 1,300 comments on COVID-19 on comment walls since the outbreak of the Covid-hoax, and having read tens of thousands of comments, I think I can spot some global patterns.”

Comment Wars: ‘I Know Someone Who Died of COVID’

How the Fake Average Joe Appears and Confuses You About the COVID Hoax

by László

Nowadays we all know someone who claims on comment walls that he/she knows someone who died of Covid. While their claims are not completely unreal, we rarely know a single Covid death ourselves. There might be a larger scheme behind comments such as this. After all, this is a war on for the human mind, in all kinds of media. Why would comments be an exception? It has been revealed that China has used a comment army. So the possibility of such ongoing propaganda efforts cannot be disproven. I have a degree in consumer behaviour analysis and the psychology of advertising, and has worked in related fields. But this is all ugly conspiracy theory — do not read it!

I noticed a comment on GoV that looks fishy:

DAVIDK on February 1, 2021 at 9:58 pm said:

My wife is a Nurse,works right in the middle of it.People dying everyday there.IE. Cardiff,S. Wales. I agree that the rules are oppressive,and many millions have this china flu,over 500,000 people have died.There is a pandemic,wether large or small,its world wide. 14 worder.

I have seen a lot of similar comments on Hungarian comment walls. They appear when strong, factual arguments expose the Great Corona Lie. These comments all look similar, and seem to be artificially constructed according to a script. There follows the dissection of these comments, using the one above as an example (in red).

1) These comments all start with some personal detail, to sound credible (“my brother knows someone who”; or “I know somebody who suffers from Covid” HERE: “My wife is a Nurse,works right in the middle of it.”) Really? What a lucky coincidence. And what a strong weapon to debase someone else’s opinion. Notice that this claim is unproven, though.

Interestingly enough, you NEVER meet people like these in real life. That is why TPTB are pushing these stories: to counter your own experience in the global village. These comments create the illusion of a pseudo-family or pseudo-community. As the info they carry is the opposite of the everyday perceptions, the comments question common sense and serve a further, gaslighting function as well. One just goes mad and starts questioning one’s own view of the world — especially in given the social pressure produced by everyone behaving according to the centrally-ordered madness.

2) Then these comments usually make a statement: e.g. “this illness is very severe” — HERE: “People dying everyday there.” — Notice that this statement lacks hard facts, and is built on the lies the media sell us as facts. So this statement is a lie, which is already built on a new, enforced common (mis)perception. Actually, very few people die OF Covid, (as it is already common knowledge on GoV). So it is probably a lie.

3) They blend in some details that look true but cannot be and are not proven. HERE: “IE. Cardiff,S. Wales.”. Notice, that they do not provide specific more details of places or names that could identify the source.

4) They fix the common ground of agreement, deceptively: HERE: “I agree that the rules are oppressive, and many millions have this china flu,over 500,000 people have died”. Notice that the first part of the sentence is based on the theme of the above article GoV posted: “oppression”. This serves to stupefy the reader: you let your guard down, because you believe at his point that this is a true and friendly opinion. So they came near you, they have grabbed your coat: and thus in the same sentence they do the judo throw: “and many millions have this china flu,over 500,000 people have died”. Now, notice that this “info” is completely dumb, because it is superfluous: it should be general “knowledge” by now, since this pours from the media. Why would a genuine commenter make such a propaganda statement — especially a friendly person, especially on GoV? No way it is genuine.

Even if we presume that this commenter is a real, brainwashed Covid-zombie who really believes this part of the sentence, no sane person thinks it is necessary to state it. So it is propaganda again. Also, here he uses a created false perception as a ground of reference. So in one sentence — by connecting your actual perception of tyranny (“oppressive”) that he cannot refute — he smashes the validity of your reality with the second part of the sentence (number of infected and dead). Gaslighting again. And uses lies again (“500,000 people have died”) — this is factually not true: you have to divide it by 20 to get the real figure. (Ref.:

Here we also get a “number” (500,000) that looks like a fact, so we let our guards down even lower.

This point (4) always uses the actual situation and the common perception as a ground (“I agree that the rules are oppressive”). Some months ago it was something like “I agree that the masks are unpleasant but” or “I agree that the lockdowns are unpleasant, but…”

I call this (4) “the largest common (C19) denominator.” — where they find it, fix it and build on it. I define this as the lowest level of reality or pseudo-reality presumably accepted by the majority.

Here on GoV the presumption of the commenter is wrong: he mistargeted his audience. This is not the general public here that reads these pages, but the comment droid has only templated scripts. So he fails at this point in the eye of a thorough reader — and comments like this sometimes get exposed by other commenters, as pretended agreements.

5) They throw the final punch: HERE: “There is a pandemic,wether large or small,its world wide.” Here we are at the official narrative that is reinforced in this very comment. So much work (Corona Jihad) for this one poor conclusion in one comment. Come on! Notice how they lean and insist on the lowest level of exposed reality (“or small”) to enforce the narrative against common sense.

