Crossbreeding With Morons

A couple of weeks ago the German Finance Minister, Wolfgang Schäuble, said in an interview that mass immigration is a good thing, because otherwise inbreeding might make the German race degenerate.

In response, the well-known German-Turkish writer Akif Pirinçci wrote a sardonic open letter to Dr. Schäuble. Many thanks to Nash Montana for translating this post from Mr. Pirinçci’s blog:

Degenerate until the shrink shows up

Dear Dr. Wolfgang Schäuble,

In an interview with Die Zeit you said in connection with the mass immigration of fleeing men into our beautiful country: “Isolation is precisely what breaks us, what would cause us to degenerate through inbreeding.” Arguably true. I personally, as a man with an immigration background, implemented this message years ago, and have mounted a Teuton up to three times a day. The result is my inbreeding-free son, who on the other hand shows some conspicuous behaviors. He constantly wants money from me and additionally demands that I buy him expensive brand-name clothes, cell phones, wifi-streaming services, etc. And to top it off, although he is a crossbreed himself, he ridicules me with stuff like “old Turk” or “Migrantino”. Additionally he is lazy as a dog.

You see, Dr. Wolfgang Schäuble, to let a multitude of blacks and Muslim men breed with our young women without any screening can go completely wrong. Unfortunately, I let my horniness overpower me in that fatal night. But whatever, at least I have done my part in the softening of European inbreeding, which bestowed on us such terrors as Daniela Katzenberger and Anton Hofreiter, or catastrophes such as “the mother of all believers”, and I have advanced the cause of crossbreeding the German race.

Still, there are unexpected side effects, or in military terms, collateral damage, to the crossbreeding of the German race, which one should not underestimate. For instance, the World Health Organization provides the following data concerning the average IQ from those countries that these fleeing men come from: Cameroon 64, Chad 68, Somalia 68, Niger 69, Ethiopia 69, Botswana 70, Sudan 71, Mali 74, Egypt 81, Algeria 83, Libya 83, Oman 83, Syria 83, Morocco 84, Nigeria 84, Afghanistan 84, Pakistan 84, Iran 84, Saudi Arabia 84, Yemen 85, Iraq 87, and so on. Oops, I almost forgot to mention the most important comparison to these numbers: Germany 105 (but only with the indigenous population; the migrants who were born and raised in Germany retain the same IQ value as their compatriots in their country of origin). The investigative methods for these charts are varied so that the values differ maybe one point up or down from chart to chart. That means that a chart other than the one I have used here, the customary average IQ in, for instance, Iraq could be 90, say, instead of 87. But the difference from the German average IQ does not change, because it is proportional, and in this instance, the German IQ then would be 108. (Further sources: IQ and the Wealth of Nations, Lynn und Vanhanen, 2002 / Rindermann, H., 2007. The g-factor of international cognitive ability comparisons: the homogeneity of results in PISA, TIMSS, PIRLS and IQ-tests. European Journal of Personality.)

Moreover about 20% of the fleeing men are illiterate, and three-quarters of them are functionally illiterate. This percentage is perhaps even higher. Among 14-24-year-old Afghans the percentage is 53%, according to the World Bank. Often these people have not even learned their mother tongue correctly. Another 50% to 60% of them reach the level of an elementary school graduate, but that of a lower education from Iraq or Ghana. The curriculum in their countries of origin never even corresponds to the lowest of German quality standards. Additionally, the majority of them only know how to write in Arabic.

You see, Dr. Schäuble, with the crossbreeding of the German race, we may prevent European inbreeding, but we are producing offspring with the intelligence of cobblestones. But doesn’t every heroic deed have its price? In addition to these problems, there is another one: If these crossbred skilled laborers sacrifice themselves and copulate nonstop and impregnate our women, who then will our German boys impregnate? Okay, as we hear nowadays, apparently every European man is a homosexual, or at least somewhat homosexualized. But I still cannot imagine that we could just solve the “white” urge-block with this trick. My suggestion therefore is this: For each fleeing man who mounts a European woman, by law a European man shall receive in return a fleeing woman to mount. Total crossbreeding, so to speak. Maybe then even my wayward son would finally find a sensible thing to do and would leave me alone. In that sense…

The little Akif

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  1. Don’t know about inbreeding in Germany, but it is a problem in England and definitely the Arab world. So importing ninth century throwback, primitive, inbred pigs from the Middle East would definitely introduce it.

