There Are Too Many White People in Székesfehérvár

A major Hungarian city submitted a brief video about itself to a European competition, only to be rejected at the entry level because the city was too, well, white. And Christian, too — another point against the city.

CrossWare, who translated the article below, includes this prefatory note:

Székesfehérvár is my hometown, a thousand-year-old city, where the original Royal Court resided. Dozens of kings and queens are buried beneath the city’s cathedral, but it is also a modern town. Many high-tech companies set up shop here; the area is sometimes described as the “Hungarian Silicon Valley”.

Back during the Christmas season Gates of Vienna posted a couple of pictures showing the Fair without any Merkel Legos or machine guns…

This was the video submitted for the competition: “Székesfehérvár Full of Life”

The translated article from

EU Jury: In Székesfehérvár there are too many whites and too few migrants

An EU jury decided to recommend the entries by Győr, Debrecen and Veszprém for the finals of the European Capital of Culture (EKF 2023) project. Among the seven submissions to date, the EU’s “unrelated international experts” rejected the submission of Székesfehérvár’s debut film: “There are too many happy white people and crosses, and not enough migrants”.

Dr. András Cser-Palkovics, the Mayor, gave an extraordinary press conference on Wednesday after hearing of the ECF decision in Budapest.

Regarding the work of the jury, as a member of the delegation, he said that in fact no expert hearing was conducted, but was solely based on daily political issues, and accusations were directed at Székesfehérvár and the delegation.

Speaking about Wednesday’s hearing, Sr. András Cser-Palkovics said that when they presented the promotional film “Székesfehérvár Full of Life” — which can be accessed on YouTube, with over 3,000 visitors — one of the European Union’s experts said with astonishment:

“This is the propaganda film for white Christian Europe; everyone is white, happy and dancing in the streets.”

The mayor also recalled the criticisms made by the film committee about Székesfehérvár:

“They left the poor and the migrants out of the film, but at the same time, there were too many crosses, churches, and what was even worse, the attitude of the city, because they regarded this as a value.”

One member of the Commission, a Belgian politician, objected to the fact that the foundation and identity of the entry was determined by the Greek, Roman and Christian-Jewish cultures.

“Yet this value system provides the European diversity, which makes us proud of Europe, and because of which I say that this hearing was not a European-style hearing. Neither his style nor the content was about what we launched as a movement of the European Capital of Culture,” noted the Mayor, and he announced that he would ask the city’s General Assembly to reject the hearing and to inform the government about the work of the committee.

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    • ………was recently cancelled. After seeing the changes, in five trips to Europe over the last twenty years, I would rather spend the money here at home in Australia.

    • I’m a “non white” individual, and I love this city as shown in the commercial…. There is absolutely nothing offensive in it…. It was a joy to see no women in oppressive hijabs or men with their Islamic facial hair…. Anyone offended by this video can go watch a video of the Islamic hellholes of Arabia and Asia….. Assess in the air and head lopping is what Islam does best…. Cursed cancer of the planet…
      I wish all European countries return to their colorful Christian cultural heritages and boot out Islam and its minions for good….
      Just a thought…

  1. Staying European with less serious crime, if the worst they have to pay is not getting their film shown it is a small price indeed.

    • It’s not about showing the little video. Being selected as Cultural Capital of the EU, would have brought lots of tourists and with it money for the city.

      • Well the fact that they got turned down for being too white ,too safe ,too Christian is a huge recommendation to my family and I .

        I’m tired of the anti-white agenda ,it’s plain racist.It’s alright to be white.And I’m going to stand up for persecuted melanin deprived individuals everywhere.

      • CrossWare,

        May I get on my soapbox? Thanks for the translation, as usual.

        It is deadly for an independent country to seek for international approval. For example, Simon Roche, speaking of the surrender of the (mainly) white South African government, said that the government could have held on indefinitely, but their consciences drove them to accept international norms and institute true democracy in giving the blacks one-man, one-vote.

        There is absolutely no way an international, or mega-European body will approve of a video celebrating real European culture and peoples. These bodies are larded with sociopath bureaucrats using their tenure and legal power to accumulate money and influence far beyond their actual talents. In my opinion, it’s extremely dangerous to even attempt to compromise with these “juries”, as any compromise will inevitably result in the dilution of your message.

