Let the Tumbrels Roll!

French Interior Minister Christophe Castaner raised the stakes in the rhetorical war within France by asserting that anyone who participates in a Yellow Vest demonstration is complicit with any violence that is committed by some of the demonstrators.

Marine Le Pen, the leader of Rassemblement National (National Rally, formerly Front National), responded by reminding Mr. Castaner of the collective French memory of what happens when political leaders travel down this road —bringing to mind images of the tumbrels rolling to the guillotine.

Many thanks to Ava Lon for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

The video above is a composite of two separate clips. The two transcripts are listed below with their original times.

Video transcript #1:

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Splitting Hairs

In his latest essay, our Israeli correspondent MC wades into the murky cultural waters where shariah advocates and social justice warriors converge.

Splitting Hairs

by MC

The Hebrew ‘shalom’ is translated as ‘peace’, but that is not particularly accurate. It actually describes an ‘inner peace’, which comes with a personal relationship with the Creator, in this case Yahovah. ‘Peace’ is essentially a manmade thing (or not, as the case may be), but shalom comes through keeping the Commandments of Yah.

In this day and age this kind study of is considered to be ‘splitting hairs’, just as the difference between quoting a hadith about Mohammed’s sexual proclivities and accusing him of paedophilia is ‘splitting hairs’, since the one makes the other obvious.

The problem about a sex act with a 9-year-old is not so much the gross physical intrusion as the potential for damage to the child both physical and — especially — emotional. This is true particularly when considering the case of Mohammed, a religious icon whose every act is to be emulated by the faithful.

A 9-year-old is a child, and it thus vulnerable. Because a child is, by definition, not yet physically or emotionally mature, he or she cannot be considered able to give any kind of informed consent to a sex act. Any sex act.

Islam, being a male fantasy-oriented religion, takes no account of consent from either mature or immature women. On the other hand, the Judeo-Christian religions regard the woman as the ‘life-giver’, as the name Adam gave to Eve (Chava) implies. The woman is thus a pivotal player in the commandment to go forth and multiply, and we build our Western culture around the need to support this life-giver and her offspring — or rather we did until Roe vs. Wade.

Thus, because paedophilia is an intrinsic part of Islam, any judgement comes down to a matter of who can get away with offending whom. Muslims become violent when offended and start murdering people, but since Christians are mainly ‘white supremacists’ and need to be taught a lesson anyway… or so it seems to go these days. But just when did emotion and politicking creep into the modern law-making and its associated executive process?

So the recent European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) decision that to call Mohammed a paedophile is ‘hate speech’ is fraught with implications. In itself, the idea behind ‘hate’ speech is to provide a means to demonize free speech. Bur free speech is only really proven to be free when somebody is offended by it. So just how do we define hate speech in a ‘free speech’ context, if the two are so mutually incompatible?

Is it when free speech causes harm, as in falsely shouting FIRE in a crowded cinema?

To tip the scales of justice, the difference between ‘good’ and ‘bad’ must be clearly delineated, and must be able to be applied in all circumstances to all people, both equally, and across the board.

Do Muslims have an existential problem with paedophilia? Does the rest of society therefore have to give way to these Muslim sensitivities? Is there therefore a different law for Muslims — ‘Yes’, ‘Yes’ and ‘Yes’, it would appear.

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Viktor Orbán: “The Liberals Are the Enemy of Freedom Today in Europe”

Earlier this week Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán gave a press conference following a meeting with his cabinet. The night before last we posted a subtitled one-minute excerpt from his remarks. The full press conference was more than two hours long.

In an epic effort, CrossWare has translated Mr. Orbán’s opening remarks, plus selected questions — ones that are relevant to a non-Hungarian audience — and the prime minister’s responses.

Long-time readers know that I consider Viktor Orbán to be a titan among European political figures. If he were the leader of, say, Germany or France, he would be able to change the course of history. And he still may be able to do so, even as the prime minister of a country as tiny as Hungary.

