Alex Jones and Tommy Robinson discuss the degree of Islamification within the UK:

This is a heated discussion with some uncomfortable subjects being discussed, not the least of it, is some detained discussion of sex-slavery of British young girls by Muslims in the UK:

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19 thoughts on “Alex Jones and Tommy Robinson discuss the degree of Islamification within the UK:

  1. Brits are deeply, deeply Socialist.

    A pre-condition of that Socialism is “submissiveness”, or learned helplessness.

    Your parents, the schools, the media are ALL pumping into you … Submission.

    Submission to Authority.

    So, British People are the perfect vehicles to embrace Islam. Their submission to the State is TOTAL. They’ll hardly notice the difference when their submission to Allah is demanded.

    It’s my prediction that the transition will be very smooth; almost without incident. The few “Tommy Robinsons” will be quickly eliminated.

    And, don’t you bother telling me to “get out and vote”. That is the creed of the slave.

    • Bogbeagle-

      I think you are correct what the endgame in Western Europe and the UK will look like. Whites there are like sheep ready to be led to slaughter.

      Any cells of resistance to the caliphate will quickly be reported to the authorities by the local Ummah members.

    • Yes that’s why 17.4 million Brits voted for Brexit, against the establishment wishes- because they’re so submissive and voting is the ‘creed of the slave’.

      We have huge problems in the UK but such sweeping generalised [material that lacks reason and coherence] doesn’t help.

    • This is rather an unlikely prospect.

      The British, or at least the English component, are rather irreligious, fond of bacon, and beer. The first and third of these qualities was noted by the Normans many centuries ago. We tend to mock those we think are ‘God botherers’ and are usually attached to our foreskins. A few may convert out of eccentricity, stupid desperation, or genuine belief.

      We are not ‘deeply socialist’ as any examination of election results would show. Actually we tend to dislike any form of extremism, political or religious.

  2. Geez, it is nice to see some robust testosterone talking about this. It feels as if we are masculine protectors again.

      • Well,you’ve both made assertions that bear proving. I’ve heard Stephen discuss his love of England many times, and his deep desire to preserve British culture. He went to prison for his efforts.

        My assertions can be easily sourced if you simply google his name.

        So tell us, please, what precisely has he said or done which makes his nationalism “fake”? How could it be more authentic than it is now?

        What is your

  3. I have a tough time with Alex Jones. Women have their babies taken from them and thrown in the water? I think I would have heard of that.
    OTOH, TR has broken into the N American alternative media and I support him in this endeavor. I would much rather Paul Joseph Watson interview him than Alex Jones.

    • and Alex HARPING on the rapes- We KNOW. We know HE knows. Every time Tommy was about to finish a thought, Alex came back to the salacious rape stuff … LET TOMMY TALK.

  4. I find them both overwrought sometimes, but I’ll admit I’m prejudiced, not being overly fond of the unshaved look that Watson favors. When I saw Jones hawking some product or other, I quit watching.

    • Yes. But how is he supposed to fund his company? News organizations are funded by corporations as well. Advertisements on TV are just as annoying. I wish Alex would calm down a little bit. Very grating.

  5. I stopped watching because of the constant interruptions of the interviewer. His assertion that Hadrian’s wall was built by the Romans to keep out the Welsh didn’t help!

    • agreed. Was furious that Alex Jones CONSTANTLY interrupted every time Tommy was about to say something I wanted to hear

  6. If you want to watch Tommy with some reasonable interviewers, watch his interviews with Dave Rubin, Gad Saad, or Paul Joseph Watson.

  7. I am glad to see an interview on GofV with Alex Jones and Tommy Robinson. I did laugh when Alex said Hadrian’s wall was built to protect against the Welsh. It was built to protect the Roman frontier, in present day Scotland, to stop raids by a group of barbarians the Roman’s called Picti or painted ones. We call them the ancient Picts. It only shows Alex Jones is not perfect and can get things wrong, on the most part I agree.

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