Immigrant Gang Attacks in Sweden Escalate

A summary of the latest news from Modern Multicultural Sweden by our new Swedish correspondent Svenne Tvaerskaegg.

Immigrant gang attacks in Sweden escalate

by Svenne Tvaerskaegg

Criminal gangs controlling the immigrant ghettos surrounding Sweden’s towns and cities have declared war against the police. In response to increased police activity against organised crime centered in the ghettos, the gangs have attacked police stations with hand grenades and have sprayed policemen’s homes with machine gun fire late at night while policemen and their families were asleep inside. The police chief commanding the anti-gang division in Stockholm had his car blown up outside his house and the police chief and his family have had to be moved to a secure accommodation.[1]

So far the attacks have resulted in damage to buildings and police cars parked outside police stations, but there have been no casualties, as the attacks are regarded as a warning to the police to back off and leave the ghettos alone. In response the Swedish Minister of Justice Morgan Johansson has said the police will step up their anti-gang activity in the ghettos.

This is a serious escalation. Already police patrols who enter the ghettos are routinely met by a hail of stones and bottles, but this may get deadly as the heavily armed gangs react to what they regard as police provocations. In the immigrant-dominated city of Malmö, all police stations have been put under round the clock guard by heavily armed police.[2]

In other efforts to weaken the gangs, police have now enlisted the help of Swedish banks, and together with bank financial experts are combing through the accounts of suspected gangsters looking for evidence of criminal activity. The gangs have responded by making bank employees targets for intimidation. On Thursday evening a hand grenade exploded outside the home of a bank employee working with the police. Windows were blown out, and the front door and a car were damaged, but there were no casualties.[3]

The message is clear: work with the police and you will become a target. This is likely to put a stop to civilian help for the police.

Prime Minister Stefan Löfven has promised to defeat the gangs, but the police are overstretched and it is hard to see how he can do this short of imposing martial law in the ghettos. Members of the main opposition party in Sweden, the Moderates, tabled a motion in parliament last October calling on the Prime Minister to use the military against the gangs and he has said he would not rule out this option. But there is a general election in Sweden in September and this would be a difficult decision to take in an election year, especially as members of his own party along with other members of parliament have warned Mr. Löfven against sending the army into Swedish cities. Unfortunately for the Prime minister not doing anything might be just as bad an option.[4]

Links in Swedish:

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32 thoughts on “Immigrant Gang Attacks in Sweden Escalate

  1. One would assume that there should become a point where the indigenous Swedish people will finally come to their senses and either accept that this is their new normal and accept it, or decide that enough is enough, and rise up. Should they not choose the latter, Sweden will inevitably become the first European calliphate.

    • No, they will not come to their senses. The ones who hate to live like this, will leave, the rest submit.

  2. So when are the Swedes going to stop being completely and utterly stupid and do something to resolve their problem?

  3. It is already too late for the Swedes. This is the new normal and the geographic penetration of the immigrant gangs will increase every year as these “new Swedes” become an ever increasing percentage of the population. Soon out migration of native Swedes will begin. In a decade the place will look like Lebanon.

    • I wonder how that will look in “New Sweden” – i.e., Minnesota, where so many people are descended from Norwegian and Swedish immigrants. They are infested with Somalis and continually ask for more.

      This appears to be a genetic predisposition to “niceness” at the expense of self-respect. It’s a paradox: the behavior by which you gain respect is the same one which ends up killing you. I understand this strange phenomenon better after listening to Jordan Peterson, though following Al Capp’s cartoon series about those shmoon was a big help.

  4. In Czechoslovakia, in 1930’s, Hitler managed to convince the German population of Czechoslovakia, some 3-4 million Germans, that they are being victimized by the evil Czechs, who control the state of Bohemia. The German population had been invited some centuries earlier by Czech kings, so they really were a well integrated big minority with identical customs and appearence, but different from the Czechs by their speaking German.