        The internationalists always dangle money in front of prospective victims. It’s like waving a bottle of liquor in front of a potential alcoholic. If you take it, you lead to your own destruction. This is what happened to Greece and Italy, which became too dependent on EU-brokered financial deals.

        You can see the reaction of the readers here to the video. The people you want to attract are literally drooling at the prospect of visiting a major Hungarian cultural center. The more populous EU audience you would have gotten will include many people you really don’t want in your country.

  2. hmmm, not enough migrants, too many crosses, no graffiti, no litter. and the people are happy….the EU wants that to change. It is out there in case anyone missed it. However, I would love to visit as it is.

  3. One wonders if Arab countries are too brown. Or African countries too black. It is only Western countries that are considered too white by the supranationalists and their virtue-signalling sycophants, the “white Left,” as the Chinese would snidely remark.

    The EU wants to divide and conquer their members states by flooding them with non-European populations; a weakened Hungary without a unified people and culture, and leadership chosen thereof, is more readily governed from the imperial city of Brussels with a cosmopolitan Eurocrat running it instead. Similarly, the globalists want to flood the U.S. in the same way to diminish the voting bloc of the founding European stock and dilute the traditional American commitment to freedom in the general population; most Third World peoples are predisposed to accepting authoritarianism, it’s all they’ve known.

    The Alt-Right is inevitable. It’s self-defense.

    • Here is the late Peter Sutherland in patronising and disparaging mode:

      “We … ourselves, who still nurse a sense of our homogeneity and difference from others … . And that’s precisely what the European Union, in my view, should be doing its best to undermine.”

      Hold it right there, Mr S., WE do, indeed, have a sense of our difference from others and we are proud of it. We do not “nurse” it: we announce it and we are ready to defend it. Thanks a lot, Mr Paid Migration-Promoter, WE do not want this sense to be undermined at your behest and in compliance with your one-world-order-lucrative-for-the-elites agenda.

      • Sutherland is one of the go-to guys to glean the quotes to prove that there is a conspiracy to remake the West. Perhaps “conspiracy” isn’t the right word; after all, he’s openly spoken about “replacement migration” and the “fundamental transformation” of Western societies. That much of the plan is shown to us and couched in noble sounding terms meant to emotionally appeal to our better selves.

        What’s not apparent is their true motivations behind this agenda. And we know it’s not what they tell us because the reasoning Sutherland uses, as many others, that “migrants are good for a community, economically and every other way. . . . Within a very short period of time they contribute positively to the community in which they live,” are falsehoods. If these population were so beneficial to a society, why is it that the societies they are fleeing are “s—tholes” to begin with? This reasoning is evidently untrue and they know it; they’re not stupid (they think we are, though). And using such untruths to advance an agenda means they’re simply lying through their teeth to achieve an unstated or hidden end.

        Then again, maybe “conspiracy” is the right word.

        • Perhaps the actual driving force behind the inconceivable actions of the EU bureaucracy is as simple as the desire of a bureaucrat to increase his take-home pay, perks, and number of subordinates. These bureaucrats have a time perspective of maybe five or ten years, to retirement, and could care less after that.

          Now, what about their children, you say. How could they destroy a successful society that would benefit their children? I would say that in line with the genetic deterioration of the West, the bureaucrats have simply lost much of the drive to carry on their posterity. It’s like the German couple whose daughter was brutally murdered by an immigrant, and who continued to support immigration. Their survival instincts are just not there.

          • Those that formulate the policies and those that implement them will often be doing so for different reasons. The bureaucrat who is simply implementing a policy is quite likely only motivated by “take-home pay, perks,” while those that make the policies are ideologically driven. This hierarchal difference in motivation makes it difficult to discern which and with whom a particular factor is key; no one explanation will accurately describe the individual motivation of everyone involved. The mid- and low-level bureaucrat most likely isn’t a part of any grand conspiracy, but the policy makers certainly are making plans for social transformation; the evidence for this is overwhelming, it’s in their writings, whether it be H.G. Wells, Bertrand Russell, Jonas Salk, the Huxleys, etc.

