I Was Called a ‘Rat’ for not Wearing the Muzzle

Our Hungarian correspondent László sends this report with the latest on shaming the maskless, plus the possible effects of the shedding of the spike protein by “vaccinated” people.

I Was Called a ‘Rat’ for not Wearing the Muzzle


Itchy Rashes on my Skin, Possibly from the Shed Spike Protein

A Report from Budapest
by László
June 11, 2021

Dehumanized for a Naked Nose

It’s a nice sunny afternoon today. I am in a supermarket in Budapest, standing at the self-service checkout, with a maskless nose. Everyone else is fully masked up. They caught me. I had been doing the grocery shopping with an uncovered nose for many weeks without any repercussions. But now they caught me, again. The usual power game started. Two shopkeepers and a security guard came by, one after the other, and ordered me to put the mask on my nose.

I did not comply. I applied my usual tactic: I did not argue, but ignored them all and continued putting the purchased goods into my bag, undisturbed. They could not do much against me because I had just finished paying and I was not their customer any more. They did not call the police, either, on a disobedient customer who was about to leave the shopping area of the supermarket. So they lost — this time.

The elderly security guard could not take it. He murmured into his mask, “How many rats are there in this country” as he was walking away. I politely answered him that he should look in the mirror and he would see one.

There has to be a pushback — even if these brainwashed fellow citizens are not the real enemy. Or are they? This seems to be a soft civil war, being fought on many levels.

It is dehumanization to call someone a rat. Dehumanization usually precedes aggressive attacks on innocent victims, because it serves as a pretext. The gates of hell are slowly opening as the Great Fascist Reset advances. Even if most people do not feel it that way yet.

Strange Itchy Rashes — Caused by Vaccine-Shedding?

Red itchy rashes appeared on both of my legs about a week ago, and they have not completely disappeared yet. They somewhat look like bruises on the skin. And I had some nose-bleeds a month ago without any obvious cause. I am unvaccinated. Both symptoms are new to me — I mean, I had never had them before, except when they were caused by apparent incidents such as accidents or insect bites, etc.

Could these now be caused by the spike protein shed by the jabbed? Who knows? The above-mentioned are known symptoms of Corona vaccine-shedding, as far as I know. All of my family (but me) and half of the population of the country have now been ‘vaccinated’, so it could be the spike protein. I am not alone in these rashes here; I know about other unvaccinated people who have had them.

I have had no other unusual symptoms. I will not visit the doctor for a diagnosis because I do not want my nose and brain poked by that stick of the PCR-test, only to be forced into ‘house arrest’ or a potentially dangerous ‘hospital prison’ if I test [false] positive for Corona. So I avoid the healthcare system if I can.

My family members who have been injected against Corona fortunately have not had any serious side effects. But I am not completely sure about my extended family because two of them have not spoken to me since they learned that I was a tinfoil-hat vaccine-dissident…

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14 thoughts on “I Was Called a ‘Rat’ for not Wearing the Muzzle

  1. I would classify such brainwashed sheeple as collaborators, or if they are actively hassling those who don’t go along with the official narrative, enemies.

    You’re correct that there needs to be some kind of pushback against this harassment. These are the same snitches in temperament and inclination that provided the Stasi with its informants, the Gestapo, the KGB, and any other hundreds of secret police that tortured and killed hundreds of millions last century. These Mrs Grundys do not have the stones to do violence themselves, but have little problem with having others do violence to innocent people on their behalf.

  2. No way this just happened bro. Europe sucks. No one here even wears a mask anymore or gives a crap

  3. I had been accosted in a common grocery store, by a two bit worthless kid, a 20 something, looked like a college type even, but surprised me with a threat to “rip my head off” for endangering him by being au natural maskless, as per always for me, {after about 3 months), once through any perimeter. Only the grocery store caused me a few problems, some complimented me even though they wore masks, but didn’t have the courage to be FREE!

    Personally, I intend to move to a free state, instead of the now slave state of Colorado, where I had moved when it was blue or purple, back in 79. Past year and half has been a live nightmare I no longer wish to experience, when the next imaginary or real public issue ensues. I actually do mean undramatically a “slave” state. If you are not free to live peacefully, quietly, you are not free, if you are intentionally molested and threatened by the state or businesses, or zombie programed individuals of low intelligence and low ethical behavior, for smiling and going quietly about your business, even if it is shopping, you effectively are a slave!

    There are no nations to flee to, as the practical ones have all been or are being polluted by the two greatest scourges of humankind, the worst one, and the second worst one, and that does include all the islands of the world, too. I checked a few years ago.

    When you are threatened with needing a vaccine card to go places, and have opportunities that without said card, you are denied, it is RACISM, all over again, isn’t it? Females were denied memberships, and on and on. Now the democrats and their lackeys, are all showing there true colors, just like when ONLY democrats owned slaves, just before the civil war. 100% fact!

