Send Jack Buckby to Parliament!

As discussed here before the Brexit referendum, Jack Buckby of Liberty GB enraged the Gutmenschen of the UK by running in the by-election for the parliamentary seat left vacant by the murder of Jo Cox. Below is a message sent out a few days ago by Paul Weston, the chairman of Liberty GB, about Mr. Buckby’s candidacy.

Help Liberty GB Challenge Labour in Batley and Spen!

Our announcement this week that Liberty GB will contest the Batley and Spen by-election following the terrible murder of Labour MP Jo Cox has received national coverage and shaken the political establishment.

The decision to contest the seat was not taken lightly; rather, our position is that a new MP must be found, and the voters of that constituency should have a say in that process. As the respected political blogger ‘Archbishop Cranmer’ noted, “It is an offence against democracy to respond to an attack upon democracy with a rigged political appointment” — which is exactly what would happen if Labour were left unchallenged.

Liberty GB’s candidate Jack Buckby is one of Britain’s most dynamic and forthright young politicians. Jack is passionate to give a voice to local people abandoned by Labour in its relentless pursuit of the immigrant vote, and to expose the disgusting hypocrisy of a party that cares more for the children of Palestine and Syria than for children being gang-raped by organised Pakistani-Muslim gangs in British towns.

Jack Buckby has no time for political correctness — he tells it as he sees it. Click here to see Jack announcing his candidacy.

The Batley and Spen by-election will be the first election to Parliament after the European Union referendum, and regardless of the outcome, it’s a hugely important event. This is the time for us to say, “Thanks UKIP, but now it’s time to talk about Islam!”

Islam and third-world immigration will move to the forefront of national politics, and we’re the only credible party that’s going to talk about them.

We believe Jack can achieve a great share of the vote and send a message to the established parties that Islam must be tackled now and our borders closed.

As ever, we can only do this with your support.

We’re willing to put our necks on the line, but we need your donations to be able to run an effective, high-visibility campaign and catapult the party to centre stage.

How You Can Help

There are two things that we urgently need: campaign activists/ helpers and party donations.

Activists and helpers: If you live in or near West Yorkshire and are able to give a few hours of your time to our election campaign, please contact

Donations: Wherever you live in the world, please donate what you can! You can give anything up to £499 if you live overseas; there’s no limit if you live in the UK. Every donation appreciated, small or large!



Join us in this momentous task!

Yours sincerely,

Paul Weston, Chairman
Liberty GB
21st June 2016

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11 thoughts on “Send Jack Buckby to Parliament!

  1. I joined Liberty but no acknowledgement of my PayPal payment?

    Oh well…. Such is life.

    • If that is the case, it would make more sense to talk to us than leave a comment here, surely? When did you join? When did you make a PayPal transaction?

      In case you missed it, there is a contact email address at Liberty GB.

  2. They are pretty small outfit, when I did a while back it took ages to get some feedback from them too.

  3. Weston was on a Youtube interview basically calling UKIP (Farage) and Marine Le Pennes FN extremist parties as well as trotting on about all populous European parties calling them all right wing extremist parties ‘Which is not what we want” he said. Yes it is Weston!!. Why is this site giving him and his party exposure?

    I also notice you barely mention BREXIT – why – do you enjoy languishing in permanent misery?. What the hell is wrong with you people. This site used to be good, now your a one trick pony sounding old and tired. We know Islam is a huge problem, but we populists just did something about it. The fight still must carry on, but at least I was out there changing hearts and minds for BREXIT. Didn’t see Weston doing any of that. The man actually seemed against Brexit on the interview. Weirdo…

    We populists are talking over. You lot here are ineffective – and its showing when your supporting what I consider to be anti British Weston. In fact he talks so much [offensive substance] its hard to know what he stands for.

    And Trump, I never see you mention the man. Dont you people get it (those who run the site) anything that can take a sledgehammer to the status quo is something to grab on to. Obviously your anti Trump as well.

