Stop the Coronamadness!

The following video is a compilation of anti-coronatyranny demonstrations that took place last Saturday (May 9) in Germany. The producers of the video say that there were 180 such demonstrations across the country, but almost no information about them appeared in the media.

Parts of this video are already subtitled in English. Many thanks to MissPiggy for translating the rest, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

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The Corona Papers

There are a fair number of coronadissidents among credentialed experts in German academia, as evidenced by the following report.

Many thanks to MissPiggy for translating this essay from Die Achse des Guten:

The Corona Papers: How the Ministry of the Interior Conjured up the Risk

Dear readers, what I am writing to you today should, if we still have reasonably functioning institutions, authorities, courts and media, bring the lockdown to an immediate end. The story that follows will remind you of Watergate and whistle-blowing, except it is happening today and we’re in the middle of it. Since I am a doctor, and I am primarily interested in people, I will tell you the story from that perspective.

You may have seen my other Corona articles. The factual and sound approach receives a lot of approval. As a result, ten days ago an employee of the Federal Ministry of the Interior asked me to assist in preparing an analysis of the medical damage resulting from the lockdown. From my twenty years of experience in dealing with the issues of nutrition and obesity, I know how little authorities and institutions — and I won’t even mention the media — are concerned with the actual findings. Therefore, I was not surprised by the answer to the following question: Hasn’t an analysis of the damage due to the Corona Protection Measures been prepared by the ministry already? The incredible answer: unfortunately, no. The employee of the Federal Ministry had already made proposals in this respect, which either fell on deaf ears or in some cases, were answered with threats of consequences for not keeping quiet. In this respect, this call was very courageous and the employee knew that this path would not be easy.

Thereupon I quickly provided this employee with the addresses of my professional network, and the colleagues immediately got to work alongside their demanding professions (ranging from university institute directors to clinic directors), enabling the employee to produce a reliable, highly competent assessment of the medical consequences of the lockdown within a week.

The results do not surprise any expert. From a purely medical point of view, the damage caused by the lockdown will be much higher than Corona could ever have caused. Naturally, the economic, social and political damage is also related to this. Everything is interdependent, but this paper was mainly concerned with the medical side. This includes the 2.5 million operations, follow-up treatment, early diagnosis or care restrictions not carried out during the Corona months.

Yesterday he finished the paper. In addition to the medical damage assessment of the lockdown, the paper also states that these measures should never have been taken. Because, in terms of the dimensions of a national civil protection system, the Corona infection never had the potential to trigger a national disaster with a significant threat to the general public. All the figures, even those of the RKI [Robert Koch Institute], show this. He sent this paper to the official channels of the authorities in the afternoon of May 8, 2020, including to every Ministry of the Interior of each German state. In it he also described in detail how the Corona error occurred and where the systemic error lies in the decision-making processes.

It’s just as I thought it would be. Essential data was negated, along with the technically correct interpretation of that data, and it never reached the departments of the ministries and thus no longer appears in the ministerial work templates. The public, especially the leading media, applauds this, instead of pointing out these fundamental omissions. Those who do, such as Professor Sucharit Bhakdi and Professor Stefan Hockertz, are forced to switch to Internet media, which is used as a tool to defame them as outsiders. This mechanism has become a major vulnerability of our society, which no longer allows us to react to crises in a competence-controlled and appropriate manner. As this paper states, there is no longer a functioning alarm button that effectively warns policymakers when they run the risk of making a colossal mistake.

The Ministry responded promptly

This paper, launched into the ministerial bureaucracy, led to a response from the ministry to all the scientists involved in just two hours. Here is the text of the email:

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Signs and Portents Everywhere… But of What? (Interlude IB)

Here’s another interlude post in Seneca III’s latest treatise. See the archives link at the bottom of this post for previous installments in this series.

Signs and Portents Everywhere…But of What?

by Seneca III

Interlude IB


Mass alien immigration from the Third World into the First and the social and cultural decomposition that followed is now a fait accompli. This same aggressive war on our way of life is also being fought on another front by other means and by members of the same cabal. They plan to control the ways and means that determine the state of human health on a global scale — aided and abetted by the UN and the WHO, naturally — and through that monopoly to eventually control the world itself. They are the wealthy, politically well-connected and anointed disciples of Mammon who are shaping an autocratic global future controlled exclusively by them and for their benefit alone, not for ours.

