Aldo Sterone Addresses the Mujahidettes Who Run Away to Syria

The Algerian-French “Auto-Pundit” Aldo Sterone returns after a long hiatus to address a few words to those foolish and impressionable teenage girls who find the idea of being a jihad bride romantic and appealing. When these young women run off to Syria to join the Islamic State, Mr. Sterone has no sympathy for what happens to them — quite the opposite, in fact.

The tone of this video is harsher than Aldo Sterone’s usual monologues. It is also more direct, vulgar, and explicit in its descriptions. Readers who are sensitive to that sort of thing may want to skip this one.

Many thanks to Oz-Rita for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:


00:00   Good evening my friends. A friend
00:04   asked me to do a video on the subject of these
00:08   young girls who go to join terrorist
00:12   groups. Every day there are some who distinguish themselves
00:16   with that. It’s difficult to prevent them.
00:20   Some manage to obtain a passport, steal money from their parents
00:24   and take the next flight to Turkey,
00:28   where networks convey them to
00:32   their final consumer. So what’s happening:
00:36   often these are young girls with a background
00:40   of the Maghreb, first, second, third generation.
00:44   And you see they are
00:48   online, taken over by touts.
00:52   These are touts who are there
00:56   to caress them with flattering words.
01:00   I am sure that they say
01:05   “my sister”, because if you say “my sister” it’s good.
01:09   It’s honorable, no agenda.
01:13   A little “mashallah”
01:17   OK. You see,
01:21   your atavism, the occasional Arabic word slipped in,
01:25   gives you the impression that you are
01:29   on familiar terrain, these are your origins, you come from there.
01:33   You don’t have to think about those French pigs, Islamophobes who vote Front National.
01:37   there suddenly you speak to your brother, OK,
01:41   your brother in religion, so that we understand each other.
01:45   So you have to understand, I too will teach you Arabic
01:49   because I speak Arabic, you know I have learned Arabic,
01:54   one of the most difficult languages in the world, and you know in 2016
01:58   I have not read one sensible thing in that language. That’s why I have become like this.
02:02   I will teach you a word: “Fadla”. Have you ever heard this word?
02:06   I will teach it to you. What does the word “Fadla” mean?
02:10   When food is left over from dinner
02:14   for example chicken (shashe?)
02:18   (…? Arabic) if you want to be taken for an authentic one
02:22   “de souche” (a native),
02:26   when you leave it out of the fridge overnight
02:30   these left-overs are then not even worth getting up for
02:34   to conserve them, children dropped their bread into them.
02:38   It’s disgusting, no-one would want them, you understand
02:43   so that food has the status of “Fadla”.
02:47   It normally ends up with the dogs,
02:51   with all due respect.
02:55   So what your brother on Facebook, Mr. Mashallah, forgot to tell you
02:59   is that you will be a “Fadla”.
03:03   Fadla, that’s you. The food scraps which remain, that’s you. And who is the dog?
03:07   The dog is the Somali. You know why?
03:11   Because it’s the Somali who will mount you last.
03:15   They talked to you about the Prince Charming of the Jihad,
03:19   with a handsome beard, a knife, the slaughterer,
03:23   who beheads the disbeliever, even if he smells a little of dried human blood,
03:27   They spoke to you about this one.
03:31   You imagined him
03:35   on his white horse, coming to take you,
03:39   but they forgot to tell you, you are a mere woman, just a female.
03:44   You do not have even the value of a sandwich. And a sandwich is for sharing.
03:48   And then, who is Fadla given to?
03:52   One gives it to the Somali, (he is) black.
03:56   He is the last one to pass, because they suspect him of having AIDS.
04:00   You know the Maghrebans, the Arabs,
04:04   you know it, are extremely racist towards the blacks.
04:08   He is the one who jumps you last. He is thin, a bit of a moron,
04:12   and for him, nature
04:16   has put everything there, you know where, so he has a penis
04:20   like half a baguette. And this one
04:24   is the last one to mount you. You know, there is one who told me
04:28   (a Maghreban? – unclear) he explained to me, a long time ago, these young girls
04:33   who left France to join you-know-whom,
04:37   he told me she was in a room, and nobody
04:41   jumped her, no-one would rape her, she had
04:45   all her orifices open, to nature, you will find yourself
04:49   with your intestines open to the world, to humanity,
04:53   to the wind. And then, of course
04:57   when you are no longer appetising at all,
05:01   it will be finished, even the dog will have mounted you,
05:05   then you will end up slaughtered behind
05:09   (unclear). That will be your destiny.
05:13   So I will tell you something