In his remarks Mr. Orbán discusses four major topics, all of them related to mass migration:

1.   “Liberal” democracies promote mass migration. They are also in the forefront of those who would suppress any opposition to mass migration, and they attempt to interfere with or subvert other democracies that have decided against it.
2.   Europe is in the process of dividing itself into two civilizations, one consisting of countries that have admitted large numbers of mostly Muslim migrants, the other of countries that have rejected mass immigration. Mr. Orbán refers to the former as a “mixed civilization” consisting of Islamic and (formerly) Christian components. In contrast, the Central European civilization will remain Christian, even while protecting its religious minorities.
3.   For the “mixed” civilization there is no going back. It cannot be unmixed.
4.   The pressure of migration from Africa and Asia is increasing, and will continue for decades. The issue will dominate European politics during that time.

Some of the questions and parts of Mr. Orbán’s answers were in English. They are not included in the transcript, but you can hear them in the video. The questions have been translated by CrossWare in a condensed form, so that the original Hungarian is sometimes clearly much longer than the subtitled précis.

Many thanks to Vlad Tepes for editing and subtitling this video:

Video transcript:

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Michael Stürzenberger: The Fight Against the Immigration Pact is Just Beginning

Many thanks to JLH for translating this essay from Politically Incorrect:

The Fight Against the Immigration Pact is Just Beginning

by Michael Stürzenberger
December 25, 2018

As I was participating in a massive walk right through the part of Dresden that I mentioned in my speech about the ideological garbage dump called the “migration pact,” André Poggenburg told me I should have incinerated the thing in my speech. I intended to remedy that on December 16th at Pegida, but, since Lutz Bachmann — tongue in cheek — was standing next to me with a fire extinguisher, I decided “just” to shred it. Even that shows our uncompromising determination to fight this treaty that will destroy our German homeland until it is declared null and void.

This could be one of the most important components of our existential battle in 2019 against Islamization, the Mohammedan mass invasion and infiltration of our society by leftist extreme ideologues. We must never allow illegal folk migrations to be declared legal, or masses to stream into our social systems, or ourselves to smooth the way for them, or the opening of all gates, or opening our legal system to their complaints, while the media paint it all in a positive light. Therefore all “Relotiuses”[1] among the journalists shall be outed and their destructive media work instantly halted.

And that applies to the unbalanced leftist elements in politics. In my talk, I characterized the cadre training units — the Jusos [young socialists] — in the SPD [Socialist Party], for example, as spiritual murderers, because they seriously support the abortion of near-term babies. This spiritually degraded pack are the progeny of all the 35-year-old and younger members of the Sharia Party of Germany, who are now demanding the expulsion of the few remaining clear-thinking members. Thilo Sarrazin, for example, is supposed to have done the party “great harm” with his book “Hostile Takeover: How Islam hinders progress and threatens society.”

We can only wish these leftist boneheads happy trails on the way to their own destruction. These inveterate anti-patriots have achieved unanimity among themselves in the East, and if they keep on working against the will of the people, they could fall below 5% in the provincial election in Saxony this coming year.

The CDU [Christian Democrats, Merkel’s party] is in lockstep with the SPD, when it come to self-Turkization. So the chubby Aiman Mayzek, chair of the Central Council of Muslims, was perching fat and happy in the third row of the CDU national convention, like a star guest. The Islam-collaborators in the “Christian” Democrats don’t choose to recognize that the aforementioned central council is a playground for extremely dangerous Muslim Brothers who are organized in the Islamic Community of Germany (IGD) and intend to turn Germany into an Islamic theocracy.

At the convention, an ethnic Turkish CDU Muslim sang a hymn of praise to Merkel for her opening of the border in 2015, which was “ a humanitarian achievement.” But, as every Muslim knows, it was actually the beginning of the mass Mohammedan invasion of Germany.

In Dresden, I also denounced the permeation of the German justice system by sharia. For instance, the supreme court erroneously decided that German regulations on the banning of child marriages are unconstitutional. A Syrian with a fourteen-year-old wife, who was also his cousin, had made a legal complaint. Welcome to centuries-old Islamic incest. This catastrophic decision by the tolerance-besotted supreme court means no more or less than sharia before the constitution. Constitutional law is buckling across the board. Islamization is rolling over the rule of law.

