Aldo Sterone: A Short Course on Islamic Sexuality

The “auto-pundit” Aldo Sterone is an Algerian-French video commentator who now lives in the UK. The following talk by Mr. Sterone was occasioned by the slaughter of two young French women by a jihadist at the railway station in Marseille early last month. The auto-pundit’s remarks are directed across the Channel to the French, so when he says “you” in this video, he means French citizens of French ethnicity who live in France.

His succinct explanation of the sexual psychopathology of Islam is one of the most lucid expositions on the topic that I have encountered. It’s thirty-eight minutes long, but I listened all the way through without noticing the time. We owe Oz-Rita a great debt of gratitude for the mammoth task of translating and subtitling this video.

Here’s the beginning of Rita’s introduction:

The Jihad that kills, the Racism that slaughters

In this post I bring you a video which I consider one of the most astonishing insights into Islamic Terrorism and the motivation of Muslims who will kill for it. Aldo Sterone is an Algerian blogger and book author who now lives in the UK. He is one of the most passionate and articulate communicators I know of on the net.

He recorded this impromptu video two days after the day when an illegal “migrant” massacred those two beautiful young girls at a Railway Station in Marseille, France.

And she takes special note of these two excerpts:

“…The dividing line between “moderate” Islam and Islam that slaughters is very thin, instructions for both are found in the same book…”

“…your Islamists frighten the Algerian Islamists, they’d even frighten the Saudi Islamists… you have the truly mad dogs and the mentally ill ones in France because there they are out of control. ..”

Visit Rita’s place to watch the video in three installments, if you prefer, and also to read the rest of her commentary.

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  1. Aldo is cool, he’s one of the good Maghrebis that could succeed wherever he went in the world because he’s got the right balance of street and book smarts.

    If the Maghreb were populated with more folks like Aldo, the Mediterranean Sea would be one giant love-in these days.

    Sadly, we are all inhabitants of a much grimmer reality.

    • @ raspailwasright: I think he uses his “street smarts” to get through to his many muslim followers. I have seen a couple of videos of his, were he actually praised “the Jews” – he was, of course, attacked for it, but I was amazed to see some surprisingly at least “semi”-intelligent comments coming out from was clearly the corner where “Jew” is used as an insult.

      I think Aldo Sterone does great work and the caids as well as the French politicians should listen to him.

  2. I watched the entire video. Thank you, Rita. Very entertaining…is what I say. Enjoyable–even.

    I’ve been talking about sexual pathology (“profound sexual repression”) being at the heart of the islamic terrorist’s mentality since the early/mid-90s when I encountered the first ‘intifada’ in Jerusalem and elsewhere in Israel.

    To me, it seemed that anyone with any real contact with arabs (or an arab community/society) would recognize soon enough that ubiquitous and profound sexual repression had rendered the arabs pathologically sick…untrustworthy, volatile, violent. Suicide bombers appeared as a natural and inevitable manifestation of their sickness.

    I made jokes that the suicide bomber’s explosion was the first (and only) fulfilling Orgasm (or ejaculation) in that bastard’s life!! Soon I heard comments about ineffectual bomber having a problem with ‘premature ejaculation’.

    I was certainly not the only one with this insight. Israeli sexologists were also on the case.

    Still…so what? The west is indifferent and/or ineffectual. What will change? Shall we begin sewing jihadists into pigs as Aldo Sterone suggests (or have them be sodomized by donkeys)? Shall we begin castrating them and returning only their genitals to their families? No, we will remain civilized and self-righteous as a leader of France’s GENERATION IDENTITAIRE recently lamented in a video (after the Nice attack).

    • Yes, the sexual repression of the islamic world is very apparent in the architecture of their mosques. It would be pornographic if one were to remove the trappings of religious worship from such structures.

      I would hate to be the donkey forced to service such salafist scum. Maybe they would get to live in a donkey version of paradise for such sacrifices?