If by the time you have finished reading this article and, most important of all, watching the video, you are not frightened by thoughts of what the future holds then so be it. If, however, you can see and understand how the globalist plan is unfolding and it is not what you wish for the future of your children and grandchildren then it is time for some serious preparation and then action.

But before preparation, first must come a full understanding of who the enemy is, his methodology and how he operates as an international distributed network with tentacles stretching into every corner of our lives, and finances and thus what his ultimate destination is.

“The social atmosphere is that of a besieged city. And at the same time the consciousness of being at war, and therefore in danger, makes the handing-over of all power to a small caste seem the natural, unavoidable condition of survival.”

— George Orwell, 1984

A short review of the revelatory video

…by Amazing Polly.

The video is 38 fascinating minutes in length. Below are seven snapshots of some of the graphics found therein. In the video there are many more accompanied by full explanations of the lineages and interconnections between the principal players.

This ‘Pledging Event’ lasted two and half hours. Always follow the money — as the video does.

The web of conspiracy starts to develop.

More players arrive…

…and more…

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Coronamadness in Germany

The four videos below illustrate various aspects of the coronavirus insanity that has descended upon Germany. To be fair to the Germans, the mass hysteria and political repression are more or less the same throughout the West. The pervasive collective madness may even be worse in some states here in the USA.

Many thanks to MissPiggy for the translations. In fact, I’d like to take this opportunity to express special gratitude for MissPiggy’s work. Over the past couple of years she has carried much of the translation load for German and French, and we should all let her know how much we appreciate it.

Also, of course, a big thank-you to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling.

Video #1: A protester is beaten unconscious by police at a Corona demo in Berlin.

Video #2: The Volkslehrer gets harassed by a media representative at a protest against the coronavirus restrictions.

The man who gently chides the reporter is Nikolai Nerling, a.k.a. Der Volkslehrer [The People’s Teacher]. He became instantly famous after confronting Angela Merkel at speaking engagement in September 2017 by asking her: “What’s going on? You have sworn to serve the German people! What are you doing?”

He also pointed out that there wasn’t a single Native German child in his classroom anymore (video). He’s an elementary school teacher, but was relieved of his employment for being outspoken. In this clip he is at the Corona protest in Stuttgart as a journalist and is being harassed and labeled as a right-wing extremist by the MSM.

Video #3: A knockdown goes down at a locked-down godown.

Actually, this seems to be a supermarket rather than a warehouse. A less than compliant citizen gets into a fracas with a uniformed authority figure. Notice that ordinary zeks have to wear masks, but the uniform doesn’t.

Video #4: Katharina Schulze disses the Corona protesters.

Katharina Schulze is the co-leader of the Green Party in Bavaria. In this video she disparages everyone who showed up to protest the ChiCom flu restrictions in Bavaria.

Video transcript #1:

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Signs and Portents Everywhere… But of What? (Part IIB)

This is the latest installment in Seneca III’s latest treatise. See the archives link at the bottom of this post for previous installments in this series.

Signs and Portents Everywhere… But of What?

by Seneca III

Part IIB — A loosely connected miscellany of the darkly disturbing plus a journey into the past

2019 — Another welcome addition, one Claudia Naomi Webbe MP, takes up residence in the Labour Party Parliamentary Zoo.

Claudia arrived from Leicester East — another wonderfully enriched constituency after replacing the toy boy bum’n’coke aficionado and industrial washing machine salesman, a.k.a. Keith Vaz MP (resigned)[1].

Yet it would appear that electing a race-baiting Castro and Lenin supporter (see the pictures on her wall) comes quite naturally to that well-diversified electorate, but — much to Claudia’s credit — she has not been known to sell industrial washing machines or inhale exotic substances.

“Webbe was born and brought up in Leicester and has family members living in the constituency. She studied social science at De Montfort University, Leicester, then later an MSc in Race and Ethnic Relations at Birkbeck, University of London.

Having participated in its development in the mid-1990s, Webbe was the chair of Operation Trident, a community-led initiative to tackle gun-related homicides disproportionately affecting black communities. Webbe was a policy director and adviser to the Mayor of London, Ken Livingstone. She was responsible for culture, cultural strategy, sports and tourism, and she was a member of his election campaign team in 2000 and 2004.

