Sweden: The Policeman Who Dared to Speak Out

Our Swedish correspondent Svenne Tvaerskaegg sends this report on Peter Springare, the whistle-blowing cop whose statements of fact about the results of Multiculturalism have prompted a new wave of repression by the authorities.

Sweden: The policeman who dared to speak out

by Svenne Tvaerskaegg

In 1975 the Swedish parliament decided the quiet, peaceful and culturally homogeneous Nordic country with one of the highest standards of living in the world wasn’t good enough as it was, and voted unanimously to transform Sweden into a multicultural society. The borders were opened to massive immigration from some of the most backward and violent countries in the in the Middle East and North Africa. Over the following decades the immigrants began to arrive, a trickle at first but gradually accelerating to become a veritable tsunami today. And with the immigrants came alienation and crime. Ghettos where Swedish law no longer applies formed round all the major cities. Middle Eastern and North African clans and criminal gangs rule in these lawless areas, and Swedish authorities enter at their own risk. Even the fire brigade and ambulance services answering emergency calls dare not enter without a heavy police escort.[1] In Stockholm police have said they are “on their knees” before the waves of muggings, assaults and rapes that are now spilling out from the ghettos and into ethnic Swedish areas, a development that is repeated in cities all over Sweden.[2]

Between this criminal anarchy and what is left of ethnic Sweden stands the Swedish police force, undermanned, overstretched and under attack. And not only from the immigrant gangs who throw stones, bottles and even hand grenades at them: ordinary policemen and women on the ground have their own leadership arrayed against them too. In the postmodern and ultra-politically correct Sweden of today, the dogmas of diversity and multiculturalism still rule amongst political, social and media elites, despite the very hard knocks they have been taking of late. It is impossible for anyone to advance in many professions unless they are considered “sound” and enthusiastically embrace postmodern doctrines. Deviation from the official ideology of “värdegrunden”, translated as “basic values”, can even result in your getting fired from your job.[3] The police force is not immune to the postmodernism that infects Swedish society and the pressure to keep quiet and conform. This has lead to ever-increasing tension between the higher and career-minded administrative functionaries physically and ideologically isolated in their comfortable offices in the upscale areas of city centers far from the crime infested ghettos and ordinary police officers struggling on the front line.

Despite the risk to job and livelihood in speaking out, early last year one police officer in the city of Örebro broke the silence. Peter Springare is a preliminary investigator whose primary task is analyzing crime data, and as he carried out his daily duties he noticed one unsettling fact that stood glaringly out. In the overwhelming majority of crime reports that passed by his desk, the perpetrators had Middle Eastern and African names. Even more worrying was the gross over-representation of those names in sexual crimes and crimes of violence. Despite the fact that people of Middle Eastern and North African origin were a minority in Örebro, they were committing by far most of the crime. Peter Springare took the radical and dangerous step of posting his findings on Facebook.

Immediately a storm broke out. Peter Springare’s Facebook page attracted thousands of comments supporting him, including many from policemen all over the country who said they were buckling under the load of fighting immigration-driven crime. Instead of taking his concerns seriously, the police leadership were horrified by this policeman’s breaking rank, and responded by trying to silence him. They reported him to the public prosecutor for a suspected hate crime, but after due consideration the prosecutor’s office couldn’t find any legal grounds for a successful prosecution. The police leadership then tried to have him charged with committing a data-secrecy offense but the prosecutors couldn’t find any grounds for prosecuting that, either. Since then the authorities have been watching Peter Springer very closely, but they have not been able to stop him.

In February of this year Peter Springare gave a talk in the city of Gothenburg about the wave of gang rapes sweeping across Sweden. He said this type of crime was largely unknown in Sweden twelve to fifteen years ago and is a cultural phenomenon connected to the massive influx of immigrants from the Middle East and North Africa. His talk was secretly filmed by the television channel TV4 and shown on the evening news. Another storm broke out, with more outpourings of support for Peter Springare as well as vilification from his enemies, and an increasingly worried police leadership reported him yet again to the public prosecutor for a suspected hate crime. The brave policeman from Örebro has said this will not deter him and he will continue to speak out about the waves of immigration-driven violent crimes and sex-crimes sweeping over Sweden.

Growing numbers of ordinary Swedes are tired of the constantly rising crime and the slow transformation of their country into a cross between the Middle East and North Africa, and dissent is beginning to be heard with an ever-increasing volume and frequency in this traditionally conformist country. The authorities are desperate to silence this dissent and regain control over the narrative before it spins too far out of control, and are taking measures to try to achieve this. The most worrying of these measures is a proposed law which would make it illegal to publish information that can damage Sweden’s reputation abroad.

