Alessandro Meluzzi: The Cannibalistic Rituals of the Nigerian Mafia in Italy

Alessandro Meluzzi is an Italian psychiatrist, writer, politician, and academic. In the following video he discusses the recent murder and dismemberment of Pamela Mastropietro by Innocent Oseghale, a Nigerian immigrant who had remained in the country after his residence permit expired.

Many thanks to Elle Bowlly for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

00:00   I’m with a very good friend of mine (Alessandro Meluzzi) who was telling me some disturbing things
00:06   that I’d like you all to hear; so I’ll leave it to him. Hi, Alessandro. —My dearest, here we are.
00:14   Can you repeat the things you were telling me? About the Nigerian mafia and the Macerata events?
00:22   So, let’s start with the Macerata events which are truly terrible but also plain; in the sense that
00:27   this poor girl was lured into a home by a group of
00:31   Nigerian drug dealers… in my opinion surely raped,
00:36   surely murdered (as also inferred from the data of the first examination),
00:39   it surely wasn’t by overdose;
00:42   but we’ll never find proof for that. She was dissected (as stated by the medical examiner/
00:48   anatomical pathologist) with such expertise that would have required the very pathologist 10 hours
00:54   of work with autopsy-room tools. Therefore, I think that this was
00:59   an event linked to things that are unfortunately
01:04   anything but uncommon in the praxis of the Nigerian mafia. Like ritual cannibalism, for example.
01:09   The fact that the heart and liver are missing leads to
01:13   the likely hypothesis that (in the same way it occurs in
01:16   specialized restaurants of Benin City and Lagos) the heart was eaten.
01:20   Eating the victim’s heart is a mechanism by
01:23   which the Nigerian mobster acquires might, power and courage.
01:26   According to ritualistic cannibal customs
01:29   that are part of the rituals of Black Axe, Eiye, Yoruba and Nigerian sects,
01:35   for example. Which we’re importing into our country on a massive scale.
01:38   Which are coming via boat, and who nowadays hold the monopoly
01:41   on exploitation of underage/Nigerian prostitution, in Italy and of retail drug dealing.
01:48   The more renowned mafias (’Ndrangheta and Cosa Nostra) are yielding the control over drug dealing
01:52   to them by the minute. You only need to look at what’s happening in cities. Not to mention the
01:58   exploitation of begging. Those innocuous Mandingos with baseball hats
02:02   who collect money outside supermarkets and
02:05   shops get extorted for €100-200-300 a day. Do we want to talk about the technology of Nigerian
02:12   online scams? Who hasn’t received a message saying that there’s an inheritance you could
02:20   redeem if you would just deposit a certain amount of money into a Lagos bank account?
02:26   We’re clearly in front of terrible criminality. Extremely dangerous.
02:30   In my opinion, the most dangerous in the world.
02:33   Even more than the Chinese mafia (which is involved in matters that are more controlled).
02:36   And we’re importing this into Italy without a care,
02:40   as if it’s an innocuous thing! Now amounting to thousands.
02:43   What about those poor 26 girls who arrived dead at the Salerno port?
02:48   The underage girls destined for street prostitution, who in my opinion were murdered
02:53   almost certainly before debarkation. Not solely because of senseless savagery but also because
02:59   it wasn’t too clear which internal market they should be allocated to.
03:02   Just like beasts for slaughter.
03:05   There. I am staggered at how the big anti-mafia gurus
03:09   (Saviano, Caselli, Don Ciotti) who valiantly fight
03:13   against the old mafias (Cosa Nostra, Camorra and ’Ndrangheta) aren’t at all worried about
03:18   the mafia of the future. I don’t get why. Is it because
03:21   it’s politically incorrect to deal with the Nigerian mafia,
03:24   because they’re Africans? Is it because it contradicts a certain pro-migrationism that’s pushed
03:30   that wants to destroy Europe and Italy with this terrible Afro-Islamic migration? And it’s not just
03:35   Afro-Islamic but CRIMINAL. If we don’t put an end to this, we’ll be swept away. Moreover, the
03:41   police find it difficult to intercept the Yoruba and Ibo language and that makes it extremely hard
03:48   to conduct investigations. I find the Macerata event to be emblematic, as it demonstrates how
03:53   applying the diverse weights of political correctness… While there are no doubts about sentencing,
03:59   Bossetti, Buoninconti, even the poor Rudy Guede, or father Gratien of Ca’ Raffaello… or sentencing
04:08   Sollecito and freeing him 4 years later. In this case we’re being nice and tactful with a group of
04:14   vicious Nigerian drug dealers, saying that “perhaps they didn’t kill her”. Just a squirt of half of
04:21   Bossetti’s DNA was enough to sentence him to life in prison, while here we found blood, axes,
04:27   tools and the dismembered body… and who dismembered her? And we’re still here debating if she
04:31   was indeed murdered? It’s pure insanity. There’s something here that’s ideological, insane,
04:37   pseudo-do-goodist, of diverse-weighing, awful. And weighing diversely is going to destroy us.
04:42   I’m shocked because of this story about… I mean… you think that they may have killed her
04:47   and eaten her? —It’s very common! It’s not an exceptional thing in the rituals of the
04:52   Nigerian mafia (for those who are informed). It’s almost normal for them, I would say.
04:56   I mean, eating the heart of the murdered victim is anything but exceptional!
05:01   You only need to look at the criminological and anthropological data on the roots of these groups
05:06   which are sects who are even born in the Nigerian University world with para-Masonic rites, i.e.
05:12   Skull and Bones, which are combined with the most ferocious tribalism. And don’t talk to me about
05:17   the contraposition: tribalism vs. fascism! Because it truly feels
05:20   like listening to the old horrors of
05:23   “come to the centre to stand against opposing extremisms”. What’s fascism (a historical phenomenon
05:27   of the past) got to do with a ruthless, ferocious threat of a scientific criminality which is going
05:32   to destroy the country? —Thank you. Thanks.

