This Won’t Wash

A female culture-enricher who was serving as a nursing assistant in Germany wanted to be exempted from washing male patients, on religious grounds. But the labor court in Mannheim didn’t buy her rationale.

Egri Nök, who translated the article for Gates of Vienna, includes this observation:

This is a short article on a trivial and extremely petty matter. But the attitude that shines through is so obnoxious that it deserves our attention.

The translated article from the independent German broadcaster N-TV:

Nursing assistant dismissed: Muslima won’t wash men

March 23, 2017

A Muslim nursing assistant refused to wash men, because of her beliefs. After just one week she was dismissed. Rightfully so, a court has decided.

As a Muslim nursing assistant refused to wash male patients, her employer dismissed her — with justification, the Mannheim labour court has decided. They refused the claim of the 40-year-old. The native of Lithuania had only been working for one week for the nursing service before she was dismissed.

“I just want to fight for my right to work,” the woman declared, before she sat down in the courtroom. She has been living in Germany for three years, and all she wanted was to integrate, she said. She had studied medicine in Lithuania, but had no work permission for Germany. That is why she is making ends meet as a nursing assistant and housekeeping helper.

She does not understand why such a large company cannot show consideration for the fact that her religion forbids her to wash men. Judge Sigrid Bouwhuis stresses: “You may exercise your religion freely. But you cannot expect conjuring tricks to suit you at your workplace.”

So she has to play by the rules. Besides, there is no protection against dismissal in the six-month trial period. And as the woman filed the complaint against her dismissal a day too late, the complaint was inadmissible in any case.

14 thoughts on “This Won’t Wash

  1. from Lithuania? Is she a Lubavitchene?This country has maybe a residue of tartaric russian moslems. Btw, I studied law besides other matters. It is a shame that that NY bar did not let me pass.sarc off.

  2. “Conjuring tricks…” I love Judge Bouwhuis’ choice of words! The AfD should snatch her up, if she is not already a member!

  3. I know but I have to play devils advocate… Didn’t the UK allow surgical nurses to not wash their forearms because they would expose them violating their religion? How is this any different?
    How is it that patients can ban a male health worker from working on a muslim woman any different?
    Once you acquiesce to this insanity it is very hard to draw a line.

    • I had not heard about the surgical nurses not washing their arms, I find it quite shocking.

    • Once you acquiesce to this insanity it is very hard to draw a line.

      So what you do is draw an Obamesque red line which you can then erase by running your foot down its length and then inquiring,”Pardon me…WHAT line do you mean?” before moving on to emptying out the sequestered Iranian wealth into the waiting hands of the Ayatollahs.

      Worked for him.

      Please, Babs, play devil’s advocate wherever you see ’em.

    • No this is not strictly true. All NHS staff must have exposed forearms when in patient contact to stop cross contamination from the garment’s cuffs, and wash accordingly. When not in contact with patients sleeves may be rolled down. This is strictly enforced and apparently has led to Muslim staff leaving the NHS.

      I have worked as a volunteer in a hospital in Palestine, run by a Christian organisation, and Muslim nurses there also observed this rule. Possibly there is a religious exemption for Muslim clinicians.

  4. What she doesn’t understand is that the men wouldn’t want to be touched by her anyway.

  5. I have difficulty fathoming the lack of introspective thought from this woman. It is not surprising, just hard to understand. It is difficult to consider such a being as “human”, or rather, conscious. There is no subtelty, no shame and no depth. She reveals her world view and motivations unreservedly, ignorant of their hypocritical nature, pretending (?) they are hidden beneath a thin veneer of leftist feelspeak about rights. Every little thing must be transmuted into an epic battle between right and wrong, transcend the ordinary and ascend to divine strife. It is like giving a kid a piano, only to have it rip out a piece of wire and strangle you with it.

    • I doubt that Islam (like any system built on shaky foundations) encourages introspective thought.

      This woman falls into the same category as Muslim cab drivers who won’t carry assistance dogs; she’s in the wrong job.

      • Yes, she is indeed in the wrong job. However, how did she get there? Oftentimes it seems to me that members the ummah purposely place themselves in positions where they can hardly avoid knowing their ideology will constitute a problem. Either there is the assumption that the ideology will be accommated always, or malintent. In the words of Mr Mathau ( or Mr Lemon) I would categorise them as
        “[feces] disturbers”.

  6. As Basil Fawlty once said to the Nurse, “Don’t touch me! I don’t know where you’ve been.”

  7. It is quite simple. If her religion is very important to her, she should move her [nether region] to one of the many wealthy Mohammedan countries. They are always importing people to staff their hospitals. She will have no trouble finding a job.
    – Does she think that the Saudis accommodate Christians? Rhetorical question. These supremacists never examine their own beliefs.
    – Either we accommodate all or we accommodate none. In a secular society, we choose the latter.
    – Every one of them is like an industrious termite: each one dutifully chipping away at the structure in the service of the cause.

  8. FTA: “You may exercise your religion freely. But you cannot expect conjuring tricks to suit you at your workplace.”

    “conjuring tricks” – that ‘s exactly what it is.

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