Has Germany Gone Nuts?

Akif Pirinçci is a Turkish-German fiction writer who has turned to social-political criticism in his latest book. If he were not an immigrant, he would probably have been prosecuted for his scathing denunciation of Modern Multicultural Germany’s obsession with feminism, sexual perversion, and immigration. As the interviewer in the video below says, Mr. Pirinçci makes Thilo Sarrazin look like a wimp.

In the following introduction to the video, our Canadian correspondent Rembrandt Clancy provides some context to the uproar over Akif Pirinçci, whose interview on the state television network ZDF was censored and then removed from the network’s website. The translator also includes a full transcript of the subtitled interview.

Note: The translated quotes from Akif Pirinçci contain vulgarities. I have redacted out the naughtiest words, but some of the lesser solecisms remain. Readers who are offended by vulgar or suggestive language may want to skip this post.

Akif Pirinçci: “Red-Green Polluted Politics”

By Rembrandt Clancy

The purpose of this contribution is to draw to the attention of Gates of Vienna readers the successful German writer of Turkish origin, Akif Pirinçci, who has been subjected to an explicit mainstream media censorship in Germany following the publication of his first non-fiction book in late March, Deutschland von Sinnen: Der irre Kult um Frauen, Homosexuelle und Zuwanderer (“Germany out of her Senses: The Mad Cult around Women, Homosexuals and Immigrants”). The book’s subtitle is suggestive of some of the topics which the reader will find represented below, all facets of what the author calls Germany’s “Red-Green polluted politics” (Rot-Grün versiffte Politik).

Pirinçci’s notoriety in Germany is comparable to that of Thilo Sarrazin (cf. recent interview: “The Axioms of PC Madness”, Gates of Vienna) who captured the nation with his Deutschland schafft sich ab (“Germany is Abolishing Herself”).

Akif Pirinçci grew up in a poor family. “For us, an egg was a feast”, he said recently in an interview with Bild am Sonntag. In 1969 the Pirinçcis emigrated from Istanbul to the Federal Republic of Germany where his parents joined the growing population of Turkish Gastarbeiter (Guest Workers) who helped to power Germany’s post-war Wirtschaftswunder. The ten-year-old Akif completed his growing years in the beautifully green, low-mountainous region of the Eifel near the Belgian border. He showed an early interest in writing and by the age of twenty-one he published his first book. But his cat detective series, Felidae, — with Cat-Inspector Francis as the main character — won Pirinçci international renown; and perhaps without realising it at the time, the cat lover Akif Pirinçci achieved his political independence.

Felidae has been translated into English and sixteen other languages.

Akif Pirinçci on Evolution and Power

Pirinçci was unknown as a critic of the “the Left-Green dictatorship of thought and values” (Gesinnungsdiktatur) until his controversial essay, in which that phrase appears, was published on the internet portal Die Achse des Guten as “Das Schlachten hat Begonnen (English version: “The slaughter has begun”). It depicts a “creeping genocide against Germans” (Pirinçci: German Video Interview, 43.00 min.), and it created an Internet storm.

The piece was prompted by the unprovoked murder of the courageous German, Daniel Siefert, who was also a Christian. Upon his attempt to mediate a dispute, Siefert suffered fatal head injuries when he was brutally kicked to death by a pack of Turkish immigrants in the district of Kirchweyhe in Lower Saxony on 10 March 2013. English readers will find a recent summary of this bestial event and its aftermath at EuropeNews.

In “The Slaughter has Begun” Pirinçci treats the Siefert murder as one instance of a type and frames it within Darwin’s mechanistic concept of “evolution”, a “game theoretical model for explaining developments and manifestations of nature, including human behaviour”. The central vehicle of blind evolution, for Pirinçci, is the swarm of muckers (Kumpelschar), which acts according to the “evolutionary strategy of wolves”, or what Elias Canetti in his Crowds and Power (1973), calls the “increase pack” (Vermehrungsmeute — see Gates of Vienna).

For Pirinçci as for Canetti, the evolutionary function of the “swarm of muckers” or the “increase pack” is “increased chances of propagation” (Fortflanzungschancen). In Pirinçci’s version, the mechanism is blind, but effective: the men are killed and the women raped. The Germans for their part, however, suffer a kind of madness which siphons their instinct for physical survival into a substitute, socially-based self-defence against being defamed as Nazis if they resist the invasion of their country. This negative strategy is further reinforced by the displacement activity (Übersprungshandlung) of denigrating their own country and countrymen, and this in turn is complemented by a reaction formation (Freud); that is, a kind of Stockholm syndrome vis-à-vis their Muslim conqueror.