            One explanation as to why Europeans have “lost much of the drive to carry on their posterity” is Mouse Utopia. More historically, it can be argued that the lost of the Christian faith as the primary societal organizing principle and replacing it with the mortal utility of any number of “isms” is the reason; replacing the goal of eternal life with the sensational here and now. This can be squared with the aforementioned by seeing the “beautiful ones” of Mouse Utopia, who are uninterested in copulation and reproduction and more interested in self-grooming, as the modern individual who is more interested in “selfies” and virtue signaling and self-fulfillment than carrying on any sort of tradition and having any commitment beyond one’s immediate self-interest.

          • For Craig in Michigan

            “One explanation as to why Europeans have “lost much of the drive to carry on their posterity” is Mouse Utopia. More historically, it can be argued that the lost of the Christian faith as the primary societal organizing principle …”

            Actually, I think they are related.

            The book “The Genius Famine” which described the Mouse Utopia experiment extensively, indicated that religious commitment is a clear marker of increased survivability (leaving me out) .

            I personally don’t have any question that the relaxation of natural selection through the technologies and protections of civilizations, has played a major part in the cycle of growth and decay so common to civilizations. An objective examination of genetic deterioration and the welfare state would blow the bureaucrats and free riders out of the water, which is why they react so viscerally and emphatically to any suggestion that Europeans and whites should use long-term self-interest as a policy objective.

            Probably the most non-dysgenic country in the world is North Korea. The harsh living conditions there and lethal oppression make sure that those who are not fit to survive there, do not survive. Their population is probably the heartiest, strongest, most intelligent, most physically attractive, of any race on earth. My suspicion is that if you took one of these as spouse, you’d be thoroughly walked over by an iron-willed, uncompromising mate.

            I think the lessons of the modern age are sparkling clear: adapt or die. The Hamiltonian form of representative government is not going to suit a diverse, multicultural society that cannot agree on basic, bedrock values. You’ve got to have an up identity group and a down identity group, and you’ve got to directly address the genetic composition of your political unit.

          • I think the lessons of the modern age are sparkling clear: adapt or die.

            That’s the choice for every organism on earth. Clarifies well the rules for surviving, long-term or short.

            The lessons of North Korea are less plain. To live under the severe distortion of tyranny creates within human DNA an epigenetic damage that will take generations to overcome; if it ever does.

            South Korea, to which many Christian North Koreans fled while they could (some with chopsticks driven through their ears), have prospered in a way that some few escapees from NoKo were willing to die for in order to experience.

            One of the few times I’ve not agreed with your assessment, RonaldB.

        • You are right that the “reasoning” (or bullying) of these globalists consists of falsehoods: hence the need for translations. Notice the “Development” element in Sutherland’s “Global Forum for Migration and Development”. Well, “fundamental transformation” is a kind of development, after all.

          • By the way, the Sutherland quote I used in the second post in this thread was from your piece at Liberty GB. Sorry to see Liberty GB fold up tent; Paul Weston has done some excellent monologues; let’s hope For Britain will be more successful.

  4. White, Christian, and happy: just got on my vacation list! The Elites in the EU are psychotic.

  5. This madness must end soon! I am now fully convinced that Marxism is a sociopathic illness. Medics say it is incurable. Those that rejected this as “too white” are personality disordered-no cure.

    When oh when will people in Europe wake up? This is genocide that makes Hitler look mild.

  6. Why is being happy and dancing in the streets wrong? never mind. I am sure the EUSSR will find a way to spoil it and take the smiles off peoples faces.

  7. Was David Cameron on the jury?

    Old England and Scotland and Ulster and Wales
    No longer need show any traces
    Of the hundreds of years of their epics and tales,
    They’re too many white Christian faces.

  8. Romania had 2 cities as European Cultural city. Never heard to be a problem the white population. And there are no major benefits from this event. As it looks now, the EU commission should be more specific about the culture they want. They should change the name: European almost Islamic culture city. If that city is not selected because too many whites, in the new conditions, they won actually.

