Tommy Robinson: The View From Hungary

A Hungarian reader named László sends this detailed account of the prominent coverage Tommy Robinson has received in the media (both traditional and alternative) in his country.

Tommy Robinson: The View From Hungary

by László

I would like to give you and your readers a glimpse into the way the Hungarian press covers the topic of jihad and islamization in the West. Although I expect CrossWare keeps you pretty much updated about us, it may still be of interest to you, since I know that the Hungarian language is a secret code for everyone else in the world.

Jihad and islamization news from the West in general hit the biggest Hungarian online mainstream news sites (sometimes even the leftist ones, although it is distorted) and the state TV. Now, I can see that plenty of ordinary people (I could say an ‘army’ of Counterjihad commenters) influence the content and analysis of this mainstream news coverage from the background, mainly by commenting below the articles.

What Tommy (and other Western Counterjihad warriors) have probably never even dreamt of is how much their heroism and work help to save Hungary and Eastern Europe from islam! His captioned and subtitled videos sometimes have almost the same number of views as the original English ones. Just look at the number of views on this playlist for the counterjihad site Dzsihádfigyelő.

Some of Tommy’s videos even get into the mainstream, such as this one: “Revolution May Come in Germany this Summer

These mainstream sites — not giant ones, but bigger than blogs — wrote about this video and embedded it:

Let me show you another example:

The Hungarian online mainstream media in general have extensively covered Tommy’s imprisonment and release, even the progressive ones.

Even the latest Fox News interview has already got detailed coverage in a smaller right-wing — still mainstream — outlet: “Tommy Robinson: The Prison Mosque Was in Front of My Cell Window” (This site may have some 15,000-30,000 readers, but their headlines are frequently echoed within the conservative media.)

And the largest Hungarian news site, Origo, on Tommy’s release: “Tommy Robinson’s Kangaroo Court Verdict Overturned

Origo, in my estimation, with its 100,000 to 300,000 readers (difficult to know exactly), directly reaches some 1%-3% of the population of the country. And I would say directly plus indirectly reaches (through secondary news sources that echo them) probably 5%-20% of the voters who elected Viktor Orbán.

Some other mainstream headlines on Tommy’s persecution, supporting Tommy:

And of course the dishonest globalist coverage exists here as well:

And even wrote about the mohammedan attack on the EDL in Worcester, embedding the video:What is in the Background of the Worcester Clash

The content in this article is almost in no way different from any major Counterjihad news site (except the specific references to Hadith and Koran verses) — it even details the motives of the Muslim attackers. The title is: “Muslim violence in England — an Extreme Attack on Freedom

A summary of the article, which resembles a Robert Spencer opinion:

Analysing the video embedded in the article , Origo describes the real meaning of ‘Allahu Akhbar’ as a terror threat against ‘the enemies of Allah’; as well as a muslim supremacist cry, because Allahu Akhbar means ‘Allah is greater, greater than your religion or country.’ The article even dispels the leftist lie that the meaning of Allahu Akhbar is ‘Allah is great’ (and as such a harmless religious statement) — by stating that “Allah is great” would be Allahu kabir. The article’s analysis resembles the way (although it is not as detailed) Robert Spencer explains it in his article.

Origo’s article also talks about why the attackers in the video scream “F**k Tommy” — so they apparently hate him. It says that the reason why they hate him is that Tommy has revealed muslim violence in the UK, and thus has become the symbol of freedom of speech. And therefore the liberals and the muslims are angry with him. And the muslims condemn freedom of speech because of islamic blasphemy laws.

Thirdly, the article talks about the signboard the muslims hold in the video that reads: “Jesus was an Arab”. Origo explains how in reality it means that ‘Jesus was a Muslim’ (not just an Arab), and how that implies that the Christians must submit to islam, because during the End Times Jesus will descend and kill the pig and abolish the jizya, meaning that Christians will then only be able to choose to die or submit to islam — the same way (although not as detailed) it is explained in Robert Spencer’s article.

10 thoughts on “Tommy Robinson: The View From Hungary

  1. Wonderful to learn that the media Iron Curtain doesn’t envelope Hungary. Hungarians are hearing much more of the truth, apparently, than are Canadians and Americans. And certainly more than the poor Brits.

    • Well, that depends, Frank, on which media source we, (speaking as an American) choose to read or watch. Yes! the mainstream boys and girls are doing their level best to slant the news and to pass off lies as truth.

      But so many of us are on to them that now their propaganda is, funny this: Transparent! Hah! and serves mostly to raise the hackles of increasingly large numbers of the population — who have a myriad of alternative sources for getting the facts; our hosts here are among the finest of those.

      But I do feel for the Brits; in their tiny hamlets, still untouched by “others,” do they go about as if nothing is wrong in London, Leeds, and Manchester?

      • Speaking personally, I don’t see the problem because I avoid the places where it exists – I live outside the urban environment and only very rarely enter it. Last night in the pub I saw only fellow brits. That said I am of course aware of the problem as are most other people.

        • If you post on yr social media correct verses from the Koran (or “Holy Koran” as Condoleeza Rice called it) that preach hate against us kuffar your Orwellian Gestapo police will visit and threaten you. You live in an embryonic pro-Muslim police state. They are watching you.

  2. An older generation in the Iron Curtain countries who had to secretly listen to the BBC and Radio Free Europe to hear the real news must be truly dumbstruck at the reversal in roles.

  3. Hundreds of years after the collation of the stories in the Bible into a book, a fellow comes along and decides he will be a prophet. The authoritative people in the religion tell him he is not a prophet and he makes his own religion. I suspect he was proud and instead of learning he eventually decided to conquer and humiliate them or even turn on their own religion. He goes on to make several hadiths that establish muslims as the opposition to the followers of Christ in the end times. Hundreds of years later he says we are the other team. Islam bases its authenticity on being unchanged.

    Why do they think Christians would not question someone changing the Bible on them? I understand everyone didn’t have a copy and couldn’t read it if they did, but I think the priests and monks may have questioned authority to make changes that made it unlike Islam. Why would they have done that? Someone correct me if I am wrong but did the Bible ever get changed to allow for indulgences? They still happened and someone said it was ok but I don’t think the Bible was ever rewritten to allow it.

    I think pride caused someone to make a religion that willingly puts itself as the opposition in the Bible. As far as I know some Satanists pervert and make a mockery of Christian practices. What better evil joke to play than to get people to think they are worshiping God but perverting what he wants them to do. There are several places in the Bible where he makes people blind to their evil – I don’t mean in a diabolical way. (Side note: I saw the other day (probably old) BBC story about the older middle-aged men from the EU who go to Greece to prey upon male refugees who live on the street. Makes you wonder about everyone’s motivations.)

    This is just conjecture but I tend to think it is going to go that way. What supports this is it is what they are supposed to do. If you take 10% of them to tell the 90% go along or you are an infidel and you will get the same, they will. There will never be a significant muslim population that will absolutely stand up against other muslims to defend everyone else when they are the majority. I think people are blind to this and are just secular.

    If some of western law and morality is based on the Bible and the law of the prophets hangs on the Great and second greatest commandment, and you let people rape the children of your neighbors or even your own, what do your laws hang on?

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