“It Will Be a Massacre of Millions of People”

I first started researching Tablighi Jamaat almost eighteen years ago, in December of 2005. That was not long after I began investigating Jamaat ul-Fuqra. The results of web searches for both organizations overlapped, due to the commonality of the word “Jamaat” — that’s how I found Tablighi Jamaat.

[“Jamaat” means “community”, or “group”, or “association”. Jamaat ul-Fuqra is the “community of the impoverished”, while Tablighi Jamaat means, roughly, “association of preachers”.]

Back then Tablighi used to skate by without being declared a terrorist group, because it never engaged in any of the wetwork itself. It was billed as an educational group, and the bombing and throat-slitting were always done by some other outfit — Jamaat ul-Fuqra, Al Qaeda, and some years later the Islamic State.

Based on the following investigative report from Italy, Tablighi Jamaat is now a rising star in the world of Islamic supremacism. It is unabashed in its assertion that Islam will eventually conquer Rome and other infidel lands, and that the conquest will require a massive amount of bloodshed.

Many thanks to HeHa for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes and RAIR Foundation for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

00:00   “There will be a massacre of millions of people.”
00:07   “And after the war?” “Many people will join Islam.”
00:11   A war for the conquest, that of the West.
00:14   This is today the real threat of radical Islam,
00:17   which, hidden behind the shadows of mosques, follows the precepts of prophet Muhammad,
00:21   also here in the heart of Italian cities. “If the Muslims who are here in Rome
00:26   practice that law, no one can stop them. No one.
00:34   The conquest of Rome? Rome has already been conquered.”
00:37   The man who spoke with us last week, from a mosque in Centocelle, Rome,
00:41   was one of the most important leaders of an extremist movement
00:44   that wants to Islamize the world, that of the Tablighi.
00:47   “How many Tablighi are here?” “Eighty, a hundred.”
00:51   The followers of the movement, which in other European states
00:54   have even taken part in terrorist actions,
00:57   in Italy are expanding more and more, creating meeting places where radical Islam is preached,
01:02   not only in Rome. My journey starts from here.
01:07   We are in Calderara di Reno, in the province of Bologna,
01:10   and here, inside this building, is the mosque where the members of the Tablighi group gather.
01:16   “In Bologna there are many of them.” “Of Tablighi?”
01:19   “Yes, they go every day to different cities, even outside Italy,
01:23   like France, England, everywhere, all over the world.”
01:27   “So they go to preach their religion?”
01:30   “Exactly.” “You are a Tablighi Eddawa?”
01:33   “Yes, I am a Tablighi Eddawa.” “Does your wife have to put on the veil to go out?”
01:36   “Yes, the burqa.” “Going out is not allowed.”
01:39   “It isn’t?” “A little, a little. This is the law of Qur’an.”
01:48   “Where are you from?” “I am Italian.” “Italian? OK.”
01:53   “Do you need a burqa? Covering like this? Burqa?”
01:57   “No, not for now, me.” Did you understand?
02:00   After a few minutes of trying to talk to the Tablighi of this center in Bologna,
02:04   they immediately tried to convince me to respect the Islamic rules.
02:08   “I see you, I tell you what you can do, what you can’t do,
02:13   how Islam works, if you don’t wear the burqa, you will account to God,
02:18   because you didn’t wear the burqa, you understand? It’s something forbidden.
02:23   If you, as now, you are a Christian?”
02:30   “Yes.” “Yes? But in our opinion, if you die as a Christian,
02:36   you go to Gehenna, it means Hell.” “You go to Hell.”
02:40   “Yes, Hell.”
02:46   “Yes, women are covered in Islam, for the safety of women.
02:53   If we, for example, take something out,
02:56   someone comes to steal it, he can easily steal that.”
03:00   “So, you’re basically saying that the woman is like an object, man’s property?”
03:08   “Yes, after getting married, it is.”
03:11   Rules that trample on women’s rights,
03:14   thoughts that don’t match the respect of Western laws.
03:17   “What is done in Western society,
03:20   is not accepted by you?” “No, no, no, no.”
03:23   Even Saudi Arabia, two years ago,
