Alexandre del Valle: The NGOs That Rescue Migrants Are Carrying Water for the Smugglers

Alexandre del Valle is an Italo-French lecturer on geopolitics and a researcher for Università Europea di Roma, Institut Choiseul and Daedalos Institute of Cyprus. He specializes in radical Islam, terrorism, and relations between the West and the Rest. He has been an editorialist in Le Figaro, Le Figaro Magazine, France Soir, Israel Magazine, La Une, Il Liberal, etc., and has had articles published in geopolitical magazines and reviews such as Politique Internationale, Herodote, Outre Terre, Geostrategics, Stratégiques, Geopolitical Affairs, Nova Storica, Il Liberal, and many others. Apart from being a geopolitician, he is — together with Rachid Kaci — the founder of the liberal-conservative Right (“Droite Libre”), whose slogan is: “Secularity, defence of the West and Freedom, and struggle against political correctness”. His analysis has influenced French, Spanish and Italian politicians, especially the French party UMP (Republicans). He is the author of nine books.

Below is Part 2 of excerpts from a talk that was given earlier this month by Mr. Del Valle for the organization Damoclès (Part 1 is here). Many thanks to Ava Lon for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

06:23   There were riots of illegal immigrants in Rome. How did the population react?
06:27   Well, people were quite peaceful.
06:31   Italian people talk a lot. They say things,
06:35   sometimes very radical, which the far left labels as “racist” and so on,
06:39   but in fact, in their deeds Italians aren’t violent, and they aren’t racist in their acts.
06:43   There is a lot of verbal outrage, but in the facts, I would say that Italians are extremely
06:47   patient and peaceful. However,
06:51   the riots which happened in Rome this summer essentially opposed the illegals —
06:55   it has to be admitted— who considered themselves legitimate, since they had been
06:59   sheltered for the last 4.5 years in condos belonging to private companies.
07:03   They were squatting, but with the support of the town hall. The town hall
07:07   tolerated the totally illegal squats for a number of years.
07:11   They [the illegals] started to have children, to decorate the apartments, so
07:15   they didn’t understand that all of a sudden, while the town hall was being renovated,
07:19   which is being accused of being very lax in multiple areas; and there are also stories
07:23   about corruption; the town hall wanted put a little order back into place, and also
07:27   the national forces, so the authorities, the police
07:31   were sent to remove people who were in the buildings,
07:35   where they weren’t supposed to be, but which the town hall
07:39   tolerated. This is why the riots were very violent, because the families were
07:43   told to leave between one day and the next. So I repeat: it was the leaders
07:47   who were at fault; the lax leaders. And it’s similar concerning the rescues of people at sea.
07:51   Most of rescues at sea on the Libyan coast, which favors the smugglers,
07:55   which allows smugglers, traffickers from Libya and elsewhere to pay much less for
07:59   their trip; in fact, today those generous NGOs which favor illegal immigration,
08:03   giving them the… the entire neighborhoods
08:07   in Rome or elsewhere, or in rescuing them at sea, finally they [NGOS] are carrying water for
08:11   the smugglers. The whole job is made easier, since their migratory itinerary,
08:15   which they sell for three to ten thousand euros, becomes much cheaper
08:20   for them. Now they have the inflatable [boats]; they send the illegals
08:24   in the floating craft which cannot make it even one third of the way, while before they had to pay
08:28   for real wooden boats, which were able to cross three-quarters of the route.
08:32   It’s fantastic! So today you can even say that there is an objective alliance
08:36   between the forces that I call ‘immigrationist’, whose goal is to destroy
08:40   identity of Europe and the criminal — mafia — circles
08:44   That bring the illegals across the Mediterranean, who are themselves linked
08:48   to other criminal phenomena: organ-trafficking, child-trafficking,
08:52   Sex-trafficking, weapons-smuggling, and radical Islamism.
08:56   So today those pro-immigration organizations, which have those beautiful ideas, and it goes up to
09:00   Doctors Without Borders, who adhere to the same credo and who are
09:04   in the same networks, because they are very interdependent, they help each other,
09:08   they charter boats together. Those organizations, although perhaps some
09:12   of their militants are sincere, but those organizations today are objectives allies
09:16   of radical Islamists, of smugglers, of drug traffickers and of the
09:20   human traffickers, because you know that many “trips” are being used by
09:24   prostitution networks and also in order to transport
09:28   drugs. So there is a terrible security risk,
09:32   and today our politicians are somewhat guilt-ridden, inhibited,
09:36   they don’t dare go against all those lobbies, which are being supported by people very…
09:40   Doctors Without Borders was created by [Bernard] Kouchner; who would dare to say that DWB
09:44   is a criminal organization? — when factually it is helping
09:48   a criminal phenomenon; but nobody dares to take
09:52   a stand, to take the bull by its horns.

One thought on “Alexandre del Valle: The NGOs That Rescue Migrants Are Carrying Water for the Smugglers

    “Rescue at sea”……………. Assisting people-traffickers
    “Humanitarian crisis”…. Organised invasion

    Federica Mogherini, Ban Ki Moon of UN, and the late Peter Sutherland (tainted by his position as Migration-Promoter) are all complicit in this. They called for rescue at sea.

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