A Flood of Migrants From Hong Kong

A reader in the UK sends this reminder of an immigration issue that is getting almost no public discussion:

This is a completely unreported issue in the UK. In addition to the ongoing flood of legal and illegal immigrants and the huge increase in overseas students (largely from China), the government is proposing to bring in 500,000 immigrants from Hong Kong. This is despite the fact that the most recent government stats (from 2019) show that 25% of working-age people in England, Scotland and Wales were economically inactive or seeking employment.

An article from CapX is totally in favour of this influx, and states that the people of the UK support it. The fact is that they know nothing about it because the MSM does not report on immigration — other than the odd Daily Mail article about illegal cross-channel entry. This is something that people here need to know about — not that there is much chance of stopping it, as all political parties are firmly in favour.

Excerpts from the CapX article:

As Hong Kong marked this weekend a quarter-century since the handover of from UK to China, the next chapter in this story of the end of empire — or perhaps transition between empires — is set much closer to home.

The arrival and settlement of Hongkongers will be a central British migration story of the 2020s. More than 125,000 Hongkongers have secured a British National (Overseas) visa since the programme was launched in January last year. It appears likely that between 250-500,000 Hongkongers could come to live in Britain over the next few years. Whatever the scale, new arrivals from Hong Kong will join the post-war Windrush generation, the Ugandan Asians of half a century ago and the Polish workers who came after 2004 among the iconic examples of Britain’s long history of migration and integration.

Welcoming this new wave of migration via the BN(O) visa route was a conscious choice, one of the first big immigration policy decisions as to what post-Brexit Britain would do with its new immigration controls. There was (and still is) a broad, cross-party, civic and public consensus that this was the right thing to do — given Britain’s historic responsibilities, China’s new security laws and indeed the positive contribution that Hongkongers could make to Britain.

The issue of immigration from Hong Kong is a reminder that not all cultural enrichment comes from Islamic countries or the Third World.

I suppose native Brits should console themselves with the thought that at least the new arrivals from Hong Kong won’t threaten to kill them if they don’t convert to Taoism…

7 thoughts on “A Flood of Migrants From Hong Kong

  1. There are thousands if not hundreds of thousands of Chinese now living in my country, without my permission, and buying up property like there’s no tomorrow.
    And our poor excuse for a government is actively encouraging them to come here.

    • Well if nobody is FIGHTING back then of course you are going to lose your homeland. Women, womanisers and woman haters of the Islamic world spread like a cancer. Just because nobody will stand up. Poor sods.

    • That’s an interesting point. My brother lives in Vancouver, which has (or used to) the second largest ethnic Chinese population in N America, after San Francisco, and which was expanding well before the Chinese government’s crackdown in Hong Kong. Some have made themselves unpopular by buying houses on large plots (like my brother’s, not exactly small, 1950s house) and demolishing them to build larger houses, even though they don’t need the extra living space; it must be a cultural difference.

      On the other hand, like the (originally) south Asian (and mostly not muslim?) people we took in as refugees from Idi Amin in Uganda (whose ancestors had been encouraged to move there by of course, the British), the Chinese are likely to value hard work and self-reliance and unlikely to try to impose their religious beliefs on the rest of us. Plus, like the (far too few) Ashkenasi Jewish refugees we took in from the Nazis, they’re likely to be of above average intelligence, and to make a significant net contribution to our economy.

      • Yes Mark. I know the Vancouver story quite well. The Chinese of their own free will decided to show as much gratitude to Canada for all that refuge by stopping any more building. I imagine a similar outcome in the UK. Not sickos out to interpret strength as weakness to advance the cause of bloody conquest.

  2. I live in a part of England with good schools, and consequently the number of Chinese immigrants has increased exponentially. As a people, they value education.

    I have no problem with Chinese people, they have no mad religious beliefs and do not want to kill me. But the arrival of thousands of unheralded immigrants has consequences. Local schools have had to increase class sizes to cope with the immigrants. House prices are going up as they snap up any available housing. Obviously, they use local services such as hospitals.

    It is nice of Boris to allow 300,000 people to arrive here virtually overnight, but he is not affected. But as I say, there are worse immigrants to have.

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