Tommy Robinson: Viktor Orbán is the Defender of Europe

The European parliamentary elections began today and will continue until Sunday. Our Hungarian correspondent László sends this report on the current political alignment between Tommy Robinson and the government of Prime Minister Viktor Orbán.

Tommy praising Orbán: “the strongest leader of Europe is Orbán, not Merkel or Macron”

by László

This video is the special English edition of the mainstream “M1” public broadcaster — the same report was on TV in Hungarian as well. The original video report was made by the right-wing media outlet Pesti Srácok in England and then all the Hungarian conservative media published it.

[It is a bit strange that you actually cannot hear Tommy himself in the this report — the English-language studio must have gotten the dubbed Hungarian version. But this is not the point here.]

This is of course political propaganda before the upcoming Sunday EU election here, but still it is noteworthy that the judgement of Tommy Robinson is what Orbán is measured by in the state media. In the video (at 01:15) you can hear the truth about Muslim rape gangs without any PC bias.

As I wrote last year, Tommy is mainstream in Hungary.

Now Tommy has perhaps become even more mainstream.

But it is not that surprising if you take into consideration what Deputy Prime Minister of Hungary Zsolt Semjén said on TV in April:

The defence against Islam is part of the Hungarian identity […] Islam divides the world into two parts. One is the dar al-islam, that is, the area that has already surrendered to Islam, and the dar al-harb which is the jihad or the land of war […] In my identity, János Hunyadi is dominant. [emphasis added]

This is the “Islamophobic” Hunyadi, who stopped Islam at Nándorfehérvár in 1456.

As you know, Hunyadi’s name was found on the weapons of the Christchurch attacker. And reports about this then circulated all around the world in the globalist media to make the defense against Islam as defined by the name of Hunyadi look illegitimate and unwarranted:

The playing of a Serbian military song during the attack shows that Brenton Tarrant was deeply influenced by anti-Muslim Balkan Christian history. Tarrant wrote the names of Hungarian anti-Ottoman fighters like Horogszegi Szilágyi Mihály and Janos Hunyadi.

But the Hungarian Deputy Prime Minister does not seem to be affected by the above Marxist game about Hunyadi.

Many Hungarians see Tommy as a hero who protects his people against jihad, and this has probably been confirmed by the state TV in this recent interview with Tommy.

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  1. Later in the video, the english version of the Hungarian news discusses Hungary’s rejection of migrants in lieu of tax exemptions for families with four or more children:

    Currently, the European Union leaders wish to resolve demographic decline by settling in migrants. Hungary, on the other hand, uses family support measures offering tax exemption for Hungarian mothers with four or more children. Migration is not a good answer for Hungary because the long term consequences for the community’s culture suffer. A superior solution is to support Hungary’s expanding families as much as possible. Those families who are currently raising or planning to have 4 or more children will never have to pay tax again.

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