      We cannot win as long as we continue to play by effete Western rules against savages who rightly see such as weakness. Only when we are able to be more savage and brutal than our opponents will we have any chance of winning without being forced to slaughter every muslim on the planet.

      • i like the idea of the pigskin; it should make some of the devout hesitate, at least a bit. i feel for the donkey, however; that’s animal cruelty.

        i don’t know that we need to be brutal; we just need to be effective. since the Pervert muhammed […] didn’t like dogs or pigs, we should take advantage of that stupid superstition. the brutality should only extend to a complete blockade of monstrous states like saudi arabia, qatar, etc., that persist in spreading this filth. and by blockade, i mean that we should install a full military blockade, as well as an electronic one, so that these monsters can go suck on oily sand. we should provide them with *nothing*, providing only food and water to those people who are not among the powerful and rich, comparing the fingerprints of those showing up at protected coastline feeding centers against a database of fingerprints and DNA from leaders. only as much food and water as that person can consume – in front of witnesses, so that the liars can’t hoard food – should be provided. bibles, vedas, and religious texts from all other religions should be freely provided, but only in electronic form so that they can’t burn them for fuel or eat them. maybe after 1 or 2 centuries, muslims might consider changing their ways; we need to help those who want to leave this vile criminal cult.

        of course, this will never happen. i’m pretty certain that were i to come back to life 100 years after my death in some years, the world would be islamic. the left no doubt plans to murder all muslims after they’re through using them as a proxy army to destroy society so that they can seize control, but there will be a *lot* more pious muslims than hard-core leftists, and all of the former *want* to die killing the latter, so they will win, barring a meteor strike.

        if we don’t start fighting back, we are indeed doomed.

    • Don’t forget the childhood malnutrition that appears designed into Islam.

      There is no better way to ‘grow’ cattle with mental capacity and qualities perfectly suited to be a good Muslim.

    • “No, we will remain civilized and self-righteous as a leader of France’s GENERATION IDENTITAIRE recently lamented in a video (after the Nice attack).”

      I share your idea, but will expand on it.

      Aldo is saying we (our leaders and police) are doing nothing about the malignant Islamic population increasingly in our midst. Anything is better than doing nothing. Sewing their bodies in a pig or castrating them is preferable to allowing them unimpeded access to kill and maim. For those who consider these solutions barbaric: give us an alternative to protect ourselves.

      More on this when I have finished reading all the commentary.

  3. @ Neighborhood Bully (Steven)

    “….Shall we begin sewing jihadists into pigs as Aldo Sterone suggests (or have them be sodomized by donkeys)?…”

    As the man said: “whatever it takes !” And one thing is sure: Aldo Sterone knows what makes “them” tick, or what would frighten them. We should start looking closer as what “they” mean by “honour” ….

    • The deepest articulations regarding the unique problems of honor/shame societies (and how to deal with them–especially as it relates to the Israeli-Arab conflict) I’ve found in the writings of ‘historian of religion’ and commentator Richard Landes. Here is his excellent blog, The Augean Stables. The blog and his other writings are highly recommended to you (and everyone here at GoV). I’m not sure if the Baron and Dymphna are familiar with The Augean Stables.

      He also writes much about leftist and moslem “Demopaths”.

      “Demopaths are people who use democratic language and invoke human rights only when it serves their interests, and not when it calls for self-criticism or self-restraint. Demopaths demand stringent levels of human “rights” but do not apply these basic standards for the “other” to their own behavior. The most lethal demopaths use democratic rights to destroy democracy.”

      He has written a good deal about the Bollywood Al Durah affair and Karsenty/France TV2 defamation case.

      • I meant Pallywood–not Bollywood. Here’s Landes:

        “The term “Pallywood” refers to the staging of scenes by Palestinian journalists in order to present the Palestinians as hapless victims of Israeli aggression. They are able to succeed in this endeavor in large part due to the credulity and eagerness of the Western press to present these images, which reinforce the image of the Palestinian David struggling valiantly against the overpowering Israeli Goliath. Pallywood has led to astonishing lapses in Western journalistic standards in which badly staged scenes regularly appear on the news as ‘real events.'”

