A Little Bird Told Me

Our Hungarian correspondent László sends his analysis of a news report on the long-awaited escape of the bird flu from the avian community.

New virus-psyop: China confirms first human case of H10N3 bird flu (The New York Post)

by László

I analyze this new and pretty obvious virus-psyop below.

“First human case” — You only name the first element of a sequence if you know that there will be more. So this naming is a psyop already. The word “case” is very suspicious: will it become also asymptomatic, like Covid “cases”?

“the risk of community transmission is low — health officials said Tuesday” — OK, but who asked? Why would you think it is not low? Why would you make it public other than to create fear? Also the word “community” is related to Communism — exactly what they are building in the West by curbing individual rights and freedoms for the sake of the “community”. If you do not take the jab you are already the enemy of the community i.e. communism. A psyop clue again…

The 41-year-old man, a resident of the eastern city of Zhenjiang, was hospitalized April 28 after developing a fever and other symptoms, the National Health Commission said. — the implication here is that younger people are affected, unlike with Covid. “Fever” makes it look serious, and the “other symptoms” are mentioned but not detailed to engage our imagination in a way that will create fear. Gaslighting for scaremongering. The Bogeyman can do more than you can imagine… The best horror movies do not show many tangible details at the beginning, in order to ramp up fearful imagination. The mention of the National Health Commission aims to make it look official.

“He was diagnosed with the H10N3 strain of bird flu on May 28, but now is in stable condition and preparing to be discharged from the hospital.” — they are trying to tell us that: it is a serious fact because he has been “diagnosed”. It is flu so it can be as dangerous and contagious as the Corona. The word “stable condition” is normally used in very serious or life-threatening cases, often on the occasion of an accident or disaster; so they want to suggest that he had been indeed very sick — but it is an obvious lie because they never mention in the news that his condition had not been stable before in the first place. They also want to suggest that this new virus may be dangerous to us personally because he is in a hospital. And this new thing could overburden the hospitals even more than Covid.

It’s unclear how exactly he became infected with H10N3, but health officials said it was a case of “accidental cross-species transmission.” — it is clear that ‘unclear’ is a self-contradiction: they do not know how it happened but they know that it has been ‘cross-species transmission’… It is gaslighting because it leaves the game open for the ‘human-to-human transmission’ version and other horrible guesses; and it is very similar to the bat psyop.

“‘The risk of large-scale transmission is low,’ the commission said.” — the second reassurance about some improbable horror. They just want to brainwash us into the fear of “large scale human transmission”: the subliminal mind does not understand “NO”; therefore these sentences target the individual subconscious for fearmongering, and the collective mind for predictive programming. The subconscious mind will take transmission as a real threat, as it cannot handle the parameter (low). Usually, what the mind concentrates on, it subjectively blows it out of proportion — therefore in the people’s subsequent dreams the parameter will immediately be “high”; especially if one has believed the Corona-psyop in the first place.

“None of his close contacts have contracted the disease, the commission said, adding that it is a low pathogenic virus.” — third occurrence — it is already a trend: this article (and piece of news) is about brainwashing, nothing else. The ‘close contacts’ are important for the “contact tracing” agenda, and the “pathogenic virus” is another obvious fearmongering prelude for the same theme.

“Filip Claes, a lab coordinator with the Food and Agriculture Organization’s Emergency Centre for Transboundary Animal Diseases, said there have been only around 160 isolates of the virus detected over the course of 40 years.” — a new pretext to eliminate all the chickens for the Meat Reset?

Most of the cases have been in wild birds or waterfowl in Asia and in some parts of North America, he said.” — this is how the chicken virus will be claimed to have spread to North America (first)? They also imply that there may be more cases, because they are using present perfect tense to show that this is an unfinished process.

It does not seem to be random that the whole structure of this psyop is very similar to the beginning phase of the Corona-psyop: the Pavlovian reflexes of fear can easily be reinduced this way. The second psyop is far cheaper…

2 thoughts on “A Little Bird Told Me

  1. Bad timing, though. All the sane people are sick of the whole thing, and quite a few of the insane ones as well.

  2. Rubbish and nonsense are tolerated until they aren’t. I know I’ve had MY fill. But I wonder what TPTB’s reaction will be when the next (this bird thing?) scare-demic they vomit onto us is received like the ill-conceived excrement it is? They may not be dealing with just a lack of trust, but the strange glow of torches approaching the fence and barbed wire of their little hidey-hole. Since we now have a govt. of maniacs, by the maniacs, and for the maniacs, I look for something approaching doom on steroids. I AM looking forward to the day I’ll start speaking my mind in public about my communist compadres.

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