Both Pirinçci and Canetti are using metaphor to highlight what otherwise is difficult to describe satisfactorily in rational terms. Canetti depicts the primal “increase pack” as follows:

It consists of a group of men in a state of excitement whose fiercest wish is to be more [in number]. In whatever they undertake together, whether hunting or fighting, they would fare better if there were more of them.” [Canetti, Elias, Crowds and Power, Trans. Carol Stewart. New York: Continuum Publishing, 1973. p. 93].

Pirinçci combines this propagatory function of brutality and the procreative function of rape as inseparable streams of the same blind mechanism of evolution. For Canetti too, these two methods for the increase of the pack cannot be distinguished:

The full range of its [the increase pack’s] effectiveness has never been properly understood because the concept of [sexual] propagation has distorted and obscured the actual processes of increase. (English Source: Canetti, Elias, op. cit. p. 107)

Also apropos of Pirinçci’s “hunting wolves”, Hans Peter-Raddatz makes the following observation:

Furthermore, along with the growing similarity to the Islamic model, emulation of [Islamic] religious police is to be expected through the formation of Western packs, which suppress the emergence of Islamophobic nests of activity; and just to maintain the same Canetti-metaphor of the archaic herd, the packs can be expected to radicalise themselves from being the guardian of the herd to the function of bloodhound. [Cf. Islamic Seasons and “Democratic” Global Policy: Part II, Section 4 at Gates of Vienna]

Selections from “Germany out of her Senses”: The Mad Cult around Women, Homosexuals and Immigrants”

[Source: Politically Incorrect. Translated by Rembrandt Clancy]

Akif Pirinçci: Germany, Oh Golden Elysium

Pirinçci writes the following few paragraphs against the background of German national self-hatred mentioned above. It has been observed that the elites in Germany promote the EU on the basis that it was nationalism which caused the war, and not socialism, in its contemporary mutation as National Socialism. Therefore the national state must be abandoned along with all consciousness of national identity.

Like Canetti before him in Crowds and Power (p. 173), Pirinçci introduces the image of the forest as a central characteristic of the Germanic soul. His reference to German Arminius of the Cherusci tribe impregnates the forest imagery with the very deepest significance, for Pirinçci is calling to mind the Varian Disaster, so called from the standpoint of the Romans, who lost three crack legions to Arminius in the Battle of Teutoburg Forest in 9 AD. Arminius, or Hermann the German, was sent to Rome as a boy, became a soldier of equestrian rank; and later, not having forgotten his patrimony, “the liberator of Germany” (Tacitus) defeated his former Roman comrades-in-arms in the Teutoburg Forest. The Varian legions, having been marched out of their accustomed space, found themselves unable to consolidate their disciplined battle formations. It was a defeat which shook Rome to her foundations. Never again would the numbers of the XVII, XVIII, and XIX legions take their place in the Roman order of battle. With the Battle of Teutoburg Forest, Germans ceased to be a mere polyglot of tribes. They entered the conscious light of history, and were destined to be the womb of the greatest culture the world has ever known.

Pirinçci’s repeated high praise of “Germanness”, also evident in the video below, is to be seen in the context of awakening Germany to her greatness. It is a “salvo” against those who are betraying Germany, if not a call to resistance. And now the pertinent paragraphs:

Germany, oh you golden Elysium! You powerful bull! You are the most beautiful of all beautiful lands! You are the warm light of the South and the cool sea of the North; and above you, the starlit night! May the eagle never avert his watchful eye, and may his sharp talon and strong beak be your protection evermore. You are paradise, and however many whoresons may betray you; in the end, you will outlast them all.

[…] Where I come from, the homeland is not called the Fatherland, but the Motherland. And that is the name I give to you, my lovely “Mother”, even though I am only your adoptive son; but you have not allowed me to sense it, not even for a second.

How flattering is your presence before my eye! You are so green, viewed from the aeroplane window above; green, green as far as the eye can see, with sprinklings of picturesque villages, tiny little towns and a few large cities; and even they revel in green, a singular nature park: your forests, your colossal and mysterious forests, in which the German soul is meant to be firmly rooted, in which Arminius’ heart bled and into which Hänsel and Gretel strayed. Your lakes, your rivers, and your water — did you know that the first mineral water came into the world from one of your springs? Many names represent you; the most beautiful is Grimm. Through him, you nest in the souls of your children, wherever they may live. In invention, you have always been at the pinnacle. You invented the computer before the computer and rockets before the rockets. Without your spirit of invention, the modern world would not exist as we know it. “We are everything, you are nothing”. Irony on. But only a little. For mia san mia!