  4. Although, like everybody who ever even only had a peek into GoV, I know more about Islam than for example Angela Merkel, I had so many “aha” moments watching this video, that I got dizzy. I won’t be able to reverse the eye-opening it gave me. There were big things, but also the little things: e.g. I always thought of a “Harem” as a rather picturesque place where fairytales like 1001 nights took place….Sterone called them “Houses of Rape”. And they sooooooooooooo much more deserve this name than do the campuses of Berkley et al.

    • Rita,

      Thank you so much for your masterful translation of Aldo’s discourse. Your translation accorded extremely well with his obvious emotions on making the video.

      It was apparent that Aldo felt his content deeply, and that it cost him considerable psychic energy. It’s not easy for a normal person with normal empathy to be so blunt about a psychopath system such as Islam and Islamic jihadists.

      I disagree that you know more about Islam than Merkel. You make the critical assumption that if Merkel were aware of the effects and dynamics of Islam, she would act differently. The closest description I can use for Merkel and most of the Western leaders is that they act like renters rather than owners.

      If you own the house you’re living in, if someone shows you you have a termite infestation, your first thought is “how do I get rid of them?”

      If you rent your domicile, and someone tells you there is a termite infestation, your first thought is “will I be out of the house before the termites actually inconvenience me? You have no psychic energy invested in the long-term value of the house; only the time you’ll actually be there.

      Merkel, like Obama and Blair, have no skin in the game when it comes to the long-term health of the country they lead/led. Most likely, Merkel is fully aware of the consequences of the unrestricted immigrations. She expressed some tentative doubts at one time, but now that it appears her political support is not affected, she is going full-bore on not only immigration, but the suppression of any free speech concerning immigration or Islam.

      Aldo had some extremely interesting observations. He pointed out that countries familiar with Islam, like Saudi Arabia, monitor mosques very closely and censor sermons carefully. He also makes the point that Islam itself creates a fertile ground for terrorism, but there is an element of randomness as to who actually takes the bait and becomes a terrorist. This view has some commonalities with the CVE (countering violent extremism) school of security, which treats terrorism as an entirely chaotic (measured randomness) phenomenon.

      The aspect which Aldo covers, and CVE doesn’t, is that Islam itself, rather than weak or non-existent parameters such as poverty or career opportunities, accounts for most terror acts today.

      But, there is a deeper commonality between CVE and the focus on Islam as a probably fatal force in Western civilization. Western civ will have to develop a strong willingness to survive in its present form, regardless of who its enemy is. Islam is the strongest and most immediate threat, but there are plenty of other predators more than willing to feast off a defenseless organism.

      • @ Ronald B:

        Thank you 🙂

        You say: “…The closest description I can use for Merkel and most of the Western leaders is that they act like renters rather than owners…”

        A brilliant analogy – I will borrow it, with your assumed permission!

        “…..I disagree that you know more about Islam than Merkel. You make the critical assumption that if Merkel were aware of the effects and dynamics of Islam, she would act differently. …..”

        I might have tried to be “polite” there, because if I’m truthful I rather hold with the one who said: “When the results are the same it is more prudent to assume malice rather than naivety”.

  5. Orthodox joos live in profound sexual repression too, most of my classmates at school did too till they ” scored” first time at the age when a young muslim has impregnated his wife for the second time. I never heard about a Lubavitche or Satmar suicide bomber, nor did my mates rape or kill. So the psychopathology of Islam must have an other source than just not ” doing it”.

    • Part of it may be the near-universal sodomizing of young boys by older males in the Islamic world. The men are deprived; the boys are available for the taking and not haram to abuse in this manner as long as they don’t have any pubic hair. This kind of horrific treatment can’t help but warp those boys, and the trauma is played out by them as adults. Thus the cycle is perpetuated.

      Perhaps the Orthodox Jews don’t engage in the same practices. I presume sodomy is actually against their religious laws, which is not the case with Islam.