  2. Apparently, European Finance Ministers are experts on everything, except on finances. True People’s Commissars.

  3. *Most* illuminating — especially re IQ statistics for various national groups, and those compiled by objective sources.
    Maybe Jason Richwine, who was fired by Heritage owing to his scholarly research on the topic, will now receive credit he deserves and along with that, a YUGE apology from Jim DeMint.
    (Today I cancelled my Heritage mbrshp, after dithering about it since the Richwine firing; I read Patrick Poole’s article on the CVE program, published just days ago, in which he describes Heritage’s support for Obama’s malicious duplicity re the CVE, and I just could not wait a second longer to get out!)

    • Lysenkoism is alive and well, especially in social sciences, we cannot have IQ data showing that we are not all equal…. especially when it shows ‘white’ superiority (after Indians, Chinese and Jews that is), so we ban the research and eliminate the source.

  4. After Brexit let us have Texit.I submit the deal.England sans London [add Sderot} become smallest county in Texas.Bring along Senaca 111,TR,Farage,Wilders and Orban
    Bracken can get on his Castigo boat and come since he writes like a Texan and Baron will be here as soon asDDD government can locate his URL

    • Don Jewell.

      Despite the prime facie absurdity of your tongue in cheek suggestion, Texas annexing the non-London parts of England and Wales is actually a pretty good idea. I am a non-resident (never-resident, though I had the opportunity to live, study and work in London in 1989; even back then London wasn’t so crash hot!) UK citizen and I would be delighted.

      It would provide Texas, hence the USA, with a geographical outlier 20 miles from the European continent; excellent for trade and business purposes.
      There are also many economic synergies: all those British prisons taking up valuable and scarce English countryside could be relocated to Texas’ western desert areas. Cornwall is lovely, as is Bath and Stratford-upon-Avon and thus, with a common currency these could become inexpensive holiday destinations for current Texans and inject revenue into the Cornish, etc, local economies.

      Rump England and Wales would obtain the benefits of the US constitution, the 1st and 2nd amendments in particular. Geert could sail a small yacht to Texo-Anglia if and when he finally has to flee the Netherlands; he finally dispense with his 24/7 armed escort, actually live with his wife and children, get a concealed carry permit for when he’s out and about and purchase a Winchester SXP pump-action shotgun to keep around the house. And if any deranged adherents of the Religion of Peace tried to assassinate him, the Texan police (see Garland) wouldn’t be pussyfooting around with stern warnings.

      The best part is that the English who want to be annexed by Texas could delineate exclaves (in addition to London) which would not become part of Texo-Anglia: Bradford, Leeds, Birmingham, Sheffield, Manchester, Solihull, Wolverhampton, Rotherham, etc. Paul Weston has the preliminary maps for this exercise, they just need some tweaking. Happy to help with this Paul, just have the Baron give you my e-mail.

      As Texan gun laws would apply to the annexed balance of England and Wales, the native British population, plus the peaceful, hardworking, law-abiding Hindus, Sikhs and Jews, would finally be able to protect themselves from the lawless predations of the parasitic Muslims who don’t live in the excised parts of England (but see next paragraph).

      The Texan attitude to tax-payer funded welfare would shave tens of billions of pounds off the current budget. I can’t help feeling that once there is no more excessively generous welfare, free housing, NHS, etc, in Texo-Anglia, a great many of the Muslims of, eg, Luton or Swindon, would migrate into London or one of the urban northern exclaves ruled by London. Conversely, Londoners who don’t wish to continue to live in what is rapidly becoming a 3rd world cesspit could just relocate beyond the M25. No BBC, Guardian or The Independent staff permitted.

      So England’s green and once pleasant lands could be so again. And Texans could get some easy respite from their hot summers and increase the proportion of native English speakers. It’s win-win.

      Alaska is discontiguous with the lower 48 states, so is Hawaii across the Pacific, why not a large part of an island across the Atlantic with deep historical, cultural ties?

