Simple Arithmetic and the Mechanics of Tyranny

Simple Arithmetic and the Mechanics of Tyranny

by Seneca III

At 1615 hrs this afternoon, 7 October, 2016, I recorded the £, US $ and Euro (€) exchange rates. Here they are:

US   $1.00 = €1.12   — hence $100.00 buys €112.00          
    £1.00 = €1.12   — hence £100.00 buys €112.00    
    £1.00 = $1.25   — hence £100.00 buys $125.00    

And therefore (excluding trading costs):

If I buy £100.00 worth of € I end up with €112.00

But $125 buys €140.00, so if I first buy £100.00 worth of $, giving me $125.00, and then use that to buy €, I end up with €140.00, €28.00 (22.4%) more, and thus all of this begs the questions why and to whose benefit?

Well, in answer, several things have to be taken into consideration:

The globalist banking establishment and its New World Order plutocrats and political backers control the system for their benefit and their benefit alone. They also have to try to keep the lid on the fact that this system they have created is nothing more than a giant Ponzi scheme teetering on the edge of a precipice.

Consider also — The UK has just thrown the Brexit spanner into their devious works and must not only be punished but seen to be punished as a lesson to other independently minded nation states that might be considering steering a similar course.

However, they, the ‘Banksters’, cannot afford to throw the current US (mal)administration into the furnace as well by downgrading the US $ because the US electorate, despite the obfuscation intentionally being generated by the incessant promulgation of the ‘racist’ meme is, first and foremost, acutely concerned about the economic situation and thus any such action would reflect badly on the Obama Democrats and their plan to shuffle Hilary Rodham Clinton into the White House in order to finish the job of destroying America as an independent nation — and also the future of many or all of the other free, democratic States that loosely comprise the ‘West’ as a whole.

All of this, simply put, is but socio-economic warfare implemented by a relatively small coterie of ‘Internationalists’ with the malignant intent of seizing and implementing draconian power on a scale never before conceived or achieved — it is nothing more and nothing less than that.

— Seneca III, Middle England, October 7th 2016.

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4 thoughts on “Simple Arithmetic and the Mechanics of Tyranny

  1. Seneca: I believe one dollar equals .89 Euros.

    Please correct me if I’m wrong.

    I’m not going try to follow the rest of the article until that’s cleared up.

  2. I believe that you have your math screwed up which invalidates your thesis. The dollar euro exchange rate has for the past few months been 1 EU = $1.12 give or take a bit. According to today’s rate (Oct 10, 2016) the pound was equal to 1.12 EU.
    If you flip the exchange rates, almost anything is possible.

  3. Seneca, while I don’t doubt your exchange rates, at least as you have posted them, I do doubt that the Dollar and Pound could be at parity relative to the Euro. Were that the case we would be awash in arbitrage. OK, so what gives?
    As for financial control, I’ve known about that for the past 20 years. The banksters have done a rather good job of sewing up the world’s finances, but as the rest of the neoliberals who wish for their one world utopia, they are already showing their incompetence in the implementation of their agenda which sadly will be borne by ourselves, the informed but unwashed masses.
    With their financial clout they imagine themselves as gods, but are woefully incompetent to the task of instituting a divine order that will have them at the top of the heap for the long term. Don’t worry, things will get so out of hand that they will throw their gold out into the streets, just as Isaiah said they would.

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