We Have Ways of Making You Get the Jab!

Our Hungarian correspondent László sends this report on his recent personal experience with the Coronamadness in Budapest.

“We Have to Put Pressure on Him to Get the Jab” — Corona Fascism Overheard at a Budapest Company

by László
May 3, 2021

I knew that this must be going on behind the scenes at some companies, but after personally overhearing it am shaken to the core.

I had some business to do at a warehouse in Budapest today, and while I was sitting in a waiting room as a customer, I could not help but overhear what was going on in the adjacent room. A manager, speaking loudly and confidently, was holding a kind of meeting for a group of employees. It was the voice of a man, and he was talking to three or four women. It must have been some semi-informal company gathering or coffee break, and the part I overheard lasted about five minutes.

I could not hear every word clearly through the closed door, but here is the essence of what I caught and can remember:

After regurgitating a bunch of mainstream medical fallacies about the “dangerous epidemic” and how important it was for everyone in the society to get vaccinated, the manager, speaking in an eloquent manner, said that those who “do not care about the health of the majority” deserve to have some of their individual rights taken away from them for a while. “Those who do not want to get vaccinated,” he continued, endanger the lives of all others, and so these kinds of people should remain sitting at home. He added that he was already fed up with “those aggressive lunatics” who always argue and deny the facts of the pandemics. “I agree,” one employee answered. “I also know people who were completely normal before, but now they come up with these insane things.”

Then the manager went on to say that at the company there are only five or six employees left who have not been vaccinated yet. [I estimate that the company has some 30-40 employees altogether.] “But this has to change,” he added, because when everyone [of the staff] gets vaccinated and has the ‘vaccine passport’, this fact could be advertised. [Probably for gaining competitive advantage in the market, I guess.]

And now comes the interesting part: “I do not know what to do with him as he absolutely refuses to get vaccinated,” the boss said, referring to an employee who was not present at the meeting. “We will have to put pressure on him somehow.” [sic !] “But how?” asked one of the employees. “Well, for example with the mask: we have sat in the offices without masks so far; but now he will have to put the mask on,” answered the boss. “Wow, it’s a bit terrible that things like that have to be done,” replied an employee, “but of course I understand it, because otherwise it would be difficult to persuade people like him,” she added. “Indeed,” answered the manager. There is no other choice but somehow FORCE those who cannot understand [?] it.” [I could not hear the last part clearly. It went on for some more minutes before they left.]

Imagine the poor guy who is put under this kind of secretly planned pressure at his workplace to get him jabbed, while he is the only one who does not know what exactly is going on. It is a real plot. This is pure evil.

It all happened about fifteen minutes ago. Now I am outside the warehouse on the street, and I stopped to sit on a bench to write this report. My hand is literally shaking from anger. I felt like I could blow up when I was listening to them. I knew that this must be going on behind the scenes at some companies, but after personally overhearing it am shaken to the core.

14 thoughts on “We Have Ways of Making You Get the Jab!

  1. There needs to be a “Sons of Liberty” type organization in these fascist nations for dealing with these types of covid fascists. An anonymous tip to them, and Mr Fascist boss gets a night letter delivered through his mailbox warning of car-b-que’s to come and escalating to a house-b-que if he doesn’t cease and desist.

    It could be a franchise; kind of like McDonald’s or Starbucks. One in every town or village with millions of customers served every year.

    • You can bet that the Powers that be just wait for this.
      And then all stop will be pulled out.

      Our smartphone / babymonitor data will be looked into, CCTV will be mandantory in every city (with infrared, night vision and thermal powers) etc.
      You will not be able to relieve yourself behind the next tree without being seen.

      • The wonderful thing about those cctv cameras is they quit working when the power is cut and the use of lazers render them inoperable.

  2. but for some it is get the jab done at all costs. what we forget is that for those who ascribe to evolution as opposed to creation, all we or anyone else is only an evolved accident and as such, a commodity whose worth is measured in how the person serves society and its masters. such would be the case with the manager whose opinion of himself is most likely only slightly better than his opinion of others.