But what is wrong, Germany, my most beloved Mother. You are so pale, you bleed so! You say you have been defiled? How is that? Has someone inflicted suffering upon you by showing you your future? How does it look, your German future?

Akif Pirinçci on Sexuality and Survival

In the interview with Bild am Sonntag (6 April, 2014) mentioned above, Pirinçci denies that he has written a political book. He prefers to call it a “social criticism”. In The Slaughter has Begun, Pirinçci touches on social-critical themes, other than immigration and Islamisation, but only in passing. These include the Germans’ entrustment of all responsibility to the state, the manipulation of language, “gender research”, and man as a social construct, thereby anticipating the broad preoccupations he says are in “Germany out of her Senses”. He gives expression to some of these issues, which are ultimately matters of survival, in the following additional paragraphs from his new book:

One best ascertains the mental condition of a country by how the relationship between male and female are negotiated in the open. The media lend weight to the matter; and if one just debates long enough, new norms will emerge, which at some point also become the standard of politics. And what could be more important than the relationship of the sexes to each other? However, the bipolar power of attraction between them — love, sex and wanting to be together — eventually serves, in the great majority of cases, one purpose without which the world would no longer continue to revolve; namely, the procreation of children. However, the official opinion in this country deliberately ignores this truism on ideological grounds, or occupies itself predominantly with the perversions of sex and panegyrizes its diverse deformations. In this country one must no longer smoke in a bar, but after imbibing the smoke-free air during a night at the pub, together with its sweet aftermath, one may abort a child. And the entire Left-polluted press applauds accordingly.

Heterosexuality, that is, the starter kit of mankind, the “normal”, is either treated as a joke or as a grey column of figures. Unless it revolves around Muslims; then, even the leather-gays of the taz [Tagezeitung, a publication of the radical Left] sing the canticle of the heteros and defend Aye’s headscarf with tooth and nail so that she is not, for example, on account of the obscene display of her hair, raped at every turn as is very much the custom in Germany. Otherwise it is all about the adventures of Boris Becker’s pecker, about hot flirt- and dating tips; and at least once a year, it is about the little confessional booklet of a whore (more randy, if she is also still a student), and about the no longer improvable luck of a patchwork family, and about the singles clubs, and it is constantly about the German man who has been transformed into a pansy. In regard to offspring, insofar as they exist at all in the constant media barrage, it is a question of places in the daycare centre (just get the brat out of the way), because the income of the marriage couple (comical term) in this predatory socialist state is no longer sufficient. It is a question of school reforms of sorts taken from the political bag of tricks of handicap-paedagogy; hence in this way the achievement level plummets until even the last dummy, or language-mangling Turk passes his Abitur [high school] with an “A”; and finally, it is a question of Ritalin. And so the life-model of the majority of people who live in this country is reduced to a desolate brei, while the figurines out of the curio-cabinet putatively represent the modern, indeed the resplendent future. Go f*** yourself!

No wonder that the brainsick jumping Jacks and jumping Jackies of politics, confronted with such a distorted media image, allow themselves to be told a cock-and-bull story about gender mainstreaming, according to which sexuality is a social construct after the motto: “Were my aunt to have a tool, she would be my uncle”. Or no wonder that the child-sex party, the Greens, hyper-stylises rape in marriage as a phenomenon of epidemic proportions, as if it were happening in every second duplex, when every twit knows that it is precisely married couples (another bit of word comedy), after just two years of marriage, who beg almost for a rape, because in bed nothing is going on. And no wonder that the expression “child care subsidy” is hated so intensely, like the words “Jewish state” and “nuclear energy”, because it conjures up the odiously perverse, if not even Satanic association of “only a housewife”, who looks after the household, the children and the garden, and possibly even does it of her own free will. Ultimately she bakes cookies for Christmas with the little ones, the dirty sow.

