A Morning-After Bowl of Sauerkraut

Our German translator JLH has been scanning the Germanic media, and has compiled a collection of reactions to the shock and horror of yesterday’s Brexit vote in the UK.

How German-language news organizations headlined Brexit

by JLH

    Now There May Be a New War of the Roses
    (For negotiators on both sides, it will be a horror show)
Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung
    If It Is Out, Then Let It Be Done Quickly
    (Like that guy Shakespeare said)
Stuttgarter Zeitung
    “Europe is in Mortal Danger”
    (EU Commissioner Günther Oettinger: Rightist populists could provoke a domino effect)
Sächische Zeitung
    Because of Brexit, Serious Expectations of Merkel
    (So what is Plan B?)
    (This may be a wake-up call to reform)
    A New Day in Little Britain
    (London is calm–no trembling, no upset. That will come later, some say. After the shock)
    Johnson’s Folly
    (Boris Johnson is Britain’s most gifted populist. He seduced the people into Brexit, and could become prime minister because of it. Those who supported him will suffer privation)
Die Presse
    The Divorce
    (Now is not the time to talk about Europe and the Union, but democratic rules and the elite)
Neue Kronen Zeitung
    After the Brexit Vote–This EU is Finished
    (Sebastian Kurz of the Austrian People’s Party: “The immigration question was decisive. Europe cannot go on as before.”)
Neue Zürcher Zeitung
    Time for Reflection and Humility
    (The EU must now re-invent itself. The policy of closer integration has failed)
    British politician: “Would like to be a little like Switzerland”

12 thoughts on “A Morning-After Bowl of Sauerkraut

  1. It’s a far cry compared to FoxNews that had a parade of globalist and EU shills in panic mode over the vote. Almost to a one they spewing the same talking points: It would expose Britain to more terrorism because the EU won’t be able to protect them; NATO will suffer because Britain won’t be able to talk to EU members or some sort of rubbish; the Chinese will cease doing business with them; a great victory for Putin. And so on.

    Only a few even dare mentioned that several other nations want to hold a referendum. And those that did got no follow up from the FoxNews barbie doll.

    What a joke. No real news or analysis. Just fear mongering of various stripes.

    I think they’re worried. I haven’t seen them blubbering like this since the 2007-2008 real-estate bubble collapse. If Wall Street was properly firewalled the Brexit vote shouldn’t have bothered the markets. The fact that Wall Street and the British Pound blew up the outhouse over this tells me the big banks exposure must be massive.

    • “The fact that Wall Street and the British Pound blew up the outhouse over this tells me the big banks exposure must be massive.”

      My paper value went down considerably after the Brexit victory. However, keep in mind the stock market surface waves are very sensitive to gusts of wind, but the underlying currents are predictable and steady. In other words, any event can make the market shake and rattle for a few days, weeks, or even months, but ultimately it will right itself and get back on course.

      The big bankers made oceans of money by underwriting international loans of basically German money to profligate governments like Greece and Italy, that used financing to pay their operating expenses. The exit of Britain will dampen (though not halt, unfortunately) the mega-national activity of the bankers. So, no wonder the bankers are shouting and moaning, and their stocks are going down.

      Also, a lot of the leftist globalist types are pretty fuzzy-headed, and chances are, they sold their stocks when the stocks began going down. My guess is, this was anticipated by the professional traders, who sold their stocks immediately, expecting the stocks to go down much further, at which point they would buy back their old stocks at a much cheaper price.

      Ultimate conclusion: any banking or stocks that don’t eventually recover fully were built on speculation, and would have collapsed eventually anyway.

      • During every one of these “crises” keep repeating the mantra:

        “For every sale there is a buyer.”