03:26   banned the Islamic organization, claiming that Tablighi Jamaat
03:31   had stances that are too extremist and pro-terrorism.
03:34   “Just because of the characteristics,
03:37   of this movement, of its lack of control,
03:40   of its secrecy, of its fundamentalist doctrine,
03:44   it can happen that cells develop,
03:48   and then they engage in overt terrorism.”
03:52   In Genoa, last week,
03:56   the police arrested a Bangladeshi citizen who was part of a terrorist organization
04:00   linked to Al-Qaeda. According to the prosecutor’s office,
04:04   this man had joined the Islamic movement, Tablighi Jamaat Eddawa.
04:08   “Have you seen the news about that guy who was arrested in Genoa?”
04:12   “No, I haven’t heard anything.” “Was he part of the Tablighi?”
04:16   “I mean, Tablighi doesn’t mean that you are card-carrying member.
04:20   If you come to participate, it doesn’t mean that,
04:24   outside of the movement, they have to control you, what you do, what you don’t do.”
04:28   “But isn’t it a radical movement?” “No.”
04:32   This is the head of the Tablighi center in Bologna. “I am the founder
04:35   of the federation at the regional level,
04:38   founder at the national level of the confederation in Rome.”
04:42   In short, a prominent member of the movement. “We are not…
04:46   I mean, we are open-minded people. I mean, they want to paint us
04:50   as closed-minded people.” “Rome will be conquered,
04:54   as Constantinople was conquered, as it was prophesied by our prophet Muhammad.”
05:00   The sheikhs said: ‘We will conquer Rome.
05:04   either by force or by ideology.’” “So, go to the sheikh,
05:08   since he uttered this sentence, and he has to answer for it.”
05:12   “Ah, OK, you don’t agree, do you?” “But everyone is free
05:16   to practice their own beliefs.” But it’s a hadith that says: “After Constantinople,
05:21   we will conquer Rome.’” “We won’t finish our talk any more, because you insist on that.”
05:24   “Because you don’t answer me.” “I have to say goodbye.”
05:28   He won’t answer us, then he tells us not to talk to anyone else.
05:32   “Don’t take statements from people who don’t even know what they’re talking about.”
05:36   From Bologna, I move on to Brescia.
05:40   We are in the heart of the city,
05:44   and here, inside this building, there is one of the mosques
05:48   that ended up in the crosshairs of the Brescia Prosecutor’s Office
05:52   for suspicious financing to countries with risk of terrorism. This center is also managed
05:58   by members of the Tablighi group. Only here in Brescia
06:06   there are about nine mosques attended by members of the Tablighi group.
06:10   We are in Bedizzole, province of Brescia, and this is another of the mosques
06:18   that ended up in the crosshairs, for suspicious financing.
06:24   Here I can talk to the president of the center.
06:28   “This mosque here ended up in the investigation files
06:33   of Brescia Prosecutor’s Office for suspicious financing to countries with risk of terrorism.”
06:36   “We have already filed a lawsuit against that newspaper.”
06:40   “It’s not a newspaper, these are the Prosecutor’s Office papers. I need to understand.”
06:44   “No, you don’t have the right to understand our things.
06:48   You only have to understand Tablighi.” We respect Italian laws, all that there is.
06:52   Even if they clash with the Qur’an? “No, they don’t clash with anything.”
06:56   “No, they don’t clash with anything.” “No, no, no.” “Yes, but for example,
07:00   arranged marriages are forbidden here.” “Where is it written?”
07:04   “It’s the Italian law.” “But we are going out of our topic.”
07:08   But that’s what the topic is. The movement wants
07:14   to impose the laws of the Qur’an on the entire West.
07:19   According to the investigation of the Prosecutor’s Office,
07:22   the Tablighi preach the true Islam, the radical one.
07:26   They approach thousands of young people from European countries
07:30   through daily ritualism that produces the rejection of the West.
07:33   “There will be a battle against non-believers.”
07:38   “There will be a war against each other.” “And it will be a massacre
07:42   of millions of people.” “And after the war?”
07:46   “Many people will join Islam. And so,
07:50   the conquest of Rome, the conquest of the West
07:54   will automatically take place.”