    For those who wish molecular detailed high end descriptions of some of the extreme dangers of the vaccine, vs. the minor dangers to most of the virus, and a good explanation of why a few pharmacists who were friends, recommended against all vaccines to me, here is a very informative and technical, wonderfully so, 1.4 hr. interview of a scholarly PhD interviewed by Mercola MD, much is understandable, may need repeats for some, but you will get it, mostly. Dr. Stephanie Seneff, Ph.D. | Unintended Consequences of mRNA Vax | Dr. Mercola (25 May 2021) Sensesound

    • We do seem to be terribly in this age and time, especially in this now sadly very blue state, Colorado. Madness! Last item in today’s local Pravda, telling a pathetic diktator’s truth!

      Democrats, liberals, communists, and weasels, but I repeat myself!

      “Life’s but a walking shadow; a poor player,
      That struts and frets his hour upon the stage,
      And then is heard no more:
      it is a tale Told by an idiot, full of sound and fury, Signifying nothing.” — William Shakespeare, Macbeth (via liquidnight)

      From a nearby paper, this offense to intelligence, America, and our Founder’s Constitution, perhaps to God also!

      Eagle County towns ready as statewide plastic bag, Styrofoam ban heads to governor’s desk | VailDaily.com https://www.vaildaily.com/news/eagle-county-towns-ready-as-statewide-plastic-bag-styrofoam-ban-heads-to-governors-desk/

  4. “the Gestapo, the KGB, and any other hundreds of secret police that tortured and killed hundreds of millions last century.” Appears that both the woke LGBTQ American military and way overpaid police officers are ready willing and happy to act as the new Covid Gestapo. While street crime, auto theft, home burglaries and drug and human sex trafficking is rampant and unchecked and our national borders are wide open to third world invaders in the USA Covid dictates are strictly enforced. America’s woke cops and soldiers are weaponized not to stop crime or national invaders but to persecute citizens who won’t obey the Fauci Covid hypochondria.

  5. What I noticed here in South Africa is that WHITE owned businesses enforce the Face-nappy, Government, Municipality, Apothecaries and Doctors Offices.
    When I go into the miriard of Black, Muslim or Coloured owned Shops, nobody bothers me for not wearing a Face-nappy.
    Even when I have to go into any of the others, the only concession to these arbitrary rules is an old Military Net-scarf pulled over my nose.

    Also, they started to jab the Darwin Award Applicants on Monday at the Old Age Home. I just heard that when they ran out of the Pfizer Mengele-Juice half way through Tuesday, the Idiots, mostly WHITES (so much for the higher IQ), went nuts because they couldn’t get anymore of the poison.
    Even people that had recovered from Covid went to get jabbed.
    When I just asked Royden why he did it since he is immune, the answer was that he was told via Media that his Immunity would only last 7 month.
    I told him that that was a monstrous LIE, becuase it’s an established Fact that people that came down with the first SARS (not the South African Revenue Service, since NO ONE escapes unscathed from that one) are still immune 18 years later.
    He was visibly shocked, and I think (maybe) he’ll skip the next one.
    How do you deal with such MALICE and Ingnorance?
    Also how is it possible for so many people of European descent are so compliant with Tyranny?
    Is there something in their DNA that makes them so?
    What makes me different, what makes me a “Rebel” in their eyes?
    I never did comply with irrational and arbritray Rules and Regulations in the past, and I’m not going to start NOW with those, that are worse I’ve ever seen or experienced, either.

    • Stealthy, professional, relentless globalist Corona-brainwashing here in Hungary is making many people believe that they are still free. And the sleepwalkers are the vast majority. It will not end well.

  6. Yes, the Karens ate the enemy, enabling the true radicals as do the “moderate” Muslims.

    As a side note, my hopes for Eastern Europe as a bulwark against leftist evil has taken a big hit in this new age of the COVID scam.

    • The game is not over yet:

      – LGBT propaganda for children has just been legally banned in Hungary!
      – Pedophile crimes will be extremely rigorously punished by a new law.
      – Even legal immigration will be banned for the next two years. Illegal immigration has already been completely banned and mostly stopped. PM Orbán said he would not let in the hordes that would “hunt down our women and children on the streets”.
      – Islamic Jihad is publicly named and condemned by the press.
      – ‘Liberals’ are called by the PM and the right-wing ‘commies with diplomas’.
      – Soros-NGOs are under pressure.

      But yes, I agree that the Corona-psyop has seriously damaged this bulwark too, and we are on a dangerous slope towards the NWO.

  7. About a week ago, I had a strange nose bleed, and while I had no visible rashes I had unexplainable itching on my arms.

    Obviously, I am not vaccinated nor sick.

    • Only half jokingly, maybe you had toxic spike protein exosome exposure from those who are vaxxed, and shedding by respiration, which is suspected as a possible adverse consequence of the C vax!

      See it here, I’ve already seen of 5 dollar surcharges for anyone vaxxed to enter some bar/grills, at least in web pixes…..
      Dr. Stephanie Seneff, Ph.D. | Unintended Consequences of mRNA Vax | Dr. Mercola (25 May 2021) Sensesound

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