  2. You should put pictures of their faces when they realized what was going to happen.

  3. Iam not one who is delighted at the Brexit vote , the “Dufton Bufton” brigade that inhabit U.K.I.P and the Tory right have sat back and allowed London to be occupied by theIslamo facist marxist alliance.
    The unity of the Unifed Kingdom will soon be gone and Scotland will leave led by a pro Islamist S.N.P., the economy will weaken and the door will be open to the refugee fanatical Labour party.
    A conservative party led by the absurd Bojo Johnson (who is very proud of having a Turkish immam as a grandfather} fills me with dread.
    Of course i can’t blame those who chose Brexit ,for it is a choice between “The devil abd the deep blue sea”.
    The whining of the German press is pathetic ,for it was thier own Chancellor Merkel and the gutless Hollande in France who are the catalsyt for the oncoming crisis.
    This can barely be described as a victory for native Britons of French ang Germans ect.

    • I don’t know what the Dufton Brigade is but those who “allowed London to be occupied by theIslamo facist marxist alliance” are vast in number.

      Once the demographic catastrophe is initiated, I don’t see there’s much any national political party can do to alter electoral realities at the municipal level short of restricting the franchise to native white Britons. It is the peculiar lunacy of Western nations to hand out citizenship to people with shallow roots and unknown allegiances, at best, and active hostility and parasitic ways at worst.

      I think it is a victory for Brits and others. The E.U. has gotten a finger in the eye and that’s poetic justice for their having digitized their people over the decades. As with (((The Rise of Trump))), Brexit is just a manifestation of deeper problems. There is, in fact, only the appearance of unity. A heavily socialist Scotland with affinity for the E.U. reveals a deep fissure, though the rest of Britain’s besotted by socialism it’s true. Blair’s determination to stick it to Conservatives (and the rest of Britain) by opening up Britain to mass immigration is hardly a symptom of unity either. The very closeness of the Brexit vote reveals that a great deal of Britons are clueless about what a threat to their freedoms the E.U. is.

  4. ** Sebastian Kurz of the Austrian People’s Party: “The immigration question was decisive. Europe cannot go on as before.”) **

    [U.K. Tory MEP Daniel] Hannan said: “Frankly, if people watching think that they have voted and there is now going to be zero immigration from the EU, they are going to be disappointed.”

    Source: “Leave campaign rows back on key immigration and NHS pledges.” By Ben Quinn, The Guardian, 6/25/16.

    • Indeed, FM Kurz is currently a beacon of light in the Austrian government. His attitude and actions have turned 180° in the past months. I still don’t trust him fully, but agree with many of his positions.

      I only wonder how long his light will be allowed to shine as the ÖVP’s position as a whole is not compatible with Kurz’.

  5. Britain’s Upper Classes have been anti-Jewish, anti-Israel, pro-Muslim, pro-Arab since my father was born in 1904. They insist on being morons. The average Englishman? Well, John Cleese of Monty Python fame, moved to Bath as he said London might as well be Karachi or Mecca. The lower and middle classes have finally had enough.

    For those who have not read “Enemy of the State” by Tommy Robinson – buy it and read it. It is not about Muslims, it is about the treachery of the Labor and Conservative Parties [voiding the contents of their lower tract] on the populace in favor of everyone BUT native born English people. Even many non-Muslim West Indians, Hindus from India, Sikhs and so forth have had enough. Hindus are not exactly popular with Muslims, and they know it.

    The Labor areas where white Englishmen get their hands dirty working voted for Brexit. The Marxists and Muslims voted to Remain. That should tell you all you need to know.

    My daughter, who lives in Belgravia in London where the average home price is $25,000,,000 (that is not a misprint) can’t believe how stupid the average Englishman is. I have another opinion and told her some people like freedom and liberty regardless of the price to themselves. Think Paul Revere and Sam Adams.

    • I have a very conservative friend whose daughter is married to a banker and lives in Connecticut. Her mind is armored better than a tank to – to put it mildly – the consternation of her mother.

      My highly intelligent siblings are the same. Impervious to race, culture, ethnicity, language, and nation. Abortion, environmentalism, and New Age thinking are priorities.

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