Webbe wrote about Livingstone when in 2006 he was found guilty by the Standards Board for England’s Adjudication Panel of bringing his office into disrepute and suspended from office for four weeks. Webbe said that “I have worked with Ken in numerous anti-racist organisations and campaigns including the Anti-Racist Alliance, the National Assembly against Racism and while I was director of Westminster Race Equality Council, he took up cases that I referred onto him for support. His history of work in the anti-racist movement is unquestionable.” [From Wikipedia]

De Montfort University is located in Leicester, England. It was established in accordance with the Further and Higher Education Act in 1992 as a degree-awarding body. De Montfort University has approximately 27,000 full- and part-time students, 3,240 staff and an annual turnover in the region of £168 million. The university is organised into four faculties: Art, Design, and Humanities (ADH); Business and Law (BAL); Health and Life Sciences (H&LS); and Computing, Engineering and Media (CEM). It is a Sustainable Development Hub, focusing on Peace, Justice and Strong Institutions, an initiative by the United Nations launched in 2018.

In 2019, the first Times Higher Education (THE) University Impact Rankings, a global performance tables that assess universities against the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals, ranked De Montfort University 50th in the world. The university has special arrangements with more than 80 universities and colleges in over 25 countries, including Nanjing University, ranked 120th in the world by the Times Higher Education and situated in Jiangsu, eastern China. The two universities have launched various initiatives, including a scholarship programme for De Montfort students and doctoral study coupled with English language tuition for students from Nanjing.” [From Wikipedia]

That figures, and just 50th? Highly appropriate methinks. It and Leicester deserve each other, and if there were such a ranking, it would probably rate in the top 5% of those turning out career Baristas… or Labour politicians.

2020 — Another heartwarming example of our enrichment — The Curious Case of Nadia Whittome

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More Protests in Germany Against the Corona Lockdown

Thousands of German citizens took to the streets again this weekend to protest against the strict measures imposed on them under the Wuhan Coronavirus lockdown. The two video clips below show various demonstrations, and the response by police.

Many thanks to MissPiggy for the translations, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling.

Video #1: Demo at the Alexanderplatz in Berlin

Video #2: Compilation of demos in Berlin and Stuttgart

Video transcript #1:

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Italy: Is Coronavirus Paving the Way for Dictatorial Powers?

Ashraf Ramelah, the president of Voice of the Copts, sends a coronaskeptic’s view of the situation in Italy and elsewhere in the West.

Italy: Is Coronavirus paving the way for dictatorial powers?

by Ashraf Ramelah

For years I have focused on the cruel and needless suffering of the Christian Copts of Egypt. Religiously inspired laws and the dictates of a regime governing the Islamic state has always been the enemy of the Egyptian Copts. Long ago a barbaric Islamic army invaded and occupied the Pharaoh’s land, for centuries ruling with severity the native Christians. Islam ruled with barbarity and deception.

Is the rest of the world seeing a modern-day version of this right now? There seems to be rule by deception and the top-down dictates that stem from it — the same formula. The World Health Organization (WHO) along with its agents who head nation states and act as official authority over a “new disease” force us into charts and graphs and experts to lock us down under house arrest, distance us from each other and muzzle our mouths with masks. Like the fierce Islamic warriors who cut out the tongues of the native Copts of the mid-7th century, dissent is silenced. Our current warlords are worldwide authorities riding a pandemic high, most likely one they created.

Just like our unfortunate friends across the world in Egypt our sacrifice seems not so much for the health and welfare of mankind as it is to succumb to the control of a certain ruling class. Bio-weapon or not, manmade or natural, the Covid-19 and its vultures have swept down and made the best of very controversial data for a power grab. Like the useful Shariah, the “facts” are given and the solution is provided. Let us be grateful.

By imposing harsh measures that contradict scientific experts and lead to the deterioration of health and limit our God-given rights and freedoms, the Western warlords have gotten us to beg for our punishment so the “curve can be flattened.” We enter their program and wait, watch and listen for the next dreaded word spoken from a podium.

But their death charts are already debunked. Who cares? Just go along. Get through it. But, alas, we won’t ever get done with it. The joke is on us. The good people of the United States know this already from the 9-11 event and its aftermath, receiving the Patriot Act and universal surveillance. Now we are all Copts of Egypt.

