7 thoughts on “Time for Everybody to Play Jab-Man

  1. I presume it is just a meme but if this was further fleshed out, one of the power ups could switch the game from jab man to ms jab man and the ghosts would dress in drag and strip. Maybe a power up could occasionally be fentanyl and then game over.

  2. I always said that you should live your decisions, meaning that if Schwab, Soros, habeck, Biden etc think eating insects is good they should go first.
    In ten years I will take a look at them and then we will see how healthy an all-insect diet is.
    Till then: NO WAY!

  3. Guys, you impressed me. Thanks!
    I implemented a small Pacman clone for the browser called “Jabman aganist great reset”. If you want to smile, you can play a full copy of game the author has posted in this post.
    Hope the moderator doesn’t block the link. The source code you can be downloaded by opening the game page on the left side.
    Your task is to eat all the grasshoppers in order to cancel the “Great Reset”. The weed helps make vaccinators vulnerable. Game have one level. Management is done by keyboard arrows.

    • That’s wonderful! I’m flattered.

      The game page is here. As far as I can determine, it’s safe. If anybody discovers problems with it, please let me know.

      • Hello all!
        Guys, sorry, it’s me again. I keep fooling around. You impressed me so much that I made another else parody game “Erythrocyte vs DeathVax”.
        There’s been trouble! The body where you lived was vaccinated by Death Vaxx(tm). You are the last living red blood cell in the body. Your task is to get through the lymph and blood poisoned by the vaccine into the depths of the body in order to save the body from deadly clots.
        Link in my profile, again, if the moderator allows.
        Thank you all for this post again. I haven’t had this much fun in a long time!!!! ))))
        Game management is carried out by arrows of the keyboard. The source code archive is attached.

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