Sweden has invested a large amount of money and effort over the years in building up an international image of the country as a “humanitarian superpower”, but this image has started to take some serious blows as information leaks out about what is happening inside that country. Instead of being viewed as a model multicultural society and a glowing example for the world to follow, Sweden is increasingly coming to be seen as country in deep crisis and a warning to the world not to make the same mistakes. The proposed new law, SOU 2017:70, would make it possible for journalists who publish information the government considers damaging to Sweden’s international reputation to be jailed for up to eight years, and the government hopes this new law will stem the flood of negative information now leaking out of the country. Even Sweden’s compliant and house-trained mainstream journalists are worried by this proposed law, and it is meeting stiff opposition in the press. Despite this opposition the government is determined to push it through.[4]

Years of propaganda and disinformation have kept the Swedish public soundly asleep about mass immigration and what it is doing to their country, but reality is becoming harder to ignore, and dissent is growing. The general election in September is going to be one of the most important in the history of Sweden, and people like Peter Springare are giving a voice as well as hope to those who want change.

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32 thoughts on “Sweden: The Policeman Who Dared to Speak Out

  1. Even with elections – i.e., “throw the bums out” – Swedes will learn what Americans know now: even when you elect new politicians you are still left with the bureaucrats and managers who will keep heading toward the cliff.

    An election won’t make NGOs like EXPO disappear.

    Besides, that very same arrogant Scandinavian DNA emigrated to America’s midwest and eventually fell prey to the same siren of “niceness” which plagues modern-day Sweden. Blood will tell, eh?

    Now parts of Minneapolis are called Little Mogadishu, and the multicultural poster boy Muslim cop, Mohammed Noor, who shot/killed an unarmed Australian visitor has yet to be charged:


    No doubt she got her candles and flowers and the mayor has been replaced. Somehow, though, I doubt any of Mo’s fellow police officers are lining up to go out on patrol with him when he returns to duty.

    [If anyone has updates on that story, I’d appreciate having the links.]

    • The Australian hussy was in pyjamas, in public; and that is against Shariah Law.
      So, she deserved to die.
      Besides; she titillated Mohammed a little, without a hijab! ; and that is also against Shariah Law./ sarcasm

      God I despise our Western leaders.
      God, please send a freakin’ Meteor of Doom™, to smite mightily all our Western leaders on their stupid, pointed heads.

      • She couldn’t have known that a poster-boy-affirmative-action-hire was going to answer her call or you can bet she’d never have made it in the first place.

        The mind-boggling part is the way he pulled his gun so suddenly and without warning fired his weapon past his partner’s face and out the window, killing her.

        RE our Western “leaders”, Amen to that. Only snag with your solution is that it would take thousands of Meteors of Doom to smite all of ’em. I want these MoD to begin with anyone involved in the eternal and infinite “investigation” into Donald Trump.

    • This is exactly right. This is why I adamantly oppose the silly “bandaid” of “term limits” in the US. We already have term limits in place – they are called elections and we can limit anyone we like to one term. Anyone who has ever watched a few episodes of the brilliant British comedy series,”Yes, Minister” knows how this works. We were taught in school that Andrew Jackson’s abuse of the “system” by putting his buddies in charge showed us the need for a formalized “civil service” – which turned out to become an army of entrenched and UNELECTED bureaucrats we were permanently stuck with. Now that we have them the worst thing we can do is have a machine-made high turnover so that everyone holding office is a newbie. Sure, there are abuses with elected officials, but they can still be thrown out of office. The ones who are doing the most damage are the unelected – the civil servants who drone on while we are distracted with the bread and circuses of election cycles.

      • You are correct up to a point but my experience as such an animal was that any reasonably alert political appointee in any agency could easily shut down abusive investigations or prosecutions. Lois Lerner was not operating under the radar of her bosses. People abused by her and her friends could have brought such conduct to the attention of senior officials. It was political failure that allowed all that to continue.

        Diamond and Silk were quickly reinstated on FB as soon as Mr. Zuckershmucker was made uncomfortable.

  2. Hard to believe that Swedes stick around as the country is destroyed. There must be better places where Swedes would be welcomed, places with far fewer Islamics.

  3. The Swedish Gov. want to protect Sweden’s reputation? No, Swedish Gov. want to protect Gov reputation. Oddly, that sounds eerily like moslems protecting islam and the prophet’s reputation. What is backwards here? Which culture/society learns from advanced/backward people? Is the West in retrogression? Are we reverting back to the mean? Is there no progress? Thanks be, for the resolve of this police officer. He is the candle in the darkness.

    • “Uneducated Americans” (A/K/A “Unbrainwashed Americans) had the wisdom to put someone like Trump in as President.

      People like Springare may help Swedes wake up, but I doubt that they’ll do so before it’s too late. This can’t end well. I don’t see it ending without violence. I just don’t know who will be on what end of it. But I’ll say this: if the left-wing dreamland of Sweden doesn’t manage to sort out the mess that it has created in a peaceful way (and clearly, it won’t), perhaps that will wake up some middle-of-the-road people elsewhere.

      • Let’s see how Trump actually performs. I am not holding my breath. I think it is more relevant what kind of message he gets bombarded with through the grassroots and Congress. He bends in the wind.

