Kill Whitey Week

This week is NAIDOC Week in Australia. NAIDOC is short for National Aborigines and Islanders Day Observance Committee. What was once a one-day event has been an all-week affair since the 1970s. It’s an important national cultural festival that celebrates white guilt and protests the evils of white Australians.

A reader in Australia send the above photo of a NAIDOC Week poster. She says:

A woman brought it to work and stuck it on the wall because everything with the aboriginal flag must be displayed. I don’t think she read the fine print. She is a white Polish child immigrant.

Here’s a close-up of the text at the bottom of the poster:

After I looked at the poster, I wrote her back: “Egad! You’re as badly off as we are, it seems.”

11 thoughts on “Kill Whitey Week

  1. The evil ones in this world have targeted white people for destruction, and this despite us being a minority people globally.

  2. ‘…white Polish child immigrant.’ The ‘white’ world are polluted with these gals (and guys) who are tools for their own destruction. And the thing is – if this stuff had it’s full influence – everyone will be suffering.

    • NOTE FROM THE MODERATOR: As far as I can tell, the above comment is a sardonic joke. Just in case anyone is taking it seriously.

  3. Who did the aboriginals kill when they arrived? Why do we assume they were here first?

    • The Tasmanian Aboriginal people only existed when Europeans arrived because the sea level rose to cut off the island from the mainland before the larger stronger mainland Aboriginal people got there ie the smaller people who got to Australia first were wiped out everywhere that the later arrivals could access. Along with the fact that Aboriginal people contributed to the extinction of the megafauna, these obvious facts were not disputed but rather ignored when published in well known books in the 90s.
      The Power to Ignore

  4. Leftist and their 3rd world pets keep poking the Polar Bear thinking that they can get away with it indefinitely, they don’t realize that sooner or later the Polar Bear is going to maul them all with vengeance not seen in a millennia.

    • Polar bear is a feminazi fat blob addicted to internet and sitting on the couch
      Dream on

  5. Every business/organisation has to pay them to come and help with their Reconciliation action plan and do “smoking ceremony”, dancing etc. Each time costs over $600. The government has ordered business/organisations to provide them with this ongoing “employment”. I was looking at building a commercial building and had to pay @$10,000 for an Aboriginal archaeological dig and an “elder of local Aboriginal tribe” was paid to sit there just in case some artifacts or bones were found. This is on top of the billions spent in other ways which amounts to $100,000 for each Aborigine, lots goes to their “support” services.

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