5 thoughts on “Alessandro Meluzzi: The Cannibalistic Rituals of the Nigerian Mafia in Italy

  1. Nothing but nothing will change the minds and opinions of the politically correct, of the *Gutmenschen*, of the “we-must-help-these-poor souls” brigade. And that’s before we even get to those who know exactly what they’re doing and are determined to bring down western civilisation (and are succeeding, apparently). But the history of the 21st century hasn’t been written yet and there might be a turning point. I say “might”. I’m cautiously optimistic.

  2. Why are people surprised?

    This is simply the sort of barbarism that tribal subhumans have engaged in since the beginning of time.

    • Which includes our ancestors.

      That said, it does not mean that Italy is better off with such culture-enrichers in their midst in the 21st century. Criminality sure is adaptable.

  3. Muslims are authorised to eat their enemies. Al Azhar’s textbooks expressly confirm this.

    ” textbooks for Al-Azhar students …..quoting Mansour bin Yunus al-Bahuti, a scholar of the Hanbali school …. who died 500 years ago, as saying that eating dead Jews, Christians and non-believers is halal (permissible by Islam) if it is a necessity, but non-Muslims are not to eat dead Muslims, even out of necessity.

    Other Al-Azhar textbooks say that eating dead Jews, Christians and non-believers can be allowed not only out of necessity, but also as a punishment for heresy.”

  4. My god, what a horrific way for this young woman to be murdered, and to have her heart eaten by these savages..
    I had to google the 26 dead trafficking victims in Salerno. In the report I read, the police said these women were most likely destined as fresh meat for the sex industry.
    Any man who avails of the services of a prostitute with whom he cannot speak is guilty of furthering the trafficking and exploitation of theae unfortunates – someone’s daughter. But I digress.

    What is being imported into Europe every single day is an army hell bent on genocide. The wave of crimes against women, old and young reminds me of the worst excesses of the Red Army in East Prussia.
    These women are not just raped, they are often tortured, and often lose the ability to one day become pregnant.
    That is one way to ensure the death of a people. To hell with the politicians and feminists who continue to feather their nests and kowtow to political correctness whilst their people are murdered.
    I am at the stage where I almost wish I never had children. The worry about their future tears me apart. Try and keep your shining city on the hill as a hope for all of us. The lights are dimming everywhere else.
    Sorry for ranting, I am beyond angry.

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