  5. I agree with most of your writings here on GoV, but not this. Inbreeding ‘is’ a bad thing. Secondly, these IQ stats are nonsense. IQ tests are also geared towards people with Western educations. Some other stats, easily backed up by a quick google: the poorest achievers in the UK are boys of British ancestry. Many refugees excel once given a decent education. But once you talk about the ideology of Islam, and how that holds them back, then I am with you 100%, but this has nothing to do with a person’s biology. Islam is not a race.

    • But Germans marrying Germans is NOT “inbreeding”. Inbreeding is when cousins, or people even more closely related, breed children.

      Marrying someone of your own ethnic group is not inbreeding. Muslims are inbred (first cousin marriage), not Germans.

    • Jihadophobic

      I would be most grateful if you could provide a link substantiating these two claims of yours below:

      1. “Some other stats, easily backed up by a quick google: the poorest achievers in the UK are boys of British ancestry”; and

      2. “Many refugees excel once given a decent education.”

      I must say that I find the second assertion extremely dubious. Not least because there simply has not been a sufficient lapse of time since the modern influx to test how well or badly “refugees” do in the UK. We do know that their workforce participation is abysmally low. I am unaware of a single refugee who has “excelled”. A name or one hundred of them would help bolster this claim.

    • those IQ numbers are probably more accurate than you would like to think.

      it is a consequence of the inbreeding of many arab populations for centuries.

      marrying first cousins which is very common in Syria, Pakistan, Jordan, Iraq, Yemen and most arab societies (and has been going on for more then one generation) drops IQ roughly 10 points for each generation.

      just because you don’t want that to be the case does not make it so.

    • Essentially what IQ and the Wealth of Nations was measuring was the size of an educated middle class in each country. The way measures were taken was very imprecise and methodologically flawed. Unfortunately it is generally a good rule of thumb that when non- psychologists talk about IQ 95% will get it wrong and when general psychologists talk about IQ 75% will be mistaken. Educational psychologists are better informed. But those really in the know are neuropsychologists who don”t put much faith in IQ anyway (so says Dr C T Jake MSc, AFBPsS, CPsychol, consultant neuropsychologist with 20+ years of administering IQ tests)

    • There probably is a cultural bias to IQ, but since it is in our culture where these people are supposed to thrive eventually, it is quite an accurate measure of what their chances really are.

      • In a way you are correct, but the cultural bias is in ways of thinking. So cultures in which a carefully considered response (measure twice, cut once) is the norm may penalised on timed response tests where there is a speed/accuracy trade off. Cultures in which passed down wisdom are valued may affect abstract reasoning.
        That is not to say there is no heritable in various cognitive abilities. There are I think two genes related to functions served by the prefrontal cortex ( generally believed to be higher executive functions) which rarer in sub-Saharan African populations.
        Citing ‘IQ’ may be a pitfall for conservatives as, for what it is worth, religiosity, large family size, and rural dwelling generally correlate negatively to ‘IQ’.

        • This is just a short comment as the thread is not likely to be read much at this date.

          IQ is a correlational measure, and as such, any causative conclusions are questionable or invalid. That means, that IQ measures may tell you who will likely succeed (at the present time), but they do not tell you why.

          I do not have evidence, but I assert that IQ measurements of potential immigrants are probably very correlated with their ultimate self-sufficiency or contribution to their host society. Therefore, by allowing masses of low-IQ Somalis, you are admitting masses of welfare-users, discontents, and criminals.

          As for the ultimate reality of IQ scores, I agree with you they are probably multi-genetic. I further assert, with no evidence, that IQ has been associated with other traits not generally measured by IQ tests, such as perseverance, honor, honesty, etc. I’m not even referring to traits that are part of standard IQ tests, such as spatial ability. Again, since our knowledge of IQ comes from correlational sources, there is no guarantee that IQ, as measured, will remain correlated with these other necessary traits.

          My conclusion is that IQ is a good first selection tool on filtering immigration, but any attempts to modify the current population through genetic means will likely be disastrous if IQ is used as a sole criterion.

          • Excellent. Thank you.

            I know many highly intelligent people – the weight of those big IQs often interfere with the ability to keep their head up. Or as country people often (and still) say, “that boy’s book smart but he ain’t got the sense God gave a rooster”…

            A high IQ sans virtue or a concomitant moral robustness is not only a waste, it can be dangerous to others. Of those 19 “bridegrooms” on 9/11 who flew themselves and innocent others into oblivion, many were college-educated. Mohammad Atta, the so-called mastermind of 9/11 had a degree in architectural engineering, earned in Hamburg.