    • ” If that city is not selected because too many whites, in the new conditions, they won actually….”

      The problem is that in a representative government, focused special interests often trump the general interest. For example, there are likely merchants and businessmen in Székesfehérvár who likely see, correctly, their cash flow improving if the city won the competition. Without a broader understanding, these businessmen could very well put pressure on the video producers to soften the impact of the display of traditional Europe. And these businessmen would not be acting of out malevolent motives, but simply see it as a profit-loss affair.

      It’s likely that by publicizing the film, as is, without modification, through less formal channels, the monetary loss would not be very much, if anything at all, to the city as a whole. What they would lose in pure volume of commerce, they would gain in not having to deal with the security, crime and general disruption that would come with traffic from what is left of Europe.

      • Love of the money will kill us, not the lack of money.
        If a business man put money higher than his mother and father, children and culture, then he is nothing but a slow killer.
        This is the greatest danger. Money, profit, business. World is no longer important, profit is. I think we must re-learn that business is developed for people and not the actual economic theory where people exist only for economic growth.

  9. There are to many white people in EU parliament and EU commissions. Junker should step down from his position and put in his place an imam.

  10. I never heard someone complain, that there are not enough White or Asian people in Africa.
    Or not enough Caucasians and Blacks in Asia.
    Or not enough Nonmuslims in Muslim countries for that matter.

  11. I just did a short analysis of the name of my town and have to say, the Marxist eurocrats made a good point there…
    Székes – with throne/chair – usually it means royal or religious center, so yeah “Christian”
    fehér – white… Needs no explanation, it obviously racist and supremacist.
    vár – castle/fort, which means it has walls. And what walls do? Keep people out, xenophobic and exclusive.
    I have to yield of the wisdom of our glorious and fearless leaders in Brussels. What would we do without them?

  12. Central and Eastern Europe; including Russia are the ONLY places that should be considered as vacation destinations by normal people. ” Normal ” in the context of decent, prudent ,and appreciative of being around other human beings with the same Judaeo/Christian values. Of course ; our next vacation destination will be to Hungary et al. Only the ignorant and uninformed would spend their time OR a dime in the likes of France, Germany or England.

    • I don’t know about Russia.

      Another commenter (I don’t remember who it was) recommended this book:

      Red Notice: A True Story of High Finance, Murder, and One Man’s Fight for Justice

      [I bought the cheapest used version. Would be glad to send it to anyone who wants to read it, as long as they’re willing to pass it on, in turn. Within the US, of course.]

      It’s compelling reading about modern oligarchic Russia. Sadly, its “justice” system is still operating under the KGB FSB. Heads of state come and go; bureaucracies are forever. This is true in the US, also. [However, heads would roll in the Federal prison system here if what Mr. Browder writes about the death of his lawyer were to be visited on any federal prisoner.]

      Bill Browder, founder and CEO of Hermitage Capital Management, was the largest foreign investor in Russia until 2005. Since 2009, when his lawyer, Sergei Magnitsky, was murdered in prison after uncovering a $230 million fraud committed by Russian government officials, Browder has been leading a campaign to expose Russia’s endemic corruption and human rights abuses. Before founding Hermitage, Browder was vice president at Salomon Brothers. He holds a BA in economics from the University of Chicago and an MBA from Stanford Business School.

      Interestingly, the author’s grandfather was head of CPUSA and ran for president under that banner. His capitalist grandson obviously didn’t get the updated memo about Russian governance.

      The book was published in 2015. It remains #1 in “Historical Russia Biographies”. Didn’t look to see how many books fall into that category, but it has more than 2700 Five Star reviews.

      Like many of the reviewers, I stayed up way too late reading this book.
      I’m going back to Paul Jonson’s book about earlier times:

      The birth of the modern: world society, 1815-30

      By coincidence, I had just come to the part of Johnson’s book that describes the formation of government-backed secret police at the Congress of Vienna. See the wiki for this:

      Ah, the map of Europe…even then they were worried about Germany becoming too powerful and recommended she have NO foreign policy but instead stick to building a strong intellectual life in the sciences, literature, and (of course) music.