  3. Laszló – [ad hominem deleted]. My niece’s husband at the age of 63 died within a few days due to what you think is a medical fallacy of epidemic. I am a medical doctor/laboratory diagnostic specialist at a major University, and it pains me that I have to share oxygen with you and [epithets] denying the obvious. Why don’t you declare that, should you be diagnosed with Covid, you require no medical treatment.

  4. I don’t doubt this happened. This is prime territory for latent bullies to surface. -It certainly doesn’t help that there was a shortened testing for this vaccine, that there are varying results with the different brands, that there are some pretty serious side effects and that the average survival rate is over 95 percent. Add to this the stifling of discussion about alternatives and treatments for Wuhan and there is a large percent of people who rightly say, wait a minute here. Do I want to put myself at risk?

    And what happens when a ‘vaccine passport’ is required to do…anything? Go anywhere, enter any store, business, public transport? There was a recent article in the local paper that Hungary and Slovenia will recognize each other’s ‘proofs of vaccination’. I see the day coming when to enter Slovenia or Austria or any adjoining country I will need a ‘proof’ of vaccine. Or maybe just a yellow little, oh I don’t know, symbol like a, hmm, star with a V for vaccine in it. Think that would work?
    But maybe we don’t own our own bodies. Maybe they belong to the government and the ‘authorities’. Ah, Brave New World…that has such people in it.

    • You get it wrong.
      Those that dont want to get the jab will wear a sign,, not vice versa.

      What will it be, nothing with a star or yellow, that is for the Holocaust reserved.

      Mabe a brown roundel with a blue syringe in it.
      Brown for: This person doesnt believe in the COVID pandemie therefore he is a nazi and nazi=brown
      Blue: the sky is blue and this means daydreaming to symbolize that the person not getting the jab is living in la-la-land and denying reality.

  5. Latest from VAERS in US: 4900 dead from vaxx. Reporting is two months behind so number is probably at least 6000. Tens of thousands of doctor visits, hospitalizations, incidents of partial and full blindness, bells palsy, heart attacks, strokes. Two recent deaths that stand out are a 2 year old girl and 21 year old medical student. How any one that calls themselves a Doctor could not be aware of any of this is astounding, but then money is the god of this world after all.

  6. I am a dOcTor! You should get no medical treatment for not listening to me!

    “What about Doctors that disagree with you? There are many. Can I follow their advice?”

    nO! My word is absolute!

    • I gave up on dOcTorS many Years before the coronascam – after I ended up with some (lazy) Horses living in my backyard. The Horse Vet introduced me to the Fact that pretty much all of the Effective Drugs that work on People cure the same or similar Illnesses in Horses. And Drugs are Cheaper at the Pet Store.

      So when I would up with a Cold in December, suspecting it might be the Wuhan Bat[excrement] Flu, I took some Invermectin (in case of Worms) and Azithromycin (in case of Respiratory Infection) and after a Week, felt fine.

      This is the Biggest Fraud ever perpetrated by the Pharmaceutical- Medical-Industrial Complex, Creating and Spreading a Disease, Denying Effective Treatments, and then promoting a so-called “vaccine” that is nothing more than a Genetic Bioweapon, with as yet Unknown Effects. Other than those it Kills or Paralyzes outright.

      Individuals like M.S. above, claiming to be dOcToRs and Insulting people who question the Propaganda Meme about the coronascam are most likely AI Bots or Paid Shills, pushing the [communist, identified as Jewish] narrative.

  7. European Medicines Agency Covid-19 Adverse Drug Reactions:

    8,430 Dead

    354,177 Injuries

    -as of April 24th 2021

  8. Pfizer received the biggest fine in U.S. history of $2,300,000,000 in 2009 for “bribing doctors and suppressing adverse trial results”.

    When you can pay a fine like that in still be in business you are practically untouchable.
    And you have to wonder how many doctors accepted the blood money.

  9. Let me understand…I am slow…maybe stupid.
    I get my vaccine. I am immune. Why do I care about those refusing the vaccine?
    I am protected, they are not. If they die, is their own fault. I am protected, I will not die. Why vaccinated are so obsessed with unvaccinated?

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