      • I thought their women are obliged to be available whenever the men desire. If they still prefer to turn to their boys — even their own ones — to the extent purported, then I can only surmise the truth is even darker.

        • I’m talking about unmarried males, usually teenagers. They can’t get anywhere near girls (unless they live in Berlin, Rotherham, Malmö, etc.), so they avail themselves of their prepubescent brothers, nephews, cousins, etc.

          • This article has a long look at the topic and differences between Shia and Sunni


            In reply to pederasty, it is not accepted in most Muslim society, e.g.


            there are some exceptions in certain societies (as noted by Steven), otherwise, the rest is un-sanctioned and due to frustration etc.

            The stricter Muslims are not geared to handling western “social openness” and associated values, not in their home countries (amongst the privileged there) nor abroad.

            Many Muslims are simply devout, the younger generation, and those who travel, meet a lot of new influence though, which they are not prepared for, nor have examples, nor find answers for from their religious peers. Hence the extreme attitudes – something we in the west should not be subject to – we are not here to teach manners by having our (sometimes less than perfect) societies further, and unnecessarily, disrupted.

    • profound sexual repression goes far, far beyond what one sees among the Orthodox Jews (who generally have very healthy adult sexual relationships) and among adolescents in high schools. It is an inhumane mutilation of the psyche at the heart of Islam.

    • “Orthodox joos live in profound sexual repression too,…”

      Of course, Aldo makes the point that the pent-up sexual energy of Muslims is focused on jihad. For orthodox Jews, their energy is focused on prayer and then on building and raising a family. Orthodox Jews have well-attended schuls and large, well-adjusted families. Muslims have jihads.

      Of course, it depends on the individual how functional any culture will be. See the movie Kadosh, which shows the Orthodox approach to gender and marriage is not for everyone.

      This, by the way, as Aldo points out, is the difference between a free society and an enforced theocracy. In Israel, a free society, the oppressed Orthodox wife simply walked away from the community, without threats or coercion.

  6. The existence of an independent and prosperous Jewish political entity (ISRAEL) in the midst of Arab honor/shame ‘civilization’, in which the Jew was for 14 centuries the dis-graced, is a blasphemy against Islam and a sexual humiliation of their masculine virility (pathologically contrived)! For the Arab (not the European) incessant efforts to destroy Israel is simultaneously religious and sexual.

    See Professor Richard Landes’ article WHY THE ARAB WORLD IS LOST IN AN EMOTIONAL NAKBA, AND HOW WE KEEP IT THERE (“By ignoring the honor-shame dynamic in Arab political culture, is the West keeping itself from making headway toward peace?”).

    • The reality of Islamic reaction to Jews is more complex than we think, particularly when we take the differences between Sunni and Shi’a Islam.

      Iran, one of the biggest threats to Israel, verbally at least, is actually the most protective of non-political Jews of any country in the Middle East, possibly including Western Europe as well, with its unfiltered Muslim immigration:

      Islam and Western civilization are like oil and water: there should be zero Muslim migration into any western country. And yet, the Islamic world is not a complete disaster for Jews. Again, they should be left on their own terms, without blundering Western interference.

  7. I liked Aldo’s discussion of the attitude among arabs / muslims “If I can’t play I’ll ruin the game”. December 2005 in Australia, the start of summer, saw what the main stream media labelled the Cronulla ‘race’ riots.

    Cronulla is a beach side suburb in Sydney, which alone of all the beaches is on a suburban railway line and therefore began to attract increasing numbers of Muslims over the years as Muslim immigration into Australia increased.

    They would take over large swathes of the beach, setting up their sun chairs and picnic gear etc as virtual ‘no-go’ areas so the tent wearing females could be unmolested (as if) while the males would go off and harass the local bikini wearing surfer chicks.

    The Muslim males would have been infuriated at the promise of sex on offer (remember Also’s point about interpreting things from their point of view) but knowing that it was not for them! So began a series of infractions whereby the Muslim males started interfering with the local male surfers and other beach goers, to prove their dominance and thus diminish the attraction the surfer chicks saw in the local surfers, and on the other hand vent their envy towards the surfers.