  13. This looks like heaven to me! IF this competition is supposed to show European culture then this film was right on the money. Unfortunately there are forces at work in the EU that seem to want to destroy European peace and values, and wipe out the white population! I wonder who these people in the EU are? This will be my next European vacation destination, I definitly want to visit this place!

    • The video is made with the cooperation of young local athletes and celebrities. I think the black dude is one of the contract players on the local soccer team… But I guess he is either not black or parasite enough.

  14. Hungarians want to showcase their wonderful traditional culture as exemplified by views of the ancient city of Székesfehérvár. Great, I agree! Hungarians have some of the best, most characteristic folk music and dance in the world, Magyar (true Hungarian peasant) music and Gypsy music. Yet the makers of this video pollute their offering by using cheap, canned, generic European/American pop “movie” music. Nothing Hungarian about the music. In fact tourist videos of my city of Wichita, KS use the same type of commercial filler.

    Stefan cel Mare above talks about the brown “Gypsy kid” with a violin in a video on Craiova. Stefan, Craiova is not even in Hungary, it is in Roumania! But I notice that they do the same thing in the CLIP PREZENTARE – CRAIOVA EUROPEAN CAPITAL OF CULTURE 2021. They show the Gypsies, but we don’t actually get to hear any real Rumanian music, only commercial world pop.

    If this is an example of “European Culture” they have already lost a big piece of their Hungarian tradition! Very sad!

    I am a Trump, MAGA, free trade guy. But it makes me ill to see that we export the lowest of American pop culture. And this cheap pop culture is choking out indigenous cultures through the world. Like replacing a good Hungarian goulash with MacDonald’s! Cultural pollution!

    • Alan, I am from Romania.
      The music you hear in that clip is a romanian theme put on modern instruments and interpretation. There is no pop music in that clip.
      Sound modern, but is old theme…
      I must agree about the pollution of cultures, from McDonalds to Madonna or Rihanna.

      • Stefan,

        Thank you for information on Romanian song. I am not as familiar with Romanian sources as Hungarian. I stand by my condemnation of the trite commercial music behind the Hungarian video. Nothing Hungarian about it. Sounds exactly like the kind of commercial background music they use in America for TV news casts and tourist videos, no character at all! This usually comes from a bank of pre-made electronic tracks, one size fits all. That way they don’t have to pay for a composer or a live group.

        I also think these “New Age”-electronic pop arrangements do no favors for Romanian music. Romania has real Gypsy bands, beautiful choirs, and fine orchestras. We do not need a homogenized modern “world music” with all nationality scrubbed out of it!

        • Allan, some say we are barbarians in the east…But we learned as little as to know that to promote something in Bruxelles, you must put the sounds and images Bruxelles knows. So… also in Romania is a big discussion about presenting culture to the west. West lost the idea of traditional culture. They consider Madonna or Beatles as cultural icons. So, if you want to show something to them, you must adapt to their way of understanding things. But no worry….soon will end this.

        • Oh…usually gypsies are kind of copyright fraud when it comes to music (and not only). There is actually no gypsy culture… There are some traditions they still have from the times they were muslims. They are stealing from everybody and put some vulgarity to create something that looks and smell gypsy. In fact you will notice that is something taken from Russia, Turkey, Greece, Serbia, Romania, Bulgaria, Hungary, arabs, indians and then modified a little. I never heard a pure gypsy song, a pure gypsy poem.

          • Stefan, I can explain very well what you say about the Gypsy music culture having no real tunes of its own. Gypsy music is not a repertoire of tunes, it is a style of playing. Going back into the 19th century the Gypsies have been professional pop musicians for hire by others. They play in “Gypsy style”, but they play the tunes of whoever pays them. So if a Hungarian nobleman paid them, they played Hungarian popular songs (mostly written by amateur noblemen). If a Hungarian peasant hires them they will play Hungarian peasant folk music. If a Frenchman or an American hires them they will play the Marseilles or American show tunes, but all in good Gypsy style!

