General Strike!

The Freedom Convoy in Canada has grown beyond just the truckers. Farmers on their tractors have joined in, and the movement enjoys widespread popular support. From my vantage point here in the Sunny South, the moment looks ripe for a general strike in the Frozen North.

The window of opportunity is a narrow one, however. The current push against the Trudeau regime cannot be maintained indefinitely, and Baby Doc has yet to roll out his big guns to try and crush what he considers a seditious rebellion. The globalists who pull his strings will want those unwashed upstarts suppressed at all costs — if they succeed, the dominos will start to fall all across the West, and who knows where that might lead?

It brings to mind the conditions leading up to the General Strike of 1926 in Britain, which is what you see in the photos accompanying this post. The trouble began when coal miners who would not accept a pay cut and longer hours were locked out of the mines. Workers from other industries stayed home out of solidarity, and the action evolved into a general strike that lasted for more than a week, shutting down transportation and idling a large portion of the British economy.

The situation became quite ugly, with tanks rolling out onto the streets of London. Rioting workers fought with police, and the army was brought in to protect drivers transporting food. At the time it was uncertain how far things would go — would there be a full-blown revolution? But in the end it petered out. The miners eventually went back to work at a lower rate of pay.

The strike was organized by the TUC (Trades Union Congress), which meant the Reds. In 2022 things are quite different, now that the Reds are in power across most of the West. No unions are involved in the Freedom Convoy; on the contrary, trade unions are now a de facto arm of the regime.

As recently as two years ago I would not have relished the prospect of a general strike, in Canada or anywhere else. Volatile and unstable events of that sort are ripe to be milked by charismatic psychopaths whose demagogic exhortations might usher in a regime even more illiberal than the one currently in power.

However, it has become clear since the coordinated launch of the “pandemic” that we are already governed by psychopaths, albeit non-charismatic ones. The Powers That Be are clearly comprised of utterly ruthless men and women who care nothing for the health and welfare of the hoi polloi who are being ground into dust by their policies. The oligarchy that rules us is interested only in increasing its enormous wealth and power at the expense of the rest of us.

Could a general strike in Canada spread south into the USA? That’s hard to predict. Conditions would seem to be ripe in the most oppressed states, such as New York and Michigan. But why would Floridians need a general strike, except perhaps in solidarity with their oppressed comrades further north?

Further afield, Australia, New Zealand, and France come to mind. But it’s hard to tell whether their populations are ripe for collective action. The Corona straws should have broken those camels’ backs a long time ago.

17 thoughts on “General Strike!

  1. Maybe a focused general strike targeting…..the communist/progressive/socialist states….????

  2. I would think that a “General Strike” in the FUSSA is quite unlikely – like you said, the ‘Unions’ are entirely communistic, and also no longer represent many Workers – most union members are government ‘workers’. The majority of people who Work are also heavily in Debt to the same forces trying to Enslave them, so Until and Unless those people are willing to Repudiate that Debt, and face the Violence that the banksters would unleash on them, most are going to keep being Wage Slaves and Tax Donkeys.

  3. “Could a general strike in Canada spread south into the USA? That’s hard to predict. Conditions would seem to be ripe in the most oppressed states, such as New York and Michigan. But why would Floridians need a general strike, except perhaps in solidarity with their oppressed comrades further north?”

    KEY point. And the “why would” is pre-cise-ly why we’re in free fall now. The What’s in it for me Disunited States of America. GET IT?

  4. How about a laser focused strike where nobody delivers anything to gov buildings? Nobody fixes their broken or clogged pipes or electrical, heat…. vehicle won’t start? Can’t help you, all booked up…

    • Great idea! I’ve seen different versions proposed many times.
      Cut off ALL assistance to federal, state and local government buildings. Extend the sentiment to the homes of cops, judges, prosecutors, executive admin etc.
      This would be an extremely effective form of a non-violent war of attrition – if you could just get enough people to do it!

  5. No strike of any substance is going to happen in the USSA…. yet.
    I’m very curious to see how many atrocities it takes to push “[unintelligent] Americans” (coined by Paul Craig Roberts) into some form of real action.
    Based on what hasn’t transpired over the last few decades, I’m not at all optimistic.

    When the tanks and troops do start rolling in you can bet that 75% of them will be staffed by Chicanos and other assorted ‘oppressed’ yutes!

    For a very cogent comparison of the impending collapse of this country with the actual collapse of the Soviet Union see Dmitry Orlov’s essays and books. Website:

      • It wasn’t the Spell Czech, it was me. I redacted the vulgarity, just as I did with this one.

    • The coming collapse will look more like a Balkans on steroids, this diversity shoved up our backsides from the 3rd world invasion taking place will soon set us westerners against anything 3rd world with a bloody vengeance that will be profound and absolute. History is so filled with examples that it would take pages to explain, but the end results are the same, massive bloodshed.

  6. A precision “strike” would be more effective, as in “cease all trucking into blue states and cities”.

  7. The transport minister wants the provinces to revoke the truckers’ licenses and insurance.

    I’ve read that Child protective services might be called in, for all those ‘at risk’ children. So now there is the threat of taking children??

    Video of the police confiscating fire wood.
    People arrested for what? Looting, burning, mayhem? No, for peaceful protest. For supporting peacefully the convoy. Two farmers arrested for having empty fuel cans in the back of their trucks, charged with aiding and abetting.
    And again concerns voiced about cell service at risk.
    I wonder what the police are doing with all that fuel. Storing it? That would be risky, dumping it? Wasteful. Using it themselves?

  8. I think the Baron’s idea is now a general sentiment all over the world. Which means that there will be many, partly unpredictable, strikes and counter strikes as we are spiralling into this war with more and more people waking up to the tyranny and abuse when they see the enemy’s mask of benevolence slip off.

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