Aldo Sterone: Nothing is Accidental

Aldo Sterone is the Algerian-French “auto pundit” who lives in the UK and occasionally records video commentary from his car. His latest discussion concerns the political machinations behind the European “migration crisis”.

Many thanks to Oz-Rita for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:


0:00   Hello, friends, many people write to me to reproach
0:04   me on my lack of sensitivity or my lack of humanity in the face of the crisis
0:08   that is happening before our eyes. So I would like
0:12   to tell you that our difference is due to the fact
0:16   that you have a TV and I have no TV. I sold mine
0:20   maybe 13 or 14 years ago. I think the last
0:24   significant thing I watched on TV when I still had one
0:28   was the terrorist attack of 9/11. And since then
0:32   I haven’t watched any TV. It’s maybe because of that that I am not
0:36   sufficiently sensitive. Anyway, today as we are experiencing a crisis,
0:40   your humanity is not measured by your capacity to snivel,
0:44   but by your capacity to keep a cool head and to reflect.
0:48   Politicians are vipers. Politicians couldn’t care less
0:52   about you, your life, your children or children of other countries;
0:56   they couldn’t give a damn. Each time a politician invites your
1:00   sentimentality, watch out, he is about to con you.
1:04   That’s how it works: Each time they show you some sentimentality,
1:08   for example, the media-political complex brings you gore and graphic images etc.,
1:13   it’s to make you accept the unacceptable. And when you wake up,
1:17   it will be too late, you will only have your eyes to cry.
1:21   Second point: the biblical exodus
1:25   happening now is a terrorist act.
1:29   I’m not saying that all the people in this exodus
1:33   are terrorists, or have even terrorist intentions,
1:37   although a percentage of them clearly are. ISIS
1:41   have openly admitted, knowing that Europe
1:45   is managed by slugs, that they will send half a million people,
1:49   and now we see that this was even a little pessimistic.
1:53   They have launched a sort of snowball which rolls
1:58   and which gets bigger as it comes closer,
2:02   and within it there are surely terrorists. But that’s not my point. I say
2:06   this exodus in itself is a terrorist act, because firstly it has been decided
2:10   by a terrorist organisation. It has been decided, planned, organised by them
2:14   and even announced in advance, OK?
2:18   The aim of this terrorist organisation is to create
2:22   chaos and misery, destabilise and
2:26   weigh on the economies of the host countries,
2:30   weigh on the societies, and then create a kind of
2:34   substratum of misery. They well know that the people who arrive
2:38   will not make their fortune the next day.
2:42   What will happen is the creation of neighborhoods of misery etc.,
2:46   among which movements like ISIS and others will then recruit
2:50   very easily. This was an important point. Secondly
2:55   If I enter into the logic of Germany and France
2:59   “it’s a chance for the economy… these people
3:03   will pay the pensions”. I will enter this logic 100%.
3:07   If this were true,
3:11   these countries would not have waited
3:15   for ISIS to launch this exodus onto the roads to suddenly
3:19   realise that they need workers
3:23   for their economy; they would have
3:27   before this is happening, created I don’t know…
3:31   (unclear) a kind of organised immigration
3:35   to allow selected people with records
3:40   chosen for their experience,
3:44   predictable for the economy, but they did not do this at all.
3:48   Until now, if you telephone the Embassy of Germany
3:52   to say “I would like to come and work to your country” they would say, “No, there is no procedure for immigration,
3:56   you cannot if you are not part
4:00   of Europe, as an non-European you cannot go (to Europe).”
4:04   Even if you were to find an employer, he must prove that he could not find anyone locally
4:08   with these specific competences.
4:12   And suddenly, when a terrorist group
4:16   launches hundreds of thousands of people onto Europe, Europe says: well
4:20   finally, you know, it’s a very good thing.
4:24   You understand? That’s an important point. This exodus
4:29   itself is a terrorist attack on a grand scale.
4:33   The solution, because what is happening is that now Europe
4:37   has lost its initiative. The European countries are sitting
4:41   completely downstream of this situation.
4:45   Each time the terrorists take the initiative, Europe what do they do?
4:49   They further what the terrorists do. The terrorists kill people, they go, they collect the bodies,
4:53   they organise a march and that’s it.
4:57   Here the terrorists throw entire populations onto them,
5:01   and I have not yet even touched on the fact that they empty countries of their populations
5:05   that’s yet another thing. So the terrorists launch
5:10   people towards Europe and what does Europe do,
5:14   still downstream? Well… er… we have to find
5:18   how to lodge them, feed them, treat them medically.
5:22   That’s all. And then the others will send another million people, what will we do?
5:26   Well, we will try to have meetings to discuss how we can welcome them
5:30   how we can distribute them into different villages, so that it’s not visible,
5:34   but really nothing is done.
5:38   No serious political decision is made
5:42   to attack the thing. To attack the thing means destroy
5:46   ISIS. If we had left it to the Syrian authorities,
5:50   they were absolutely capable of destroying these terrorist groups,
5:54   which come from 80 different nations, they were capable of taking care of them all by themselves.
5:59   But we have done worse: we have financed,
6:03   we have organised and we have trained these terrorist groups. And we have supported them
6:07   politically, until today even, at the moment as I record this video.
6:11   Take for example Russia, the only country in Europe
6:15   who seriously tries to solve this crisis, and what do we do?
6:19   France and the US are working on behalf of
6:23   ISIS to create diplomatic blockages to
6:27   make it impossible for Russia to attack ISIS.
6:31   Until the very last minute they will do everything to defend this terrorist group.
6:35   So they offer us a scene of whimpering
6:39   for a child dead on a beach, while at this very moment
6:43   ISIS is massacring people, destroying
6:47   traces of mankind dating back thousands of years, enslaving
6:51   children, little girls nine years old are made sexual slaves,
6:56   killing children, and they don’t care about that at all.
7:00   By the way: our Saudi friends are massacring children;
7:04   terrifying pictures of this exist, in Yemen. There are children
7:08   in Ukraine who are dead, but no-one cares whatsoever about this,
7:12   because it does not sell. Because it does not correspond
7:16   to the way they want to con you. It’s like advertising.
7:20   What does advertising do: there are several techniques.
7:24   One of them is to try with words,
7:28   with pictures, to get you out of the domain
7:32   of reflection and get you into the one of sentiment.
7:36   Because when you don’t reflect, you are not aware that you don’t need this product,
7:40   or that it is too expensive, and you will not see that perhaps
7:44   the competition sells a better and cheaper one. And you react
7:48   with your heart. You will go into debt to buy a product that’s too expensive, that you don’t need
7:52   and that you will throw away in six months. That’s exactly what they do. They push you
7:56   here with the politics of simpering sentimentality,
8:00   the politics of sentiment. They will get you out of the domain of reason
8:05   and they will push you towards the one of sentiment.
8:09   And so they will make you accept things that go against
8:13   your interests and against the interests of everyone, because
8:17   all these people they attract with those lark mirrors
8:21   don’t believe it’s in their interest. Do you believe they will integrate here?
8:25   Do you think they will find their happiness here? In the worst case they will install themselves in camps,
8:29   and then in five generations it will still be camps which will expand,
8:33   expand… and the police will not approach but look at them from a distance.
8:37   That’s all. They will regret the times when they were in their countries,
8:41   when they had a structure, the possibility of integration and of a destiny,
8:45   and they will be shipwrecked on the shores
8:49   of European dreams. So
8:53   it’s just to prevent reflection that
8:58   they show you these sentimental images.
9:02   It’s a way to dehumanise you, because
9:06   during a crisis, a human defines himself by reason,
9:10   rather than by whining.
9:14   This was just a clarification I wanted to bring you.
9:18   I think all this is a collective error.
9:22   You know, people like Francois Hollande did not come to power all by themselves
9:26   it’s not the migrants, it’s the locals whose majority voted for him,
9:30   and you must know that if you put a slug into a position of power,
9:34   or someone with bad intentions, you will pay for it.
9:38   It was a key moment in history, a moment when we needed
9:42   men – allow me the expression – ‘men with balls’ in power,
9:46   and at that moment you voted for a slug. So what happens?
9:50   He sees millions of people arrive,
9:55   “Well, we just have to accept them, and shut your mouths, that’s all,”
9:59   you understand? For him it is easier to submit
10:03   to terrorism – he has done it forever – rather than to react and counterattack.
10:07   You will never see him counterattack, each time something happens.
10:11   French politics has been like this for the last two or three years.
10:15   It’s: one waits until people block the streets, and burn tires,
10:19   and then one asks them: “what do you want?” There, we give it to you, just please be quiet.
10:23   And the terrorists send another million of people – well, look, disperse them
10:27   all over France, give them money, just: Silence.
10:31   That seems to be the politics of these people.
10:35   Finally, nothing is accidental.
10:39   See you soon, my friends.