Fear and political gain

Only one official source of information exists, which is scripted and distributed over the airwaves via mainstream media just like Egypt’s age-old state-owned broadcasts. It is alarmist and creates fear and panic. This leads to loss of common sense in the citizenry and contributes to irrational beliefs. At the same time there are many highly educated scientists and doctors disagreeing with the official assessment and solutions. We listen but are not able to adopt their sensible course of actions — it’s too late. The forces of the one worldwide alliance own all the science worthy of conveying, and humanity has already paid dearly for it. We now have all we need to know. We are guilty. We are killing our neighbors and even our families.

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Signs and Portents Everywhere… But of What? (Interlude IA)

Here’s another interlude post in Seneca III’s latest treatise. See the archives link at the bottom of this post for previous installments in this series.

Signs and Portents Everywhere… But of What?

by Seneca III

INTERLUDE IA — The Great Cover-up Saga Continues

Whether this latest development is a result of the points raised in the INTERLUDE article (which was posted by GoV on the 4th of May) is impossible to determine, but it remains a possibility as the date of the letter sent by the Petitions Committee to the Home Secretary was the 5th of May following an emergency meeting of the Committee. Things in the time of Covid do indeed move in strange ways.

Furthermore, the letter to the Home Secretary is signed by Catherine McKinnell MP (Labour), the Chair of the Petitions Committee. She represents the Newcastle on Tyne North constituency, one of the nastier epicenters of the violent Muslim paedophiliac rape Jihad against white children. Another consideration is that she did not receive the finest of accolades in the previous article, INTERLUDE, which may have pushed her nose somewhat out of joint or caused a nasty itch somewhere in her political nether regions.

News of this development popped up in my in tray yesterday, the 8th of May:

Dear XXX

You recently signed the petition “Release the Home Office’s Grooming Gang Review in full”:

The Petitions Committee (the group of MPs who oversee the petitions system) have considered the Government’s response to this petition. They felt that the response did not directly address the request of petition and have therefore written back to the Government to ask them to provide a revised response.

You can read a letter from the Chair of the Petitions Committee to the Home Secretary, requesting the revised response, on our website here.

When the Committee have received a revised response from the Government, this will be published on the website and you will receive an email. If you would not like to receive further updates about this petition, you can unsubscribe below.

The Petitions team
UK Government and Parliament

The Letter (emphasis added):

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Life in Corona-Isolation

Elisabeth Sabaditsch-Wolff has chronicled her experience of coronavirus lockdown in a remote rural location in Austria.

Life in Corona-Isolation

by Elisabeth Sabaditsch-Wolff

My husband, a surgeon and commanding officer of a military hospital, saw it coming: “As soon as schools shut down, you and Erica are leaving the city.” This was a few days before March 13, when the Austrian government instructed the population to shelter in place, closed all schools and the entire economy in order to restrict personal interactions and break the exponential rise of Covid-19 infections. I believed him, yet on a subconscious level hoped this was just a bad dream, while I mechanically packed a few bags and waited for Erica to return from school one last time.

I was transported back in time, some thirty years ago, when one morning I woke up to the sound of helicopters hovering over Kuwait City, forcing me to head to the nearest supermarket for essentials, just as I did on that day the government shut down Austria. There were rumors about government plans to impose a curfew and to limit the number of shoppers in a store. (All that was to follow in the coming days.) I remember the insecurity of the resulting panic-buyers on March 14, when I also shopped for essentials, though not for toilet paper (!), before Erica and I packed up our two cats and headed to our country house in southern Austria. My husband had planned to help us settle in, but was called to the barracks due to an alarm notice sent out during the night hours. In all his years in the army this had never happened before. My stomach felt very queasy.

The drive to our new home was eerie. In normal times, the main highway to the south is commonly used by cars and countless heavy-laden trucks likely heading to Austria’s neighbors Italy and Slovenia. But not on this Saturday: not only was the highway empty, but so were the winding roads through the mountainous areas. There were no tractors or other farm equipment slowing us down, no one on a sightseeing tour, just a mother, her daughter and their cats fleeing the city for safety in the countryside while listening to breaking news on the radio. After all, the mayor of Vienna had recently announced that he and his experts expected hundreds or thousands of Covid-19 infected people in Vienna, and had therefore begun erecting a makeshift hospital in a spacious exhibition hall to assist the regular hospitals, which were expected to overflow with patients.

Erica and I have settled in to our new rural life thirty miles away from the nearest major city. Due to the de facto curfew which permits only shopping for essentials, a visit to the doctor’s office or outdoor exercise, I venture out only very rarely, fascinated once again by how little one requires and how much we still have access to. The grocery stores have always been fully stocked. Yet, as much as I would want to take advantage of the gradual opening of stores, my aversion to the forced use of face masks when entering a store denies me the pleasure.