Our model federal state shows us how to do things properly. Isn’t it fantastic that in Bavaria (and in nine additional federal states) a state police association (VelsPol) for gays and lesbians has been founded? I think it’s about time, for the police are just so be-gayed presently. Every newspaper prints the announcement with breast-swollen pride. And on the group picture one sees the uniformed homos with euphorically smiling faces, as if they had just seized three tons of coke from the lorry: “The police are a cross-section of the society. And naturally there are gays and lesbians with us,” says the spokesman for the Munich police, Thomas Ruch. However, many homosexual officers still keep their private lives to themselves, he believes. — Nah, for real? That’s terrible. Whenever I have parked illegally somewhere, I have always missed the announcement of the constable: “You are in a no-parking zone — besides, I am an arch-gay”. It would have shed another light on the offence, I don’t know, somehow in a metaphysical light or some such.

Not that long ago in Berlin two Turkish fellow citizens blocked, with their swank, BMW the path of a police cruiser — which had slowed somewhat as it searched for the signs of a reported accident. The Turks got out of their car and with gusto smacked the officer in the kisser (in Turkey, by the way, the two would have been allowed to tarry on this planet exactly eight seconds after that, before they would have been transported into a better world.) Even the radioed colleagues of the backup could not calm the hot-tempered road users from the “southland”. After the verification of their particulars, they were allowed to continue on their way. They were Muslims after all. Even here a discrete sticker on the rear of the cruiser with the advice “faggot on board” certainly could have had a de-escalating effect.

Yes, Mother Germany, among your children today it is of fatefully decisive importance that everything sexual, which goes beyond heterosexuality; that is to say, beyond the tedious normal case, undergoes idolisation; whereas in my modest opinion, the cultivated child-f***ing, for mysterious reasons, continues to be at a singular disadvantage. However, the Greens work tirelessly to permeate public discourse with the idea that the incest taboo is something passé, outmoded; indeed, somehow Right-Wing-Radical (we shall continue to encounter this magic word quite frequently in this book), so that one day in the not too distant future Papa, hopefully and finally, will be able to hump his own daughter, and Mother can suffer herself to be licked by her own son.

[Pirinçci, Akif. Deutschland von Sinnen. 2014.As quoted by Politically Incorrect and translated by Rembrandt Clancy.]

Why does Pirinçci refer to the Greens as the “child-sex party”? In a recent German video interview, he mentions two leading figures in the party who gave rise to paedophile scandals just prior to the 2013 federal elections: Jurgen Trittin, leading Green candidate for those elections, and Volker Beck, the Greens’ speaker for domestic and religious policy (14:47 min. to 15:45 min. into the video). After making allusions to their respective histories, Pirinçci remarks: “For this reason one can call the Greens the child-sex party (Kindersex-Partei)”. Those who wish to research these cases of Psychopathia Sexualis (Krafft-Ebing) in English may start by following the linked names. The broader issue concerns the Greens’ paedophile lobby in the 1980s.

Another case that broke at about the same time, and which even became known in North America, is that of a very high-profile figure who goes back to the ’68 sexual revolution, the current co-president of the Greens-European Free Alliance in the European parliament, Daniel Cohn-Bendit. The link provides a brief, easily available, concrete example of Green-paedophilia, and hence an insight into what Pirinçci means by “Green-polluted politics”.

We are reminded of Wilhelm Reich of the Frankfurt School:

“The new order of the sexual life must begin with the re-education of Children”

(Reich, Wilhelm. Die Sexualität im Kulturkampf: Zur Sozialistischen Umstrukturierung des Menschen. (“Sexuality in the Culture War: On the Socialist Restructuring of Man”). 2nd ed. Kopenhagen: Sexpol-Verlag, 1930. p. 239)

Akif Pirinçci is Censored — An Insight into Media Manipulation

The following video shows Pirinçci’s truncated eight minute interview of 2 April 2014 which took place on Mittagsmagazin, a programme on Germany’s “Second German Television” (ZDF), one of two large public broadcasters paid for by a special tariff on the German people. The censorship began in the course of the interview itself as Akif Pirinçci explains:

The interview was supposed to last 15 minutes. Unfortunately only eight minutes came out of it. After the interview the moderator leaned toward me and said — (moderators have a receiver in their ear) — that she was ordered to sign off with the words: “squelch it, squelch it, squelch it”, because I had just said a few unlovely things. They had received me in a very congenial manner, but I had not expected a large broadcaster would do such a thing. It was plain censorship. [Radio Interview Stimme Russlands (Voice of Russia)]

The video was even removed from the ZDF media library; but following complaints, the original 8 minute version was replaced with a censored one of just over four minutes. The German Internet portal blu-News reported that in the censored version, — and the present author also viewed it for himself — the introductory ‘establishing shot’ (which critiques the failure of Turkish Muslims to integrate even in the third generation) was completely cut, as was the conspicuous moment when Pirinçci refers to “the child-sex party — the Greens” (der Kindersexpartei — die Grünen). In the end, even the censored version was removed from the ZDF media library.

