Santiago Abascal in Hungary: Defending the Sovereignty of Nations

Santiago Abascal, the leader of the Spanish anti-immigration party Vox, recently visited Hungary. The following video shows excerpts from a press conference at which Mr. Abascal spoke after meeting with Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán and Family Minister Katalin Novák.

Many thanks to Gary Fouse for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes and RAIR Foundation for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

00:00   Thank you for your attention. First of all, it is an honor
00:04   to be in Hungary together with [Family Minister] Katalin Novák, and to have been able to participate
00:08   in a meeting as a guest of the Hungarian government, and to tell you,
00:12   Prime Minister Viktor Orbán, we are in Hungary because of the admiration
00:16   that we feel for the Hungarian government, for Fidesz.
00:20   Precisely because we understand that it is a moment
00:23   to deepen the bonds in the face of the debate on the future of Europe, with those parties
00:27   who defend the sovereignty of nations in the federation
00:31   of the European Union with those parties who attend to the defense of our borders
00:35   in the face of those who promote massive immigration. The borders are
00:39   the walls of our homeland, and have to be defended because they protect
00:44   the identity, the liberty, the prosperity, and the heritage that we want to give to our children.
00:49   Hungary has been an example in the face of these progressive ideological impositions by Brussels.
00:55   It is an example of resistance, of affirmation of your own
00:59   sovereignty, and we want to follow the example of Hungary in Spain.
01:03   And Hungary has also been an example of the defense of borders.
01:07   The valiant manner in which Hungary acted
01:12   in the face of international criticism, in the face of the media criticism,
01:17   in the face of the criticism of the oligarchies of Brussels in 2015,
01:21   was decisive in stopping the avalanche of refugees and massive immigration
01:25   in 2015. In Spain, we see that as an example.
01:29   Spain has natural borders such as the Mediterranean Sea
01:34   and physical borders with higher fences in Ceuta and Melilla.
01:39   Nevertheless, there has not been the political will to stop illegal immigration.
01:44   We just received last week an immigration invasion of 10,000 people
01:48   in just one day in a city that has only 8,000 inhabitants,
01:53   Which has generated absolute chaos with the closure of businesses,
01:57   with people who wouldn’t leave their homes and didn’t want to send
02:00   their children to school because of thousands of people who were moving around the streets.
02:05   And all that has to do with a lax border policy,
02:09   which is the border policy of Brussels, which is the border policy accepted by
02:13   by the Spanish government, which has produced the stated effect
02:17   during this entire time. And for this, we are in Hungary today to learn how
02:21   to defend the borders with smaller fences
02:25   but with a firm political will to protect
02:29   national interests, and defend sovereignty, and pursue the human trafficking mafias.