    I don’t get this site now at all. Your tired, theres no passion or will to fight. Its all doom doom and more gloom. You have become addicted to it. You should change, bring in some new people, do something, get a youtube channel because your simply armchair typists, not even armchair warrior’s. The new Hipster right are making a difference – you lot are not. You all hide behind your computers talking about Jihad but seem unwilling to actually do anything about it.

    Thast fine, leave it to us.

    • Not at all. No one cheered louder than those of us in Australia with Brexit. This site has a vast and disparate number of contributors that I myself have found very useful in drawing to everyone’s attention here as to the problems militant Islam brings with it.

      The audience of this site is very widespread and in many cases very influential. Just ask Tommy Robinson. If not for this site and Pat Condell, he truly would be in a pickle. Do not forget that whilst Brexit may cause the unraveling of the apologists in Europe, a moment spent on the Religion of Peace website will show how serious and widespread the problem is. Although things are turning around in the US and Europe, the main problem it seems to me is in Asia and Africa.

      One should not disparage people with the “armchair” pejorative as it is the narrative of the apologists that needs to be confronted to change the policies that have led to the current disasters in Sweden etc. It is the narratives that change governments, defeat the reluctance of people to speak openly about the destruction of their societies on account of politically correct attacks.

      It is here that the battle in support of Charlie Hebdo and others is fought, and that is why sites like this are so dangerous to the Islamic cause. This site normalises discourse and it is this that changes policies and governments; much more so than running street fights.

      Nigel Farage started Brexit with a team of one

      • The “armchair” descriptor is accurate and apposite. At my advanced age, the armchair is all I have left.

        A cavalry charge down the Wienerwald, lance at the ready, is not an option. Nor am I likely to assault a machine gun nest on Iwo Jima with a flamethrower.

        It’s the armchair or nothing for the likes of me.

    • Are you nuts? I have never stated Farage or Le Pen are extremists. In fact, I consider Farage to be very weak in terms of “extremist” thought re Islam and non-EU immigration. The only outfits I consider extreme are Golden Dawn and similar. I support all the European parties doing something about Islam – Sweden Democrats, AFD, Danish Peoples Party etc. I also support Trump and am very happy about Brexit.

      You seem to have absolutely EVERYTHING wrong in other words. Both about me and about GoV. If you represent the “new hipster right” then heaven help us!

    • Paul Weston, the chairman of Liberty GB, was actually arrested for standing in public and quoting Churchill. Weston is quite similar to Donald Trump in that they alone are speaking truth about Islam, Weston more so and more informed than Trump. Paul Weston has recently collaborated with well known and respected experts on Islamic ideology in the U.S. including Frank Gaffney. Educating the public is a slow process. Writing and speaking about Islam is the start. Who spoke the truth about Islam in Britain before Paul Weston?

  4. In response to Brexiteroutoutout I offer the following. I check this site from Australia every night. I have found some really interesting and thought provoking information on it. Much of this I have forwarded on to others. Above all I have found the combox filled with intelligence, relevance and courtesy – until I read your comment. It left such a bad taste in my mouth that I’m off to UTube to listen to Land of Hope and Glory and remember a time when Englishmen were gentlemen with good manners to match!
    Rule Britannia!

  5. I too check this site regularly from New Zealand.
    I was not surprised that the UK decided to leave the EU. and also the medias around the world are almost exclusively harping on the economic implications
    arising from this. Immigration is mentioned but only in terms outbreaks of racism directed at East Europeans eg the Polish. No doubt some of that exists, but I have yet to hear anything about the muslim invasion infecting the whole of Europe.
    For the whole morning the Brexit has been the prominent subject on Radio New
    Zealand and nope not a mention.
    Yet I support the idea of a EU, but one where islam and muslims have no place.
    And this goes for any other country. For God’s sake Samoa does not want them.
    Thanksfor this site.

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