            Anyone who manages to obtain an engineering degree obviously has a higher-than-average IQ.

            Atta was not a Saudi; he was Egyptian. Thus the brains, the IQ. I have no idea what the average Saudi IQ might be but surely centuries of in-breeding have done their damage. Despite their sometimes-obvious stupidity, the Desert Tribes often excel at crafty intrigue. They have the money to hire smart people and will as long as their oil holds out.

  6. Oh, has Europa EVER been this freaking stupid? Import low-IQ people and then think it will be enriching? About as much as fleas on a dog. Stupid people do not move me, sorry to say. There was a time here (USA) when we thought we could increase IQ through education. It didn’t work. IQ is inborn.

    And those of moderately high IQ (that would be me! and others, of course) know this. Education might improve IQ although to my knowledge that has not been proven, either. I’ve heard that good upbringing, with healthy food and exercise and being read to as children (I’m talking about books), may do so — does anyone ever try that?

    My children have turned out relatively high IQ but I attribute that to their father’s very high-IQ genes (and maybe mine of moderate IQ) and the fact that I read to them throughout their early childhood. Sometimes the old fashioned stuff does work better, you know? Oh, I also fed them healthy food and vegetables and fruits, not junk ordered in.

    And there is your recipe.

    • Alas, it was not actually Europa that imported low-IQ people.
      It was the politicians, especially the EU elites, who inflicted this social engineering on their people without consultation, against their wishes, and overriding their objections.

  7. many of those countries have practiced inbreeding for centuries. what pray tell is the marrying of first cousins??!?!?!

    • From the look of his features it rather looks like he is talking from practical experience, is there something his mother and father haven’t told him!

  8. A brilliant riposte by Akif Pirinçci. When I first saw his name, I thought “Is this the Turkish immigrant writer who is the breathtakingly outspoken, gloves-off, Islam-despising, German patriot?” whose name I have difficulty remembering, but for whom I have the highest admiration? It is.

    The Wikipedia entry on him is well worth a read. The Youtube videos of him holding forth on why he loves Germany so much and why its immigration policies are suicidal are a must see. One would search long and hard to find someone as politically incorrect, incisive, hard-hitting and witty as Akif Pirinçci. His desire and dedication to protecting Germany from Islam makes Geert Wilders look mildly committed.

    Akif Pirinçci has, until relatively recently, been able to get away with his absolutely fearless, scorching criticism of Turkish and other Muslims because he was born one. Predictably, his comment that “Unfortunately, the concentration camps are out of order at the moment” was deliberately misconstrued and resulted in all his publications being pulled by his publishers and Amazon. What he meant was that it was unfortunate for the German government that they couldn’t get rid of pesky Pegida members by carting them all off to concentration camps, no matter how much they would like to do so and would be willing to do so.

    On the assertions made by the biologically ignorant German Finance Minister, Wolfgang Schauble, evidently genetics are not taught in German secondary schools as part of the curriculum or Herr Schauble has forgotten every single scrap of it. He is also ignorant of German history, German human geography the implications for the national gene pool. When Germans reproduce with Germans there is, absent consanguineous unions, no inbreeding whatsoever.

    It is absurd to suggest that in a gene pool of 80 million there is some genetic danger when one random German male breeds with a random German female. And that the broadening and diluting of the German gene pool by the introduction of Turks, Arabs, etc is a good and necessary thing.

    Less than a hundred years ago Germans identified firstly as Saxons, Swabians, Rhenish, Westphalians, Franconians, Bavarians, Prussians, etc, and marriages between these regional sub-ethnicities were relatively rare due to geographical distances and regional customs. Bavarian boys simply didn’t meet girls from Koenigsberg or Muenster.

    Over the past four centuries Germany has seen huge influxes of people continously broadening its gene pool: Huegenots expelled from France (they formed 25% of Berlin’s population in the time of Frederick the Great) and Tyrol; Poles and other Slavs who became Prussianized (“a Prussian is a Pole who has forgotten who his grandfather was”), Silesians of largely Slavic extraction who flocked to Berlin during the Industrial Revolution. Tens of thousands of Poles who flocked to the mines and factories of the Ruhr during the nineteenth century (which is, partly, why the Ruhr is so Catholic). Over two centuries of Jewish-German intermarriage, a very high proportion of German Jews converted or married out in the C19th and early C20th, so there is a substantial Jewish admixture in the German gene pool, albeit reduced by the Holocaust.