    The Muslims were acting out the principal Aldo referred to.

    This culminated in a bashing of two surf life guards by a gang of Muslims. It was reported in the press as a mysterious case of mugging, with no mention of the background or that Muslims were responsible.

    But locals knew very well and within days organised a protest against the Muslim takeover. Race had nothing to do with it except when an unfortunate incident occurred whereby a sub-continent looking guy happened to be spotted and he was pursued onto a train. That was all the press needed to label it a race riot.

    And within days a convoy of cars carrying young Muslim males, armed with knives and other implements, was organised and they drove to Cronulla one evening assaulting locals and smashing car windscreens etc locals, and the cops stood back and let them while the press bent over backwards to explain it was all provoked by racists.

    Soon afterwards the cat meat sheik made his remark about women dressing provocatively (i.e. in their bikinis) being to blame for attracting harassment. He was surrounded by a large number of young Muslim males in the main Sydney mosque who were all in hearty agreement with his view of the situation.

    Another instance of this was the Manchester bomber. He deliberately targeted a concert attended by young women and teenage girls held by Ariana Grande, a young woman who offers a performance of raunch. This was pretty obvious at the time especially as the Didsbury mosque had been distributing material on its open days commenting on the depraved nature of British society but see for example. His bomb was designed to shred as much of that female flesh, which he was denied, as it could.

    • “the cops stood back and let them…”

      This is another example where government officials see themselves as simply salaried employees rather than responsible representatives. Then again, we have the example of the Virginia governor and Charlottesville mayor who pressured the police to not only stand back while the leftists initiated systematic violence. The police not only funneled peaceful demonstrators into violent areas, but actively arrested anyone taking defensive measures.

      I think the really degenerate government attempts to turn itself into a dictatorship or oligarchy through the systematic use of street gangs to dissolve civil society.

      • “…“the cops stood back and let them…”…”

        When a “jihadi” murdered 2 French police officers in their own home, in front of their 4 year old son, the then Interior Minister, a despicable dhimmy, visited the Grande Mosque of Paris the very next day to reassure the “muslim community” that no “backlash” would be allowed.

        And in this post you can see the courageous statement of a French copper who will probably not go high in their hierarchy:

        “…I think the really degenerate government attempts to turn itself into a dictatorship or oligarchy through the systematic use of street gangs to dissolve civil society…..”

        It has been proven that Merkel’s gang is actually financing the fascist, ironically named “Antifa”.

        • Thanks Rita, especially for the reference on the French policeman who was furious at his superiors for not allowing himself and his colleagues to protect themselves against violent and dangerous attackers.

          This video makes me think once again of the insanity of the gun advocates who talk of using guns against the government, including security and police forces. The police are viewed by the elites as just another branch of the proles, to be used or discarded as convenience dictates. The rank-and-file policeman or security agent is a natural ally of nationalists and populists. They may be forced to formally act against demonstrators, but they can be tremendously useful as informants and when the cards are down, might well shift their formal loyalties.

          But, if nationalists begin shooting at police or security forces, even in self-defense, the natural alliance goes down the tubes, and the police will view nationalists, rightly, as their enemy.

          Guns are useful for instilling a sense of self-reliance, for personal protection against street criminals, and for protection against government-supported street gangs that the government is unwilling to embrace publicly. Guns are counter-productive when used to produce a standoff against security forces, even if the security forces are ordered to perform an illegal or unethical operation.