            You can say that it sounds “vulgar and smells Gypsy” but in fact, Gypsy style is an important part of Hungarian and Romanian music culture that has inspired the likes of Schubert, Liszt, Brahms, and Bartok. I prefer the smell of good Gypsy music to the smell of American hiphop any day!

            Here is a story told to me by a beloved old Hungarian music professor about the experience of the Hungarian communists with the Gypsies at the end of WWII. Shortly after driving out the Nazis the Soviets set out to reform the Hungarian educational system. They considered Gypsy music culture to be a national heritage. So, according to Soviet “reformers”, all Gypsies should receive free music education at Hungarian music conservatories! Unfortunately, it did not work out as planned. Gypsy musicians liked to improvise but were not interested in learning to read music, they cut lessons, they did not show up on time for rehearsals. And they stole music and instruments! So after a short time, the communists had to abandon their free music education for Gypsies!

    • Here is one of biggest romanian old, traditional music interprets. Tudor Gheorghe. What you hear in that clip is pure romanian music, put on modern interpretation. There is also a rock formation singing that song. Listen. Too bad you can’t understand the words. The song is about the new generations growing in the new globalism society, and this is making them kind of alien to their parents, grandparents, growing with wolves teeth, biting their parents, their ancestors, biting the land full of their ancestors bones and blood. For me is extreme pain to listen this song. And pure truth.

      • Approximative translation, but is impossible to translate in order to produce same spiritual impact:

        For what saints and gods,
        The lambs pound their blood into the knives
        For which brewery flowers
        The cuckoos cry with hoarse voices
        For which bearded flowers, cuckoos cry with hoarse voices?
        Our children made teeth!
        Bite from their grandparents and parents
        Bite from the air and from the ground
        Bite from the dead ones in the tombs
        For which late mornings
        The fog falls on me
        which quarter of golden longs, diminishes the dream and kills him
        which quarter of the violin tears, repents the longing and kills him
        Our children made teeth!
        Bite from their grandparents and parents
        Bite from the air and from the ground
        Bite from the dead ones in the tombs

  15. Those Hungarian people are quite beautiful . Good to see happy White people without the stain of mixed races .

  16. Thanks, Dymphna. We are not racists, we are not white supremacists. We have, on the other hand, values and a way of life which we believe in; we see truth and reject falsehood. I was a lifelong leftist but have crossed the bridge. I heard one man, a prominent European politician, speaking what I recognised as the truth, and my journey began.

    • I have no argument with your statements, Joe Creho. But I will not let stand a statement about “stains” in skin color. I am so very tired of the whingeing about “racism”…and then this fellow comes along and makes the SJWs “justified” in their rantings.

      My black friends are not “stained”. Nor do they want to live in the midst of white people. To each his own.

    • It never fails to amaze when others blithely condemn millions of innocent people to Hell.

      Perhaps the same fate can carelessly fall on the shoulders of your hometown, Joe. Our Belgian friends have fought hard in the face of the tyrannical EU, some of them being jailed and fined for doing so…perhaps you could offer refuge to Belgians who are far more oppressed by this reality than you are.

      And how does the luck of the draw make one more – or less – virtuous?

  17. Considering this from what I speculate to have been the perspective of the EU jury on cultural sites to feature:

    Szekesfehervar would remind people all over western Europe of what their own towns and cities looked like only twenty, ten, or even five years ago. It is likely that the EU jury would not dare do this. Nor would they dare feature Molenbeek as their own contribution.

    My guess is, they need a Potemkin village of actors and actresses somewhere. Could be, they are already working on the idea.

  18. Well, they do have a point about “too many white, happy faces.” They could have included a black or even brown dog but noooooo, even the dog is white!

    It looks like a lovely place and I would love to come visit. I bet the food is great!

    I think the Hungarian Tourist Board should feature this video on their web site. It sure made me long to visit. I bet they have a great Christmas market.

  19. Not true. Seconds 38-42 show a WWI memorial with the text “Pro Patria” and statues with nazi-like helmets (in the movie they are “cut out”) and a kid and her mother joining hands with a statue – that is the statue of a dead soldier from WWI. Not a very unifying message for Europe. Couldn’t be a European culture capital with such a presentation, sorry.

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