    So, after hundreds of years of living in this multicultural land of Bohemia, Moravia, and Silesia, the Germans, being brainwashed by Goebbels, decided they want to strip Bohemia of its borders and join the German Reich.

    Apart from propaganda, they would also phisically attack the Czechoslovak police force, for police of our sovereign Republic was their enemy you know – for they didn’t want the Republic, they wanted a 1000 year German Reich!

    • Sorry, Barn Swallow, you’re clearly rewriting history here.

      The treatment of the 29 % of ethnic Germans in Moravia and Bohemia after WW1 by the Czech government and people was despicable. Their treatment after ’45 even more so.

      Stay with the facts. Even a simple wiki search will get you lots of info you’re excluding from your [statements].

  5. Thae problem of sending military forces to the ghettos is that the same people responsible for the irresponsible mass immigration also saw fit to downsize the defence forces to practically nothing in recent years. Most of what little we have is abroad on globalist errands, so don’t expect too much in the way of tough politics here.

    • in 2015 Sweden put a garrison including tanks on Gotland Island, ostensibly against the Russian threat. When the immigrants take over the mainland, Löfven and his cowardly Govt will retreat to Gotland to live in relative safety, for a while at least. At that point they will beg the Russians for help.

  6. The usual excuse given by the “Looney left ” for this colonisation is it’s a payback for former imperial wrongs committed by previous generations. In Swedens case this is of course the “Big lie”, but i’m sure someone will dig up some obscure incedent . that will have sections of the Swedish left grovelling on their knees and repeating “We are all guilty”

    • Maybe my memory is getting bad, but I am struggling to remember which parts of Africa and the Middle East Sweden colonized…

    • Some years ago I saw a really funny accusation by Swedish leftists: Swedish ships were prefered to transport the female slaves from the N-African coast into the Turkish harems, as the Swedes were neutral in all the wars of the states around the Mediterranean and thus the valuable freight was least endangered on their ships.

      Also I strongly disagree, that Sweden is “lost”. Immigration politics is totally changing now. 2 million privately owned guns including almost one million rifles (total population 10 million), many shooting ranges, experienced (moose) hunters, long borders in sparsely populated regions, long coasts.

      • But…but those culture enrichers with their Kalashnikovs and grenade launchers – are they not of concern?? Even 3-D printed weapons.

        Just do an image search on the subject. Amazing! And how many armed immigrants are there against 3 million armed Swedes who are civilized?

        • 3d-printed: an option, when lacking metal working skills and stay with weak loads.

          »how many armed immigrants are there «

          I have seen the number of about 5000 trouble makers in total. Intern them. Assign the schools the task to make clear how to behave — otherwise internment.

    • What the article shows is that governments will give the rationale that they are ensuring fair and correct news reporting. What they actually do is create a vast government/communications bureaucracy that protects the ruling party, squeezes out any real news, and prosecutes/persecutes people who dissent from the view being pushed by the government.

      This process should be kept in mind by those people who wish the government to intervene with the oligopolies Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube on the basis of protecting free speech. There is far more to fear from a rogue government bureaucracy, than the most sociopathic Zuckerberg (owner of Facebook) imaginable.

      • Absolutement, Ronald B. While I loathe FaceAche, I want it to fall on its own sword, which it will most certainly do…eventually. Avoid gummint “help” at all costs.

  7. ” Members of the main opposition party in Sweden, the Moderates, tabled a motion in parliament last October calling on the Prime Minister to use the military against the gangs and he has said he would not rule out this option.”

    This really is the only solution, though I wonder if the combat green Swedish Army is up to the task. Britain put the army on the streets during the Northern Ireland “troubles”, a controversial move but ultimately the correct one when you are dealing with thugs with automatic weapons and grenades. That is the only way to break up the muslim gangs and re establish the rule of law.

    • The problem is, combat troops are a sledgehammer, and the gangs seem perfectly capable of the small operations of tracking and threatening individuals in the shadows. How are you going to use a combat brigade to protect a bank clerk from having a grenade thrown at his house in the night?