          • citizens of a republic should obey the law as long as possible, even as society dissolves into chaos. the only thing that makes a republic work is when most citizens agree that all should be subject to the law, and that the law should be created by the representatives of the citizens. when a “strongman” comes along and starts whackiing the correct bad guys, even if he is really whacking the right ones at first, U can rest assured that he will soon start whacking those who don’t deserve it. people will be killed just because they have done things that the strongman doesn’t like. those things might actually be against the law, but if the punishment isn’t connected to the crime, it won’t be long until the strongman favors his friends, and the corruption (and mistreatment of citizens) will be on.

            that said, guns are badly needed in eurabia. at some point, the leftist government (since virtually everybody in eurabia is leftist) will delare martial law; it will be much easier for a hard-core leftist to assassinate a prime minister who won’t go along with a “people’s republic” reorganization of the State and replace him with a hard-core dictator when the State is locked down in a state of martial law.

            at that point, without guns, one can only hope that higher-up military and police officials would refuse to go along with the coup, but do U want to take that chance? i’m sure the hard left will be preoccupied with surrounding the banlieue with troops so as to murder everybody in them (an easy solution for the hard left, but almost impossible for a freedom-lover), but the fight between the hard left and pious muslims will get nasty quickly. i would want to have a gun to protect my family.

    • @Bronson

      “….And within days a convoy of cars carrying young Muslim males, armed with knives and other implements, was organised and they drove to Cronulla one evening assaulting locals and smashing car windscreens etc locals, and the cops stood back and let them while the press bent over backwards to explain it was all provoked by racists…..”

      I can confirm everything you said about Cronulla (I was there at the time), except that the muslim thugs descended on the town even that very night. The infamous Lakemba Mosque is only about 10 – 15 km from there. Lakemba is a muslim enclave and a votes-bonanza for the (then) Labor governments….”)

      They bashed a resident who was putting out his dustbins, 20 of them beat up a man outside the 7/11 who lost one eye, and another young man, on his way home from a club with two female friends whom he tried to protect was stabbed had to have the knive blade removed from his back surgically in hospital that night.

      The police had a report of ALL the car registration driven by those muslim hordes…but a couple of weeks later, mysteriously, this list disappeared, never to surface again.

      And yet, the myth that Cronulla is very very “raaaaaaaacist”, has been peddled so efficiently by those bright sparks in the Main Media who still consider Islam a raaaaaaaace, that it has become by now unrefutable “fact”.

      Local residents dont fight this “bad reputation” partly, because they want to be left in peace. However, at the time, the “authorities” organised sentimental solidarity-love-ins with-these poor muslims including free memberships to surf-rescue clubs and we saw, for a while, burkini-clad “Life Savers” who had to be rescued regularly, not being the best swimmers. Arrrrrghhhh.

      • Rita,

        Your response inspires me to write a bit more about dysfunctional government security and police agencies that fail to protect their public.

        As governments and countries age, they become more complex and bureaucratic. One of the characteristics of a bureaucracy is that it comes increasingly under the control of agency heads who specialize in bureaucratic politics and in-fighting rather than the actual mission of the agency.

        For example, both Mueller and Comey, former FBI heads, appear to have been mediocre cops, but excellent bureaucrats and political weather-vanes.

        The same goes for actual political leaders, who excel at organization-building and bureaucratic skills, but lack any connection with the country or with substantive issues. Hillary exemplifies this species perfectly; the Clintons had a fantastic political machine, but nobody really knew what Hillary really stood for, if anything. She skated from issue to issue, trying to catch whatever random wave might give her an advantage.

        So, it is a mistake to assume that the chiefs of police would act in a way to protect the public, enforce the laws, or even see to the welfare of their command, if they see a political risk in doing so.

        The only remedy I see to this general tendency is to break the units of government and national regions into smaller, more independent units, so the abuses of one will be limited to its own region.

  8. “…The dividing line between “moderate” Islam and Islam that slaughters is very thin, instructions for both are found in the same book…”

    This dividing line is not thin it simply does not exist.
    There is no such thing as moderate islam there is only islam.

  9. “If I can’t play I’ll ruin the game”.

    As so often, it’s in Shakespeare. At the end of “Othello”, when Iago is asked why he brought about Othello’s jealous homicidal rage, he mentions being passed over for promotion, and his suspicion that the Moor has had his wife, then adds: “Beside, he hath a daily beauty in his life, that makes mine ugly”.

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