Let me explain the reasons: First, research and discussions with my doctor husband and others in the medical field make me conclude that face masks are at best useless and at worst even dangerous; the masks literally mask a feeling of security. If they make one feel more secure, then by all means wear them. But mandating a face mask by law is wrong. Secondly — and this is the real reason for my rejection of wearing the face mask — I have been a staunch advocate of banning the veiling of women, especially in the West. I cannot support the mandatory face mask and simultaneous fight against mandatory veiling of women. I want to look people in the eyes, read their lips (which we all do subconsciously), enjoy their facial expressions and judge whether they are friendly or not. All of this is made impossible by facial masks. I am betraying myself if I wear an ugly face mask, so instead I wrap a very light shawl around my nose and mouth for now until the arrival of my recently ordered summer hat with a light sunscreen shawl.

Nevertheless, I am fascinated by the creativity stimulated by the compulsory face masks. Newspapers offer sewing instructions; famous and not-yet-famous designers provide their interpretation of a “designer face mask” including a corresponding price tag; but I am so partial to masks personally sewn by Brigitte Huber, whose great-grandfather was Gustav Klimt, I even ordered one for posterity.

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Signs and Portents Everywhere… But of What? (Part IIA)

This is the third installment of Seneca III’s latest treatise. Previously: Part 1, Interlude.

Signs and Portents Everywhere… But of What?

Part IIA — Signs hiding in plain sight, continued…

1968 to present — Education: The beginnings of the destruction of the tried and true traditional education system began, as far as I can make out, in 1968 with what was presented as a revised syllabus. This syllabus came with radically new formats for GCE (General Certificate of Education) Ordinary level examinations. [Junior High School in the US.]

I only came across examples of this change many years later when I stumbled across copies of the Maths papers I had sat in 1957 at the age of 16. Essentially, the Maths syllabus that I had been solidly grounded and then examined in was somewhat narrower but far, far deeper than its replacement(s) from 1968 onwards.

Arithmetic, Algebra, Geometry, Trigonometry together with the History of Mathematics were taught in a disciplined way and consequently students ended up with a comprehensive understanding of the subject; the modern system of rote learning within a far broader and much shallower syllabus may impart certain facts but no deep, intuitive understanding of this essential foundational component of human knowledge and achievement.

I also gathered from friends that the History Syllabus and examination had changed likewise, generally devolving to a non-rigorous curriculum whereby instead of learning and connecting facts, genealogies and dates students are now required to parrot revisionist interpretations derived from a distorted modern perspective rather than that of the time and place in which they happened.

This is not education; it is indoctrination. Thus it is no surprise that higher education today is polluted with dons and tutors who squander young minds and churn out butterfly hordes of snowflakes with ‘Studies’ degrees who, being wholly untrained in critical thinking and with no awareness of reality, cower in their safe spaces fully ‘woke’ and terrified of being thrust out into the harsh realities of the world beyond their artificial academic womb.

No doubt all of this well serves the objectives of globalism — millions of useless drones to labour away at non-creative work, pacified with bread and circuses and uncomprehending of their psychological imprisonment, but of no other use whatsoever. You will find one such here…

The original report in the UK was at ‘Order Order’, but they no longer seem to be able to ‘find the article’ for some strange reason (lawyers, perhaps?), which is a pity, because some of the comments were, shall we say, rather pithy, when it came to the inane witterings of a lost generation.

But Order-Order did cite the original offering from this somewhat less than charming misandrist here, so do indulge yourselves in the meanderings of an inadequate intellect, incredible though that semi-literate drivel may seem to the sound of mind. And, in case that for some strange reason the HuffPost original should also go missing, there is a copy and paste of it for your delectation in ANNEX C below.

Overall one may well wonder how this parlous situation came about. In essence, it did so after privatization of the University system, when profiteering replaced rigorous academic disciplines with spurious degree subjects such as Football Management, Tourism etc. designed for those youngsters of limited academic ability, and then ‘Gender’ and many other weird ‘Studies’ which were designed to attract the weak, porous intellects of single-issue fanatics, anti-white racists and the near brain dead:

Our university system was fully privatized only a few years ago. It happened in several steps as the Government withdrew the base funding that most of the population thinks it still has.

