The March of Jihad in Yemen

Last week an jihad video surfaced that showed an Al Qaeda a meeting in Yemen. The leader of the group, a man named Nasser al-Wuhayshi, exhorted his followers to become martyrs in the jihad against America, “the leader of the Infidels”.

Yesterday a drone attack killed dozens of suspected Al Qaeda fighters in Yemen. Did last week’s video provide targeting information for the drone strike?

Many thanks to Russkiy for translating this video excerpt, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Below are excerpts from an article in The Jerusalem Post about the Al Qaeda meeting in Yemen:

Watch: Al-Qaida Holds Largest, Most Dangerous Gathering in Years

Group’s 2nd in command is shown announcing his plan to “eliminate” America; CNN reports US must have not been aware of meeting.

A civilian video has surfaced on YouTube illustrating the largest gathering of al-Qaida in years, reported CNN on Tuesday.

The meeting, which reportedly took place in Yemen, shows Nasser al-Wuhayshi a man known to be al-Qaida’s second in command, a man who, according to CNN, has previously announced his determination to attack the United States.

According to the international news organization, either the US was not aware of the dangerous meeting, or was not notified with enough time to attack.

“We must eliminate the cross,” says the al-Qaida leader in a speech in the video. “The bearer of the cross is America.”

US officials believe the professionally produced video is recent, says CNN, and that an attack could be in planning stages.

Video transcript (times are from the original longer video):

6:15   The almighty and sublime Allah has honoured us
6:20   with this duty like no other of his creatures to admonish
6:25   the enemies of Allah the almighty. Thanks to Allah my brothers that the march of Jihad is carrying on
6:30   The suffering on this path is ever so present.
6:35   Those who are killed and still fighting in the path of Allah
6:40   have achieved Allah’s gratification and recompense.
6:45   Join us in this march.
6:50   You and we are together.
6:55   If Allah is willing the Ummah will rise from its knees.
7:00   The period of weakness Allah willing will stop.
7:05   Oh brothers, the Crusader enemy still has cards up his sleeve.
7:10   Oh brothers, we must remember that we always are fighting
7:15   the bigger enemy, the leader of the Infidels.
7:20   We have to cause the downfall of this enemy.
7:25   We have to humiliate the Cross which is being carried by America.

Hat tip for the article: Fjordman.

11 thoughts on “The March of Jihad in Yemen

  1. Sometimes I find myself thinking, ‘Maybe another attack would be good because it would make americans finally wake up’. But then the question appears, ‘Shouldn’t they have woken up after 9/11 already?’ What the hell is going on?! And the prime culprits again seem to be politicians and the media – not to mention the judiciary.

  2. Michael Laudahn : Do we need another attack? Westerners are quickly lulled to sleep again after each attack. They are focused on Lohans and Cyruses to spare any attention for something else. Besides, why are we worried when our government is democratic? Is not democracy the ultimate goal? Just look around and see democracies building paradises in Afghanistan, Iran, Iraq, Libya, Syria . . . and then importing dislodged “refugees of peace” peace be upon them. Yes, they are trying to take over us. But that will take another 30 years. Why worry. Live in the now to the fullest. Hey waitress get me another vodka will you. Oh dear 5 bearded creatures just entered and are shouting Allahu akber. Who imported them? Our infinitely wise elected peerless rulers. Poor the west! We have principles but we don’t defend them because we can’t name them.

  3. We could deal with these people in a few days, but only if we took the gloves off… For some reason our ‘leaders’ seem reluctant, so there must be more to it than at first meets the eye.

  4. Why does democracy turn politicians into traitors and the electorate into zombies, so that no matter how politicians are servile to Muslims, Saudi Arabia, Muslim Brotherhood, and Turkey… they go again and vote for another servile leader.

  5. The above comments suggest to me that there seems to be a common theme running through the thoughts of those who have identified a problem with Islam, which is this: If they know what is happening around them why don’t the politicians and the media acknowledge it and then do something about it?

    While there may be several Western leaders awake to the recurrent nightmare that importing Islam into their nations and the many problems this strategically designed importation has now brought with it, who among them is prepared to precisely detail those problems to their respective people while risking political oblivion?

    Likewise, the media corporations are controlled by government through a licensing arrangement and under the table political favors. So which corporation will be the first to start telling the truth of the situation the West now finds itself in? Any takers?

  6. Homo-and bisexuality are NOT sexual perversions. In order to fight the spreading of islam, this blog should unite itself with the GLBT-community and not act against them!

    • ROM —

      Actually, pedophilia is what Pirinçci was emphasizing. Do you consider having sex with children a perversion? If not, the vast majority of the public disagrees with you, as do I.

    • The LGBT lot have supported the muslims in the past against those that oppose islam.

  7. On a side note to Yemen, a New Zealand born militant was killed by a drone strike against an al Qaeda convoy. The man had come to the attention of New Zealand security services long before he left for Yemen (attended terrorist training camps, was in contact with terrorist groups etc).
    The leader of the Green Party here is now claiming the Prime Minister was involved in providing information to the Americans that led to this man’s death. According to him the appropriate course of action was to arrest the militants and try them in court for terrorism – apparently that’s how you defeat terrorism!
    Chalk another one up for the perverse Green movement.

  8. ROM, homosexuality is a misguided sexual direction that becomes a perversion when the misguided push the practise of such behaviour as normal.

    It is anything but normal!

    And your support for a militant and rabidly anti-heterosexual group that condones the worst of the worst as comrades in its push for societal normalcy exposes your own intolerance for the normal part of the society you live in.

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