05:17   I will tell you how crappy this world has become. Don’t worry, you won’t need to think;
05:22   I have thought for you. I know
05:26   that by now you must be tightening your legs,
05:30   but listen to the rest. You know that I
05:34   don’t care at all if you join the terrorist groups
05:38   that will offer you to terrorism. Truly.
05:42   I was at a hospital, speaking to the father
05:46   of a child with a mortal illness, it was born with a bad liver.
05:50   There was a child in a room, they stopped its chemo.
05:55   I don’t think it will go much further. You understand,
05:59   I reserve my solicitude for those people
06:03   so you understand, you, such a moron,
06:07   who speak with people on Facebook, who want to get blown up
06:11   by a regiment of Chechens, Somalis and I don’t know what else.
06:15   I want nothing to do with you. I will even say worse.
06:19   You don’t believe me? I will tell you worse, I know that you don’t think much.
06:23   If you needed intelligence to breathe, you would be dead, choked.
06:27   Don’t worry, for the time of this video I think for you; afterwards
06:31   you will be alone in this extremely menacing world.
06:35   I tell you something:
06:39   Why do I not want anything to do with your life? I who am here
06:44   to supposedly prevent you from offering yourself to the terrorist groups.
06:48   I have nothing to do with your life. Welcome to 2016, it’s modernity.
06:52   I am the future. I explain —
06:56   When I see people who sell little girls in cages,
07:00   who behead, who massacre en masse, who destroy
07:04   cities, and where they pass no grass will grow again,
07:08   who arrive like locusts in countries, in communities
07:12   that have existed for centuries, and who massacre them , you know what
07:16   when I see that YOU feel sympathy for them and that you want to join them,
07:20   you know, I prefer that you
07:24   go to join them. You are a mere woman, I know you will not kill.
07:29   I know you’re not going to slaughter. They will just f*** you and slit your throat.
07:33   In a way that’s OK with me. I prefer that you
07:37   get killed by people like you, by monsters like you,
07:41   rather than meeting you in a bus or in the street.
07:45   I hope that you will not make a child
07:49   who will explode himself in a bus in twenty years’ time.
07:53   You know, I believe in the concept of good and bad grain.
07:57   If you are a monster inside, if all these pictures
08:01   distributed by these terrorists, have not touched you, but to the contrary
08:05   have inspired you to become part,
08:09   I prefer that you go there, go, get yourself f***ed, go, depart, go!
08:13   You understand what I mean?
08:18   So voilà, there you are.
08:22   For me — just go, go ma petite.
08:26   Now you must ask yourself, perhaps I am
08:30   frightening you, but no
08:34   I don’t want to frighten you. I want that you go, it suits me that you go there.
08:38   You know, there was an Austrian who left with her sister, a pretty Austrian girl, 16 years old.
08:42   She pinched mum’s passport, she pinched mum’s credit card,
08:46   and she listened to someone on Facebook who promised her a Prince Charming and she left
08:50   So the first one who scored with her
08:54   was the boss of the (Caziba?), because it’s the boss who f***s first, sorry.
08:58   After that it’s all the friends, you cannot
09:02   pardon…you know what society
09:06   we are in; sorry, you are just a female.
09:11   I mean he wouldn’t mount a female in front of the others and then leave them out of it.
09:15   When he’s finished with you, he will offer you to the others, and the last one is who? I told you.
09:19   But when the last one passes, you won’t feel it any longer, you will have lost count
09:23   long ago. So these girls, it’s exactly what happened to them, you can google it.
09:27   They disappeared, one of them
09:31   disappeared; no-one knows what happened to her. The other one tried to flee
09:35   she wanted to return home, she regretted it, and then
09:39   they caught her and killed her with hammers.
09:43   When I learned about that, it did nothing to me. I mean,
09:47   I prefer that they caught her and kill her with hammers
09:51   rather than that she comes back here and moralises.
09:55   You understand what I mean. I will not
09:59   extend this video much longer.
10:03   You don’t believe me, you know, my sister, mash’allah,
10:07   you will follow the guy on Facebook, the guy who collects morons like you,
10:11   you listen to him, you follow him and you will see
10:15   when you arrive there. You will see if
10:20   I’ve been talking crap. What’s the risk?
10:24   You will take three months dying, and hope for death
10:28   Well my Mac is getting cold. I would like to speak longer, but
10:32   your life is not worth a cold Mac.
10:36   Also, I fear that if I speak too long you will forget the start,
10:40   because you are not very bright.
10:44   I have bought a chicken sandwich — I hate chicken.