People noticed the marketisation, of course — the introduction of tuition fees, the student loans company and a newly competitive “market” for students from home and abroad. Inevitably, this “market” then needed a regulator. Value for money was to be decided by excellence frameworks ranked gold, silver and (fearfully) bronze. Marketing budgets soared.

However, many people failed to notice what had really happened. Our universities had become providers of education and research with the equivalent of zero hours contracts…

[From the Daily Telegraph — 24th April.]

2015 — Foreign Aid: The UK currently spends 0.7% of its Gross National Income on Overseas Development Assistance (ODA). The 0.7% target was first adopted by UN General Assembly resolution in 1970. In 2015 the Conservative-Liberal Democrat Coalition government, formalized on the 20th May under the joint stewardship of ‘Call me Dave’ Cameron and the ‘Klingon’ Nicholas William Peter Clegg, made it a legally binding national commitment.

In 2019 Britain’s foreign aid budget soared £623 million to a record £15.2 billion/$19.2 billion, and such largesse in the time of Covid is now naught but economic suicide. Of the 2019 amount, £4.2 billion was squandered on feminist foreign aid to improve global gender equality and, the year before, Britain had spent millions on a Spice Girls clone in Ethiopia. No, you couldn’t make it up — but it is the epitome of misguided pathological altruism as directed by the UN and at the expense of struggling British taxpayers. This insanity must cease with immediate effect — what one government can enshrine in law a successor government can and must strike down.

2007 — The Great Climate Change Scam

Albert Arnold Gore Jr. is an ex-US Vice President who served under President ‘Damp Cigar’ William Jefferson Clinton and later was a failed Presidential candidate himself. He is an extremely wealthy, self-promoting environmentalist (aren’t they all?) whose work is climate-change activism, i.e. promoting the imposition of carbon taxes and consequently having vested interests in two carbon trading companies on the NY Stock exchange. This earned him (jointly with the IPCC) the Nobel Peace Prize in 2007. Yes, that’s correct, the International Panel on Climate Change, dodgy statistics, kleptocracy and empty third-world pockets in need of filling.

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Signs and Portents Everywhere… But of What? (Interlude)

Since posting his first installment of this treatise, Seneca III has acquired new information, and thus is interleaving it here.

Signs and Portents Everywhere… But of What?

by Seneca III

INTERLUDE — Party Politics in the raw, and Islamic angst ‘On Air’ in the time of Covid

In the comments to Part I, ‘K. from Germany’ pointed out an omission I had failed to notice whilst writing and proof-reading that article.

K. from Germany on May 3, 2020 at 2:55 am said:

“And there you will find no mention as to whom these paragons of rectitude are …” —

Follow the link they provided and then “membership” to arrive at this page:

Not at all suggesting they can’t be corrupted. This whole establishment is rotten to the core. But they wisened up on how to pull one over the public so it won’t be as simple as counting Mohammeds.

To which I replied:

Seneca III on May 3, 2020 at 12:55 pm said:

Thank you for that, K. I will include a correction in the part of the series I am working on at the moment. And, also, if I can find the time, I will have a quick look at each of the members — that could turn out to be very interesting or turn up nothing at all.

Depending on what turns up and if it is politically interesting, I may have to skip including such an analysis in the current work in progress, which is already structured in note form, and save it for a later edition. Rgds, S III.

This I have done, and it was indeed an eye opener.

The Petitions Committee

To begin: The Northern arc of occupied territories stretches roughly and somewhat intermittently from the Manchester-Liverpool conglomerate in the West on the shores of the Irish Sea to Tyneside in the East on the shores of the North Sea.

It is a rich hunting ground for the Paedophiliac Slaves of Allah seeking more gender slaves, or ‘Fresh Meat’ as Islam has been known to refer to white girl children and young Western women as a whole, so let us have a look at this area and the MPs who represent some of the constituencies in those lost lands, and who also serve on the Petitions Committee.

Naturally my first ports of call were to be the Labour MPs whose lucrative parliamentary sinecures rely heavily, in some places predominantly, on the Muslim vote. There are four of these Marxist-Socialist drones out of a total of eleven members on the committee, and whilst they are not a majority, they do constitute a substantial and influential voting bloc, and the ones that do not represent overwhelmingly Muslim constituencies would have no doubt voted with the others out of Party solidarity.

