An Appeal From Pamela Mastropietro’s Mother

Almost exactly five years ago an 18-year-old Italian woman named Pamela Mastropietro was raped and murdered by a Nigerian culture-enricher who was living in Italy illegally. After she was killed, Ms. Mastropietro’s body was dismembered, and there are some reports that parts of it were ritualistically eaten by the Nigerian criminals.

Innocent Oseghale was convicted of her murder several years ago. Now, after a seemingly interminable judicial process, Mr. Oseghale is about to be sentenced. How long he spends in prison depends on whether it is determined that he sexually assaulted his victim. If he didn’t, his sentence will be significantly reduced.

In the following video, Pamela Mastropietro’s mother makes an emotional appeal for justice for her daughter.

Many thanks to HeHa for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes and RAIR Foundation for the subtitling:

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Video transcript:

00:00   What I have been asking for is justice.
00:03   Real and full justice, with no sentence reduction.
00:06   For those who commit violence, desecration of cadaver and dismembering:
00:11   A life sentence.
00:18   Pamela Mastropietro was killed; her body was dismembered
00:21   and abandoned in two suitcases on the roadside, near Macerata.
00:26   Pamela’s mother went to the Courthouse in Perugia, where the second trial
00:29   is taking place, holding the pictures of her daughter’s dismembered body.
00:32   I showed the pictures of what they did to my daughter, Pamela.
00:35   They have led me to do that, because they are exacerbating this case.
00:38   They have been discussing for five years whether or not there was sexual assault.
00:43   Whereas the sexual assault on Pamela has been ascertained both in the first
00:47   and in the second degree of judgment. It’s an extreme gesture:
00:50   if that’s what’s needed to do justice, you just do it.
00:53   It also reminded me of a dream I had in Macerata; it was my 40th birthday.
01:00   I dreamt of Pamela saying: “Mom, don’t focus on the body, because I am alive.”
01:04   On the next day, they showed the pictures of the corpse, in court.
01:08   Innocent Oseghale’s second trial deals solely with the aggravating circumstance of sexual assault.
01:11   If the charges of sexual violence are dropped, the life sentence may be reduced to thirty years.
01:14   After that I heard the hearing was postponed;
01:17   after that I saw them asking the defendant:
01:20   “Mr. Oseghale, will you come to the hearing, next time?”
01:24   He replied that he wouldn’t.
01:28   I couldn’t take it any more. I displayed the enlarged photos.
01:32   Besides the T-shirt? —Yes, besides the T-shirt. My daughter’s friends, my family were all with me.
01:39   Is this justice, in your opinion? Is it justice?
01:43   Since they forwarded the case to the Court of Perugia.
01:46   …you had been thinking of showing the pictures?
01:49   Yes. It took me a long time to show them, though.
01:56   The Court of Cassation [Supreme Court] confirmed everything.
01:59   Because of a technicality, the ascertainment of sexual assault
02:02   has been forwarded to the Court of Perugia.
02:05   If the sexual assault is confirmed, Oseghale will get a life sentence.
02:10   If it isn’t confirmed, Oseghale will have a reduced sentence,
02:15   and thanks to probation and sentence reductions, he can be released after a short period of time.
02:21   Together with his accomplices because more people need to be investigated.
02:26   They will be released as well, and will do to other girls
02:29   and other women the same exact same things they did to Pamela.
02:32   What I have been asking for is real and full justice.
02:37   With no sentence reductions. For those who commit violence, desecration of cadaver, dismembering:
02:44   A life sentence. Because that’s what we are living: a life sentence.
02:49   My daughter is not there anymore.
02:53   So why is the perpetrator supposed to get a sentence reduction?
02:56   No way.

6 thoughts on “An Appeal From Pamela Mastropietro’s Mother

  1. Why is this orc still breathing air?

    Why hasn’t someone killed it already?

    Are there no men left in Italy? Not a single man in a Italian prison who finds the rape, murder, dismemberment, and cannibalism of a female of their own race repugnant and worthy of avenging?

    And these are the same “men” who think they are going to beat back the Russians? The women in Italy apparently have stiffer spines and bigger testicles than the males.

    • I agree. Where is the Mafia?
      They were formed to protect the people against the nobility.
      OK, they got corrupted.
      But I think that if ONE Boss will do something, he will have many friends.

      And to the Russians.
      I think if the russian army starts rolling their first stop to build a defensive position will be at the channel.
      I dont think that any european army has the willpower and willingness to fight like the russians.

      • The Germans for hundreds of years had that willingness and willpower under the Kaisers and bloody Hitler, then they were defanged by the allies and had a boot on their face by the Russians and allies for 80 years and then constantly made to feel guilt about it.

      • >Where is the Mafia?

        mafia is mostly if not all fake, it never really existed as it was glorified on hollywood movies… also it was never true they had any “honor”, they were simple criminals who escaped sicilian island to newyork island, where they are more protected; they helped a lot to do landing on their tiny island, both during the unification of italy in the XIX century and again during WW2. The local italian organized criminality never fight against the imported nigerian organized criminality (or for what it matter against other kind of organized criminality), they work mostly together, in the smuggling of drugs.

        mafia in italy is mostly controlled by the government and CIA (they used Lucky Luciano to organize the landing in Sicily), they are all protected because there is need of these kind of people when they have to do special operation that secret service people cannot do. when they want to kill some political figure, especially in the past, they let these people do and then they do ten years of investigation where on final conclusion on the media, they claim it was some mafia boss; but it is all fake, just look at the story of Borsellino / Falcone and so many others.

  2. Europe has no males
    Only feminazis
    I have big doubts Canada has men as well
    In USA there are some left mostly maga men
    All others are gay or no testicles
    Or trans

  3. The politicians and elites who rule, or misrule, Italy and the rest of the West are as guilty as the animal who committed the act. They all deserve immediate execution.

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