This is again the aforementioned “largest common (C19) denominator.” Or at least it strives to be. So actually this is the GOAL POST of the largest common (C19) denominator, the target. The ultimate tactical common (pseudo) perception (of the C19) they aim to build up: The Pandemic Planet

But in the larger strategy this is not the ultimate level of (pseudo) perception; they want to build new levels on it. (Planet Lockdown, Planet Prison and finally Planet Enslaved (by the vaccine passport, surveillance state etc.). But they unveil only one goal at a time, otherwise they would expose the PLANdemic and the strategy would collapse.

6) Usually these are unknown comment droids. In Hungarian comment walls these “knowledgeable” opinions that reinforce the official C19 propaganda come under new pseudonyms. And they disappear afterwards: they do not engage in conversation and give no reaction to the responses to their comments. And those names never come back again. They just move on — which goes to show that they do not have the ability to argue about the details, nor it is their goal. Propaganda is a one-layered, rigid hoax running over the system / society. It can change, but it cannot argue in real debates. So the comment droid most probably moves on to the next comment wall after dropping his lie-bomb.

7) The droid-comments cannot be disproven and are hard to expose. This is the ultimate gaslighting. Because in the lack of hard evidence you will be accused of being a conspiracy theorist if you doubt the validity of these propaganda comments.

The Global Village has been born: many people lack real communities, so the globalist propaganda machine exploits this weakness. They build pseudo-communities to help you satisfy this need: Covid-celebs, Covid-politicians, Covid-doctors serve the illusion of a larger family or a community of a tribe or village. Here you have the Covid-shamans that have the higher, unquestionable knowledge, the Covid-fathers who show the world and the way things are, the Covid-mothers who calm you down and feed you, Covid-brothers who share the same (un)reality, and other members of The Covid-tribe who serve as examples and other functions.

The Covid-comment droid is a Covid-brother, Covid-friend or other Covid-member of the Covid-tribe, who serves as the Social Medium — a peer-opinion. Peer pressure is known to be one of the most powerful consumer influences, and is also utilized in consumer marketing.

But the question remains: are these comments real? We can answer it by answering “DAVIDK” in the style of a subdued, gaslighted manner on this comment wall:

From: László

Sorry, dude, if I hurt you. I may be wrong. Some of the things you wrote I must agree with.

And we can answer it by answering “DAVIDK” in an informed manner on this comment wall:

From: László

While you claim a lot of things about yourself that you have not proven, you are certainly trying to reinforce the official lie that creates the Corona-hoax: the false number of Covid-dead. Source: CDC. “For 6% of the deaths, COVID-19 was the only cause mentioned,” states the CDC on its website:

Now DAVIDK will not answer you, and will most probably vanish forever. And your comment will soon be deleted by the moderator.

Credentials (For Exposing Marketing / Propaganda Deceptions)

László got his bachelor’s degree in business administration, specializing in market research, consumer behaviour and the psychology of advertising. Some of his related jobs in past decades: he worked as a copywriter for ad campaigns in the framework of company-level marketing projects. He took part in, and later prepared and organized sales trainings for the sales staff of various multinational and medium-sized local companies. He also worked as the sales manager of a multinational B2B company.

14 thoughts on “The COVID Comment Wars

  1. I agree. The lack of spaces after the commas is also a bit of a tip-off, in this specific example.

    The overall effect seems similar to a politician that I once heard saying: “People have been calling me and saying that […]” It’s really what *he* is pushing, but by phrasing it that way, it makes him hard to attack. I offered to have my phone number given to such “people” as I’d like to speak with them. Oddly, none ever called…

    That being said, I do know personally people who know people who have died of C19. The vast majority were in awful condition to begin with. I know way more people who have had it and not found it to be so bad.

    My personal opinion is that it’s worse than the seasonal flu, probably by a factor of 2-5x. With the propaganda going in the reverse direction, however, it would just look like “a bad flu season” – not a whole lot worse than a “normal” bad one.

  2. I have run into some people who are real persons, but talking to them is like talking to someone trapped in a cult. They do not respond to some of the obvious counter-stories (how do you explain that open S. Dakota has not done any worse than lockdown states?, for example). They repeat over and over the message of the deaths that have been spread in the press, will not go to CDC to see the stats for themselves, and keep reinforcing the message that ongoing lockdowns are the thing to do. Nor will they ever address the future question: is this how we are going to respond to novel upper respiratory viruses from now on?

    Good article… I am sure these trolls and bots are out there in force. I have heard of a neighbor who was said to have died of covid last spring… but then it turned out he was chronically ill. And there are many excess deaths happening… I am getting really annoyed with conservatives saying that extra deaths are not happening. They are, unless the whole death-reporting enterprise has fallen into corruption, which I am reluctant to entertain. Last I checked, there were more than 400,000 excess deaths compared to 2019 (in the U.S.). Which does not mean that all these people died of covid, as MSM has been falsely claiming. They are deaths from all causes.