Nevertheless, I evaluate these insane phenomena as the last convulsions of the multiculti fanatics, welcoming-culture fetishists, tolerance idiots and Islam butt-kissers, whose time is gradually running out. Pace-setters for the turnaround are the mentally sound politicians in East Europe, such as the Czech parliamentary representative Jiri Kobza of the party of Freedom and Democracy:

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Bremen: AfD Leader Kicked in the Head and Left for Dead

As Egri Nök reported last night, Frank Magnitz, the chairman of the AfD (Alternative für Deutschland, Alternative for Germany) in Bremen, was viciously attacked by masked men on the street in Bremen. He sustained severe head injuries, and is in intensive care.

Below are three videos about the incident. Many thanks to Miss Piggy for the translations, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling.

Video 1 is a brief news report:

Video 2, a longer news report:

Video 3 is a statement by Alice Weidel, the party leader for AfD in the Bundestag (WARNING: a graphic photo of Mr. Magnitz’s injuries is included in this footage):

Video transcript #1:

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The Elites At Work: A Cordon Sanitaire

Prompted by my recent post on Vlaams Belang, our Dutch correspondent H. Numan discusses the cordon sanitaire and related matters in the Low Countries.

The elites at work: a cordon sanitaire

by H. Numan

In Belgium, officially, there exists a cordon sanitaire around Vlaams Belang. This boycott — for it really is a boycott — is very successful. Almost as successful as Belgian pralines. No matter what VB proposes, it will be voted down or ignored. Then, another politician from a different party proposes exactly the same thing, word for word. That motion will be accepted. Effectively, this killed VB. Plus the near-total media boycott. Something Dutch politicians would love to do to the PVV party. The Dutch elites copied the boycott. It is in effect as we speak, has been for years.

Unlike in America, there are no independent media that support the PVV or VB. Openly stating you vote for the PVV or VB can hurt your career or even end it. You can’t be fired for that directly, but indirectly: not a problem. Just be creative. That is the cordon sanitaire at work. It’s not only in parliament; it’s everywhere.

There are two large and powerful political groups who need this boycott. First of all the Left. Because the Left is losing. They’re losing on so many levels; it’s hard to describe them all. Politically, they are wildly lashing around at anything in the most absurd manner. Make no mistake: social justice warriors really are the Sturm Abteilung of the left. Even uniformed, in some sort of way. It’s quite easy to spot a SJW from a mile. If male, it usually has a full grown beard, wears skin-tight trousers, a lumberjack shirt and is covered with tattoos. The female variant differs a bit, but very often they excel in looking as unattractive as possible. With tattoos, of course. A young woman without tattoos cannot be a feminist nowadays. They even make unattractiveness into a virtue: being vastly overweight is their personal choice and it has no health risks. It’s the male patriarchy that says so!

Be serious: allowing men to urinate in the ladies’ bog or vice versa is something to fight for? Do women really want that? Something a president should stoop low enough for to sign as a bill? Apparently, it is. If your president is named Hussein.

Now back to the Low Countries. The left absolutely needs a boycott of VB and the PVV, for they have lost all credibility. Everything they stood for they abandoned. Yes, everything. The lower social classes — which is the sole electoral reason for their existence — they dropped to woo the mohammedan vote.

After the collapse of communism they dropped the red banner and picked up a green flag. Koran green and environmentally green. Remember Pim Fortuyn wasn’t murdered by a mohammedan, but by an environmental activist. Who is now a free man, after serving a brief sentence in which he got a law degree, free of charge. He continues his struggle and his free degree and fights in court to have all the restrictions revoked which granted him his early release.

