Culture-Enriching Robbery at the Platform in Herborn

Here’s another report of culturally enriched crime from Germany, this one a daylight robbery in the train station at Herborn.

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Herborn — Presseportal Blaulicht

Schoolgirl robbed on the platform / important witness is urged to contact police

March 21, 2017

Herborn: After an assault on a 14-year-old schoolgirl yesterday afternoon (March 20, 2017) on platform 2 of the Herborn train station, the criminal police ask for cooperation.

They are also looking for a man who helped the victim and chased the two robbers. This important witness is asked to contact the investigators.

At about 3:40pm, the girl from Siegbach withdrew €30 from her bank account using an ATN, and walked to the train station holding the money in her hand. Shortly before she sat down on a bench at platform 2, she put the bank notes into the rear pocket of her trousers. At this time, the would-be perpetrators were already standing on the platform and must have watched the pupil putting away the money. First, they shouted something in her direction, which she did not understand. Then the pair approached her, and immediately one of them forcefully pushed down her shoulder to prevent her from getting up from the bench. His accomplice simultaneously reached into her pocked and took out the money and her bank card. The 14-year-old resisted in vain, and kicked one of the attackers on the shin. The two released her, ran into the underpass, and then fled in the direction Pumpenfabrik.

The commotion caught the attention of a man on the opposite platform (1), who ran into the underpass and chased the attackers. After a few minutes he returned to the victim and said he had lost sight of them. He asked if the schoolgirl was all right, but she did not want any help at all.

Police are looking for this important witness, who yesterday afternoon (March 20, 2017), around 3:40pm, was standing on the platform of track 1 and chased the attackers. The witness was approximately 25 years old, 170 cm tall, and of strong build. He had short black hair, a full beard, and wore spectacles. He wore a black bomber jacket that had a red ribbon at one of the chest pockets. He is asked to contact Herborn police at tel. (02772) 47050.

The schoolgirl surmises that the two robbers are from Syria or Afghanistan, and appear to be refugees or asylum seekers. She describes the men as follows:

The one who pushed her onto the bench was in his mid-twenties, around 185 cm in height, and slim. He had short black hair and a moustache. He wore a long black jacket and a pair of jeans with holes at the knees and thighs.

His accomplice who reached into her pocket and pulled out the money out was in his mid-twenties, too, at about 175cm in height slightly shorter, and had short black hair, too. He wore a beige parka with a fur collar, and blue jeans. A scar on his left cheek was notable.

Police are looking for further witnesses and ask:

Who witnessed the assault on the platform of the Herborn train station?

Who noticed the two young men running swiftly in the area of the Littau Street or the Pumpenfabrik?

Who can provide clues to the identity of the two robbers?

Herborn police are asking for clues at the telephone number (02772) 47050.

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  1. This is the reason my daughter owns a 67 € phone and not an iPhone. I always tell her, “If someone wants your phone, by all means hand it over.”

    Sad world we live in.

  2. the witness should not report to police.He risks being sued for enhancing the traumatising flight experience of this culture enrichers, one of whom was near a heart attack after running away from a ferocious nazi.

    • Yoooo betcha that Eeeeevill Nazi would have the book thrown at him by the Gutmenschen for SURE after such hostile aggressive and Islamophobic action.
      Plus house/wife/job loss, etc. to follow.

      [retrieved from spam filter]

  3. A little surprised that she was not molested in any way. These fellows never waste an opportunity.

    As far as Germany is concerned the fact that Merkel and Schulz are leading the polls tells me that the Germans are fine with the situation in their country. My problem is Germany’s insistence that other countries participate in their folly.

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