24 thoughts on ““It Will Be a Massacre of Millions of People”

    • Well you go ahead and pray my friend, I’ll be nice and heavily armed and ready to send them to the devil with my compliments and a smile

      • I pray that I don’t have to participate in these endeavours. There are plenty of much more enjoyable things in life than war.

        • You ain’t getting out of this mess sitting on the sidelines friend. You will have a choice, sheep or wolf? You live in the land of wolves now.

  1. And here is a simple and intelligible article from an Indian source


    Once a person is part of a Tablighi Jamaat, they are assigned tasks and duties to bring others into the fold. Missions are organised where the Tablighis are formed into jamaats of approximately ten people who then travel to influence people. These Tablighis’ missions last three days, forty days (chilla), four months, or one year. The Jamaat organises get together in cities where thousands of followers come together to listen to the Molvis. These get togethers are 3-day (Seh Roza), 40 days, or 3 months. During this time, people leave their occupations and families behind to connect with Deen. Food and accommodation is provided free of cost. At many times, specially in Pakistan, recruitment for terrorist organisations is also done at these get togethers.

  2. Haven’t we been warning about this going to happen for so long that we cannot remember a time were we actually didn’t HAVE to warn our people from the danger that Islam and its rabid adherents are to our way of life and our LIFE.

    “The fact that in Mohammedan law every woman must belong to some man as his absolute property – either as a child, a wife, or a concubine – must delay the final extinction of slavery until the faith of Islam has ceased to be a great power among men.”
    >Winston Churchill<

  3. Re: “Based on the following investigative report from Italy, Tablighi Jamaat is now a rising star in the world of Islamic supremacism. It is unabashed in its assertion that Islam will eventually conquer Rome and other infidel lands, and that the conquest will require a massive amount of bloodshed.”

    It is highly instructive and even illuminating ~ in the sense of knowing where others stand ~ to read and hear of such statements emanating from the very heart of the West.
    As so many of us have been warning for years ~ decades even ~ including the proprietor of this very website, this day had to come sooner or later.

    We knew, as other will now learn, that the Muslims never came here to assimilate into our societies, to adopt our ways; they came here as colonists and invaders, as would-be conquerors.

    As long ago as the 1960s, prescient figures such as Enoch Powell tried to warn the West of the danger being courted by its feckless and irresponsible leaders and their enablers. Distinguished historians such as Bat Ye’or have done likewise, and their warnings, too, have fallen on deaf ears.

    It is also illuminating that such hateful imams are allowed to preach their messages in mosques scattered across Europe, from London to Berlin and all points in-between, virtually without sanction or repercussions against them or their followers, let alone criminal charges, prison time or deportations.

    Oh, there are token arrests made every so often, but these are largely pro-forma displays of security theater done for political reasons and domestic propaganda purposes. There has been no real large-scale effort to deal with the problem, such as halting entrants from the Islamic world, or even deporting in significant numbers some of the Muslims now already in the West.

    The fact that no one with the power to act is speaking in these terms, tells us that the ruling class is either incompetent, traitorous, or both.

    The people of the nations of Europe have every right to expect that their leaders will act in their best interests and in a way that benefits them and their way of life. There is no more grave and serious duty for such a leader than the protection of his/her nation and the people within it. This is true at the local level, and on up to the level of the European Union.

    There is no sugarcoating the bitter truth that these leaders have at best failed their respective peoples and nations, and at worst betrayed them.

    A scant few decades ago, most of the nations of Europe enjoyed prosperous, safe and pleasant societies whose populations were largely homogeneous. One could walk down the streets of most major cities and towns, even at night, without being in fear for one’s life and safety.

    Those days are now gone for much of Old Europe; cities like Malmo, Sweden now resemble war zones so much as anything. And in big cities like London and Paris, parents live in fear that their children will be snatched off the streets and abducted to be used as sex slaves by grooming gangs. To the extent that such places enjoy any calm whatsoever, it is only because of patrols of soldiers and police carrying automatic weapons.

