Culture-Enriching Ukrainian Refugees in Munich

It seems that many of the Ukrainians in German refugee accommodations are actually “Ukrainians”, the same way Somalis in Malmö are “Swedes”.

Many thanks to Hellequin GB for translating this article from JournalistenWatch:

Policewoman unpacks: “Only a fraction are really Ukrainian refugees”

What has been warned about since the start of the Ukraine conflict has now been confirmed by a federal police officer after a violent incident in a Munich refugee accommodation: “Only a fraction are really Ukrainian refugees.”

Among the migrants are large families who are said to be Sinti and Roma and to have flooded Germany with brand new Ukrainian passports.

The number of people entering Germany from the Ukraine has long since become unmanageable and is also not known. Due to the refusal of the radical left Federal Minister of the Interior Faeser to check and register the arrivals at the borders, thousands upon thousands of non-Ukrainians migrate completely unhindered into the German social hammock.

What type of people it is that Faeser and Co. invited to Germany could be examined over the weekend in Munich, because there were tumultuous scenes in a refugee accommodation at Marsplatz 8, when more than 50 people — some armed with iron bars and chairs — threatened the security staff there. After determining that some of the migrants have scabies, they were to have been be separated. After that, the situation escalated. A security guard had to use pepper spray. Around thirty police patrols were deployed.

Two men (32, 33) were reported because of a particularly serious case of breach of the peace; a 24-year-old for grievous bodily harm. 30 adults and 70 children were transferred to Pasing, reported the Bild.

A federal police officer tells the newspaper what critics have been pointing out since the beginning of the Ukraine migration: only a fraction are really Ukrainian refugees. “Among them are large families who, according to the federal police officer, are identified as Sinti and Roma.”

“They have brand new Ukrainian passports, which are also real. Someone in Ukraine is earning a fortune right now.”

Interpreters also noted that not all refugees from Ukraine really speak Ukrainian. Hedwig Thomalla, a spokeswoman for the social department, confirms: “Among the refugee families there are families who speak to each other in Romany, the language of the Roma.”

The conditions in the taxpayer-financed shelters are becoming more and more abnormal. A sexual offense occurred in another accommodation on Saturday evening. Two children, aged 11 and 14, had dragged a 15-year-old into the toilet, pulled down his pants and exposed their privates. “What do you think is going on in these shelters? Much is destroyed and littered. The cheek is that the city no longer feels responsible at the weekend and the facility managers call the police.” There are also cases where women and children have been robbed, said the federal police officer, who, for understandable reasons, wished to remain anonymous.

Afterword from the translator:

I remember while growing up, as soon as Sinti and Roma Gypsies were spotted in the vicinity my grandparents loaded the shotguns, locked away the livestock — including my brother and me — and secured everything that wasn’t bolted down. Good times. You try that now in the “Best Germany of all Time”, to protect yourself, your family and your property from these thieving parasites. As soon as you do, the other thieving and corrupt parasites in the government and judiciary will come down on you like a ton of bricks. Let’s face it, one parasite won’t harm another.

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  1. Plenty of gypsies in Ukraine… I saw some when crossing the border there.

    (Naturally, something had to be wrong – in their case, a ridiculously overloaded car, which got turned back).

  2. So, why aren’t these ‘Ukrainians’ being sent to the front line?
    What a great way to repay your host nation, by defending its freedom.

  3. Just now, here in Warsaw, a very dark-skinned “Ukrainian” family begging outside a supermarket….

    My wife thought their accent sounded “Romanian” though they did speak Ukrainian, and showed a Ukrainian ID.

    Not sure if it was a “brand new” one, like the IDs in Munich 😉

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