The environment and ‘social justice’ are their new tools to take over the capitalist world. Make no mistake about it: communism isn’t dead. Or withering in Venezuela, Laos, Cuba and North Korea. It’s alive and kicking. Busily destroying the economy of the Western world. They want only one source of sustainable energy: wind and solar power. Sheer ranting nonsense, as that is simply not possible. In Holland the government announced they want to ban internal combustion cars (diesel, gas and petrol) from 2030 onward. It doesn’t matter that those cars emit less pollutants. They have to go. Because the progressive elites demand it.

Not only that, our gas supply has been withered away, and must be replaced in an environmentally friendly manner by heat exchange systems. So we are told by progressive elites. Which will set the average family back $40,000. Those systems aren’t exactly cheap. They are also not very efficient, so you have to add extra insulation your house to the tune of another $40,000 to $60,000.

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“Integration” Means I Can Do Whatever I Please!

The following clip is from an Arabic-language Deutsche Welle program touted as a “talk show for Arab youth”. It appeared on the Facebook page of Markus Frohnmaier, the AfD delegate who appeared on the show. When Mr. Frohnmaier was interviewed by the host, he spoke in German, with an Arabic voice-over. The entire video was then subtitled in German.

MissPiggy, who translated the German subtitles into English, includes this contextual explanation:

They didn’t do an accurate job with the German subtitles.

I can hear Markus Frohnmaier speaking, and compare what he says with the German subtitles. The slightest of changes can make him seem like a jerk. Especially in his reply to her accusation.

Another example, concerning the handshake — The subtitles say: “According to my child-rearing, you MUST follow the ritual of courtesy when you meet someone.” He actually says: “I learned as a child to follow the ritual of courtesy when meeting someone.”

The aim is to make him seem “authoritarian”.

Miss Piggy translated the spoken German as she heard it, and not the subtitles translated from the Arabic voice-over.

Many thanks to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

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Yellow Vest Leader to Face Two Charges in Court

Earlier tonight we reported on the arrest of Eric Drouet, a leader of the Yellow Vest movement in France. Prosecutors have now decided that Mr. Drouet will appear in court next month to face two separate charges.

Many thanks to Ava Lon for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

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When is a Beheading Not a Beheading?

When a Scandinavian girl gets decapitated by a mujahid in Morocco. Then it’s a “knife wound to the neck”.

If you’re a Swedish media snoid, that is.

Ingrid Carlqvist talked about all this in her interview last month. The following brief article discusses the same phenomenon. Many thanks to FouseSquawk for translating this piece from Nyheter Idag:

“Knife wounds to the neck”— SVT continues to minimize the beheadings

The most problematic thing about the beheadings in connection with the murders in Morocco is not the act itself, but that people spread the video on social media of what actually happened. That is how state SVT [Swedish state TV] Rapport may be summarized when they focus on the fact that it may be criminal to spread the beheading video, the incident that the public service outlet calls “knife wounds”.

Since the state SVT in TV texts, on the web, and in news broadcasts consistently refers to “knife wounds” when they report on the murders in Morocco, many private persons have chosen to post the bloody video that shows that the same work was beheadings. Now public service channels are putting a stop to videos that show what really happened, via a feature in SVT Rapport.

“A video that is said to show the murders has been spread on social media. But those who spread the film in Sweden may be guilty of a crime”. That is what the former prosecutor Sven-Erik Alhem told a TV anchor in SVT Rapport.

On the TV screen even in the text, “dissemination is illegal” appears. Further, Rapport shows a feature from Morocco where reporter Diamant Salihu repeats the minimization of what actually happened.

“The girls had knife wounds on their necks,” he says in the feature.

Those who want to show that SVT is wrong in their claim of “knife wounds to the neck”, and thereby spread videos that show what really happened, may risk several years in jail.

“If the crime is aggravated, it carries up to four years in jail and a minimum of six months,” says Sven-Erik Alhem in the feature.

In social media, several users say that the video is being spread just because the Swedish media, in particular the public service, consistently refuse to state that both women had their heads cut from their bodies. Nyheter Idag (News Today) reached out to SVT on Tuesday, but without results.

