In Budapest, the Muezzin Yodels for Guy Verhofstadt

Guy Verhofstadt is the leader of the Alliance of Liberals and Democrats for Europe (ALDE), an allegedly “centrist” group in the European Parliament. Our Hungarian correspondent László files this report on Mr. Verhofstadt’s visit to Budapest to campaign for the election.

Guy Verhofstadt visits Budapest

by László

The independent right-wing media outlet Vadhajtások trolled Guy Verhofstadt’s public programme in Budapest today. Worth every minute.

Verhofstadt, nicknamed the “Tooth Fairy” in Hungary, is in Budapest today to support the EU election campaign of the Hungarian Momentum party, which is a member of Soros’s ALDE group. Virtually no supporters of ALDE or Momentum appeared in the streets. The party may get at most one seat in the European Parliament, or else will disappear.

Today the Tooth Fairy got some of what he and his ilk deserve. The Islamic call to prayer was loudly playing, and cries of “Allahu Akhbar” and “you are a traitor to Europe” were shouted at him while he was trying to give interviews to the globalist media. (Otherwise you cannot hear the Islamic call to prayer anywhere in the streets in Hungary: the Muslim population is around 0.5%.) The activists say in the video that the Islamic call is apparently what Verhofstadt wants for this country too, which is why they are playing it for him.

The interview took place in front of the building of the Supreme Court of Hungary. One can see in the video that the dozen policemen are there to protect the building from a potential leftist attack, and could not care less about the right-wing trolls. Even if the activists were threatened by the leader of Momentum party, saying “you should be taken away by the police,” they obviously were not.

An improved Google translation of this article from Vadhajtá

Verhofstadt in Budapest: We Took his Event Apart, While the Muezzin was Screaming

Europe is laughing today, as one of Hungary’s greatest enemies arrives in Budapest.

Good luck to the liberal media. Cut out this loud mess somehow from your reports if you can.

We didn’t leave without words. One of our friends who spoke in French said:

“Verhofstadt, you are not welcome in our country. Hop on a tourist bus, look around and get lost! There is freedom of speech here; get out of here and go back to Brussels. We have no relation to your Belgian conscience for the millions killed during colonialism. Who elected you? Prime Minister Viktor Orbán was elected by two-thirds of the people. Tell us about Bayer-Monsanto that is funding your party. You murderers. You are Juncker’s dog, Macron’s dog, Merkel’s dog, you are a Soros-dog. You’re as rotten as your teeth. Get out of here you dirty killer [epithet]. Hungary will remain a Christian country.”

Here’s our live broadcast; it speaks for itself. We took him apart into pieces, humiliated him, and now he can go back to his brothel.

Not very PC, is it?

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10 thoughts on “In Budapest, the Muezzin Yodels for Guy Verhofstadt

  1. I had always thought that the Islamic call to prayer resembled yodeling, but off pitch and in a minor key. I would rather listen to the Swiss version of the call to prayer.

    • … Good for you the Hungarian people for standing firm in Christianity against the global elite and for your Prime Minister’s support for ma bro Donald J Trump POTUS 45.
      God bless you all…from Aotearoa New Zealand

  2. In Budapest he was very courageous to go on street. In Bucharest, last year (or years ago…I can’t remember) he didn’t dare to do this. And in Budapest this time we can see a small, scared, insignificant Verhofstadt. He feels he is nothing. You can see on his mimic and gesture. In Brussels he is totally different.

  3. Verhofstadt is one of the biggest single traitors in europe, he looked rattled, mouth drying up with fear, licking his lips in anguish, [defecating] his self, shaking with fear all way back into his armoured mafia limo,

    Its a pity he was allowed to escape from that place, it coukd of been a super averilo princep moment to apprehend this belgium hitler clone,

    Notice how verhofstadt copys hitlers hand movemovents and rhetoric style, and also hitlers haircut.

    Models his self upon adolph hitler!

    The men who shouted this belgium butcher clown down did good job, but should of kept it going until gf ran for his life.
    Next time verhofstadt may not be so lucky.
    Its time to get these bastard traitors, all of them!

    • Sorry. The principle of the right is, engage the opponent in debate and wear him down with logic. There is no need for threats or intimidation. Your recommendations would be a huge minus for the movement.

  4. “You are a traitor of Europe, go to dentist now!! the guy yells..made me smile this morning.

  5. Brilliant a Country with heritage and a democratic process not being swayed by propaganda heavily funded by elitist millions… Bravo..Money doesn’t always talk…

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