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  1. Why would these leaders support ISIS though, I mean, the most sadistic fanatical group in history? Surely these leaders have some kind of morality that they wouldn’t be able to sleep at night if they knew they were furthering the jihadi cause?

    I can never wrap my head round it and DiMu, I know you’ll ex

  2. …. (oops, typing on my phone)

    DiMu, I know you’ll explain that it’s to do with their plot to create Eurabia or to install Muslims as a thug class, but for me it’s still a big logical leap.

  3. A good analysis of what the communists haven planned for us. I believe there is only one way to remove them from power and it won’t be nice for a lot of people, many of them innocent victims.

  4. Great stuff. Also, can you imagine how utterly racist it is to say to someone: We know you can’t make it on your own? Come on over here and we will take care of you? You and your kind will never be able to form a country that works; we will take you in and tell you how to do it. Your biology or culture is so flawed and so imperfect that you are worthless by yourselves. You need superior people like us to help you.

  5. Aldo is great, I’ve been following him for years now and his analyses are always very interesting (even when you do not agree!). Most of his latest videos about wabout the “migrants crisis” would be worth translating… ‘wish i’ d have time to help… But thanks a lot for this good work Rita & Vladimir!

    • You are most welcome. 🙂 I too wish I had more time because I think every single video of Aldo is worth translating.
      From the department of unsolicited advice and you might know this anyway: in France (like everywhere else now) they obscure the identity of perpetrators if they are members of this “religion of love and peace”, as much as possible, so – when it is obvious that the crime was committed by a muslim the patriots refer to the “nothing-to-do-with-islamist” as “VLADIMIR”.

  6. 100% correct and spot on, What may I ask are the members of the spineless,feckless, and balless political class to do when the numbers multiply into the millions, I mean tens of millions,? Will we still get the same lame excuses and pompous bluster? “Nothing just ‘happens’ by accident”.

  7. The only ones so far who are even trying to quell the horde are the Hungarians. BTW it has been alleged that the horde is avoiding Bulgaria at all costs, due to the ‘special type of welcome’ that the Bulgarian locals are extending to them. When questioned the authorities in Bulgaria commented that “there is no problem”.

  8. The winter will soon be arriving in the Balkans, which could slow down the horde. However there could possibly be an even greater effort of this Jihad by migration as spring approaches .

      IS NOT A

      Rita, not PM of Hungary, but if I would still live in Germany, I would be tempted to seek political asylum inHungary.

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