Culture-Enriching Rapist and Torturer Awarded $100K by the Swedish State

Below is yet another example supporting my assertion that Sweden is the world’s largest open-air lunatic asylum.

The young “Swede” featured in this article was convicted of kidnapping, torture, and rape. He was evidently not satisfied with just one “Ali” in his name; so he added a second one. Double Ali, like so many other culture-enrichers who arrived in Europe after 2015, discarded his ID papers, jumped in the wayback machine, and magically became 17 years old when he gained asylum in Modern Multicultural Sweden.

Double Ali was later convicted for the severe mistreatment of a young Swedish woman. His crimes are not in dispute; however, upon appeal, his clever lawyers convinced the court that he had been under 18 at the time he committed them, and was therefore still a child. Now Double Ali gets to cash in big time: not only has his conviction been overturned, but he is being awarded roughly $100,000 at the expense of the Swedish taxpayer for the months he was wrongly imprisoned.

Before this fortunate turn of events, the Swedish “justice” system had thrown the book at young Double Ali — he had been sentenced to a whopping 4.5 years in prison.

Many thanks to Gary Fouse for translating this article from Fria Tider:

Kidnapped, tortured, and raped women in Malmö — receives 840,000 Swedish kronor in damages

August 13, 2021

[Photo caption: A child: Damir Ali Ali, photographed here at arrest, receives 840,000 kronor from JK since the Supreme Court concluded that he was a — perhaps somewhat unshaved — child when the picture was taken.]

It will be the jackpot for the then-18-year-old Arab who, in 2018, was sentenced to 4.5 years in prison for together with his brother kidnapping, torturing, and gang-raping two young women in Malmö. Damir Ali Ali now receives 840,000 kronor in damages because he was sentenced for the crime despite being a child, TT reports.

One woman was kidnapped by the brothers and raped while being strangled.

A few weeks later, the brothers attacked another woman, who was kidnapped and taken to a cellar where they tortured and raped her at the point of a gun.

The younger of the two Arab brothers was sentenced by the appellate court to four and a half years in prison for among other things kidnapping, aggravated rape, theft, extortion, unlawful use and driving. The older brother received seven years in prison.

The younger Arab then applied for a review because he claimed that he was under 18 when the crime was committed. The question had already been tried by the appellate court with the same evidence, but the high court still granted the review and concluded in February 2020 that the man was not over 18 at the time of the crime.

Thus the man receives 840,000 kronor from the taxpayers since, according to the damages decision by JK*, he received an excessively “hard punishment for his age.”

The amount will go to the man, even though he would have been sentenced to a long custodial punishment even if he really was 17 years old. More specifically, JK believes that the man has been behind bars 14 months too long.

That the man actually committed the bestial kidnappings and torture-rapes has no relevance.

“She did not want to get pregnant by an ‘f***ing Muslim’, and told them to at least use a condom,’ states the district court’s account of what one of the women said when she realized what the brothers were going to do to her.”

It remains to be seen whether Sweden will charge the woman for insulting.

*   JK: Justitiekanslor, a government agency that oversees other government agencies to ensure that they are complying with Swedish law.

19 thoughts on “Culture-Enriching Rapist and Torturer Awarded $100K by the Swedish State

    • Probably the entirety of the Swedish judiciary, government representatives, and the wealthy Swedish elites who bankroll political campaigns. Also, this wouldn’t be happening if Swedish voters didn’t want it. So add in eliminating the vote from most Swedish adults as a part of the cure. Restricting the vote to veterans or those fluent in the language with grandparents who were Swedish citizens would also be possibilities along with explicitly banning unmarried Swedish females from voting.

    • It must be the child of someone very high ranked.

      But if you believe Henry Makow (according to whom all high ranking people are pedophiles, murderers etc) these attacks are bread and butter of the high ranking people, so that will be our future for all times.

    • Put a concrete lifejacket on this filth and drop him back into the Mediterranean.

      Sweden is mentally ill. This is what happens when you let women run things (Sweden is mostly run by females because of its obsession with feminism).

      I hope some.real Swedish men do something about this.

  1. If this lizard is able to terrorize Swedish people and there are no knights no real men to prevent women from frustration and opening their knees then the lemmings are their neighbors and they can learn a lesson from them.

    Has any prophet predicted that infidels in Europe would one day voluntarily
    Become rideable donkeys for Muslims

  2. Rape hot Swedish babes and receive $100k from the government for it???

    Sounds like it would be worth reciting the shahada if that would be one’s reward. I can’t say I have much pity for Swedish women; after all they voted this upon themselves.

    • I remember reading somewhere something about the advantages of being muslim:

      The women (you may have up to four!!!) have to obey or you may beat them.
      Everybody who hates you is an islamophobe
      You can kill anybody and you just need to say the other one insulted the prophet and you get away scot-free.
      So, yes, there are advantages to being a muslim.

  3. there might be one solace in all this: he is not going to enjoy his fortune longer than one day. The company he hangs out with will deprive him swiftly, being of his own ilk.

    • Likely he’ll just find some more dumb Swedish girls to rape and score another payday courtesy of the Swedish taxpayers.