Pirinçci has spoken only positively about the ZDF interviewer Susan Conrad, and she does indeed present herself with a warm and sympathetic persona, allowing her guest time to speak, and mostly without interruption. But she makes one aspersion the meaning of which may escape many non-Germans. Pirinçci remarks that if Turkish immigrants feel alienated “they can always beat it back to their homeland again”. Conrad quickly counters with a comparison which lacks equivalency; namely, that in the former East German dictatorship people said “if you don’t like it here, hop over the wall.” By associating Pirinçci’s sentiment with a curse, with a crime of the East German, socialist dictatorship, the moderator scores for the socialist broadcaster. In a similar manner she consistently counters Pirinçci’s “salvos” (see below). At one point she suggests he yearns for a return to the sixties, a reactionary; at another, she assumes the voice of the public who wonders how he can say such things; or, it is just his judgement and opinion.

Most of all, she renders his remarks innocuous by compartmentalising him as an angry, overreacting provocateur, all without dealing with content or employing reason. But he does have the redeeming feature of being politically incorrect in a mischievous kind of way, a pleasant diversion, a curiosity of sorts — you just can’t help loving him. The technique: distract from the message by drawing attention to the manner of its expression. All of it is ad hominem.

But here is how Pirinçci himself views the situation:

They probably thought that, live and before the eyes of the entire world, I would present a tame Akif, who would quietly backpedal and relativise his own book. But unfortunately they got the Akif which is also in the book, and I fired one salvo after another. (German Source: Akif Pirinçci On the ZDF Censorship of his Interview)

Did Susan Conrad succeed, or did Akif Pirinçci make his point? Here is the video:

Video Transcript

Moderator Susan Conrad of Germany’s ZDF interviews Akif Pirinçci on Mittagsmagazin (2 April 2014).

Susanne Conrad

He is well known for his detective novels, Felidae, in which a cat is the main character: funny, dark and exciting. Now Akif Pirinçci has written his first non-fiction. And with “Germany, Out of her Senses”, he has scored a veritable bullseye. For him, who was born in Turkey and raised in the Eifel region, there are goings-on in this country which make him furious. But in a completely different way than one might expect. For he loves Germany, which he however sometimes, “hardly recognises in the fog of do-goodery and political correctness”.

Welcome, Akif Pirinçci! It is nice to see you here. We’ll talk presently, but first to your book and a few of your interesting themes.

Establishing Shot

In Germany there are about 80,000,000 inhabitants. Of them, 16,000,000 have an immigrant background. Among those, there are around 4,000,000 Muslims. None other than a Turkish author| asks the question: “Why is it only the Muslim minority who make so many demands?” “Why, for example, is there an Islam Conference in Germany,… but… no Hindu, Greek Orthodox or Russian Orthodox conferences?” “And how is it that other immigrants have no need for their own lobbyists?” In his book, Akif Pirinçci criticises immigrants who do not want to adapt, and he wonders if the Germans who tolerate that are not completely crackers.

Pirinçci came to Germany in the sixties with his parents. He became rich and famous, with the Cat Inspector Francis, from his best-seller Felidae. In his new book he especially settles accounts with his countrymen. If young Turkish women, who are born in Germany and hardly know their homeland, but do not participate in swimming instruction without a burqini, he calls that “costume-Turkishness”. The “ever so well-intentioned integration efforts are spinning out of control”, says, Pirinçci in his quite provocative style.

No one has written so unsparingly about Turks in Germany.

Susan Conrad

Right, I shall begin once again with you: Akif Pirinçci, you come from Turkey. I believe you were ten when you came from Turkey to Germany. How was that for you? And how do you feel today? Where would you say your homeland is?

Akif Pirinçci

My homeland is without question, Germany. I fell completely in love with this country from the very beginning, immediately from the very first second. Above all, I fell in love with nature, and later also naturally with the women. And, yes, Germany is definitely my homeland.

Susan Conrad

What inspired you about Germany? Why did you fall in love with her? There must always be something which also inspires a settler.