      This points out the inappropriate nature of using legal methods designed to serve a compliant, socially-conscious Swedish population, on sociopathic, tribal, racial-identity driven low-impulse control, low-IQ migrants with no conscience as we know it.

      The immigrants have a high proportion of violent, impulsive, Islamic-driven individuals, while the police services, when they work at all, laboriously track down and investigate each instance as a separate crime, consuming many hours of police and court time.

      • It would be more efficient for them to task SWAT/Spec Ops with ensuring there are consequences for those who would grenade that bank clerk.

        • SWAT teams and the like really are better for this kind of battle. Those who join Spec Ops are self-chosen and may operate under different ROI.

          Regular troops would be sacrificial lambs, called on to fight in wars they might not agree with.

      • Once things are so far out of control that bank clerks get “grenaded”, it becomes necessary to let go of the normal rules of civilised behaviour.

        I’ll bet that the bank clerk would have a pretty good idea of whom might be responsible.

        If that became a starting point for a few arbitrary detentions, beatings, etc., things would get back under control quickly enough.

        I don’t like these methods, but Sweden may have put itself into a situation where the alternatives are even worse.

      • ” How are you going to use a combat brigade to protect a bank clerk from having a grenade thrown at his house in the night?”

        You use the same tactics the SAS used against the IRA, undercover teams, black ops, you pull them out of their beds before they throw the grenade, you take the fight to them rather than simply patrolling. Really needs to be under martial law with military courts and prisons as well, but it can be done.

  8. Better still, employ undercover agents to go in and take out the leaders and enforcers of this Islamic scourge. Remove them permanently. Then remove the Feminazis in Govt and start deporting all criminals. Change laws if required to enable this. Toughen up or shut up shop and throw up the white flag.

    • That is a much more difficult assignment, especially as one moves further into your plan, which goes against the democratic impulse. You wouldn’t get average Swedes to go along with removing women from government. Wouldn’t happen – nor should it, at least beyond the normal electoral process.

  9. In South Africa we are the minority , about 5,5 million (whats left of us) out of 54 million official plus 15 million illegals from the rest of Africa and while we are being murdered at a hell of a rate ( 83 000 so far) , we still have hope .
    In contrast , you guys are still the majority in your countries and when the population of muslims reaches 10 or 15 % you write off Your country as ……lost , no hope , finished , damned , etc. There is nothing barring anyone from killing except ones own morals , tolerance and determination ,which , once eroded , open the arena to conflict and usually those on home turf are the most ruthless . Few of you know what you are capable of and would prefer to not imagine it . But when the time is due , you WILL know .

    • A very interesting point.

      Katie Hopkins seemed to have a similar reaction to visiting South Africa.

      Some people mention Lebanon. I suspect that in 20 years, Sweden will be worse.

      It’s not just about the numbers. It’s about the “colonization of the mind” – that’s where the most damage gets done.

      Strictly by numbers, I suspect that an in-control, organized minority of about 20% could hold out more-or-less forever.

    • You are absolutely correct Mr Lawson. I believe we will see a day when all this foolishness ends and the perpetrators of these mistakes are suitably punished. Thanks for the words of encouragement.

  10. It doesnt give anyone , especially the younger people hope , when you keep pushing the no hope scenario onto everyone . It is just the thing your enemies wish you to do so as to weaken the hopes and any attempts of resistance and re-assertion on your home turf or country. Be Positive , give hope , enlighten them , show them pride of place , form clubs or societies and prepare for what is to come . Otherwise all one gets are keyboard warriors as delinquent as the enemy…………maybe more so with no hope or chance to win. Dead seeds give death and living seeds give life . Sow the latter, not the former.

    • Reality-based scenarios are far too embedded in Western consciousness for “pie-in-the-sky” hope to enter into the debate. None of the remedies you suggest are likely to be taken up by Swedes.

      Americans are another story. Just ask those who elected Trump.

      Now compare the two: can you really envision a “Make Sweden Great Again” campaign? No, I can’t either.

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