Viktor Orbán: “You Cannot Protect Borders With Teddy Bears and Little Flowers”

The following interview with Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán was published by a major Austrian outlet. It’s not clear what language it was conducted in, but it was released in German.

Many thanks to MissPiggy for translating this article from oe24.at (Österreich):

Orbán Interview: ‘We are now the Bad Boys …’

Austria’s government gives Orbán a good report. Criticism hailed at the EU leadership.

Österreich: How do you see the Austrian EU Council Presidency under Chancellor Sebastian Kurz?

Viktor Orbán: The Austrians are lucky. You have a young, yet experienced Chancellor. Sebastian Kurz has already done an excellent job as Foreign Minister. Likewise, the EU Presidency was meticulously organized. I see the EU Council Presidency conducted in the expected manner by the Austrians: with diplomatic elegance and a lot of courage.

Österreich: Two fronts are emerging in the migration issue: on the one hand Merkel-Macron, on the other hand the Austrian Federal government and the Hungarian government. Is this statement correct?

Orbán: The Austrian position and the Hungarian position are similar: we need to bring aid to Africa and not bring the problems to Europe. Some say that the solution is to get migrants to Europe because they think it will be good for their country. The Hungarian position is that we do not want that. There is an ideological difference. That is neither a solution for Africa nor for Europe. In this case, our culture, which we have been cultivating here in Europe for 2000 years, would perish. We say that we want to help the Africans like the Austrians do: we are happy to support the development of Africa. So that Africa can provide its own population with a decent life. For example, Hungary provides 900 scholarships for African students from state funds.

Österreich: Austria, like Hungary, has withdrawn from the migration pact …

Orbán: Some international documents reach the decision-makers just before signing. When I heard that the U.S. had dropped out of the negotiations, I read it myself, noting that this document could cause major problems, particularly concerning national security. I consulted with our government and we decided to leave immediately. After that, many countries dropped out. Austria as well. We’re the bad boys again … now the bad boys of global politics.

Österreich: You were the first to oppose the “welcoming culture” in 2015. How do you look back on this time today?

Orbán: Since there was no border fence between Hungary and Serbia, we could not prevent the migrants from coming to Hungary illegally. It was like an invasion. The migrants occupied the Budapest East Station. They did not want to go to refugee shelters where they would get food and meals; they also did not allow us to take them there. Instead, they demanded to be allowed to move on because they are “expected in Germany”. I ordered that no one be permitted to leave the country. Hungary is a member of the Schengen Agreement, and wanted to comply with these rules.

Österreich: That caused a great deal of criticism …

Orbán: Hungary adheres to its constitution and international agreements and treaties. You cannot enter Hungary without a passport check, which also means you can not travel from Hungary to Austria. Hungary’s trustworthiness and respect for the rule of law were at stake here. We wanted to show our Western allies that we can protect the border. The crowd got bigger, the situation more difficult, but I held my position by not allowing anyone to cross the border. I understand those whose first reaction was to appear “good”. Our reaction was responsibility. One must not allow something to occur that is irreversible. Even if that seemed to be humane at the time. It’s not “do-gooders” that are needed in order to defend a country, but responsible people. Believe me, I do not have a heart of stone, but you cannot protect borders with teddy bears and little flowers. On the other hand, the migrants stormed the border, threw objects at the border guards and attacked the police. You have to fight back. Of course, this is not a feel-good job, but it is necessary for the security of the country. Anyone who wants to lead a country, must make difficult decisions. I want to be a person whose decisions support and respect the Hungarians. If I happen to be a good person while doing that, then that’s fine; but first and foremost I’m responsible for Hungary.

Österreich: During that time did you talk to the then Austrian Federal Chancellor?

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Dignity Good! Yellow Vest Bad!

In the following talk, French President Emmanuel Macron seems more like an android or audio-animatron than a human being, never mind a statesman. Watch his hand-gestures — copied from TV news reporters and presenters. It’s creepy.

Anyway, now we know what he thinks of those impertinent “Yellow Vest” protesters.

Many thanks to Ava Lon for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

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