Those latter two outliers are:

1. Kerry MacCarthy, Labour, Bristol East

Demographically, Bristol is not yet a mini-Caliphate but it is quite well and variously enriched, and is so ‘Woke’ and in love with Multiculturalism that it rarely sleeps as it demonstrates how easy it is for a once homogeneous community to commit racial suicide.

2. Chris Evans, Labour, Islwyn

Islwyn is a Welsh Parliamentary constituency that seems to have escaped the attentions of the grooming fraternity. It is, however, one of the safest dyed-in-the-wool Labour seats in the country. It was once held by the party’s former leader Neil Kinnock, who served as opposition leader for nearly a decade until 1992 and then went off to become an EU commissioner and made a personal fortune in the process, as did his wife, Glenys Elizabeth Kinnock, Baroness Kinnock of Holyhead FRSA, who was a Labour Party Member of the European Parliament (MEP) from 1994 to 2009. Nice work if you can get it.

The hard-core vote whoring Dhimmis are:

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The Fourth Coronareich

The five videos below illustrate various aspects of the authoritarian (if not totalitarian) dystopia that Germany has become under the regime imposed to deal with the Wuhan Coronavirus.

Many thanks to MissPiggy for the translations, and to Vlad Tepes and RAIR Foundation for the subtitling.

Video #1: Beatrix Von Storch on the treatment of Christians in Germany

Beatrix von Storch is a deputy leader of the AfD (Alternative für Deutschland, Alternative for Germany) and a member of the Bundestag. In this video she discusses the discrepancy between the legal rules imposed on Christians during the coronavirus lockdown, and the far more lenient standards applied to Muslims:

Video #2: Doctors protest the Corona lockdown

The second video shows physicians in the city of Schwerin gathering to protest the lockdown:

Video #3: Displaying the Basic Law is forbidden

The Grundgesetz is the Basic Law (also known as the Constitution) of the Federal Republic of Germany. In the following video a policeman tells a young lady that she must remove her copy of the Grundgesetz from public view. Furthermore, he asserts that she does not have the right to express a political opinion in public:

Video #4: Brutal arrests at a Corona demo in Berlin

The fourth video shows the very rough treatment meted out by police in Berlin when arresting protesters during a coronavirus demonstration. Pay particular attention to the way one officer handles a very diminutive young lady who does not want to accompany him:

Video #5: A mandatory vaccine?

In the final video, a lawyer in Cologne describes a proposed law that would impose a mandatory vaccine on all Germans. Citizens will be required to have proof of immunity before they can travel freely and exercise other basic civil liberties:

Video transcript #1:

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Culture-Enrichers Ignore Lockdown in Turin

Many thanks to FouseSquawk for translating this article from Il Giornale:

“For them the lockdown doesn’t exist.” And the migrants are free to camp out.

Migrants crowded outside the mini-markets and camped out in the green areas, in Barriera di Milano, on the northern periphery of Turin, anarchy rules. Montaruli: Fratelli d’Italia [party]: “Enough with the rule of two weights and two measures”

It is a slow restart, difficult, painful. The country faces phase two in no particular order. And those who remain behind don’t see horizons.

The list of the activities still trapped in the lockdown is long: Bars, restaurants, confectioneries, hair salons, beauty centers, and so on. There are thousands of entrepreneurs who are being asked to continue gritting their teeth. They say it will serve to not frustrate the efforts made thus far.

The people are tired, angry. In some cases, they feel they are victims of a real injustice. One of them is Roberto, 25, and a bar created with immense sacrifices. His is one of the few Italian businesses in Barriera di Milano, on the northern periphery of Turin. It is here where the largest number of ethnic businesses in the city are concentrated. None of them have lowered the shutter; they are considered the same as supermarkets. “In reality they have been transformed into meeting places for the foreigners who camp out with their beer in hand,” complains Roberto. “They can do what they want; they have always done what they feel like, while we don’t even know if we will reopen,” he explains. The bad news that is spread in the area where this kind of activity has by now taken hold is evident from a series of videos.

Testimonies that tell how for some categories of operators, the anti-contagion measures are waste paper. Augusta Montaruli, a deputy for Fratelli d’Italia, has recounted dozens of reports like these. They all come from the ex-worker quarters of the city, from the multi-ethnic streets of Turin that fly under the radar of the institutions: Corso Vercelli, Corso Giulio Cesare, Along Dora Firenze, Via Martorelli. The so-called free zones, often protagonists in the news for episodes of drug dealing, fights and decay. Corso Giulio Cesare, for example, ended up under the spotlight about ten days ago. when some 100 people tried to prevent the arrest of two robbers. Scenes of urban guerrilla warfare which have aroused sensation and indignation. But even after that afternoon of madness, things have not changed. In Barriera di Milano, anarchy still reigns.

