What Were the Root Causes of the Crusades?

Below is the latest video from Aldo Sterone, the Algerian-French Auto Pundit.

Many thanks to Ava Lon for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:


00:00   Good morning, my friends. Let’s imagine a family.
00:04   Let’s imagine a family, especially a father,
00:08   who spent his life behaving extremely
00:12   irresponsibly and unreasonably. Let’s suppose that this father
00:16   hasn’t worked in the last 30 years. He always woke up at noon.
00:20   He was taking, I don’t know, drugs,
00:24   he was drinking, whatever.
00:28   He had a life of violence, fights,
00:32   problems with the justice system, all that.
00:36   And then one day his kids approach him and say,
00:40   “Daddy, why don’t we have a house
00:44   as comfortable as our neighbors’? Why can our neighbors go
00:48   on vacations and we can’t?
00:52   Why aren’t our neighbors living in the same misery we are living in?
00:56   Why are we pariahs in our neighborhood?”
01:00   A question that children
01:04   could potentially ask themselves when they live
01:08   in a frustration, sometimes related to
01:12   parents who weren’t successful,
01:16   and in fact, let’s imagine two different reactions to this question
01:20   from the father, who is being asked those questions by his children.
01:24   Let’s imagine the first answer: the first answer say, like this: “Listen,
01:30   my son, my daughter, my children, I’ll be honest with you, I wasn’t decent, my children.
01:34   I destroyed my life, I acted like a fool,
01:38   I made a lot of mistakes, I didn’t work,
01:42   I didn’t make the efforts I was supposed to.
01:46   And in the end, don’t do like I did, act differently.
01:50   If you don’t want to continue on my path, on the path we are all on.”
01:54   Can you imagine? A father answering
01:58   like that would be a father who would put his children
02:02   on the right path, who would use his own example as a loser
02:06   in order to wake his children up and make them responsible
02:10   for their lives and explain to them why they are living in a deep failure
02:14   and why they are living in a deep frustration; but you would tell me
02:17   that if the father were that reasonable
02:23   he wouldn’t find himself in that situation in the first place.
02:27   But let’s imagine, for the sake of the argument, that this father exists.
02:31   And then let’s imagine that this father, instead of telling that to his children,
02:35   he tells them: “Listen, I’m going to explain you the truth.
02:39   The truth is that
02:43   we used to be rich, we had
02:47   everything in our lives, we worked,
02:51   with your mother we had done everything, but in the end our neighbors
02:55   stole everything from us. All right? they took everything.
02:59   We had the best house in the neighborhood; they evicted us.
03:03   They put us in this shack. Our house: they were the ones
03:07   coming at night through the windows to degrade it.
03:11   All right? Until it became like that.” He won’t say: “It was us.
03:15   We haven’t maintained our house. We weren’t
03:19   paying attention to our environment, like we were supposed to.”
03:23   NO. He’ll say: “It was the neighbors. We had money. We had savings.
03:27   With your mother we were saving our entire life. But the neighbors came
03:31   and they took all the money from our account. They siphoned it from our account
03:35   and they took it and they left us in poverty. It’s with our money
03:39   that they go on their vacations, with our money that
03:43   they have a wonderful life.” Do you understand that a father like that,
03:47   on top of being an ultimate loser, on top of being irresponsible,
03:51   will put in danger
03:56   the integrity, the stability,
04:00   the future of those children? Because instead of putting them
04:04   on the path of success, he’ll put them on the path of hate, he’ll give them a scapegoat.
04:08   He won’t take responsibility;
04:12   neither will his children, because he’ll give them a scapegoat,
04:16   and he’ll call them to turn, to transform their frustration
04:20   into hate, towards someone who didn’t do anything to them.
04:24   You see? Imagine a father like that.
04:28   What is he going to create? He’ll create monsters, because his children,
04:32   As they live in frustration, as they live
04:36   in misery, intellectual misery, social misery
04:40   economic misery, they will blame those who
04:44   are in their eyes, the root cause of that. Okay?
04:48   He won’t tell them other things, he won’t tell them the truth. He’ll hide the truth from them.
04:52   Voilà. So what I’m telling you here, it’s a way of explaining,
05:00   to talk to you about the Crusades. In fact you know that
05:04   the society I come from, the society
05:08   that defines itself as Arab-Muslim, even if it probably
05:12   is neither, but it defines itself as such,
05:16   it’s a society that has unfortunately failed. Why? Because it simply followed