      Or did you mean they would deprive him of his depraved, debauched, and dishonorable existence? Better if his compatriots were to first castrate and emasculate his filthy body, then leave him a paraplegic to live out the rest of his useless, evil days. Sometimes death just doesn’t come close to being the punishment one’s evil deserves.

      • Ole Saint Vlad “Lord Impaler” Tepes had the right way of dealing with vermin like this. It always leaves a hell of an impression never forgotten.

  4. Have read about the case in Swedish and from this I think it’s continental European law:
    1) The higher court decided the proof he was no minor did not hold.
    2) The time he had been in prison was longer than what he could have been given as a minor.
    3) Thus he had to get compensation for the excess, where the amount is again regulated by law.

    From what I have learned over British or US law, there is much more place for judgement, common sense, as here in Germany or Sweden.

    I expect laws adapt to the “new citizens” habits over time, and then it will go the other way round, w/o compassion.


    The Moderate Party Leader Kristersson:
    “Really, really angry”

    Published 15 August 2021 at 12.50

    The Moderates’ party leader Ulf Kristersson now states that he is furious at the decision to give SEK 840,000 in damages to an Arab who kidnapped, tortured and gang-raped two young women in Malmö.

    Fria Tider reported on Friday about the case of Damir Ali Ali, who has received a lot of attention.

    Ali was sentenced in 2018 to 4.5 years in prison for kidnapping, torturing and gang-raping two young women in Malmö together with his brother. But now he receives SEK 840,000 in damages for being convicted of the crimes as an adult.

    M-leader Ulf Kristersson reviews the case in a post on Facebook.

    “The taxpayers are thus forced to pay almost a million to a man who has committed terrible crimes and who also now wanders freely. The damages to the criminal are many times greater than the damages to his victims. It is purely indecent,” he states.

    Kristersson continues:

    “This makes me really, really angry. This is how it can be unreasonably allowed to go on. It is so completely absurd, and so disrespectful to the man’s victims. Not least, it shows how much a new government has to do to get legislation in place. which systematically punishes serious crimes and just as systematically takes the side of the victim. ”

    Furthermore, the M-leader promises that as prime minister he would “abolish the mass discounts and youth discounts for everyone over the age of 18 and increase the penalties even for those under the age of 18 who commit serious crimes”.

    “And those who have received an expulsion decision will be forced to leave the country,” claims Ulf Kristersson.

  6. I really wish people would stop blaming the the Swedes for “ voting” for this. It’s not as if there has ever been an alternative for them. Anymore than there has been for the UK or the USA

    • Sure there is an alternative, nationalist parties. Or else you are going to have to shoot your way out of this mess and put in a Pinochet or Franco.

    • There is the Sweden Democrats. People in the privacy of the voting booth can vote for whomever they like. Possibly vote fraud is a factor like it is in the USA. If they don’t like the government they get then why don’t they show their displeasure with collective civil disobedience or boycotting the fake elections? Or protesting at the houses of the judiciary who let such travesties of justice stand?

      The point is, Jimmie Åkesson is still not running the country but the defeated Stefan Löfven still is; after losing a no confidence vote no less. Here in the USA a majority of people believe Joe and the Hoe are illigitimate and the country is one spark away from civil war or at the least official disobedience and non recognition of federal authority by multiple state governments. The UK is a completely different case; there the vast majority seems to be perfectly fine with their slavery and have accepted their chains gratefully while licking the boots of their new overlords.

      If they didn’t vote for this then I don’t know what one would call it.

  7. Sooner or later the vigilante’s are going to come out to play and they are going to be loud about it.

  8. Demand to fire JK after the rapist’s giant damages

    Chancellor of Justice Mari Heidenborg receives harsh criticism for her decision to give SEK 840,000 in damages to an Arab who kidnapped, tortured and gang-raped two young women in Malmö.
    “We can not have a JK who is totally indiscriminate. She should be relieved of her post,” writes Member of Parliament Hanif Bali (M).

    Damir Ali Ali was sentenced in 2018 to 4.5 years in prison for kidnapping, torturing and gang-raping two young women in Malmö together with his brother.

    But now he receives SEK 840,000 in damages after having his age adjusted downwards.

    Chancellor of Justice Mari Heidenborg has received harsh criticism for the decision, even from high-ranking politicians.

    “This makes me really, really angry. This is how it can be unreasonably allowed to go on. It is completely absurd, and so disrespectful to the man’s victim,” wrote, for example, M-leader Ulf Kristersson in a Facebook post.

    However, Mari Heidenborg defends her decision.

    – I understand that ordinary people think this is offensive, but it is not something that JK has invented, but it is according to law, she says to Svenska Dagbladet.

    She further says that the state has a “particularly great responsibility” when a person has been detained for too long.

    However, it does not buy the moderate Hanif Bali, who now demands that Heidenborg be fired.

    “Do not go on the myth and blame JK’s decision on the law, it is perfectly legal to give zero kroner in compensation. JK made an assessment, the assessment clearly showed that she is indiscriminate. We can not have a JK who is totally indiscriminate. She should be relieved of her duties “, Bali wrote on Twitter.

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