    Then after WW2 millions of ethnic Germans who had lived in eastern, central, south-eastern Europe for centuries – in Hungary and Rumania known as Swabians because they came from the upper Rhine valley – were expelled into Germany. As were the Pomeranians, Silesians, East Prussians and Sudeten Germans. By 1950 a bare majority of the people living in the states of Lower Saxony and Schleswig-Holstein were expellees from former German territories or from ethnic German pockets in places such as Moravia, Transylvania, the Banat (in what is now Serbia). These expellees had had no prior biological interaction for many centuries with the Germans they then found themselves living amongst. Their descendants, for 70 years have been, marrying and reproducing with “local” Germans.

    It is difficult to conceive of a European nation which is such a jumbled up blend of different strains of sub-ethnicities and ethnicities, plus and less needs the introduction of immigrants to improve its gene pool.

    Schauble is talking glib, utter nonsense. Perhaps the most stupid statement any German politician has uttered for 71 years. I look forward to the news of his children and his grandchildren marrying Turks, Syrians, Albanians or any other “refugees”. Yeah right.

  9. Great riposte by a “convert” to humanist values.
    I wanted to add that christianity, when introduced, at least in about Europe, changed a lot with regard to law and behaviour. Previously head of clan or family “line” oversaw every major decision. That meant that head of the family within the clan couldn’t decide for example on selling his family’s share, that decision was for the “top boss” to be made. Practices of marrying first cousins to keep or expand land, business etc. were also on the table. Christianity changed a lot of that, from then on people were not allowed to marry close relatives, bar special dispense. Obviously royal lines, in order to keep land were often continuing old practices.

  10. One comment

    Kalergi plan. The elites are trying to implement it.
    Brexit is the first stage of a fight-back

        • Look at the dark outline along the top of the head. The head was originally against a darker background (probably his sweater) and then scaled up. The front portion was snipped out and merged with the original. The artist did a very good job of merging the fur. I see some signs of copied/pasted patches, but not many.

          It’s extremely hard to merge the outline of hair from one color background onto a new color background. I do this sort of thing all the time, so I can see the signs.

        • I can’t comment on Photoshop-type manipulation, but the original image was definitely taken with a superwide-angle lens: look at the size of the man’s left hand, which appears to be the size of his face. Unless he is terribly deformed (or microcephalic), the apparently gigantic hand is an artifact of the exaggerated camera perspective. The same applies to the rabbit.

          • Yes, the original was probably taken with a fisheye; I agree with that. But the front of the rabbit was artificially enlarged.

  11. Some people probably have more neurons than others. Some have more synapses. Some have better synaptic chemistry. Some have more efficient connections snd better wiring. Some have better raw ingredients coming up to the brain from the liver and endocrine organs. Some have been nourished with more effective food.

    So, there is probably something like the G factor or the IQ, but it needs a better name as we advance in neurobiology. Whether we can encompass all the talents of our brains with one word or symbol is doubtful. I can see a perfectly created brain lacking the one molecule that is needed in long term memory in our hippocampus search function (this is where we begin to search for an old memory they say), but otherwise superior in short term memory so that math equations tumble forth in a torrent.

    • Excellent description. I do not know how my intellect remained so functional through all the early mess. I oughta be in a back room somewhere learning to tie my shoelaces…

      My forensic psychiatrist shrink says that fMRIs done on small children can now tell the abused ones from the normies. It really does change the architecture of the brain.

      I closely followed research on pediatric PTSD…those little amygdalas really *are* atrophied. And those hippocamp(i?) are wrapped up tight. I didn’t see much about the effect of chronic stress on adrenal fatigue but it must be there given the chronicity of the HPA cascades of neurohormones thru the body w/ all-the-time stress…eventually causes a permanently elevated heart rate. Sudden stress raises it even higher and then the return to that resting elevated normal-high (mine was 120 for years before I needed a pacemaker) takes far longer than it would for a child without PTSD.

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