05:24   the example of people who in the end failed in their time,
05:29   you understand? When we took the Bedouins
05:33   from Arabia as our example — I’m sorry, but those aren’t the people
05:37   that went to the Moon, you understand? It means that
05:41   well, even if you manage to be perfect, you perfectly follow
05:45   their example, well, we become perfectly like them, we become losers.
05:49   That’s all. They, perhaps, they manage
05:53   because they have oil,
05:57   because they can pay the USA to do everything for them,
06:01   but we aren’t on that level, you understand?
06:05   How to explain? The other day I went to Harrods.
06:09   It’s a department store in London, and it is full of
06:13   extremely rich Saudi women, who shop there.
06:17   They have a ton of bags, full up. I don’t blame them…
06:21   It’s all right, I’m happy for them. I live in this country. If people come and consume,
06:25   especially if they are consuming a lot, I am very happy. It’s good for business, it’s good for
06:29   the economy, it’s good for all of us. So I’m not criticizing, frankly, sincerely,
06:33   there is no criticism in it. I’ll explain:
06:37   They have those bags, and when you know that inside them, the cheapest pair of shoes
06:41   cost about £700, which is €800-€900.
06:45   You see, those are people who
06:49   arrive from their country, who probably are under a lot of pressure,
06:53   an enormous religious, or social pressure; and they come to England,
06:57   and what are they going to do? They will let go and they will take
07:01   a MasterCard or American Express and totally blow it.
07:05   All right? And they’ll go back and open it all. And we, the Maghreb,
07:09   we want to imitate them. You understand? We want to imitate them.
07:13   So what do we do? We take our wives and we put them in bags, right? We do like they do.
07:17   The problem is we cannot imitate them 100%, because we have houses where water
07:21   won’t reach the third floor! The wife is walking around in her black burka;
07:26   there’s no driver who will come to pick her up in a Rolls Royce
07:30   or Mercedes to bring her to her girlfriend. No. She’ll go in her black bag;
07:34   she’ll wait on the side of the road for a bus
07:38   full of people to arrive, and she’ll try to find a place to sit, next to the window,
07:42   a small open window, to get some air, OK?
07:46   The Rolls or a Mercedes both air-conditioned, she won’t see them. So you understand,
07:50   we are trying to imitate people, but it’s very hard to imitate other people.
07:54   But if you want to imitate, do imitate them for real. That means, I say,
07:58   if you are Algerian, Moroccan or Tunisian and you locked your wife in a bag,
08:02   I tell you, send her in your private jet to London, so she can
08:06   spend €20k-€30k shopping in one day to improve her mood. But, well, you are unable to do that.
08:10   Why are you unable to? Because you’re a loser, who’s trying to imitate people
08:14   who are infinitely richer than you. Who on one hand are showing you
08:18   a certain cloud, a front, a pretense, okay, but on the other hand
08:22   they are capable of having compensations you need to survive that front.
08:26   You have what? You have misery and you still have that pretense, you see?
08:30   You want to imitate the Saudis, OK. You find the Bedouins are really an example to follow?
08:34   Send your wife to New York, send her to Paris. Send her to do her shopping on the Champs Elysees.
08:39   Well, I wasn’t even talking about that at the beginning. I wasn’t even talking about that
08:43   at the beginning of the video, I didn’t even come for that in principle. Well, I’ll explain:
08:46   I’m talking softly, because I have a mike; now I don’t have to yell to be heard So, I’ll explain:
08:51   I was talking, at the beginning of this video, about that daddy who had
08:58   put his children on the wrong path, ok?
09:02   The problem is that we,
09:06   our society, failed. It didn’t fail because
09:11   the Westerners came to steal our science or steal our riches or other things.
09:15   It failed, because it made wrong choices, it made loser choices, that’s all. It’s that simple.
09:19   Except it’s not what we’re telling our children, even though we should tell them that.
09:23   This is why I’m saying it sometimes with vehemence and aggressiveness. Because they need to
09:27   — the children and the young ones — they need to hear it.
09:31   Our society followed
09:35   a loser path, but such a loser,
09:39   my friends, that it ended up specializing in death.
09:43   You see what I’m saying? It means that we followed
09:47   a religion that gives us
09:51   a guarantee of destroying us. It’s guaranteed.
09:55   I mean, its’ not something that has brought happiness to anyone
09:59   for the last 1400 years. It’s true. It’s the truth.
10:03   It’s a fact. Now it tells you:
10:07   I destroyed your life, it’s true, in this life I don’t give you any hope.