14 thoughts on “Aldo Sterone Addresses the Mujahidettes Who Run Away to Syria

  1. That should be a PSA on publicly broadcast television. Someone will be offended by it.

  2. This video should be a mandatory educational tool in every western secondary school and above. If a deluded girl is not persuaded from running off to the so called caliphate after viewing this video I’m afraid she is actually beyond redemption.

  3. Someone who is telling it as it is. It isn’t exciting, it isn’t noble. Its stupid, and I suppose Darwinism in action. C’est la vie, or rather la mort.

  4. Hello Everyone,
    here are the missing parts:

    4.24/4.28: tu sais y’en a un qui m’a expliqué , il m’a écrit un email il y a longtemps, il m’a expliqué
    You know, there was one who explained to me in an email I got a long time ago, …

    5.09: derrière une haie de figuiers de Barbarie
    …throat slashed behind a clump of Barbary fig

    8.54: c’est le chef de la Katiba
    He the leader of the Katiba (= military unit of the islamists)

    I know it might quite shocking but that’s the way it’s always been throughout the centuries. If the West becomes too weak, we will lose everything and very very fast, please let other Americans know, and maybe some will listen.
    I side with Aldo Sterone, These females have made their bed and now they must lie in it. Good riddance. I also keep my sympathy for those poor women who get kidnapped by gangs of Albanians or ex-Yougoslavs or others and get sold unto the white slave trade.

  5. They are less appetizing than a cold chicken sandwich? Really, I’ve got to give it to him…
    We all have sexual dreams. This is not one of them. It is a nightmare.

    • [Heavens] yes. For a woman to tell me she is a Muslim is enough to fill me with revulsion. She is dead inside.

  6. God help the enemy if the population starts to see what’s going on through a third eye like this man. Merci monsieur.

  7. This is harsh, but may save some girls if they see it.

    I see Aldo’s cab is right hand drive; is he in the UK?

  8. It is absurd for me to make so late a comment, but the thought nags me more as the weeks pass. There may be a better place for it but I will leave that to the moderator.

    At Aldo Sterone minute 8:58; “after that it’s all the friends….”

    Are they really friends? They may be new fighters, some from Europe who must prove themselves. A somewhat westernized male who was not drunk might empathize with such a girl in her misery. He would certainly not be drunk. He might not really want to rape her. And he may know that if he does not do so, he may be the next to be thrown off a seven story building after accusation of being homosexual. He must see it as his life or hers. This may make him more cruel than ever. These people may not love death so much when it is their own.

    This may be one of the ways by which want -to -be- jihadi men surrender parts of their humanity each day. Daily losses of one’s humanity is surely the way to become dead inside, even when it is to avoid their own death. Someone elses machine and dead inside. And many have been schooled in this all their lives.

    I am no expert but it did seem curious that lots of gay men would have gone to the Islamic State. Maybe they didn’t.

    Islam can appear to be a well developed control game.

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