Akif Pirinçci

Yes, first of all it was for me a marvel, that my father, having worked here for only three months, could buy me a bicycle. In Turkey we were very poor. Children who rode bicycles had very rich parents. It was so more for egoistic reasons. It was this entire Germanness that I also liked. Right? The forests, and such a green country. It is awesome, right? Unfortunately, with this green ideology, the forests are being felled little by little so that windmills can be put there, or such like. But this junk-energy — this renewable or increasingly costly energy — rubbish!

Susan Conrad

But let us stay once again with the experience which the Turks here in Germany are having. With you, things are obviously going well. But often there are young people in the third generation who feel alienated. They have the feeling of being culturally and linguistically between a rock and a hard place. What went wrong then?

Akif Pirinçci

Nothing at all went wrong, nor do they feel alienated in any way. In reality there is no such thing. They are only persuading the Germans of that. Right? So they can be waited on hand and foot. Right? For example, in the school, performance is sinking to a lower and lower level. These are all junk-claims made by sociologists; namely, that “immigrants feel inwardly alienated”; that “when they walk through the streets, they ask themselves, ‘am I a Turk, an Arab or a German’” or whatever. In reality the government commissions sociology institutes to carry out these investigations. Right? Yes, and these sociology institutes, earn so much money, that they can persuade the Germans, or the German politicians of rubbish. There is no such thing at all as an identity. One is there, simply where one lives. I think, apart from that, if you feel so alienated, if you do not feel at home, then you can beat it back to your homeland again. It is very simple.

Susan Conrad

That is the old saying they once gladly declared [in East Germany] “jump over the wall” [if you don’t like it here]”, approximately. Nevertheless, I press the point: You explained why sociologists have it so good: it is because they make money from it. But what about the Turks, your countrymen? What reason would they have to make matters difficult for themselves here?

Akif Pirinçci

Right! Islamisation plays a large role here. Right? When I came to Germany, there was really — I swear to you — no Turkish woman who ran about with a headscarf.

Today they run all over the place even with the veil. Right? And to think that we acquiesce to that at all! Therefore I could become really furious when I have to look at such a thing. Right? At one time it was so accommodating: when we came here back then, we were — so to speak — there for the Germans. What was desired from my parents was the manpower. Through this Green-polluted politics — this Green-Red polluted politics — everything has been turned into its opposite: Now the immigrant-receiving country is there for the immigrants. Right? The next step will be to declare them saints or something.

Susan Conrad

What you are doing here naturally is expressing your own opinions and convictions, which are politically very incorrect. Right? Therefore I can imagine that many are standing on the barricades and saying: “How can he spout off such things?” Taken as a whole, your book is not now only about immigrants but mainly about do-gooders and these politically incorrect people. Is it Germans, who so especially…

Akif Pirinçci

As I said, it is above all the Green-Red polluted politics, including meanwhile also the CDU — the so-called “conservative” party, which has made this country absolutely unrecognisable. For example, in the CDU, you will no longer find a single individual who will say a word about these abortion issues.

I think recently someone protested once, and said “I do not agree with it”; they immediately bludgeoned that individual down again. And yes, one can say that the child-sex party, the Greens, have ruined this country.

Susan Conrad

Now, one notices, as we talk here, there is a great deal of aggression and fury. I think Thilo Sarrazin has the effect of a wimp compared with you. What do you wish to achieve with your book?

Akif Pirinçci

I would like to have my old Germany back again. It was such a fantastic country, absolutely fantastic…. Right?

Susan Conrad

You mean the Germany of the sixties, of course?

Akif Pirinçci

No, no, no, I don’t mean that. I want a Germany where I walk the streets and not feel as if I am in the Orient or in Iran or something. I don’t know,… as I said, we came here because it was better than the place from which we came…. And… I find everything here so fantastic. I also wish it to maintain its Western character. As already said, my book is not only about immigrants or whatever, but about many things; for example, it is also about the public broadcasters: the relevant chapter is entitled “With the A**hole one Sees Better”. Yes, I would like to have my Germany back again, and I will also get it back!

Susan Conrad

We are in eager anticipation, Akif Pirinçci ! In any event it was most interesting to listen to your ideas here today. “Germany out of her Senses” is the name of what is probably politically the most incorrect book of the year here in Germany. Thank you very much for being here today, and we shall continue to keep our eye on this.

Akif Pirinçci

Thank you.