    For those with eyes to see, it is as clear as day that the gates to European civilization were left unlocked and unguarded, so that the invaders could walk right in. The real question remains, however, to what end were these irresponsible and rash actions taken?

    • I’ll tell you why Georgia, the powers that be after WWII wanted to stick it to Germany hard and deep, made them feel guilty and loath themselves by forming the Common Market and then the EU so they could keep Germany under their thumb and let marxist ideas fester and flourish to what we have today, a youth disenfranchised from their own history and superior western culture to the point we apologize to every 3 rd worlder and bow to their ever demand, if that wasn’t bad enough, our so called leaders and folks like Soros and company think that by destroying western civilization that only they can bring in a better world, unfortunately for them and fortunately for the rest of us, human nature is going to kick in with a horrific vengeance, because in the end, we are all tribal and the so called elites are going to bring out our worst tendencies when we finally have had enough. As for these ragheads telling us they are going to take over? I’m looking forward to showing them the error of their ways.

    • Malmo, Sweden, does not resemble war zone, to be honest, it is a bit of overexageration.

      If it resembles something then, IMHO, great beautiful city in decay. I have not been to Bronx, NYC in 1980’s but I have seen the pictures, and that is what it kinda looks like in Malmo.

  4. Unfortunately, the deluded Western populace needs this to begin in order to realize the truth because they refuse to learn any other way. But once they do and turn around, it’s the Muslim who will look utterly stupid for not realizing that one thing the West is not — static and unable to change its viewpoints.

  5. Simple logic: The New World Order must include the Mid-east countries. Therefore, it mst be compatible with Islam. Only Islam is compatible with Islam. Therefore, the NWO will be the caliphate.

    • No, it won’t, once us westerners realize it is a fight to the death, what comes unleashed will be biblical in scope and scale.

  6. After a spell of relative peace, people will lose their edge, and like an axe, be unable to cut it. It’s why the moslems go on jihad after any length of time, trying to renew their “religious” fervor. Christian women seem to go to extraordinary lengths to cull the violence and aggressiveness out of the men, to the point that fighting in or after school, is verboten. Remind you of anything? Even in the late sixties, I saw guys whaling on each other in the boys room, for any reason you can imagine. My father would say, when he saw it, “Let ’em fight it out”. One reason the women of islam are so degraded is because the men know, if the women are ascendant, they start carping about boys fighting, and men being aggressive. Here we are. Imagine where we will be. All my sons got in fights in school, all were suspended, and none got in trouble at home.

  7. Looking forward to having you all kneel before a shallow ditch with a gun at the back of your head instead of you all prostate before whatever heathen God you worship.

    When radical Islamists are culled like the Jews of last century, the World will go on better without your ideological hate and servitude to a hateful God.

    • Sorry atheist, but your first on who to kill first menu by those bloody muslims, so you ain’t safe by a longshot. Those who believe in nothing, fall for anything.

  8. In Russia, a court decision banned the international religious organization “Tablighi Jamaat”
    The Supreme Court of Russia declared the international religious organization “Tablighi Jamaat” (“Propaganda of Faith”) extremist and banned the activities on the territory of the Russian Federation.

    The official representative of the Prosecutor General’s Office of the Russian Federation, Marina Gridneva, said that in this way the highest judicial body satisfied the corresponding requirement.
    Let us recall that the Tablighi Jamaat movement was engaged in the spread of Islam in Russia.

    On July 31, 2009, the Supreme Court rejected the cassation appeal of the AGORA Association and confirmed the legality of the ban on Tablighi Jamaat as an extremist organization.

    On August 3, 2009, the Tablighi Jamaat association was included in the Federal List of Extremist Organizations.

  9. The song anticipation by Carly Simon is on my mind for some reason. Frankly this is taking too long.

  10. I believe Tablighi Jamaat was the terrorist organization that Philip Haney was focusing on in DHS. Phil was a anti-terrorist officer and founding member of DHS and worked out of Atlanta Airport. He mentions Tablighi Jamaat in his book, “See Something, Say Nothing.”

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