    • Isn’t it just too bad that the seekers of colorful and backward cultures didn’t satisfy themselves as Gaugin did? When he wanted to smell the smells of the tropics, hear the sounds of Polynesia, eat exotic foodstuffs and forget he was a Frenchman, he just went to Tahiti. Why on earth didn’t these fools in Sweden (as well as Germany, England, France, US, etc.) just save up and take a trip to Timbuktu? The saner people could have gone along in health and safety, pursuing productive lives while the culture-seekers could have ended up with their heads on spikes in some filthy, culturally rich desert.

  4. Swedes are “neutral,” that is, they labor under the misapprehension they can keep their moral high ground even when they sell their iron ore to Krupp and Thyssen during that late unpleasantness they will not talk about. Now their oh-so-politically-correct knickers go into a twist over the factual reporting of the criminality of their new citizens.

    I feel nothing for these Swedish chumps.

    • You know it’s bad when someone like me, a Minnesotan of Danish/Swedish ancestry does not even like them. The last time I was in Scandinavia was in the 1960’s as a small kid, and even then I did not feel any particular ancestral association with them. Even back then Christianity was in a far worse decline there than what you saw in the U.S. I can’t imagine it has gotten any better.

      My older brother describes it as some sort of weird Euro Cool supremacy complex that they have that just makes them obnoxious. Without Christianity in Europe, they now have become Gods unto themselves. They have become their own arbitrators of right and wrong, without any understanding of their own imperfect nature. I fear for our future.

      • Denmark hasn’t gone as far down the sinkhole as Sweden’s elite has done. BTW, Norway is deporting the worst of its offending immigrants.

        Maybe Sweden noticed how many Norway has taken in over the years and wanted to virtue-signal to its neighbor. Norway is infamous for being “nice-nice-Norway” as can be seen in its schizoid treatment of mass-murderer ABB.

  5. If a homeless man walked up to you and pleaded to be taken in, to be sheltered, clothed and fed, but warned you in advance, “but note, I insist on making new rules of the house; I shall not be contributing anything to the welfare of your family; your wife and children must obey my rules; and if I need to rape or abuse them, I expect you not to object, because that is the cultural enrichment you will reap from diversity.”
    How would a sane, rational person react? And how on earth do the Swedish political rulers imagine that they are not morally, ethically and criminally responsible for accepting the warnings and inviting this savage into their home?

    • A sane, rational person would take this demanding homeless man and bring them to the house of the neighbour whom they intensely dislike, figuring that the outcome can only be good from one’s own point of view.

      Now, remind me, how many refugees did Saudi Arabia and neighbours take in?

    • Problem is : the homeless man would not say it explicitly at the initial encounter. You know, taqqiya. You must discern the ‘homeless man’.

      • Taqqiya should have worked only once. This has been going on for two generations and they still don’t get the message? Must not be very bright.

  6. The mental illness of humans exists from the top of all governments down to the most willing to follow like sheep the goat of obedience strait to the butchers house.

  7. The Swedes are like lemmings seeking their own death, for like lemmings in the long polar summer, they cascade to their death.

    For many, political correctness is like an addiction and its proponents are like addicts. And like addicts, they poison their families and their society with the consequences of their actions.

    As with addicts, you can only help them if they are willing to help themselves; an addict who is unwilling to change will only result in manipulation and the betrayal of those who seek to help. You cannot love someone who does not love themselves, for such a love is unrequited.

    But the reality is even darker. For those who are politically correct are self-aggrandizing in that they use their ‘morality’ to control others and to avoid responsibility for their actions. Ultimately it creates the paradox of nihilists who seeks to be God, but who in their arrogance fall to Hell like Satan in “Paradise Lost”.

  8. The Mohammed Noor (Minneapolis police officer) execution of unarmed, pajama-clad Justine Damond deserves much scrutiny by defenders of freedom, wherever they may be.

    NO charges have been filed against the officer, though after much blowback a grand jury is being impaneled at the request of DA Freeman (who had originally promised a charging decision by the end of 2017). Here we are well into 2018, and nothing.

    Minneapolis wanted a SOMALI cop so badly, to align with the massive SOMALI community in Minneapolis, that they hired this man who is incompetent or worse. Bets on worse?

    • No bet for me. The only thing that happened in that was the mayor police chief got fired/resigned. The sacrificial victim. Somali muslims have a lot of control in Minneapolis. IIRC Noor is still on paid “administrative leave”.

      • The police chief was on vacation with her “wife” at the time all this went down and was in no hurry to get back, thus allowing the fire to grow hotter. A case study on incompetence for all involved parties.

        • Funny that you should “fire” as your metaphor. A few years ago, the explosion and fire in Minneapolis at a boarding house for single men in the Cedar-Riverside area was probably a bomb gone wrong. Almost immediately the fire chief had it bulldozed; it couldn’t possibly have been examined for causes. That was one example of a glaring move-along-nothing-to-see-here.

          Here are all the posts on that one:


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