Corona Apartheid in Budapest

A number of Western countries have instituted various forms of discrimination against those who have not been “vaccinated” against the Wuhan Coronavirus. Hungary now has its version of the infamous “vaccine passports”. Our Hungarian correspondent László sends this report from Budapest.

Corona apartheid on Budapest public transport — photo

by László

Lockdown extortion morphs into vaccine apartheid, Israeli-style. The above photo shows Corona apartheid on public transport in Budapest.

Text on the placard:

Yellow text on red surface: “VACCINATION BOOKLET”

White text on green surface: “Get on by showing your VACCINATION BOOKLET”

Explanation of the placard: You are not allowed get on the bus at the front door unless you prove that you are vaccinated / immunized, to save the driver from the virus. It is not the heralded digital “vaccination passport” yet; it is a printed one.

Hungary’s Corona policy is now shifting from lockdowns towards vaccination apartheid. As PM Viktor Orbán said in a recent interview titled “We are on the way to freedom”:

“Those who think that the lockdowns can stop the virus are mistaken.” In his opinion, this was true for last year’s virus, but the new British variant can only be slowed down by restrictions, but it cannot be stopped. […]

Viktor Orbán also said: “when people see that some services and ‘the opportunities for happy community life are connected to the ‘proof of immunization’, then the number of registrations [for vaccination] ‘will get a boost’ and more people will feel that it is worth it to get themselves inoculated.” (Koronavirus_gov_hu)

So extortion by lockdowns is seemingly morphing into extortion by ‘vaccine passports’ / ‘immunity passports’, as your ‘happy community life’ will now depend on your immunization status.

Hungary is following Israel’s (fascist) Corona policy: PM Viktor Orbán even visited Israel a couple of weeks ago to meet PM Netanyahu and study the Israeli “pandemic strategy”. And the Hungarian media are proudly trumpeting that Hungary’s population is one of “the most vaccinated” in the EU, with the number of those inoculated above 2 million i.e. 20% of the total population.

15 thoughts on “Corona Apartheid in Budapest

  1. Laszlo writes, you are not allowed to get on the bus at the front door.

    Now what does this mean.: am I allowed to get on the bus unvaccinated at the middle door in the photo, which instantly identifies me as a dissident to all in the bus? What does the driver do once I am assaulted by the hysterical masked Covid Cultian passengers?, stop the bus and call the police to have me ejected as a public danger?

    Or am I banned from the bus at all, because in some communes, you can enter the bus only at the front at all times and exit is only in the middle or back. It depends on the way ticketing is done (in-bus ticket machine for pre-purchased tickets versus buying from the driver).

    Could I normally enter a Budapest bus in the middle up until now?

    And if I am banned from the Budapest bus at all this is worse than publich trnsport apartheid. In apartheid in South Africa, non-whites had their own buses, I believe. Albeit buses of lower roadworthiness.

    But I doubt Budapest Commune will provide separate buses for Covid Realists, which poses the legal question of them paying municipal taxes for a service from which they are banned.

    But are Covid Realists banned in fact from using Budapest buses?

    • Dont fool yourself wearing a digital bracelet to identify you is a sign of government going down the racist road.

    • Israel is not ‘fascist’ as such, but only because Fascism is so difficult to pin down.

      That said, there are elements in Israel’s emergency Covid policy that Fascists would recognise, but they are yet to get past the Knesset and Supreme Court to become permanent.

      Mask rebellion is now becoming commonplace, I suspect the government here is aware that the Emperor’s new clothes are transparent and that they don’t want to look like a lot of circumcised Richards.

  2. I’m in Israel, and not vaccinated unlike most everybody else, and even I can still take public transport (for now). I am also typing this from a laptop in a restaurant. Some won’t let you in, some don’t give a damn. But I can’t go to hotels, cinemas etc. So yes it is a fascist apartheid system. The vaccine coercion here is horrific.

    Meanwhile the horror of the vaccines continue (all censored). The latest report from the UK’s Medicine’s HealthCare products Regulatory Agency reports 713 deaths from all vaccines, and 495 000 injuries (this is just UK) since the vaccine rollout began in December. Just over the last week that is an increase of 119 deaths and nearly 91 ooo injuries! 95 of the 119 deaths this past week followed the AstraZeneca shots (the rest are almost entirely Pfizer).

    Yet the corrupt UK authorities refuse to suspend the AstraZeneca vaccine.

  3. As you remember, I used to report regularly about Orban, but lately I could not bring myself to translate something. Orban and his party leadership went full on globalists. (Most likely they sold us into slavery), because both Orban and Szijjártó did have some statements about being in the winning side of New World Order…
    Not long ago Szijjártó, who is foreign relations minister, had an “excellent and friendly conversation with the Rothschild bunkhouse. They also pushing the vaccination doctrine, full covid apartheid etc. I am very disappointed about this.

  4. It’s part of one of the many tactics of the New World Order, besides ostracizing, deplatforming, intimidation, divide and rule etc.
    Confuse the people:
    Ironically, and possibly not just coincidentally, known left-winged bulwarks, like
    the most “woke” country ever, Sweden,
    the “communist time-capsule” Belarus,
    Sandinist Nicaragua and, until the globalist-directed murder of its president,
    socialist Tanzania,
    are/were some of the few countries worldwide which are/were not immediately forced into a lockdown, while “conservative” bulwarks like Hungary and Chile experience the worst lockdowns in resp. Europe and Latin-America, and the highest vaccination rates (with dire consequences).
    Concerning Hungary, I’ve got the impression that they use a different tactic there than in Western countries like f.ex. Britain. In the latter, they use guilt to intimidate people into obedience (“you do it for your fellow citizens”), while in Hungary that wouldn’t work, as people there know by experience that government decrees and officials can never be trusted. In Hungary, they instead use the tendency to conformism based on fear (What will happen to me if I don’t follow the rules…no matter whether I agree with them or not).
    Another underlying motive for the ruling caste, was setting up a trap against the European conservatives who escaped from Western-Europe to Hungary.
    Until early 2020, one could feel safe and undisturbed there,
    no multi-culti dramas (non-Europeans adapt quicker there than in Western Europe, in spite of a harder language and more closed mentality),
    no political islam (for the same reason)
    no gender and lgbt insanities,
    no climate hysteria, and
    very little street crime.
    Now, they’re locked up after 8 pm with a ridiculous curfew, have to wear horrible muzzles even in the open air, cannot go abroad, not even visit relatives in their home countries, because of closed borders, and don’t even know when travel will finally be allowed again, not just for holidays, but primarily for business purposes, friends- and family matters, home visits and medical treatments abroad (hospitals in Hungary are of a shockingly low standard, even compared to its other former communist neighbouring states, and this in spite of a sky-high tax-rate, which is another reason to question Orban’s commitment to the well-being of the common people).

  5. Polish government are similarly pushing the vaccines… And in a rare show of unity, opposition are supporting this.

    It’s only the chaotic nature of the Polish health system and vaccine rollout, which means that we’re nowhere near ready for vaccine apartheid.

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