10:11   But let me tell you, when you die,
10:15   and you’ll go to your grave, that’s when the party will start.
10:19   It’ll tell you you’ll become a happy zombie. It’s promising you
10:23   to wake up as a zombie, and you’ll be really the best of zombies
10:27   The happiest zombie, the one with the most wives, who will have the most children,
10:31   the one with the most beautiful coat, who will, who will… sorry
10:35   Sorry, it’s all we have left.
10:39   That’s all we have left, a promise. And this is why we failed, why we run aground,
10:43   because our children, we have children of 14 years of age
10:47   that instead of thinking about life, how to live,
10:52   they think about how to become the best zombie when they die.
10:56   You understand. that’s why we run aground. The problem,
11:00   it’s what happened…
11:04   very few of our leaders, our intellectuals
11:08   were honest with the generations and told them
11:12   why we really failed. So at school,
11:16   I was in high school, we were told that all our problems come
11:20   from the Westerners; that once upon a time
11:24   we were an extremely civilized people, extremely developed, extremely happy.
11:28   We lived well, and then, one day, the Westerners, very jealous —
11:32   I am telling you what I was told. It’s the same thing as the father,
11:36   who tells his children that it was their neighbors, who took everything.
11:40   They came and they took everything. In fact they made razzias.
11:44   In fact the razzia was our trade name, it’s a trade name
11:48   for the scoundrels that were ruling us. The truth must be told.
11:52   Because, I’ll explain, I have to sit comfortably, because I’ll talk.
11:56   The scoundrels that rule over us, the Caliphs,
12:00   because of their despotism, their corruption, their decay
12:04   that they create from top to bottom, that is rotting the society to the last person,
12:08   who were pushing us into the mud and into the sewer down to the last person in society,
12:12   what did they do, that plague?
12:16   This scum kicked out the scientists; they kicked out the knowledge;
12:20   they removed critical thinking; they removed intelligence;
12:24   removed justice, all right? Just look at
12:28   those supposed Arab scientists,
12:32   and you’ll see that the majority were “excommunicated”.
12:36   Some were killed, exiled, OK?
12:40   By those corrupt leaders. So those corrupt leaders
12:44   specialized in zombies, specialized in the afterlife, specialized in death.
12:48   Every one of them wants to live, he wants females.
12:52   He wants harems full of young girls, he wants castles full of females,
12:55   he wants castles full of gold, but he can’t create all that.
12:58   He lives in a society that he corrupted from top to bottom. What is he
13:01   going to do to obtain the goods, in your opinion?
13:05   What is the one and only way to obtain a thing?
13:09   Gentlemen, who write the preface … He answers
13:17   with — what was it called again?
13:21   I have his name on the tip of my tongue —
13:25   someone will write it in the comments. He said that
13:29   those people, their only way to obtain a consumer good is by theft.
13:33   That means that they had to organize the razzias every year.
13:37   They had to organize the pirates; because their only way to get hold of a commodity was by going
13:41   and stealing it from those who had it, and killing those who had it, by the way. Voilà the story.
13:46   So that is the reason why our societies are so rotten.
13:53   But nobody has the courage to go and tell it to the new generations.
13:57   So they are being told: “the Westerners came; they mounted razzias
14:01   in our countries. They took away our science, our knowledge,
14:05   and afterwards, after having taken our knowledge, they built
14:09   theirs and they became what they became.”
14:13   I was in the high school. I wasn’t biased, I was just a teen.
14:17   I learned this story, and I asked my teachers: but listen,
14:21   if they took our knowledge, all right, they took our knowledge away —
14:25   Let’s imagine that, with no bias I promise.
14:29   So at that point, when they take our knowledge, we have the knowledge
14:33   and they have the knowledge, because knowledge isn’t a tangible good, that you can steal.
14:38   Okay? So at that point,
14:42   in the best case scenario, or in the worst case, up to you, we are at the same point
14:46   concerning the knowledge. So why is it they go to the Moon and they send satellites
14:50   into space, and we are still there with the water not reaching the third floor of our buildings?
14:54   Not a single professor could answer that question. Why? Because a lie can’t be defended.
14:58   A lie is undefendable. So, what happened is that they cram and stuff things
15:06   Into the young heads, because
15:10   I told you for awhile how to create jihadis, to create
15:14   assassins, killers, but you need to know that,
15:18   it’s not the story as well. So now I’ll give you the showstopper:
15:22   It’s
15:26   the machines.
15:30   Your minister of education,
15:34   by adopting the history program,
15:38   by removing some things,
15:42   by giving weight to some things and not to others,
15:46   What happens is that the ground is being prepared
15:50   and the narrative I told you about, it means
15:54   raise kids in hate, because for example,
15:58   if you don’t talk to them about the reality of the Crusades
16:02   the satellite TV will tell them. The professor of Arabic
16:06   will tell them. The imam in the mosque will tell them,
16:10   but your educational system will deprive itself of the opportunity
16:15   and possibility to offer the counter-narrative
16:19   more reasonable, OK? But since
16:23   a lot of young people, a lot of new generations
16:27   live in parallel societies in France, live in an environment
16:31   that you don’t know, and what happens is that you can
16:35   make decisions, orientations that will prevent you from
16:39   mastering the problems, because you don’t know them.
16:43   But the day that you find out about them will be when a truck plows into the crowd.
16:47   You see what I’m telling you? That’s the problem.
16:51   It’s, it means that the problem has to be considered globally, unfortunately,
16:55   the problem, if I can talk
16:59   about the man that drove the truck into those people.
17:03   It’s something.
17:07   It’s a phenomenon
17:11   to solve in a way that’s — do you say that — “holistic”?
17:15   you have to work on several things at the same time, because there are many aspects.
17:19   It has so many aspects that every person who
17:23   who sees it form a concrete point of view will have trouble
17:27   explaining the thing in its totality.
17:31   When I give you the case of Bataclan, for example.
17:35   The terrorists of Bataclan
17:39   when they attacked, if you study this case,
17:43   they not only killed the victims, as if it were a war.
17:47   Imagine they are in a war spirit.
17:51   They would arrive, shoot at the victims and kill them.
17:55   That’s a simple case. It’s business,
18:00   you understand, OK? But there is
18:04   beyond that, there is something else, they cut the victims;
18:08   they tortured them. They committed abominations, atrocities,
18:12   huge cruel deeds, all right?
18:16   Why? the victim is dead or dying. Why an atrocity on top of it?
18:20   Why all that on top of it? Because there is the hate;
18:24   on top of the doctrine there’s hate. So in order to truly understand
18:28   you need to understand the doctrine part,
18:32   the doctrine part I was telling you for a long time,
18:36   but you need to understand the hate that is part of it as well.
18:40   And this hate feeds on frustration, on lies that permeate
18:44   the kids’ heads from their birth. No parent, no teacher will tell them
18:52   that the caliphs invaded other countries for 400 years
18:56   destroying temples, massacring entire towns, took hundreds of thousands of slaves,
19:02   and were very proud of it. They talked about “heads” when they talked about slaves.
19:05   And they brought people in chains, all the women, little girls sold in the marketplace
19:12   sent to harems where they were raped, people sent to the fields
19:16   people sent to work, for the very people who massacred
19:20   their children, who are raping their daughters, you understand?
19:24   It’s a nightmare for humanity with them in the Mediterranean, around the Mediterranean
19:28   Before that Urban II [the pope] decides to wake up and stop the disaster
19:32   and launch the Crusades, okay?
19:36   It wasn’t something that happened as an attack
19:41   out of nowhere and for no reason. Okay, I’m leaving you my friends.
19:45   I am sorry for being in touch with reality. Unfortunately this is reality. You have to.
19:53   I’m leaving you, we’ll see each other later.

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  1. Aldo Sterone, my Maghreb hero.

    This is what a truth seeker looks like, sounds like.

    The truth will set you free.

    Come to Jesus, Aldo.

  2. Seeing what we’re seeing recently, I might start thinking that he very much has a point.

  3. Some epithets I would use to describe Aldo.
    Honest, brave, full of integrity and clarity.
    Aldo, please evangalise as much as you can, before we are all living the life of a poor Muslim. Soon London, Paris and Berlin will look like the back streets of Tangiers.

  4. I thought at first that Aldo Sterone set up the story to talk about Hillary’s narrative to the inner city families about how they have been hurt by the rich.
    Oh well, it is an apt tale pointed at either situation.

  5. Aldo is the sort of Algerian I can get behind. I wish I saw 10% of his honesty and humility here in Algiers.

    Algiers, a city where the water utility has been unable to provide regular tap water to the western half of the city for over a month.

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