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  1. Thank you, Rembrandt Clancy, for your introductory notes to this excerpt from Akif Pirincci, whom I have never previously known of.
    (I see from the cover of
    that all the i’s in his name are undotted, indicating a Turkish schwa-like sound, but maybe the pronunciation of his name has been deutschified to “AKiff PiRINTSCHdschi”).
    I wonder why you rendered “Flugzeug” not as “airplane” but as “aeroplane”. Probably just to be as odic as Pirincci; a clever touch.
    The reference to Armin der Cherusker recalls the song “Als die Roemer frech geworden” (When the Roman got uppity), which is hearable on YouTube, in various renditions:
    The lyrics (all 15 stanzas!) are found at
    And here are the lyrics in English:

    (I’ll save reading the whole article for another day.)
    — Mark Spahn (West Seneca, NY)

    • Mr. Spahn, an “aeroplane” is the standard British word for what we call an “airplane”. Or at least it was when I lived in England 45 years ago.

      • Ah, I wondered whether “aeroplane” might be a Briticism. Then later in the essay a saw “lorry”, so I guess that’s the explanation. (Where did I get the idea that Rembrandt Clancy was Canadian? Maybe from his Dutch Masters geopolitical thrillers, like “The Hunt for Red October”.)
        I have now read the whole article, and viewed the video. Good job. But I wonder why the yellow-text-on-scrim lettering does not become legible until about 4:15; must be some technical glitch.
        — Mark Spahn (West Seneca, NY)

        • Literate Canadians generally write in British English, as far as I know. Or at least they use British spellings.

          • “Aeroplane” is still the preferred British English term, although “airplane” is sometimes used.

      • Not to forget The Aerodrome by Rex Warner – not a book I have read but have seen knocking about occasionally in bookstores – perhaps worth picking up given the fascistic, humanity-denying project underway in the EUSSR and elsewhere.

      • Ah the reminders. I recall North American friends asking me what an aerodrome was.

  2. There is something about being an immigrant from an impoverished, dysfunctional or subjugated (e.g. by Commies or Mohammedans) country, and coming to a relative paradise such as Germany, Switzerland, Sweden, England, Holland or the United States were, and witnessing how the natives are busy 24/7 destroying that paradise, taking it down brick-by-brick in a giant Ashura-like orgy of flails, whips and spiked knouts smashed on own backs to the mournful cries of “Racism!” –Whack! — “Nativism!” — Whack! — “White Privilege!” –Whack! –“Islamophobia!” –Whack!–“Sexism!” — Whack! — “Heteronormativism!” — Whack! — “Lookism!” –Whack! — “Specieism!”– Whack!– “Inequality!” — Whack! — “Slavery!” — Whack! — “Colonialism!” — Whack! — “Hitler!” (but never Stalin or Mao) — Whack! — “Inquisition!” (but never Mohammadfascism) — Whack! — on and on, day in and day out, the entire population led by its PhD’d Pied Pipers of Hamelin, and their spawn in high school faculties, judicial and law advocacy chambers, newspaper and TV editorial rooms, Fine Arts Academies etc.

    One who grew up elsewhere, who has seen how the world is elsewhere, knows that the predilections or evils that Whites have been brainwashed to ascribe only to themselves are actually universal, and manifest far more extremely elsewhere. All of which puts the foreign-born who cares about his new homeland in a curious state combining astonishment, disgust, fury and defiance. It’s no wonder that among the writers pointing out the toxic folly of the West are immigrants or internationally peripatetic types like Anthony Daniels, John Derbyshire, Peter Brimelow, Fjordman, Steven Farron, Ilana Mercer, yours truly, plus apostates from Islam like Ayaan Hirsi Ali, Ibn Warraq, Magdi Allam, and this clear-eyed Turkish-German writer.

    • An aspiration.

      Yes, we are sinners, and less so; we are intelligent, and more so:. this the depiction of the tomes of your author list. To take leadership at this juncture is the highest good and an action of compassion. All respect to that fine necessity.

      Ignorance is not to be ignored but identifiable as evil in the adult of humanity. Who authorized the forgiveness of destructive ignorance?

      The following times are of Decision. Who are the righteous that will step forth and, calling and casting out devils, ascend the throne of power?

    • yes, I’ve been thinking the same thing… for those coming to Western countries, because they actually like Western culture and are getting tired of the strictures of their old countries, it must be a shocker to see their new homelands prostrating themselves before Sharia, and the natives prepared to accept it, and instead of resisting, prefer to spend their time lying drunk on the street throwing up their cheap kebabs?

