Vaccine Apartheid

Our Hungarian correspondent László sends this report on the intense pressure that is being exerted on Hungarian employees to induce them to get the “vaccine” against the Wuhan Coronavirus.

Communist Vaccine Apartheid at Companies Encouraged by the Hungarian Chamber of Commerce

No jobs, no dignity for the unclean

by László

An article published by sheds some light on the background of my previous report on coercive vaccination. This article is a cunning one, though, because while it pretends to condemn the discrimination, it is in reality a brainwashing propaganda piece that supports the vaccine apartheid and the plandemic: it is a warning to ‘obey or else’.

“The Hungarian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (MKIK) has sent information to 400,000 entrepreneurs and companies to convince their employees, families, suppliers and business partners of the importance of vaccination. […] In some cases, they are not allowed to shop in the company canteen, cannot eat with the vaccinated and have to undergo regular coronavirus testing. In addition, there is a growing trend, albeit unspoken, for unvaccinated people not to be hired by companies even if their skills meet the criteria.” (

Translated excerpts from the Portfolio article:

Coronavirus: life at the workplace can turn into hell in moments for those who are not vaccinated

Many companies are offering incentives to encourage workers to get vaccinated in order to achieve operational safety and avoid a possible future local outbreak. Larger companies have been trying to facilitate vaccination for some time, but medium-sized and smaller companies are also organising such programmes. Some companies give extra time off for those who are vaccinated, while others discriminate negatively against those who do not get vaccinated against the coronavirus. At some companies, they are not allowed to shop in the company canteen, not allowed to eat with the vaccinated and have to undergo regular coronavirus testing. The cost of the test is usually covered by the employer, but there are some places where it is not. In addition, there is a growing trend, albeit unspoken, that unvaccinated people are not being hired by companies even if their skills meet the criteria…

Vaccination and anti-vaccination

The Hungarian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (MKIK) has sent information to 400,000 entrepreneurs and companies to convince their employees, families, suppliers and business partners of the importance of vaccinated, because it is necessary to restart the economy, László Parragh, the president of the organisation, told Portfolio. He says he experienced that the response to the initiative has been positive, with the majority of large companies already following this path and small and medium-sized enterprises also trying to encourage their workers.

However, he said that the responses from some entrepreneurs were shocking. As an example of the strong anti-vaccination sentiment, some wrote to them saying that their initiative was vile because people die from the vaccination.

“Some of them said that we ourselves had not been vaccinated because we know how dangerous it is,” László Parragh said in response to our question, and he said it is unfortunate that such unfounded ideas were being put forward by some people. “This kind of feedback is not coming from companies, but mostly from the smallest entrepreneurs,” he added. According to him, company managers who are responsible for the oversight of many people in the company, are supporting the vaccination campaign because they know that this is the only way to ensure operational safety in the workplace and to avoid another wave of epidemics.

Not vaccinated? Next, please!

László Parragh pointed out that nowadays there are more and more situations where a company does not hire a candidate for a job who has not had the disease yet, has not been vaccinated or has not registered for vaccination. “Of course, employment law cannot require an employee to get vaccinated, but it is becoming increasingly common that candidates do not get hired even if they meet the criteria, but have not been vaccinated. Obviously, company managers are not going to say that they are not going to hire them because they refused to take the vaccine, but both parties know that this is the case and the route to hiring is through vaccination,” he explained.

“Companies are trying to encourage vaccine uptake to protect the health of their workers and avoid jeopardising business continuity,” László Perlusz, secretary general of the National Association of Entrepreneurs and Employers (VOSZ), told Portfolio. According to him, strong incentive schemes have been introduced by larger companies, but smaller ones also support vaccination.

Advantages and rules

A set of rules has been put in place in factories so that vaccinated and protected workers who have had the virus can work almost the same way they did before the coronavirus outbreak, while those without protection have to comply with a number of restrictions, said Mr Perlusz. For example:


“This is another way companies are trying to prevent infection clusters,” added Mr Perlusz.

In addition, those who do not get vaccinated have to have a coronavirus test done very often, even daily, before starting work, Perlusz said, and he thinks this was necessary to protect the community that is working together and to avoid a possible local outbreak of the pandemic. There are many examples of positive incentives as well as negative ones, he said, adding that some companies give extra time off for those who get vaccinated.

