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  1. If Muslim migration to Europe turned out to be antisemitic, how antisemitic is the migration into and presence of Islam in the Jewish homeland, the land of Israel, Judea, Yerushalayim (Jerusalem)?
    Answer: Uncompromising Jew hatred. They have been trying to kill us for a century. Even the death of the European Jewry is related to the Nazi-Muslim alliance to kill the Jews. For sixty nine years, using the UN proxy, Europe has tried to extinguish the Jewish State by encouraging the claims of the Muslim invaders. I do not recall Victor Orban castigating Europe for its promotion of the Muslim invasion murder arson rape and rocketing of Israel. Now its payback time. The invaders realize the Jews are too tough for them and are now turning to soft, emasculated, blindhooded Europe. A fitting punishment

    • A hundred years?? “They” have been trying to kill Jews for much longer than that. But you would do well to avoid wishing revenge on a large majority of people who never went that route. That’s a corrosive desire which destroys the vessel that carries it.

    • That is a very sad commentary and maybe you are very sad right now. Mr. Orban is doing his best as far as I can see. Your historical ire is misplaced in this instance.

  2. Viktor Orban is fantastic, not to mention intelligent and logical! Makes me proud to be a Hungarian-American. Or an American-Hungarian — either way works for me.

    I am an American citizen but my heritage is Hungarian.

    He is right on the money — Europe really can’t afford to allow all the muslims in — this happened before which is how the term Gates of Vienna became formed. Let the muslims solve their own problems in their own lands. God knows they get plenty of financial help. . .

  3. As an American I can only say that I support the European People’s Party.

    Since things of this nature never see the light of day via our (America’s) legacy media networks (and if it did our legacy media would mis-represent it), it is difficult to ascertain, from America, the “strength” of this new Party on the European continent. While I do scour the alternate sources such as this web site, I can’t recall ever seeing anything on the EPP, until this speech by Orban. So my question is how far along is this EPP and how “strong” is it on the European continent? Does it have a chance? In my opinion, it would be a good thing if it replaced the “Junkman” and his deranged and nation killing EU cohorts, tomorrow – again, my opinion.

    God bless Viktor Orban, Hungary, the Visegrad Four and any other nations in Europe that take pride in their history, their culture and their people. Screw those nations that don’t – if you have no self respect how can you ever expect anyone external to have respect for you? How?

  4. I have gotten more forwards and thank-you notes about posting Orban’s speeches and comments than anything but pictures of grandchildren. … OK, that’s an exaggeration, but a sincere one.

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