    The needed conversation about this virus has been overwhelmed by dogma and fear-mongering.

  3. It’s not reasonable to expect people to reveal their friends’ and families’ personal details on a public forum.

    • Nobody is saying they should. The post talks about signs to watch out for, for the trolls and bots out there trying to skew the discussion. Canned comments

    • True. But the point is NWO bots NEVER reveal them. While brave people who expose the Covid hoax sometimes do.

  4. “I know someone who died of Covid…”
    So what?
    I know people who died because of cancer, heart disease, automobile accidents, and suicide . ALL of those are going to kill more people than the Chicom Flu.
    If you feel that YOU are at risk, then YOU stay home. If you think a mask helps (it doesn’t) then feel free to wear one.
    But stop trying to make others conform to your mostly baseless fears.
    That goes for governments as well. Except they’re Chicom Flu to extend their authority…

  5. I know one guy who died “of covid”, around 60 years old, asthma, every winter in hospital with some respiratory problems, so last spring they finally “got him”.

    then my friend’s 82 years old grandma is said to have died of covid.

    That’s a pretty weak “pandemic” if you ask me – and please excuse my sarcasm.

    The trollbots are certainly real, before C19, I would engage them in discussions about vaccinations, for which I would always receive “antivaxxer” badges all over the internet. They would refuse to discuss specific cases, which I wanted to discuss (Basically whatever R. Kennedy jr. brought up), and flood the discussion with some scientific information from smallpox vaccine in the 1980’s or something – which was basically irrelevant to what I wanted to discuss. And then, tons of ad hominems and general statemets like “vaccines save lives, why u no understand?”

  6. Portugal terrorising people with phony propaganda, now they claiming that individual travellers should be targeted at borders.

    Portugal is a nation of sheep! There s just weak cowards in portugal, tears no fight back against the communist gov old Antonio costa, a clown, who’s jut laughing at a the 10 million people he locking up, and murdering, and destroying their lives and businesses.
    They have closed the Portuguese spain borders air sea land, were all locked in here, and forbidden to travel between Municpality ares from fri to mon, and forbidden to work or travel from mon to fri, with fear of huge fines, and paramilitary gnr thugs who are racists against foreigners, portugal is pathetic little banana republic on edge of europe and a its a dumping ground for aged out brown rice hippie types who move here and start pedalling there left wing marxist utopia lies and propaganda all over again after they have destroyed there ow western countries, portugal SUCKS

    Its a communist police state

    Read on,

      • The guy who invented PCR, Kary Mullis (he won the Nobel Prize in chemistry for it, patent sold for 300 million dollars) said flat out that you can’t use PCR to test for viral genetic sequences. He called it nonsense, you can even see video footage of him from some decades back saying as much (also see the interview he did with John Lauritsen). Mullis died in 2019, if he was alive today he would be saying, what the heck do these medical gangsters think they are doing?

        The media and medical establishment and with the support of Big Tech have engaged in a big coverup here, and deny or just plain censor the facts here re Mullis and his own statements on PCR and viral testing. The whole covid thing collapses as the biggest fraud in history when recognizing that the guy who invented PCR says you can’t use it to test for viral sequences, that it’s fraud. So obviously it’s covered up, censored big time.

        If word got out at this point that covid is a fraud, forget about just riots, you would have revolutions, around the world.

      • Yes, but Portg gov just ignored this court!

        Portg gov only listsens to itself, they just continue the pcr testing,
        They said that the court wa not qualified to say what they said. So

        Portg gov is dictatorship, they listen o to people,
        They outlaw any protest, and ban everyone and everything,

        They have have a violent paramilitary army called gnr, a racist bunch of evil hateful Nazi commie thugs, who beat, torture, and murder innocent citizens in portugal.

        Latest one, was ukr national who just drive at lisbon airport!!

        Welcome to portugal!!!!!!!! Its a corrupt, vile place full of Maoist commie socialist killers!!!!

        They Portuguese border guards sef, handcuffed him, tortured him, murdered him in cell at lisbon airport, and the all lied to cover it

    • Same in Canada, Trudeau trying destroy everything, 2$ dollars hotels !! ( [excrement]) after you are landing, and gestapo put you in the white van, and drive you away , even if you have negative test done like 48 hours before, it’s awful, we are living in North Korea

  7. I know two people who died with COVID. Both of them had underlying conditions – one had diabetes, the other had COPD – and they were over 55. My brother-in-law had it, and he’s fine now. So of the three people I know who have had it, two died, but if they hadn’t had underlying health issues, they’d probably still be here. The vulnerable should be protected. Everybody else needs to get back to living normal lives.

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