Regular testing for the unvaccinated

The Society for Civil Liberties and Justice (TASZ) has also drawn attention to the virus test in a statement. With the third wave of the coronavirus waning, those who have worked in a home office are returning in increasing numbers to their workplaces where they are often expected to be vaccinated and to show proof of immunity. Those who have not been vaccinated are often expected to be tested regularly, and it is not uncommon that workers are asked to pay for the tests, TASZ said. However, they pointed out that it is not legal to charge for the tests.

According to the point of view of the Data Protection Commissioner, in certain jobs covered by the Labour Code, during an epidemic situation it is lawful for employers to ask the employees to show an immunity certificate. Employers cannot ask for proof of immunity in any other way; they can only oblige their employees to show the card — i.e. those who have a card can no longer be required to get tested. Employers can get those employees tested who do not have a certificate, but they cannot oblige the employees to pay for it; that is, the employer must pay for the test.

Incentive schemes

László Parragh said that many people now take the vaccine in order to belong to the community when the vaccinated become the majority at a company.

“They know that this is the way they can remain part of the group, part of the community, a feeling that is particularly important in the construction industry, for example,” he said. According to Parragh, the vaccination of elder-care workers and teachers has been exemplary, but the vaccination of workers in tourism and factories is also progressing well.

Ferenc Rolek, vice-president of the National Association of Employers and Industrialists (MGYOSZ), said vaccination was particularly needed in certain jobs. In the case of critical jobs where several people falling ill could threaten the whole company, it is worth supporting vaccination, Rolek told Portfolio.


However, Ferenc Rolek said it is also important for people to take the vaccine who usually come into contact with a lot of people, such as hairdressers, waiters, commercial workers or those in the service sector who are involved in direct customer service.

According to László Parragh, where workers receive paid days off in exchange for the vaccination there is a higher willingness to vaccinate, which is also recommended by the Hungarian Association of Bankers. The banks also apply this benefit, he added.


László Perlusz said that vaccinations had also started at company vaccination points, which he said could help to increase vaccination coverage within a company. He believes that it is a responsible behaviour on the part of companies to encourage vaccination with the available means, as it is a combination of the requirements of protecting the life and health of workers, preserving jobs and business continuity. According to Ferenc Rolek, this is why, even if vaccination is not made compulsory in a workplace, employers try informally or formally to get workers to take the vaccine.

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  1. The up side is that possibly George Soros will literally die laughing at how easily the Hungarians are owned.

  2. The big mistake here is their assumption that the vaccine gets rid of the virus. It may reduce symptoms, but there is no evidence that it prevents transmission. Indeed, there have been a number of post-vaccination outbreaks. Some fuzzy thinking here.

  3. So Hungary will not be a safe haven for people trying to escape oppression in Western Europe. Good to know.

  4. This is all just to find the rebels so they know where to go first when the SHTF

  5. It can be a dirty trick by the elite, incl Soros, Gates Schwab etc, to confuse us common citizens who are fighting for keeping our freedom, traditions, religions and culture.
    On the one hand there is Hungary, which we thought to have become a haven for free European citizens, but which now suddenly turned out to be the worst dictatorship in Europe in the course of this covid hype, with curfew at 8pm, obligatory muzzles even in the open air, closed borders, cancelled bus and train connections abroad (while they run again in the rest of Europe), pressure to take the poisonous syringe, and total censoring of any debate on the topic.
    The fact that Orban has been cosying up to China is also something that should raise a red flag. His government also made a total mess of healthcare, housing and education,
    Many of the soldiers who were controlling the southern border against illegal immigration into the EU have now been withdrawn from there, in order to have them…check if common citizens wear muzzles in public and fine those who don’t.
    It turns out now that Orban is probably a part of the controlled opposition, and his stance on muslim immigration was just theatre to attract freedom-loving Europeans, so that the elite knows where they are.
    On the other hand, super woke Sweden, with its insane immigration policy and perverted political correctness, turned out to be the most lenient in all of Europe concerning covid restrictions.
    Whether this is also part of a plan is hard to detect at this stage. It can be that the Swedish police is already overburdened with immigrant crime, and wouldn’t be able to enforce these violent immigrant communities into following covid restrictions, if there had been any. So the government wisely resigned from this to begin with.
    In addition, most Swedes are already very digitalized, with many even having a chip implanted to do all their formal and economic activities, so they can be controlled already without covid restrictions.
    This shows that it’s al about total control. The “”Great Reset”.

  6. If Covid is such a horrible plague and so lethal why then is a pasty white schmuck like László Parragh still passing globalist verbal flatulence instead of looking up at turnips? The Covid hysteria demonstrates how many hypochondriacs and political frauds inhabit the cities of the first world.

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