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Signs and Portents Everywhere… But of What?

Below is the introduction and first section of Seneca III’s treatise on the current civilizational crisis in the West, especially the UK, as brought to full ripeness by the response to the Wuhan Coronavirus.

Signs and Portents Everywhere…But of What?

by Seneca III



It is said that all writing is plagiarism and I suspect that mine is no exception. I have no doubt that this article contains versions of many phrases and concepts absorbed from my reading of other articles and comments and that have remained in my subconscious until now. To those anonymous authors and thinkers, I offer my thanks and my apologies for being unable to cite or link to you.

This series of contiguous articles focuses on events and developments which, whilst global in nature, primarily reflect happenings and responses in the United Kingdom. Nevertheless, many of the salient points and their variants apply equally in other places across the Western Ecumene.

There will be cases where, because of the delay between the date of writing and the date of publication, events will overtake circumstances. An example being that as I write there are already rumours that the UK government is going to have to ease up on the worst extremes of the lockdown and cast many of its draconian provisions aside because the people appear to have had enough and are now doing so unilaterally anyway.


The ChiComBug is not just a newly minted pestilence of yet to be determined virulence but a gift to vested interests at all levels of the establishment and its supporting beneficiaries. It has opened up an opportunity to halt the recent trend across the Western Ecumene[1] to return to the security and comfortable homogeneity of independent countries, with their original culture and traditions being the defining ethos and the determinant of the way the State conducts its business both internally and externally.

This trend is the total antithesis of the punitive, retrograde ‘one size fits all’ regulations imposed upon their victims by supranational organizations such as the EU, avaricious mega-corporations, banking conglomerates, and the now compromised, Islamified and Sinosized UN; it impedes their mad dash to create a divided North-South ‘co-prosperity sphere’ (that phrase being globalist speak for a global dictatorship) which is totally weighted against productive, stable and previously self-sustaining Caucasian nations. This trend bothers the Cabal deeply.

Consequently, Covid has presented them with a heaven-sent opportunity to attack the re-emerging foundational mores of Western culture, the wholesome binding ties of family, of ethnicity-centered cohesion, of connecting across generations, of grandchildren interacting with their grandparents and their memories of freedoms past and lessons learned, of interfamily and wider community socializing — whilst, simultaneously, promoting detrimental social behavior such as prolonged isolation and distancing, hate crimes and institutionalized sexual deviance implemented and carried out to the extreme. The former list is the foundation stone of free representative democracies, the latter of dictatorships.

Much as they intended, it becomes virtually impossible for We the People to discuss face-to-face and understand the threat as a well-informed collective and to co-operate and plan for our defence as a united entity free of electronic monitoring; it is also no coincidence that pubs are scheduled to be the last public venues to be reopened, if there are still any of them left as viable enterprises… this, perhaps, for the same reason as King Charles I when he exclaimed “Close all the Ale Houses, they are hotbeds of sedition!”

[N.B. Small, local breweries across Europe, many of them family businesses hundreds of years old, have already been driven to into closure because of the closure of bars and restaurants and consequently have had to leave their employees to the not so tender mercies of the State who have millions of alien interlopers to support in the manner in which they demand under threat of mass insurrection.]

It is even being mooted that reopening will not happen until it has been determined that there is not going to be a second wave, or until a vaccine is found and administered countrywide, whichever comes first (or on the twelfth of never), as determined by the Scientific Committee led by Professor Chris Whitty [See Annex A]. We in the UK are not permitted to see the data upon which this course of action is predicated as the devious dissemblers in charge will not release the information until whatever they are up to is done and dusted and, one suspects, doctored to protect the inept and the globalist co-conspirators in their midst.[2]

It is as if this whole charade is designed, either with intent or by fortunate happenstance, to further the fragmentation of the Western way of life and cripple any resistance to the permanent imposition and expansion of the embryonic Global Police State.

It would also appear that the primary task of the globalists’ embedded flunkies is now to completely tear apart our moral, social and cultural hearts and minds to the benefit of their personal and political profit without our realizing it until too late.

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