      Here is an example of one such newcomer, shocked with both Sharia and the British (in this case) obsession with drinking – seemingly replacing any concern about the disaster they are heading towards…

    • “It’s no wonder that among the writers pointing out the toxic folly of the West are immigrants or internationally peripatetic types like … yours truly … and this clear-eyed Turkish-German writer.”

      As I read the above excerpts I was reminded very much of TS’s style.

    • As the link seems not to work, here’s the comment:

      “…honestly, alot of this leftist are hypnotized and i heard they are secretly muslims in heart, look how they selling out Britain to Islamists? even the Arbishop of Canterbury thinks Britain should become Sharia Law country. Honestly! they are flirting with fire. Most of this people are athiest themselves so they think all religions are the same, bloody hell!, i just wonder when the British are going to stop sleep walking and start knowing the difference between a friend and enemy? maybe when they stop drinking too much alcohol.

      Posted by: Ishmail Alharoui | Sunday, October 28, 2012 at 04:30 AM”

  3. Thank you, Rembrandt Clancy, for this amazing piece of work in introducing Akif Pirincci to non-German speakers. I am currently reading his book. Correction– I am reading it along with a novel by Brad Thor. Pirincci’s language is so picturesque, what he has to say so damning that I simply cannot take it all at once.

    It is thus hardly any surprise that Germany’s establishment is currently going mad. As mad as Pirincci so succinctly describes this very estalishment. Quod erad demonstrandum.

  4. Just a small correction: The Battle of the Teutoburg Forest took place in the year 9 AD under the reign of Augustus, not in the ninth century AD.

  5. Great, great article.

    I would like to make just one point right now.

    Wilhelm Reich is cited above, but the impression you might get from the citation and its context would be that Reich was an anti-family socialist-minded progressive with all of its libertine baggage.

    Nothing could be farther from the truth, despite the title of that book.

    Reich specifically warned about the “freedom-peddlers” who seek to make all forms of sexual expression “equal” to the detriment of sex itself as a part of “love, work, and knowledge”.

    Those Germans obsessed immigrants, homosexuality and women are exactly those “freedom peddlers” of whom Reich spoke.

    When people are fully functional sexually, their sexuality leads them into functional pair-bonds designed to create an harmonious atmosphere where a minimum amount of compulsion is needed to maintain that harmony as the bond itself is so intrinsically satisfying.

    Love and sex can be successfully conjoined there.

    Essentially, I see and Reich would see, the obsession with homosexuality, immigrants and women, at the expense of heterosexuality, the native-born, and men, as part of a war on men, a war on masculinity itself, the effect of the anti-authoritarian culture that took over in the ’60s.

    This anti-authoritarian culture doesn’t want taboos, hierarchy, exclusion or moral judgment and seeks to disestablish it wherever and whenever it can.

    When Germans live in a reaction-formation, the fear of being seen as “Nazis”, for merely maintaining control of their territory, that anti-authoritarian non-vision of the world has begun to win.

    We have the same problem here in the US.

    Anyone critical of Obama is racist. Anyone critical of amnesty for illegal immigrants is racist. Anyone opposing race and ethnicity quotas for school and jobs is racist.

    Anyone suggesting that there is no automatic “right” to gay marriage is homophobic and anyone critical of Islam is an Islamophobe.

    More later.

    Once again- a great article.

  6. The left (er, “progressives”) love to scold the rest of us about “sustainability.” Well this multicultural madness is not sustainable. I am sorry to say that one day the indigenous peoples will wake up to the fact that too many immigrants have no interest in respecting let alone retaining the indigenous culture. The alternative to cultural suicide must be to suppress or maybe even eject the primary predatory culture, Islam. This will end quit badly. Thanks libs! Once again, your Secular Utopia will become living hell.

  7. great work of translation! I have however one doubt about ” if you don’t like it here ,hop over the wall”. If memory serves me well- and I’ ve been there,believe me, that was said to west- german leftists who criticised capitalism while they had the choice to live in a socialist neighborhood of german persuasion.
    And cheers to commentator Elisabeth ! A soul sister out there? Pirincii and Brad Thor ? How about Nelson Demille’ s Operation Wildfire? This novel might please a plenty of folks here. He has about the same ” ethnic predelections” as Brad Thor.

    • Yes, that would make more sense… if all an East German who didn’t like it there had to do was “hop over the wall”, they’d have all been in the West in no time!

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